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All Dogs, and Spike, Go To Heaven
 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:35
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All Dogs, and Spike, Go To Heaven

By Kacie Boskey


Part 1: Spike's Adventures In Heaven -- and San Francisco

One day, Spike was just walking in the street minding his own business when he bumped into a wolf! The wolf didn't like that one bit! After hours of fighting, though, they became friends. "My name is Carface, Carface Caruthers," Carface said. The wolf was dark gray. His frontquarters were big,bulky, and strong. His back arched high and lowered into a small bushy tail. His snout was at least as long as half his body length! His eyes glowed yellow-orange and his ears had pink in them. He had 3 or 4 golden claws on his paws.

"My name's Spike Pickles," Spike said. Spike was a handsome Greyhound Mix. His tail was thin and long like a cat's. His ears were the same way. He was thinner than most dogs and was light brown with light blue spots on his back. He had only 3 white claws on his paws. His eyes were pure white. His back was straighter than Carface's and he was a lot smaller than the big wolf.

From that moment on, Spike visited Carface whenever he could. And everynight, behind his masters' backs, he'd go gambling with him. That's when Spike became a con artist. He began cheating on other dogs. But one day, Spike thought that all this had gone too far. He put an end to all this gambling and quitted. This made Carface furious! "I'll get you for this, Spike! Just wait and see! Someday, I'll have my revenge!"

Carface had vowed to take revenge on Spike. One day, he got his chance! He spotted 6 little kids lost in the woods. They were Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, and Dil. Spike was with them! He kept an eye on the Rugrats. He almost got Angelica until Spike saw him and ran, barking and whining as if he were afraid of something about that wolf. As if he already knew him. But Carface's luck changed when he cornered the little kids on a bridge. He ran towards them, preparing to capture them.

But Spike leaped out of nowhere and the two canines began fighting. Suddenly, both animals plunged off the bridge! Tommy and his friends looked over the edge. The wolf and Spike were nowhere in sight. They soon learned that Spike survived the fall! What they didn't know was that the wolf survived it,too! He was angrier than a swarm of hornets! He decided to take drastic measures. Tommy and his friends were happily playing. They were celebrating the defeat of the wolf (only the little kids,of course).

They all thought the wolf was dead. But somehow Spike knew that Carface was still alive. He became more and more nervous and jumpie. That same day, Carface was writing a letter to the Pickles' house. He had learned to read and write. So did Spike. He mailed the letter and a day later, Didi found it. "Hey Stu! Look at this!" She showed him the strange letter. It wrote :

Dear Stu and Didi,

Hi. I'm an old friend of Didi's cousin, Dylan. I'm having a party at the Big Whale Restaurant. Please come. Your friend, Carface.

P.S. Please bring all the kids and Spike with you.

"Well, it sounds interesting. Let's go!" Stu said. They took the kids and the dog the party. But when they got there, there was no party. Everything was pit black. Just then, they saw big yellow-orange eyes glowing! Stu instantly noticed that Spike was shaking with fear. "Well,well! What do we have here? Oh, I know! It's that traitor dog,Spike, and his little baby friends!!!" Carface laughed. "You-you-you c-can t-t-t-talk?" Angelica asked,trembling with shock and fear. The wolf nodded yes.

"I have come to apologize. I am going to have a party, like I said. I guess my letter worked,huh?" Carface said. But he was lying. This is all part of his evil plan! "You mean, you wrote that letter?" Didi wondered. But the wolf didn't answer. He set up a table for the kids. He wasn't going to hurt them. Now. He then gave the family and friends some turkey,gravy,corn, and mashed potatoes. And for desert, he had cookies, cake, ice-cream, and chocolate pudding.

He gave the dog a delicious chewy bone and some water. What Spike didn't know was that Carface and soaked the food and drink in high doses of beer! Before he knew it, Spike was drunk! Tommy wanted to know what was wrong. "What's the matter with him?" "Oh, he's just tired. I'm gonna take him outside now." Carface told the baby. He took Spike outside and blind-folded him. Ahead was a perilous cliff!

"Wait here and I'll bring you a surprise!" the wolf said. Spike, of course, was too drunk to respond correctly. "You lick 'em and they keep on ticking," Spike lazily said. "You can't keep a good dog doooooowwwwwwwwwwnnnnn!!!" Angelica knew something was wrong! She quickly told Aunt Didi about what might happen to Spike. She, the babies, and the parents quickly ran outside. They were too late. Carface was preparing to run Spike over with a car!

"Goodbye, Spikie!" he sneered. He unlocked the brakes and the car started to move! Tommy, petrified, screamed, "Spike, look out!" By now, Spike's intelligence returned and jumped. He landed directly in the vehicle! Carface leaped over and tried to choke Spike, but he broke loose of his grasp. Didi and Stu watched in horror as the 2 canines got closer to the edge. "Clllliiiiiiifffffff!!!!!!" Angelica yelled at Spike. Spike turned and gasped!

A cliff was only 20 ft. in front of them! Carface tried to get out, but his leg got caught. Spike lunged towards the window and bent his legs as if to jump. But before he could move, Carface grabbed his leg! He didn't want Spike to escape this time! "Ssssssssspiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!!!!" Everyone screamed. In an instant, both Spike and Carface plummeted off the cliff. They heard a huge explosion. Sadly, Tommy looked over the edge. Spike and the wolf were gone. Spike couldn't have survived that fall.

Everyone started to cry. They decided to have a funeral for Spike. Spike woke up in heaven! He was greeted by a pretty whippet named Anabelle. "This must be a dream." Spike said to himself. "No, this is no dream, Spike. You see, this watch was your life . . . " Anabelle held out a watch attacked to some blue leather as a strap. " . . . and it stopped." Spike looked at Anabelle with concern. "Can't you just wind it up or something?" "And send you back. Oh, no, no no! No one's ever allowed to go back."

But Anabelle did allow Spike to say good-bye to Tommy. After the funeral, Tommy had great difficulty getting to sleep. Just then, Tommy saw a strange light. Suddenly, a ghostlike Spike leaped on his bed! "Spike!" Tommy cried. He tried to pet him, but his hand went through him! Spike and Tommy heard a heavenly voice. "Spike, it's time to go home." "Already? Can't I just . . . ?" But Anabelle interupted him. "Spike, you gave your life for him. Go on, say good-bye." Tommy was shocked. "Spike, where are you going?" he asked. "Uh, on a vacation." "Will I ever see you again?" "Sure, sure you will kid. You know, good-bye is not forever." Spike assured him. "I love you." Tommy said. He then went back to sleep.

Spike and Anabelle walked throught the window and back to heaven. Soon, Carface joined them. But Spike was still upset. He wondered if he'd ever get back to earth.

As Spike says his final goodbyes to Tommy, we hear this little tune:

People say, "It's quite a way to heaven."

In miles beyond distant stars.

Now I know that all dogs go to heaven.

But until we chase our dreams that far . . .

We will find a little heaven

Everywhere around us.

Find a little heaven everywhere we are.

We find a little heaven

Everywhere we go. We

Find a little heaven just

To you and me.

I wondered if I'll

Ever get back. Oh, we

Find a little heaven everywhere

We go. We find a little heaven

Everywhere we wonder.

We find a little heaven.

We find a little heaven.

Find a little heaven.

Find a little heaven.

Find a little heaven.

Soon, Spike found out that the dogs were having a special awards ceremony, so he went there. Unfortunately, Spike was bored; there wasn't anything fun going on at the ceremony. He found Carface and mumbled, "Only in heaven can a bunch of squeaky-clean angels get awards for being extra squeaky-clean." Spike scanned the horizon. Fluffy white clouds formed beautiful pine trees, mountains, and fields. No matter which way he turned, Charlie saw the same peaceful scene. The handsome Greyhound Mix stood in a crowd of dog angels watching Angel Anabelle bestow awards to hounds with halos. Each honoree was given a diamond-studded angel-wings pin.

Spike knew he would never get one of those. He wasn't a bad dog, but he just couldn't be, well, good like these other goody-two-shoes. Heaven was a little too sugary for his taste. Where were the garbage cans, the action, the alleys, the party music? Here all you ever hear was Angel Gabriel's horn. Its music was pretty, but it didn't make you want to howl. Spike was almost glad that Carface had shown up in heaven. Things had been even more boring before the wolf's arrival. The last time Spike had seen Carface on earth, the wolf was being chased by a giant alligator.

Maybe that's how Carface met his end. But nobody talked about stuff like that in heaven. It wasn't polite. Everybody was polite in heaven-and neat and clean and proper. Anabelle pinned glittering first-class angel wings on a proud springer spaniel. "And that brings us to our final honoree . . ."

Anabelle was a pretty whippet, but Spike was still bored. "Now I know why they call this eternity. Everything here takes forever.""Shh!" Carface shushed with one paw held up to his long, wolf's muzzle. Back on earth Carface had been a crook. He liked to think of himself as a hotshot, always finding an angle.

Spike couldn't understand what was going on. Lately Carface had been acting like a model angel. Maybe heaven really changed a dog. But if it changed somebody as mean and mangy as Carface, why didn't Spike feel like he belonged? At least Spike knew that no matter how many halos Carface polished, the bulldog would never make first class. "I'd like to see them try to give me one of those merit badges," Spike said. Other angels shushed him.

"Where are you manners?" Carface asked. Spike scoffed. "Manners? This from a guy who can't eat without getting food up his nose!" Anabelle continued. " . . . for making thhe most of what he has to work with: Carface Caruthers." Spike's jaw dropped open. What was this? Carface said solemnly, "Remember, Spike, it never hurts to play the game." The wolf's jowls lifted in a wide grin. He trotted up to the awards platform. Spike thought the wolf looked like a crooked politician.

Anabelle reached up to pin wings on the big wolf. "I only hope that our other angels, who have yet to distinguish themselves, soon follow your shining example." As the dogs politely applauded, Spike felt everyone staring at him. Now he was the only dog without first-class angel wings. Even Carface had his wings! When Carface returned to his place, Spike grumbled, "Halo polisher."

Then Spike's ears perked up as a wonderful golden tune filled the air. The trumpet of the Angel Gabriel was opening heaven's Pearly Gates to welcome newcomer angels. "Whoa, I'm late!" Spike exclaimed. He jostled through the orderly ranks of angel dogs, leaving a ruckus in his wake. Anabelle shook her head and sighed. Spike was such a rowdy dog.

Gabriel's tune was fading by the time Spike reached the Pearly Gates. Gabriel had placed his golden trumpet on a marble altar. A glass bell jar lowered itself neatly over the magical horn. Gabriel's horn still hummed with a constant sweet note only angels could hear. Spike skidded into a small gathering of angel dogs. The toppled like bowling pins. "Hey, watch it," a big white Samoyed barked.

Spike raised his paws. "Sorry, lousy brake pads. Have the newcomers touched down yet?" Clouds swirled and opened around a glowing tunnel of light. With a roaring whoosh, several dogs flew through the tunnel to land on a cloud platform just inside the Pearly Gates. A fat dachshund plopped right on top of Spike! The Greyhound Mix sank into the misty clouds under his paws. Spike though this was a fine way for an old pal to treat someone who came to greet him.

Itchy, the dachshund, looked around. The only thing that seemed familiar was the chicken bone clutched in his chubby paw. "Where am I?" he wondered. Spike poked his head through the puffy whiteness and said, "Itchy, you old dachshund you!"

Itchy could hardly believe his eyes. "Spike?" Spike took the chicken leg and inhaled its savory aroma. "Gee, Itch, you shouldn't have." Itchy scratched himself in confusion. "Spike, is that you? It is you! Hey, wait a minute. Aren't you . . . d-d-dead?" "As a dog who eats chicken bones," Spike teased. He was about to pop the chicken in his mouth when an angel official whisked away the leg. "Sorry sir," said the official. "You can't take it with you."

Itchy patted his own furry body as his mind slowly added two and two. "So that means I'm . . ." Spike raised his paws, and a spinning gold halo appeared. He set the halo over his old friends head and said, "Welcome to paradise, Itch." The beautiful horn sounded again. The gates swung shut. The angels and newcomers walked away, raising little puffs of cloud. Itchy soon discovered he didn't itch in heaven. For the first time he could remember, he didn't have the urge to scratch at all. He'd never felt like this before!

"This is heaven, Itch, fleas go to . . . the other place," Spike explained. Itchy was amazed. Anything he wanted was right there! The streets were lined with fancy dog houses and silver bowls piled high with juicy bones. There were peaceful courtyards where angel dogs polished their halos. Heavenly choirs sang beautiful music. A pretty poodle plucked a golden harp. Two angel dogs flew overhead. "Wow!" Itchy cried. "Can everybody fly here?" Spike nodded. "All part of the basic package." "I'm going to like it here, Spike!" Itchy declared. "Believe me, it gets old fast.", Spike said. "Yeah, sure, ha,ha, ha!", Itchy teased. Then, the path moved upward and Itchy slowly slid down towards Spike. "What do you mean?", Itchy asked.

"It's hard to explain, Itch. This joint's supposed to have everything. To be the best. But, it just too . . . I don't know. It's-It's too . . ." Then Spike started to sing :

It's too heavenly here.

It's too peaceful

And paradise-like.

Straight and narrow and

Much too nice like.

And endlessly sunny

And clear. It's too

Heavenly here.

It's too blistful to bare.

Calm and quiet and

Much too mellow. All

My brain cells have turned to jello.

Everyday feels like a year.

It's too heavenly here.

I need some action!

I need some juice.

That crazy kind of

Feeling playing fast

And loose! Some razzle

Dazzle and a little stress

And strife! I gotta get some

Life in my life.

But it's too heavenly here.

There's no way you can

Be a sinner. Roll the dice,

Everyone's a winner!

It's too "en-sensere"!

It's too heavenly here.

What's good is a hustler

Without a scam?!

I'm wasting talent.

That's all that I am.

Oh, this operater zapped

The wrong addresse 'cause

There's nothing to "fonago"

And no one to "fennesse"!

(the angels sing:)

It's so heavenly here!

Calm and quiet. Every cloud

Has a silver lining. Everyone's

Full of good chear. It's soo heavenly here!

(Spike sings:)

They're all soo saintly,

I just can't relate! There's gotta be

An exit through that Pearly Gate!

Behold the canine who's

Been cut down in his

Prime! I may have done

The crime, but I can't do

The time 'cause it's too heavenly here!

All hallelujahs and hosannas,

It can drive anyone bananas!

I'm going out of my head!

This joint's deader than dead!

I'll give you 8-3, it's

too heavenly . . .


Hallelujah, hallelujah!



Toooo heeeeaaaaaaveennnnnllllyyyyy heeeeerrrrrreeeee!

Fireworks shot up. Itchy walked over to Spike and said,"Spike, you gotta see a doctor." Carface snuck behind a fluffy cloud. He had planned to

steal the horn. Carface slipped under the velvet rope that ringed the marble altar. The wolf thought this jop was too easy, like taking candy from a baby.

He greedily rubbed his paws, then reached to remover the glass bell jar. Unfortunately, the glass wouldn't budge an inch.

Then Carface had another idea. He unpinned his first-class angel wings and approached the bell jar again. The glass squealed as he drew a circle with the diamond wings. He then reached in and grabbed Gabriel's horn. The wolf blew a feeble bleat. The gates quivered. Carface took a deep breath and tried again. The gates opened a little bit, then shut themselves again.

The stubborn wolf tried again and again. Finally he managed a long, low mooooaannn on the trumpet. Wedging his halo between the gates, Carface squeezed through the crack. He ran to the edge of the clouds. He grinned as he looked at the horn. "Baby, you're my ticket to fame and fortune!"

Then something happened that wasn't part of Carface's big plan. As Carface bent over to remover his angel's gown, he accidentally bumped the horn off the cloud! He screamed and leaped into the tunnel to catch it. He caught it in his teeth, but an airplane flew right in front of him! After that, he saw that the horn had fallen into San Francisco. He desperately dove after it. "Spike, your wrong about this place. The flying alone is worth the price of admission. Ha! Ha! Ha!", Itchy told Spike. Spike responded, "That's perfect for you. But for me, there's still something missing." Just then a shimmering sphere of raimbow light floated down. The light faded, and Anabelle stood in its place. She said, "Gabriel's horn has fallen from heaven and landed on earth, in the heart of San Francisco."

"Without the horn, the Pearly Gates can't be opened!" a St. Bernard exclaimed. Reginald, a Welsh corgi, said, "Then no more dogs will get into heaven." "Lucky dogs.", Spike nudged his friend."Reginald, I'd like you to go back to earth to retrieve the horn," Anabelle announced. Spike's ears perked up. "We can go back?" Before Reginald could answer, Spike elbowed his way through the crowd to the pretty whippet.

"You can't send Reggie," he told Anabelle."Down there, they got rats bigger than him. You need someone who can zip down and back before big Gabe finds his horn missing. Someone who knows the ropes and the dopes. Someone's who's . . ." ". . . just like you," Anabelle concluded. "I don't know. I'll have to check with my people and get back to you," Spike said artfully. "Ohhh, I've got to earn my wings somehow," he said as he polished Anabelle's first class pin. "What the heck, I'll do it!"

Spike turned to go. Anabelle grabbed his halo. "Hold it! To find the horn, follow your ears. It gives off asteady heavenly tone that only angels can hear." "Only angels-got it." Spike was restless;he couldn't wait to get back to earth! But Anabelle had more instructions. She granted him with one miracle to be used only in an emergency. "This is serious, Spikie. If the horn falls into the wrong hands, it could mean disaster for us all."

"You can count on Spikie, " Spike agreed hastily. "I know, because I'm sending Itchy along to keep you in line," Anabelle said. "But I just got here!" Itchy cried. "I have flying lessons after lunch.!" With a wave of Anabelle's paw, the clouds around Spike and Itchy rose into a swirling funnel. The dogs were whisked down. Anabelle called after them. "Bring back the horn, Spikie. Otherwise there will be heaven to pay!" She could hear Spike say, "Got it!"

It was midnight in San Francisco. So no one saw the white tornado spin down out of the sky. And no one saw the two dogs that appeared when the funnel vanished. Itchy felt dizzy. He wobbled on his short legs. Spike didn't notice he was dizzy. He was too happy to be back. "Trash! Exhaust fumes! Graffiti! We're home!"

Both dogs jumped when they heard the squeal of cable car wheels. One of San Francisco's famous cable cars came up over the hill behind them. Itchy and Spike watched the car pass. Spike smelled double-chili cheeseburgers with onions and pickles. His mouth watered. Spike went to get a burger, but Itchy held him back. "No, Spike! First we find Gabriel's horn, then it's straight back to heaven." "What's the hurry? Let's have some fun," Spike urged. He heard music-and it wasn't a heavenly harp!

Spike chased the guitar's wild wail to a dog restaurant tucked away in an alley. The baanner over the stage announced a talent contest. At the moment there wasn't much talent in display. The country-western singer was way off-key. But Spike didn't mind. It was exciting! Dogs played cards at some of the tables. Others were eating luscious-looking junk-food. It smelled so good! Spike thought the best way to start his evening was to get a big cold root beer.

He barked to the bartender, "How about a frosty one for the Chuckmeister?" The bartender didn't respond. He passed a mug of soda right through Spike! Spike was amazed. "What?" "We're ghosts!" Itchy exclaimed. Spike looked in a wall mirror. He saw the dogs playing poker behind him. He had no reflection! "Anabellle! Of all the rotten tricks," Spike moaned. He was back on earth, but he couldn't do anything except watch other dogs eat and play cards . . . and have fun.

Just then the country-western singer finished his act. The spotlight fell on a stunning red husky. The master of ceremonies, a slick Labrador, leaned over a microphone. "Let's have a warm round of applause for our next contestant, Miss Sasha LaFleur." Now Spike was really unhappy that he was only a ghost. This was the most beautiful dog he had every seen. Every dog in the place had his tongue hanging out.

"Itch, my heart is beating a million miles an hour. I can hardly breathe," Spike gasped. Itchy considered this. "Maybe it was the change in altitude. My ears popped. Did your hears pop?" he asked. "Now I know what was missing in heaven," Spike said without taking his eyes off Sasha. "I've got to meet her!" "But she can't even see you. You're an angel," Itchy reminded his friend."

"Quit reminding me!" Spike barked. "Back in circulation, eh, Spike?" a familiar gravelly voice said. But Spike wasn't paying attention to anything, except the slinky husky. "My circulation's fine," he said dreamily.

Then he suddenly realized whose voice he'd just hear. "Carface!" The wolf jumped down from the motorcycle sidecar he'd been sitting in. "I heard you was in the neighborhood." "Oh, yeah. I got time off for good behavior, but what are you doing here?" Spike wondered.

"Missionary work." Carface tried to look angelic. Then a rat waitress passed with a box of cigars, and the wolf said, "I'll take one of them." Spike chuckled. "She can't hear you." "Two bits, Carface," the waitress said.

She handed a cigar to the wolf. "Put it on my tab," Carface said. Spike and Itchy were stunned. How could this be? Carface knew what they were thinking. He tapped the collar around his neck. "As long as I'm wearing this collar, I'm flesh and blood."

Spike's eyes grew big. This was his chance to stay! He forgot all about Gabriel's horn. He was going to party with that pretty husky and eat burgers till his stomach ached! "Where did you get that collar?" he demanded.

Carface puffed his cigar. Clouds of smoke swirled around his glowing eyes.

"Buddy of mine has 'em." "Can I meet him?" Spike was eager. But Itchy was in his way. "Spike, you can't trust Carface. He shouldn't have gotten into heaven in the first place." Carface blew smoke in Itchy's snout. The small dog coughed and wheezed. Spike said under his breath, "Relax, Itch. I can handle this guy." "What about the horn?" Itchy coughed. Spike ignored him. "Lead on Carface," he said. Itchy struggled to keep up with the bigger canines. "Wait up! Wiener dog, here. Short legs!"

Itchy caught up with Spike and Carface on Eldridge Street, in a rough part of town. A strange old shop crouched in the middle of the block. Spike read the sign : Red's Curios Psychic Readings and Trophies "Hey, Itch, we can get our palms read and bronzed at the same time," Spike joked as Carface stepped inside the cluttered store. The wolf cried, "Red customers!" Spike didn't see any trophies inside. The place was filled with dusty knickknacks and mummified bats, antique toys, and strange things whose purpose Spike couldn't even guess at. A cat-shaped clock swung its tail and tick-tocked loudly on the wall. Itchy's eyes started to water. His nose felt all stuffed up. He searched the strange shop for a cat. Cats made Itchhy itch. But Itchy didn't see any cats.

A pair of shabby curtains parted. With a nasty hacking cough, a feeble old dog shuffled out of the back room. "Hello," he wheezed. Carface began, "Red, meet a couple of friends of mine-" "-Spike Pickles, Itchy Itchiford, welcome," Red finished the wolf's sentence. Spike said, "Wait, how could he-?" "See your?" Carface asked. "Red's into all kinds of mumbo jumbo. You'll love him. Carface turned to the old dog. "These boys have come to do a little shopping." Itchy's nose twitched. "You got cats around here or what?"

"Cats? Good heavens, no!" Red chuckled.

Itchy stifled a sneeze. He couldn't understand it. He usually only sneezed around cats. "Carface tells us you've got some special collars," Spike said, warming up to con a fresh victim. He was sure he could trick the old dog out of those collars. "Collars, yes," said Red. "They're going to be the next big thing. Here, enjoy. " The old dog casually tossed a collar to the eager mixed-breed. "What's the catch, old man?" the dachshund asked.

"No catch. Any friend of Carface is a friend of mine,"Red said innocently. Then he added, "Oh, there is one small thing." "I knew it. We're out of here." Itchy headed for the door, but he stopped when he saw that Spike hadn't followed him. Red mumbled and wheezed a bit, then he said,"The collars are only good until sundown tomorrow. After that you'll be, shall we say, insubstantial again." "By then I'll have Sasha begging for me", Spike said, and he put on the collar.

"A perfect fit." Spike tingle and sparkled, and . . . he was solid again! "It feels great to be back in the flesh!" Spike cried. He scooped deck of cards off a table. His nimble paws flipped and fanned the cardboard squares. Carface stuck another collar over Itchy's head. But the dachshund was not as happy. The second his collar turned him solid, he burst into a gigantic sneeze and discovered he was swarming with fleas. "I'm infested again!" he said. Carface hurried them out of the shop. "Have fun, boys!"

Spike looked over his shoulder. "I owe you one, Red." Carface closed the door. Then Red cackled and said, "You'll owe me one all right!" The wolf laughed. "They fell for it. When we get that horn, we can open any safe or bank vault in the world!" Carface howled with glee. "Silence!" Red hissed. "I didn't recruit you for such entry-level wickedness. You have so much to learn." Then, Red began to sing :

I know you've

Been milicious and

And a trifle vicious. It's

No secret that you cheated

And you lied!

And you've done some

Double-dealing, swindling,

Stealing. You're an amateur

But heaven knows you've tried.

Carface (spoken): I answered your ad, didn't I? Money, power, stature! Call 1-800-BRIMSTONE.

Red (spoken): Good boy. And very soon you're efforts will be rewarded.

Red (singing): You'll develope so much

Faster now that you're working with

A master who'll help you contivate

You're darker side!

Red changes into a glowing-red demon cat.

You'll discover wicked ways

You've never known before.

And when I'm through, you'll

Be rotten to the core!

It feels so good to be bad!

So milicious to be a

Dispicable cad! It's so

fulfilling to give somebody

The worse time they've

Ever had!

It feels so good

To be bad!

Case in point, Spike

Doesn't know it, But

He's in my power!

He's gonna wish he

Was never born!

I promise you by the

Sunset after, I'll have

Gabriel's horn!

Carface (spoken): But boss, why can't I get it for you?

Red (spoken): Because you had your chance and blew it. I trusted you to do it. But you fumbled it and blew your chance away! With the problem you created if the horn can't be located. I won't draw names, but someone has to pay!

Carface (spoken): I could try again, boss!

Red (spoken): You'll never find it! Only angels can hear it's heavenly tone!

Carface (spoken): But I'm an angel.

Red (spoken): Not anymore! You work for me now.

Red (singing): You'll find out how good It feels to be bad. It's so milicious!

Carface (singing): Oh Lay! So inviting!

Red (singing): You'll find out

The glory of being the

Lowest of the low! It feels so

Good to be bad! So good to be bad!

Bwa ha!

"Not bad singing for a stray," the master of ceremonies said. From behind his desk, the big Labrador looked Sasha up and down. Both of them ignored the country-western singer by the door. "Thanks, can I have my prize now?" Sasha asked. The Lab opened a drawer and pulled out a large soup bone with a cheap blue ribben tied around it. "You advertised a meal for the winner," Sasha complained. The Labrador leaned across his desk. "I get off work at ten. We can have dinner . . . together."

"I'd rather go hungry," Sasha said. Then she slapped the soup bone into the country singer's paws. Sasha slammed the door as she left. Sasha was hungry, and she had another mouth to feed. So she slipped into the buffet line. Sasha was quietly filling a sack with food when Spike sauntered up to her. "You must hear this all the time," Spike began, "but you sing like an angel." He winked at Itchy.

The little dachshund looked worried. He'd already reminded Spike about the horn a dozen times. But Spike whispered, "Relax. Take notes, Itchy. You're about to watch a master." Spike knew he could charm the fleas off anybody. Sasha was bound to come around. "The name's Pickles, Spike Pickles.

And you are . . . ?" "Not even remotely interested," Sasha said frostily. "Let me help you with the bag," Spike offered. But Sasha wouldn't let go. "Please, I don't want a scene," She whispered. "Still looking for free eats?" The Labrador walked across the room. "You've got to pay for that, sister." Spike saw his chance. "I'll take care of this," he said gallantly. He turned to the Lab. "Put it on Carface's tab."

The Labrador grunted and went back to his office. "Now, where were we?" Spike asked, as he turned to Sasha. But the husky was gone! Only her bag of food remained.

Itchy waddled up to his friend. "Hey, Spike. I noted how you swept the lady off her feet." Itchy then started to chuckle. Spike shrugged. "So I'm rusty." He raised his eyebrows. "Let's make a little home delivery." Spike grabbed Sasha's bag and dashed down the street. "I'm never going back to heaven," Itchy sighed. He raced to catch up with Spike. "Short legs, Spike. Short legs!" They panted up and down the steep hills of San Francisco. "Something tells me you're forgetting about the horn," the little dachshund gasped. "The what?" Spike mumbled through the mouthful of bag he was carrying.

The running dogs glimpsed Sasha's white and reddish coat at the top of Mathers Street. The husky ducked into the overgrown yard of an abandones brownstone building. Spike and Itchy followed her. Sasha had a cozy home in the brownstone's deserted garden. Poking his head through a break in an old wooden fence, Spike caught his breath, smiled his best smile, and said,"Nice digs." Sasha whipped around and bared her teeth.

"You again. What do you want?" She growled. Spike put the bag on the ground. "You left you doggie bag." Sasha's face softened. "Oh, thanks." "There's enough food for two," Spike said hopefully. "If you want some company-" "Sorry, I have a kid," Sasha replied quickly. "I'm good with kids," Spike persisted. Then they heard a big yawn. A sleepy eight-year-old human emerged from an old toolshed. The boy saw the bag and pounced on it. He greedily shoveled food into his mouth. "Thanks, girl, I was starving!" he said in human language.

The boy stopped eating long enough to hug Sasha. Then he went right back to stuffing himself. "Oh, she's got a kid kid," Spike said to Itchy. Turning to Sasha, Spike asked, "What did he do-follow you home?" The little boy stopped eating. His eyes bugged out. He gasped in amazement. "You can talk!" "Don't encourage him," Itchy said. The boy screeched. Sasha ran to his side, barking at Spike. She was speaking Caninese, like all dogs do, so Spike knew she was saying, "He can understand you?" "Well, of course he can understand us." "Holy cow!" the boy exclaimed. "Holy dogs, actually," Spike began. "I'm Spike and this is Itchy."

"I'm David," the boy said slowly. Sasha just growled. She was as frightened as David. Dogs simply didn't speak like humans. This was unnatural! Sasha grabbed the boy's pant leg and tried to pull him away from Spike and Itchy. "Don't be scared," Spike said. Sasha and David broke off into a run. Spike sprinted to cut them off. "I'm a good dog, really!" he said. "The truth is, I'm an angel." David stopped and looked around.

"Come on. Somebody's playing a trick." He imagined that someone was hiding and using a microphone or throwing their voice. Spike was annoyed that this kid didn't believe him. "Okay. If I'm not an angel, how can I do this?" Spike thought back to his basic flying lessons, took a little run, and leaped. He landed in a pile of trash. The kid laughed. Spike pulled himself out of the heap. "Run, jump, fly, what did I forget?" he wondered. Spike adjusted his collar absently. "Something's wrong, Itchy." Then suddenly Spike knew what the problem was. "The collars!"

The Greyhound Mix turned to David. "Kid, this will make a believer of you." He winked at Sasha, cracked his knuckles, and pulled off his collar. Spike magically disappeared! Husky and boy were shocked. Then a soft voice said, "Woof!" behind the puzzled pair. For a few minutes, Spike vanished and reappeared in a variety of places. He was on the fence, on the edge of a roof, and then he was standing in front of them saying, "Tah-dah!" David said, "That was great! I can do magic too." He took a small red ball from his pocket and made it disappear. Then he took the ball from Itchy's ear. "Tah-dah!" "Wow! What else can you do?" Itchy asked.

Spike turned up his charm and said to Sasha, "Kid's good. I could help him with his technique." Sasha frowned and back Spike away from David. "He needs help getting home. He's lost." They glanced over at the boy, who was entertaining Itchy with more magic tricks. "I don't know how you talk to him, but please ask him where he lives," Sasha begged. "Why don't you ask him yourself?," Spike said. Sasha sighed. "Now that would be a miracle." "One miracle coming up!" Spike laughed. He whipped off his collar. Spike was instantly invisible, and Sasha felt a warm muzzle kiss hers. Sparks tingled all around her mouth. She barked, and it sounded like human speech!

"Of all the stuck-up mutts I've met, you're the worst!" Sasha sputtered as Spike reappeared. He settled the collar back around his neck. David dropped his magic wand and stared at Sasha. "Now you talk!" Then he shifted his gaze to Spike. "You must be my guardian angel. My mom told me everyone has a guardian angel. You're here because I ran away from home, right?" "Uh, right kid. " Spike hugged the boy and Sasha. "We'll make some team, huh?" Sasha was upset with David. "Hold it. You mean you're not lost?"

"Not anymore. I've got my guardian angel," the boy said with a smile. "But why did you run away?" Sasha asked. David turned to Spike. He was sure his guardian angel knew all about him, even the said part about mom dying. "Go ahead, you tell her." Itchy muttered,"This oughtta be good." "You're-you're having, um, kid problems?" Spike stammered. David nodded, "With my stepmom." Spike smiled smugly. "I knew it!" "She wants me to call her Mom," said David. "But she's not my real mom. I'm never going home again."

"What are you going to do, live on the street?" Sasha demanded. David nodded. "Yup, and do my magic at Cannery Square. Tourists give you money." "That's silly," Sasha scolded. "Tell me where you live." David was defiant. "No!" Sasha said sarcastically, "Okay, don't listen to me. Listen to your "guardian" angel." "That sounds like a good plan to me." Spike said agreeably. Sasha fumed. "You call yourself a guardian angel?" "He's not ready to go home," Spike explained.

"He's only eight years old," Sasha argued. "That's 56 in dog years," Spike countered. David smiled. He liked this dog. Spike put a paw across David's shoulders. He had a plan. He would teach David a thing or two, stay around Sasha, and eventually help David realize that he belonged at home. David gathered his magic gear. He left with Spike. Sasha came up and said, "I don't know what you're up to, but I'm gonna keep my eye on you." As she walk away, Spike replied, "I wouldn't want it any other way."

Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice. Anabelle. "Spikie!" Spike walked up to a trash lid. Anabelle told him,"We've got a traffic jam up here. The new arrivals can't get in. We need that horn!" "Put on a holding pattern, okay? I'm really on to something down here," Spike said as he kicked the trash lid and walked off to catch up with Sasha, Itchy, and David. He could here Anabelle saying, "Wha-wha-whhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttttttt?????!!!"

The dogs and David strolled on Inglewood Street. They passed a small green park across the street from a police station. Spike fell into pace with Sasha. "So is there a Mister Sasha?" he asked. "No, and I'm not taking applications," Sasha said. "Okay, okay. But if you were, what qualities would you be looking for?" asked Spike. "Oh, I don't know," Sasha said. "Loyalty, strength, breeding, humility, compassion . . ." Spike was listening intently to Sasha and not paying attention to where he was going. He suddenly crashed into a telephone pole. "Ooof!" he said. " . . . and of coursec style," Said Sasha. "You here that?" Itchy's ears jerked straight up.

Spike heard it,too-the beautiful note of Gabriel's horn. Both dog angels looked around wildly. They saw an ice-cream vendor and a woman pushing a baby carriage. Police officers went in and out the doors of the busy police station. "Itch! It's got to be the horn!" Spike cried. Itchy slapped a paw over Spike's mouth. "Shh!" "There it is!" Itchy exclaimed. His nose pointed at a policeman. The officer's head was wrapped in a bandage. He carried the horn into the police station. Gabriel's horn was dull and dented, but the dogs recognized it by its heavenly hum. "Go get it, Itch! I'll stay here with Sasha," Spike commanded.

Itchy refused. "That's your job. I'll stay with Sasha." "Okay", Spike sighed. "I'll be back before you can say hallelujah." Spike trotted across the street. "Where is he going?" David asked as the dogs settled in the cool green grass. "Eh, confidential guardian angel business," Itchy said. He watched Spike sit in front of the glass doors of the police station. The mutt panted and wagged his tail. One patted Spike on the head. Just before the glass doors closed, Spike bolted between them.

Spike had no trouble at all getting into the police station. The pair of cops at the reception desk were busy. Around them, people waited on benches. A janitor mopped the floor. No one paid any attention to the dog. "Where's the Lost-and-Found?" Spike asked. The desk officer didn't even look up from his newspaper. "Room 112, through the squad room." "Ten-four," Spike said in cop lingo for "that's all." Spike kept in the shadows. He slipped from wastebasket to copy machine to file cabinet, staying low and thinking invisible thoughts. He sneaked past a desk where a young man and woman talked to a worried officer.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hart, I'm Officer Reyes. We spoke last night on the phone." She took a photo from Mrs. Hart's shaking hand. "This will help," Officer Reyes said. "Now why do you think he ran away?" "It could only be one thing," Thom Hart stated. His wife, Claire, said, "We're having a baby, and David got very upset when I told him." If Spike had listened to the conversation, he would have learned that David's parents were worried sick about him. But all Spike could think about was getting back Gabriel's horn. He missed his chance to reunite David with his parents.

Spike followed the horn's steady hum to Room 112. Officer Logan Winsett placed a tag on the tarnished, dented horn. He couldn't hear the heavenly humming. To him it was just another piece of lost-and-found. Logan put the horn on one of the many shelves inside the chain-link fence that made Room 112. He used to play trumpet in his high-school band, so Logan looked around the empty room annd gave the horn a little toot. Instantly, because of the horn's magic, the chain-link cage opened and everything else inside with a lid or a box popped open! Officer Winsett found himself in a shower of lost-and-found. He hurried to get everything back on its shelf.

Spike jumped at the chain-link gate just as it swung shut. What can I do now? he wondered. Then the mutt remembered his demonstration in the alley. So he took off the collar. The wire grid tickled as Spike drifted through the fence. Spike found the horn right away. He carried it past Logan, easy as pie. Then Spike glided through the fence, but the horn didn't! Ka-bong! The trumpet fell to the concrete floor. Logan was startled. He wondered how the strange horn got from its shelf to the gate.

Logan scratched his head and put the horn back where it belonged. Spike looked at the troublesome instrument. Then he glanced at the small opening in the chain-link fence. He griped, "Of course it couldn't be Gabriel's flute or Gabriel's kazoo. Nooooo."

Sasha was one confused husky. This was all too crazy. Her boy wasn't really a stray. He'd run away from home! And now Spike and Itchy, who were dogs-but really angels-were trying to get something out of a police station. "What's going on?" Sasha asked. Itchy responded, "Sorry, but Spike and I are sworn to secrecy. Our lips are sealed!" "Itchy!" Sasha growled. Suddenly, Spike appeared out of nowhere.

"Miss me?" he asked. Itchy said,"Spike!" Then he whispered, "So where's the you-know-what?" And that's when Spike said, "Minor setback, Itch. We gonna have to bust it out." "It? What it?" Sasha cried. Sasha couldn't understand why they would do that. "Spike, no!" Itchy yelled. "Well, . . . " Spike began. But he cried in pain. He turned his head to see that his friend had his jaws clamped down on his tail. Itchy said, with a mouthful of tail in his mouth, "Spikie! Don't give away the "it"!"

Spike frowned and snatched his tail from Itchy's mouth and said, "Ever heard of Gabriel's horn?" Angered, Itchy throw his hat to the ground and growled. Spike had a plan to recover the instrument., and it sounded like this idea would work. Sasha, Itchy, and David followed him back to the station house. Once at the station house, David put on a pair of dark glasses and took hold of three leashes attached to Spike, Itchy, and Sasha. Trying to look as innocent as possible, David and the three dogs waltzed into the police station. David was pretending to be a blind boy with three Seeing Eye dogs.

The trick would have worked if a mean-looking police dog hadn't spotted Itchy and caused a police officer to spill his coffee during the commotion. "Who let those dogs in here?" shouted the officer. Sensing trouble, Spike called out to the others, "Plan B, guys!" David shouted, "Donuts! Fresh off the truck!" In the confusion that followed David's announcement, Sasha and Itchy raced through the police station creating a huge distraction. Coffee cups bounced off desks. Chairs toppled. Lamps fell to the floor. Papers flew like snow in a blizzard. In all the confusion, no one noticed Spike strolling calmly into the station. As police officers tried to catch the other dogs, Sasha grabbed Logan's keys and tossed them to David. As the boy ran toward the Lost-and-Found cage, where Spike waited, he ran right into a policeman and knocked him down. David stopped to help the man to his feet. Then someone yelled, "Stop that kid!" David saw Officer Logan coming across the squad room. "Okay, son. Give me the keys," he said.

Logan stopped beside the other cop. Both police officers held out their hands. "Nothing up my sleeve, sir," David said. His hands were behind his back. Then he magically produced a pair of handcuffs and snapped them around the policemen's wrists. "What's that behind your ear?" David asked playfully. He reached behind Logan's ear and jangled the keys. "You've been a great audience." David got the keys to Spike. The mutt opened the chain-link gate. In an instant, he returned with Gabriel's horn in his paws.

Spike and his friends ran through the jumbled squad room. David was so worried about being chased that he didn't look in front of him. He ran smack into Officer Reyes. For a moment they were face-to-face. The policewoman couldn't believe her eyes. Here was the very boy she was looking for! But then he was gone! "David!" She yelled as she ran after him. Spike hopped on a motorcycle. "Let's go!" Sasha and David hopped on just as Officer Reyes shouted, "Freeze! Sit! Stay!" Itchy couldn't hang on.

As Spike started to zoom off, Itchy fell as Officer Reyes yelled, "Wait! You don't have a license to drive!" Itchy ran off after them. "It's the dog pound for sure!" As they went into a curve in the road, Spike barked, "Jump, Itch!" But Itchy landed on a police car instead! Officer Reyes was driving the cruiser. She was determined to get that boy! Itchy clutched the bubble lights as the police car screeched around the corner. The little dog howled, "Whoooaaaahh!" David zigzagged through an intersection with his eyes squeezed shut. Horns blared. Cars zipped by, swerving to avoid the speeding scooter.

Sasha screamed, "Aren't guardian angels supposed to protect people?!" Spike answered, "Hey, it's my first day on the job." The patrol car was close behind. As Officer Reyes crossed the street, she flicked on the siren. The siren's speaker was right next to Itchy's head! His ears shook with the shrill wail. Picnickers in Nob Hill Park were very surpised to see a motercycle driven by a Greyhound mix, chased by a police car, riding over the grass. Car and motorcycle crisscrossed all the way down Lombard Street (notorious for being the world's steepest street -- SM). When the two vehicles started bumping down some steps, Itchy screamed, "I'm gonna barf!"

Then he turned to look at Spike and the others. "Having fun, are we?" Spike had no time to answer. He tried holding the motorcycle steady but nearly tipped over. His ears flapped in the wind. Spike was having the time of his life. This kind of stuff never happened in heaven! The police car chased the motor scooter through stalls heaped with fish. They demolished dozens of booths. The catch-of-the-day rained down on Fisherman's Wharf.

Officer Reyes slammed on her brakes and skidded to a stop just shy of a garbage truck blocking the street. She switched off her siren. There was no point in continuing the chase. Itchy jumped off the cruiser and onto the speeding motorcycle. Spike looked around at the sparkling by and Golden Gat Bridge gleaming in the sunshine. Even the ugly ruined prison on Alcatraz Island looked beautiful! "Finally got your flying lessons, eh, Itch?" Spike laughed. Itchy frowned. "I'm gonna get you for this, Spike!" Sasha said, "Let's get David out of here!"

"You're going to love this place, boss. It's got everything you wanted." Carface was sure he'd done a good job this time. He was eager to prove himself after losing Gabriel's horn. Red wanted a headquarters, and Carface had found him the perfect spot: Alcatraz Prison. "Beachfront location, fenced yard, tight security." Carface continued the tour. Red regarded level upon level of empty dirty cells. Water dripped through filthy cracks. Rusty cell doors creaked on their massive hinges. "All that, and ratatouille too," ("ratatouille" pronounced "rat-tat-tooey" -- SM) the demon cat snarled. He snatched a rat from a rusty railing. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Carface shuddered and returned to his tour speech. "The joint's been home to some great pedigrees: Capone, 'Machine Gun' Kelly, the Bird Dog of Alcatraz . . ." "Very impressive." Red swallowed the rat. "Then I did good?" Carface asked eagerly. "Indeed, have a bone." Red picked a rat bone from his fangs. He stuck the bone in Carface's mouth. With a puff of flame from his claw tip, Red lit the bone cigar. "You dogs have enjoyed a time of grace for far too long. Wouldn't you agree, Carface?" Red purred.

"Yeah, sure." Carface was just happy to please the hotshot. "All these cells filled with dogs. Can you see it?" Red asked. "Oh, sure." answered Carface. "And me playing Gabriel's horn! Can you hear it?" Red asked again. Carface stammered, "Yeah. Just put you lips together and blow." He then tried to whistle, but only the sound of air was heard. Red raised his paws. "And then, the grand finale!" Carface was confused. "That's not coming in so clear, Boss." "Oh, it will. And all thanks to Spike Pickles!" Red laughed evilly.

"Make sure he doesn't disappoint me," Red told the wolf. "You got it, Boss!" Carface said. He turned and walked away.

Red : It's so, so stirring,

I feel like purring.

Carface : It feels good

To be the reason that . . .

Both : So many will

Be soo saaaaadddddd.

Red : 3 cheers for

Treachery! It feels

So good to be bad! Bwa ha!

"What do you mean we're not going back yet? We got the horn," Itchy said. The little dachsund stood beside a pile of nets, crab traps, floats, and other fishing gear on the crowded wharf. Spike put down the horn and said, "I still need to take care of David. I am his guardian angel." Itchy saw the pretty husky waiting nearby with the boy. "Yeah, and Sasha has nothing to do with it." Spike sighed. Itchy knew him too well. "Well . . ." Itchy's skin crawled with fleas. Annd the thought of failing in his heavenly mission made him even more itchy. "You're making me crazy!"

"Just a little more time," Spike said, as he put Gabriel's horn in one of the crab traps. "The horn will be safe here." Then he gently kicked the trap over the side of the dock. Ker-splash! Horn and trap disappeared beneath the briny bay. Spike and Itchy trotted up the wharf to join Sasha and David. Fisherman's Wharf bustled with tourists in busy shops and cafes. Spike could smell all kinds of good things to eat: sourdough bread, fried crab cakes, and, of course, double-chili cheeseburgers. Spike led his friends through the crowded streets full of all the noise and grit he'd missed so much in heaven.

For a moment the Greyhound mix thought he was lost. Then he suddenly glimpsed a street sign: Cannery Square Dogs and boy rushed to join the crush of magicians, musicians, and mimes entertaining the excited crowd. "This is your big chance. Are you nervous?" Spike asked. David rubbed damp palms on his pants. "A little-and sweaty." "Well, don't be," Spike said. "Excited?" Itchy prompted. David grinned. "You bet!" Sasha was worried. The boy was still just a puppy. Performing on the street can be tough. "Now Spike . . ." she fretted. Spike winked at the husky. "It's okay." David put his cap on the sidewalk. Then he burst into song. And while he sang, he performed magic tricks. A small family watched him for a while, but they didn't leave a coin. Many other people walked past David, drawn away by one of the other performers. Some just smiled. Then dark clouds rolled over the square. Tourists and performers scrambled for cover as heavy raindrops pelted the pavement. Cannery Square emptied like a magician's trick milk pitcher. In seconds, the crowds have disappeared.

Spike said, "C'mon. Let's get out of the rain." The friends huddled miserably under an awning. David sneezed. Despite their fur, all the dogs were soon shivering. There were only a few small coins in David's soggy money cap. David was discouraged. Itchy tried to lighten the moment. "I'm so hungry I could eat a shoe." He turned turned to the downcast boy. "How about you?"

David tried to smile, but his lips sagged. "I thought so," Itchy said. "I'll be right back." Itchy trotted to a Chinese restaurant across the street. David looked into the front window. A little girl sat between her parents. She slurped steaming noodles from a big bowl.

David's mouth watered. A hot tear joined the cool rain on his cheeks. He turned to the mutt, "Spike, can my mom see me from heaven?" Spike nodded. "Of course she can, kiddo." Spike and Sasha snuggled closer to the little boy. "But you still have your dad and stepmom here, don't forget," Sasha said gently. "My stepmom doesn't want me," David said sadly. "She's having her own kid." Spike glanced at Sasha. Now they understood! The pup had left home because his stepmom was going to have a baby of her own. He was afraid she didn't want him.

"Parents can love more than one pup," Sasha said. "Maybe she just didn't know how to tell you that." "You should give her another chance," Spike advised in his best guardian-angel voice. David shook his head, no.

Spike knew how the boy felt. "I ran away from home when I was little," Spike said. "I'll bet that upset your parents," said Sasha. "I don't know," said Spike. "I never saw them after that. Guess I could have used a guardian angel, huh?" "I'll go home with you, Spike," said David. "If you promise to take me." "I promise," said Spike. David nodded and hugged Spike. Sasha smiled tenderly.

"You've got to try this moo goo gai pan!" Itchy yelped. The chubby dachshund waddled up, lugging a heavy Chinese takeout box. While David and Itchy enjoyed the delicious food, Spike slinked away to the top of the dock. Sasha followed him. As she walked over and sat down beside the Greyhound mix, she said, "Nice work, Spike Pickles. You really are an angel." "No I'm not. Not a guardian angel, anyway." Spike responded sadly. "But what you did for David was wonderful," Sasha coaxed him. But Spike was still upset. "I'm not his angel. I'm just an eron boy sent to fetch Gabriel's horn." Then he walked off. "Sasha, my whole life has been about making and breaking promises. And now, I'm gonna do it again."

Sasha was shocked. "You can't take him home?" Spike replied, "I have to go back, and just when I finally found someone special." Sasha said gently, "Oh, Spike . . ." :

I will always

Be with you.

Makes no difference

Where your road take you to.

Even if we're apart,

Now we're joined at

The heart. Though

Our moment may be gone,

You and I will still live on.

Spike : I will always be

With you. I'll be by

Your side whatever

You do.

Other memories

May fade. But the

Ones that we make

Are internal as a star.

Now I'm a part of who you are.

Both : And I'll be there

With you in the sound

Of your laughter. I'll be

In the tears you cry.

Spike : 'Cause the way

You and I have touched

One another . . .

Both : Doesn't end

With good-bye.

Spike : I will

Always be with you . . .

Both : Like a guardian

Angel constant and true.

Spike : When you're lost ( Sasha : Lost in the night, can't see the light.)

In the night, can't see the

Light . . .

Both : My love will

See you through.

Spike : I will always

Be there.

Sasha : You have me


Both : I will always

Be with yyyyyyoooooooooouuuuuuuuuu.

Sasha and Spike were about to kiss when Sasha saw Spike disappearing! "Spike?" Sasha asked. Spike looked to see that he no longer had his collar. "Not now!" Was it sunset already? David rushed up. "Sasha, I can't find Itchy. Where's Spike?" Spike was running around the two and shouting, "David, I'm here! Right here!" But Sasha said, "He's gone". She walked right through Spike! David was upset. "He wouldn't leave. He's my guardian angel!" Spike turned to Itchy. "We've gotta do something, Itch!" Itchy tried to calm Spike down. "They'll be fine, Spike." But, Spike was determined. "I promised David I'd get him home!" He yelled as he ran off the dock toward's Red's place.

Itchy ran to catch up with the mutt. "Short legs. Shorts legs. Ugh! Short. SSSSSPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE!!!!!!!!!!" Spike doubled his speed. He left his friend behind. "Short legs!" Itchy cried. But Sppike couldn't wait. An invisible Spike rushed through the locked door of Red's Curios. Spike barked, "Red, you've got to help me!" Red and Carface looked up from their card game. The cat clock tick-tocked softly.

Red rose to his feet. "Anything, Spike. Just name it." "I need a new collar," Spike panted. Red's face wrinkled with glee. "You enjoyed it. I knew you would." "So, how about it?" Spike asked. "If you want another collar, you must pay," Red said. The cat clock ticked louder. "I don't have any cash," Spike said. "How about an I.O.U.?" No one could have looked sadder than Red. "I'm sorry. Carface will show you out." The old dog eased back into his seat and picked up his cards. "There must be some way to make a deal," said Spike. Carface whispered, "He might take a trade." Spike stopped and thought a moment. "Oh, Red. I have this . . . horn." "Sorry, I'm not musical." Desperate, Spike warmed up his pitch. "It's much more than a horn, Red. There's nothing like it in the whole world." "Let me sleep on it," Red said wearily.

But Spike was even more desperate. "I don't have that kind of time." There was a bright little gleam in Red's eyes, and he smiled. "I like your spirit, Spike. Bring me this horn, and you can have your collar." Spike turned to leave, then he said, "Um, I need the collar to get the horn. You can trust me." "This isn't about trust, Spike. We have a deal," the old dog stated. The clock stopped ticking, and Red held out his paw. "Spike, no!" Itchy flew through the closed door. But the little dog was too late. Spike and Red were shaking hands. And the mutt said, "Deal." A wisp of smoke rose from their joined paws. Spike glowed. Then something coiled around Spike's neck. The coil slithered and wriggled and became a collar. Then the old dog Red's ears grew taller and his muzzle got shorter. Before Itchy and Spike's astonished eyes, Red became his true self-a demon cat!

"Guess the cat's out of the bag!" Red teased. "Now be a good little bow-wow and fetch me my horn!" "What have you done?!" Itchy cried. Spike didn't know what to do. Up till then, he'd always been the con artist. Now he'd been conned! Spike didn't have time to think much more. The demon cat spat a fireball! Spike ran for the exit. The door opened for him, then slammed shut. A ghostlike Itchy zipped through the grass, hot on the heels of his friend. Sasha was trying to take David home. But neither one could figure out how to read the map in the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station.

"Which train goes to North Bay?" Sasha wondered. David looked at the maze of twisted colored lines. "I can't tell. If Spike were here, he'd know." Sasha put her paw on David's shoulder to comfort him. Then they heard Spike call their names. The friendly mutt was with them again! "I had to come back. I wouldn't be a guardian angel if I didn't." Sasha was about to give Spike a welcome-back kiss, when Itchy squealed, "Are you nuts? You gave away the horn!" "It was a bluff," Spike explained. The clever mutt had a new plan all worked out. "David's going back home. The horn's going back to heaven." "Who are you talking to?" Sasha asked. Itchy was still invisible to everyone but Spike. "You shook on it! You made a deal with him." Itchy was horrified. How could Spike be working with other side? "You didn't make him. That's why you're taking the horn back," Spike explained. Itchy was skeptical. "Me?" But argument was over as soon as Carface appeared out of the shadows. "I knew you couldn't be trusted," the bulldog snarled. He grabbed David.

Spike leaped to defend the boy, but his magic collar tightened around his neck. He gasped for breath. Carface hauled David to the roof of a waiting commuter train. As the train pulled out of the station, Carface called back to Spike, "Bring the item to Alcatraz in one hour, or junior here doesn't have a prayer." With that, the train disappeared down the tracks.

"Where is he? The hour's up," Red demanded. His voice drowned out the crashing waves and howling wind outside Alcatraz. David shivered on an iron bed frame in a damp prison cell. Carface tried to calm down the hotshot. "You know what they say, boss, patience is a-" Red stomped his hoof. A flaming crack opened in the concrete floor. Carface gulped. "Maybe he's stuck in traffic," he suggested lamely. "What kind of dog are you? Selling out to some mangy old cat!" David challenged. Red's big yellow eyes glared at the boy. "Quiet! Or I'll have you tongue!" he hissed.

Suddenly Spike's cheerful voice echoed off the dank prison walls. "Red!" He held Gabriel's horn so Red and Carface could see it, then they let the Greyhound mix step into David's cell. "Let me, boss," Carface said. "I'll fetch it for you." Carface fumbled with the horn, and it skidded across the stained concrete. It rolled to a stop at Red's feet. Red snatched up the magical horn. "Gabriel's horn is finally mine!!!!" Spike and David ran for the cell door even as the gates shut. They made it through in the nick of time.

Carface wanted to chase them. But Red refused. "Let them. I have what I want." Red put the horn to his lips and began to play. The music was chilling, eerie, ominous. Red's dark tune soon reached the clouds. The sky was stirred like a boiling pot of witch's brew. Whitecaps whipped the bay into a churning froth. Spike and his friends were on the Alcatraz wharf climbing into a boat when the stars began to fall. Spike heard Anabelle's voice, "Spikie, what have you done?" They were dog angels dropping from heaven. Red was capturing them!

But there was even worse news. The more Red played, the bigger and bigger he grew. Soon he was a towering giant. Spike groaned. He had bungled scams before, but this was a disaster! "We gotta do something, Spike." Itchy cried to Spike from the boat as it rocked on the tossing waves. "No, Itch. This is all my fault! I'm the one who's gotta do something." He pushed the boat away from the wharf. "Get David home safely!" The last cell clanged shut on the last dog angel. All the angels were now imprisoned.

"Welcome, boys!" Red laughed. Then he clapped his hands. The island shuddered, and a wall of steam rose around it. Alcatraz began to sink into the bay like an elevator in a liquid shaft. "You're in for a hot time tonight!" Red gloated. "It's a cat's world now." Not as long as Spike Pickles had breath in his body! The brave mutt raced back inside Alcatraz and lunged at Red. In an instant they were rolling on the floor, fighting like, well, cats and dogs. First Red had the horn, then Spike. At a wave of Red's paw, Spike's collar tightened.

He dropped the horn. The demon cat seized the trumpet and raised it to smash Spike's skull. But something stopped him. Someone had handcuffed Red's tail to a cell door. It was David! He, Itchy, and Sasha had returned to the prison to help Spike! Spike and his friends fought the giant cat. With the four of them working together, they managed to make Red lose track of the horn. Suddenly the cat spotted Spike escaping with the horn in his mouth as Anabelle yelled, "Play the horn, Spikie. The horn!" Now Red was furious. Spike dashed up a long flight of stairs onto the roof of Alcatraz. Red burst through the roof after him.

Still clutching the horn, Spike scrambled up a water tower. The giant cat paused. Would it be safe to climb the tower? Seeing Spike with the horn blinded Red to the danger. He began scaling the tower. But when Red reached the top, the tower bent, then snapped! Red plummeted through the roof into the dark swirling water of the bay. But Red clutched onto the staircase. David grabbed Sasha as the demon cat glared and snarled at them. But then, a heavely tone sounded out! Red looked up.

Then, the note was heard again. Spike appeared! He started playing a song as heavely as any ever heard. Alcatraz Island began to rise above the waves. Every cell door swung open. And all the angel dogs floated up to heaven, singing Spike's tune. The sea grew calm. The dark clouds blew away.

The demon screamed as the golden horn took away his evil powers. The cat quickly shrank back to his normal size and was sucked down into one of the prison's crevices. Spike bounded over to Sasha, Itchy, and David. "Everyone okay?" the mutt asked. "Where's Red?" Carface asked mournfully. "His boss yanked his leash," Spike replied.

"Good riddance," Carface said. He spat on the ground. "Spike, I hope you didn't take any of this personally. I was just playing the game." "Sure, Carface," Spike agreed. "Say, what did you trade Red for your collar?" "He wanted the bottom of my shoes or somethin'. Ha, ha. I don't even wear shoes, stupid cat." Carface cackled. Then the ground split open. "Stupid dog! It was your soul!" Red's voice thundered. His arm slithered out of the crack to grip the wolf's ankle. Carface squealed as he slid through hole. The crack close again. "I thought all dogs went to heaven," Itchy said.

"C'mon, Spike. Time to go," Itchy barked. A golden shaft of light came down from the clouds. "Thanks for letting me be your guardian angel," Spike said to David. He tousled the boy's hair. "Sasha can take you home now." David tried to smile, but he had to hold back his tears. "Spike, don't go," the boy sniffled. "Hey, I'll always be your guardian angel," Spike said. He picked up Gabriel's horn. Spike and Itchy stepped toward the shaft of light. The mutt removed the magic collar. It vaporized before it hit the ground. As the angel dogs rose inside the golden column of light, Spike said, "Sasha, I love you." "I love you,too, Spike," Sasha said.

On their way up to heaven, the angel dogs suddenly stopped in midair. "What's wrong? Is this thing stuck between floors?" Itchy wondered. Then Anabelle was beside them. "I'll take the horn from here, Spikie," the whippet said. She reached for the golden trumpet. "What? You're afraid I'll drop it?" Spike asked as he tossed the horn. The whippet reached to grab the horn, but it slipped. Itchy caught it and gave it to her. "There's still someone who needs to go back to where he belongs," Anabelle smiled.

Spike was confused. "I already took care of David." "Not David. You, Spike. For what you've done, you deserve a second chance." Anabelle smiled.

She held up a shining first-class angel wings pin. "Claim this in, oh say, 20 years," Anabelle added sweetly. Spike was still confused. "You mean?" He asked. Anabelle responded with a nod. Then he was overjoyed! "Itchy, you hear that? We're going back!" Itchy shook his head. "Not his dog. When you can fly, short legs don't matter."

Spike hugged the dachshund. "Take care of yourself, buddy." Then Anabelle and Itchy rose into the golden light. Spike found himself hanging in midair. He knew what to do next. David led Sasha up the sidewalk toward a cozy cottage overlooking San Francisco Bay. A big cloud of dust exploded in front of them. As the dust settled, Spike became visible. "Can you believe it? I got a weekend pass for the rest of my life!" Spike exclaimed as David and Sasha hugged him. "Thom, it's David!" Mrs. Hart cried. David's stepmother ran to the boy. She hugged him and cried, "We were so worried about you!"

"You worried about me?" David asked. Mrs. Hart answered, "Of course. Having this baby doesn't mean I don't love you. Honey, we're a family." "And pretty soon a bigger one," David's dad added. David glanced at the dogs. Um, Dad, I'm glad you brought up that bigger family stuff." While the Harts discussed the matter of pets and leashes and who was going to fill the bowls, Sasha said to Spike, "Tell me the truth, Spike Pickles. Why did you really come back?"

"It's so heavenly here!" Spike said, and he kissed her. Everything was fine. Spike had Sasha. David had his family. Itchy had finally stopped itching. The flying dachshund was happy that all dogs go to heaven too. Well, not every canine. In a very warm spot very far south of heaven, Carface was learning the hard way that fleas go to . . . the other place.

And as this chapter ends, we hear the following:

woman : I will always

be with you. Makes no

Difference where your

Road takes you to.

Even if we're apart,

Now we're joined at

The heart. Though our

Moment may be gone,

You and I will still live on.

man : I will always be with

You. I will be by your side

Whatever you do. Other memories may

Fade, but the ones that we

Make are internal as a star. Now, I'm

A part of who you are.

both : And I'll be

There in the sound of

Your laughter. I'll be in

The tears you cry.

man : 'Cause the way you

And I have touched one another . . .

both : Doesn't end

With goodbye.

man : I will always

Be with you . . .

both : Like a guardian

Angel constant and true.

woman : When your lost

In the night . . .

man : Lost in the night . . .

woman : Can't see the light . . .

both : My love will see you


man : I will always

Be there.

woman : You have me


both : I will always be with yooooouuuu.

both : I will always be

With you.

woman : I will always

be with you.

both : Like a guardan angel

Constant and true. I will always

be . . . . with . . . . yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuu.

Part 2: Tommy and Spike To The Rescue

It hasn't been long since Spike had beaten Red. Despite all the happiness that's around him, he still was upset. He missed Tommy. But Tommy wasn't even near San Francisco; he lived in Denver. "What's the matter?" Sasha asked him one day. "I miss Tommy." "Who's Tommy?" "He's my friend. I haven't seen him since I died. He was only 1 year old." Spike said sadly. Little did they know that Red had sent out his evil partner out and do something very bad. Joka was his name. He was orange, blue, and green. His eyes were blood-shot red and his pupils were like that of a cat's.

The Rugrats decided to visit San Francisco. They needed a vacation. "Perfect," Joka sneered, "Now I can start with my master plan to invade the Viacom corporate structure and destroy the Nicktoons and make Nickelodeon an adult channel once and for all!" He nor the Rugrats knew that the Rugrats had a special sense. An abbility to hear sounds and music from the heavens.

The city had changed since Spike came along. There were no more graffiti on the walls and sidewalks. It was much cleaner and more beautiful. David, Sasha, Itchy, and Spike thought nothing could spoil it. But they were dead wrong! Joka was planning a plot that was very much like the one Red had.

Only this time, he is going to kidnap all of the ones who can hear the horn. Nick's horn, owned by Nickelodeon. It doesn't make any ordinary horn sound, but emits the special signal that goes -- "Nick-a-Nick-a, a-Nick-Nick-Nick, Nickelodeon!"

Joka already was one who can hear it, but he didn't want anyone else spoiling it! "No one was going to ruin this plan. Not when I, Joka, is around!" the big dragon growled. Spike and his new friends were spending the day at Cannery Square. They were sitting in the shade and watching some Sax players play some Jazz music. What they didn't know what that Tommy and his friends, Chuckie, Lil, Dil, and Phil, and his cousin, Angelica, were coming.

Meanwhile, Arnold, Helga, Eliza, Darwin, CatDog, and all kinds of other Nicktoons had stumbled into a portal. They swerved around and around. They didn't know when they were going to stop. The Rugrats, Hey Arnold, CatDog, Ahhhhh! Real Monsters, The Wild Thornberrys, and the other Nicktoons all ended up in Cannery Square together. The Rocket Power gang, doing odd-jobs while waiting to start work in their new series, also were drawn into the portal. And in Bristol, Connecticut, Doug Funnie was at Disney's ESPN headquarters starring with Dick Vitale in a commercial for "Sportscenter", when he stumbled upon a similar portal, leading to San Francisco. They all were surprised to see them.

Since they were much more popular than the others, Rugrats were kind of the outcast of the Nicktoon World, so the others weren't too nice to them.

"What are you doing here?!" Doug demanded. "Yeah!" -Dog joined. "We were going on vacation here! We haven't the slightest idea of how you got here!" Angelica yelled. While the Nicktoons were fighting, Chuckie pulled Tommy aside. "Isn't Spike d-dead?" Tommy glared at his friend. "Yeah, why?"

"Because isn't that him right over there with the 2 dogs and kid?" Chuckie pointed towards a small tree. Tommy couldn't believe his eyes. It was Spike!

"Hey, that is Spike!" Tommy exclaimed. Everyone looked and gasped! Spike noticed this. He was overjoyed to see Tommy again. He got up. "Where are you going?" Itchy asked. "To see Tommy." Spike waltzed up to his baby friends. They all hugged eachother. Just then, Spike said "Hello" and the Rugrats and other Nicktoons jumped. They understood him! "Spike? You can talk?" Lil asked. The mutt put his paw over his mouth and was shocked!

Joka was, at the time, preparing for the invasion. He made special balls. "These Pokeballs will do nicely. Or should I say, Nickballs? Bwa ha ha ha!" He knew that one of the Nicktoons were able to hear the heavenly tune of Nick's horn (just like Gabriel's horn). Joka had all kinds of weapons to use when every last one of the Nicktoons were captured. He would imprison them inside the cages of Alcatraz Prison. Carface was assigned by Red to help out Joka.

The other Nicktoons still teased the Rugrats. They said all kinds of bad words, sentences, and other stuff. "Oh yeah? What in Matilda are you going to do about it?" Rocko jeered. The Real Monsters tried every scare in the book on the hapless Rugrats. Kip, the anti-environmentalist who also stumbled upon the same portal, saw this as an opportunity; "'Rugrats' Baby Food, made of 100% Real Monsters -- what a concept!" Suddenly, the Rugrats, including Spike, stared at something behind the others. It was a spaceship-like craft. The others turned around and were horrified to see what they saw. A big blue-and-green dragon stepped out. "Hello, Nicktoons!!!!! I am Joka!" Joka roared.

Joka the dragon looked at them with the scariest and most fiercesome eyes they've ever seen. All of the Nicktoons were soon tembling with fear. "Wha-wha-what are-are y-y-you hear f-for???" Debbie asked nervously. "To get rid of you Nicktoons once and for all!!!!!" Joka screamed. They all gasped! Joka warned them that when he finds Nick's horn, they'll have to prepare to be in cages. Just then, Joka's crystal ball popped up. It gave him a message.

A message that he did not like! He had worked so hard! Now, he knows the ones who will ruin his evil plans. The Rugrats! "Yyyyyyaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!!!" Joka roared. "Why'd you do that?" Tommy asked, afraid. Joka answered, glaring at the little Rugrat, "Well, don't bother finding your precious horn, you Nicktoons! Only one group of you can find it." "Who?" Cat- asked. "Only the Rugrats can hear its heavenly tune!" One by one, all of the Nicktoons turned and looked at the Rugrats. They were, for so long, the outcasts. Now, they are their only hope of ever getting through this alive.

Tommy and his friends looked at eachother. They wanted to help the others, even after they have been very mean to them. They turned to leave when they heard Joka say, "Not so fast!" Joka held out some Nickballs (just like Pokeballs). He picked one and chanted, "Go Nickball!". The ball opened and a red light flashed out into a thin, flashlight-like glow. The light hit Chuckie and Dil. The two were surrounded by the glowing light for several seconds. They soon disappeared in a flash of red and went inside the Nickball.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" the Rugrats screamed as they took off in different directions. Despite their efforts, Phil, Lil, Angelica, and Susie were soon trapped inside a Nickball. Tommy didn't want to be caught. He ran for cover. Wrong move. He was cornered by Joka. The baby shook and closed his eyes, preparing to be trapped inside the ball. Suddenly, Spike leaped out of nowhere and landed in front of Tommy. "Come on, Spike! Let's get out of here!" The two last remaining Rugrats disappeared into the streets of San Francisco.

Itchy, David, and Sasha ran to catch up with the two fleeing fugitives. Joka tried to capture Tommy and Spike, but they were too fast. He let them go, for now. The blue and green dragon took the Nickballs over to Alcatraz Prison. Four cages laid on a desk, all in a singel file. He threw all the Nickballs to the ground. Red lights flashed. They each went inside each of the cages. Angelica soon found herself behind bars. So did everyone else. Joka laughed evilly. "Welcome to your new home!" They looked at each other with the same expression. The expression of doom.

Soon, Itchy, Sasha, and David were way in front of Spike and Tommy. But the two were so worried about being caught, they didn't look in front of them. They crashed right into Itchy! The dachshund, startled, fell to the floor. "Itchy!" Spike exclaimed. "Who'd you find us?" "How would you think?

We followed you." David replied. Sasha wanted to know why they were so afraid. "My little brother and my friends were captured by that big dragon." David was one confused boy. All this was crazy! Dragons aren't real. Plus, David, Itchy, and Sasha didn't see the dragon at all. Tommy begged for them to help. The trio though, why not? So, they agreed. The 5 returned to Cannery Square, but found that Joka and the missing Rugrats were gone! A Nicktoon rushed over to them. Pattie. "Aren't we ever glad to see you!" "Where's the other Rugrats?" "They were taken somewhere called Alcatraz Prison." Spike trembled. He knew that place too well. It's where he had defeated Red. He hoped he'd never have to go in there again. Now, Spike must go there if he wants to save his captured baby friends.

"Come on, you guys! We must save the missing Rugrats!" Spike declared. But, Sasha, David, and Itchy refused. Itchy said, "No! Not until we get our old friend. Charlie the German Shepard. He knows these parts better than we." "Then, let's go and get him." Tommy said anxiously. Soon, the 5 friends went on journey to find Charlie. Itchy led the way. He known Charlie even longer than Spike! They wandered and wandered. They came to a log bridge. "Charlie lives across this!" Itchy said. They began to cross the perilous-looking log.

But, it wasn't long before they heard an awful growl. It was Joka! He found them! "Now to capture the last free Rugrats: Spike and Tommy!!!!!" He grabbed a Nickball and shot out two red lasers at Tommy and the dog. Tommy was unlucky. He rolled off the edge and grabbed the log with his small hands just in time. But the dragon snarled and crept close to Tommy. Suddenly, Charlie lunged at Joka! He grabbed Tommy as Joka flew down and left. "Are you okay, kid?" he asked. Joka was madder than a swarm of hornets! He couldn't take this any longer! He mumbled to Carface, "I'll have to do something. Something bad yet can work!" "Why don't you use Red's collars?" Carface suggested lamely. Joka glared at him. He told the wolf that Spike knew what Red's red collars looked like. "I know, but Red painted them blue!" Joka looked at one of Red's magic collars. It was blue! And the white dots were golden. What a perfect diguise! He laughed. "Now, prepare Nickelodeon! Joka's here and he's gonna make some changes to this stupid kiddie network! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

(The following number is I Throw My Toys Around, from The Rugrats Movie, written by Elvis Costello & Cait O'Riordan, performed on the soundtrack by Elvis Costello & No Doubt. Published by Sideways Songs and adminstered by Plangent Visions Music, Inc. (ASCAP); ©1998 Interscope Records.)

I've got no time

For fairy stories.

I'm not a little boy.

So you can leave me all

Alone and turn off the lights as well.

If you are frightened, then listen,

But I don't think you could

Like it. Such a nice kid!

Nobody's lookin' now. (Nobody's lookin')

I'll throw my toys around.

Somebody's being

Very bad, I wonder who

It can be. Somebody's going

To get in trouble. I know it

Isn't me!

I'm just a little angel.

Bet you don't know

What I've done

When you back's turned!

Nobody's lookin' now.(Nobody's lookin')

I'll throw my toys around!

Carface and Joka: Pick up those

Building blocks! Chop off the baby's

Locks! Swing dolly by the hair!

Put down that teddy bear! Slam down

A happy clown! I throw my toys around!

Joka : I've got no time for bedtime

Stories. I'm not a little child!

Everything makes me furious

And everything makes me wild!!

If you are frightened, then

Whistle and I'll come runnin'

To you as you boo hoo!

Nobody's lookin' now.(Nobody's lookin')

I'll throw my toys around!

Nobody's lookin' now.(Nobody's lookin')

I'll throw my toys around!

Carface : I throw my toys around!

Joka : I'll throw my toys around!

Carface : I throw my toys around!

Joka : I'll throw my toys around!

Carface : I throw my toys around!

Joka : I'll throw my toys around!

Carface : I throw my toys around!

Joka : I'll throw my toys around!

Carface : I throw my toys around!

Joka : I'll throw my toys around!


"That was the dumbest song I have ever heard!" Angelica boldly faced the dragon and shook her fists. Joka glared at her with those glowing red eyes, thrusted his head forward and roared. His nose stopped in front of Angelica's cage! The Rugrat lost all courage. She yelped and cringed to the back of her cage. The others jumped. "Now, all I have to do is . . ." Joka began. But Carface finished for him. " . . . to get one of these blue collars on Tommy or Spike. But how?" Joka was puzzled with this for quite a while.

He decided to try and force the collar on Tommy, since Spike knew all of their tricks. "We'll get rid of these Nicktoons and take their entire station by force!!!!!!" Joka laughed evilly. Carface joined him. Chuckie, Dil, the twins, Susie, and Angelica all gasped in horror and trembled. Joka flew off with Carface, carrying a dark blue collar with him.

Soon, the friends came to a police station. Their concerns didn't have anything to do with the blue collar on which Logan was carrying into the building, so they continued on their quest to stop Joka the dragon. They soon came to a strange place. Itchy thought it reminded him of Red's Curious. But Charlie said, "Don't worry, Itchy. This place is not as scary as it looks."

But not even the German Shepard's comforts could calm Itchy down. Somehow he knew that there was something weird yet wrong in that particular place. But as soon as they entered, everything turned pitch black. All that they could see were the eyes and teeth of two dangerous-looking figures. Joka and Carface stepped from the shadows. "Carface!" Spike yelled. "Joka?" Tommy asked, confused. Joka waved his claw. A bright blue collar sailed through the air and landed around Tommy's neck! Joka laughed evilly. "Now, Tommy's in my power!" Carface growled at Tommy, but made no attempts to attack him. Spike leaped in front of Tommy to protect him.

"I don't think you should do that!" Joka bellowed. "Why not?" "'Cause these collars belong to Red. He just painted them a different collar! Bwa ha!" Spike and Itchy both started to shake. Joka seemed to be glowing. Suddenly, Tommy's collar glowed brightly. "This is very, very simple. Tommy, either you do exactly what I say or I shall kill you with that collar and my own two hands!!!!" Tommy started trembling with fear. He had never been more terrified like this before in his life. He turned and looked at his friends for help, but they were just as afraid as he was. He ran out the door, being followed by Itchy, David, Spike, Sasha, and Charlie. Neither of them noticed that Carface was following them. He wanted to make sure that Tommy wasn't going to try and get away like Spike once tried. "I have no choice! I just have to do it." Tommy told his friends. "Are you nuts?! You-you-you gave away the horn!" Itchy yelled at him, surprised.

Tommy was impatient. "Get out of my way." "You made a deal with him. Well, sort of. But still, you promised us that . . . " "Itch! I know that! But right now, I've got to find that horn! Move!" Tommy took off. "Well, I will follow him. Wait here." Spike ran off in pursuit of Tommy. Tommy must have ran for hours before he heard a tune. It came from inside a cave. The cave wasn't very big. The ceilings were filled with pieces of rock just waiting to fall down.

One of the ledges had some heavenly noise coming from it. It was Nick's horn! Tommy looked at it and smiled happily. He picked up the horn and turned around to leave. But Spike was all that he could see. The mutt must have followed him! "Tommy, please don't do this." "I'm sorry, Charlie. I don't want to do this no more than you do, but if I don't give this horn to Joka, he'll kill me." Spike told him not to give him the horn even when it could mean . . . his life.

But the little Rugrat didn't listen to him. He pushed the dog out of the way and ran back only to find that his friends were gone! The only one left was Carface. The big strong wolf looked at Tommy through those big, glowing eyes and said, "Bring the horn to Joka at Alcatraz Prison in one hour or your friends won't be as lucky as you to survive! Ha, ha, ha!" Spike caught up. He saw the expression on Tommy's face and understood it. He was upset and mad. That's when Spike discovered that the others were missing. Tommy told him that Joka had taken them hostage. Now, Tommy and Spike knew what they had to do. They grabbed the horn and high-tailed it towards Alcatraz Prison.

"The hour is over! They shouldn've been here a few minutes ago!" Joka screamed as he waited impatiently at Alcatraz Prison for the two Rugrats to give him Nick's horn. Suddenly, a gentle but stern voice sounded out. "Hey, Joka!" Spike held the horn in his mouth. The horn was in a crab trap. Tommy was sitting on Spike. He hopped off and Spike set the horn down. They slinked away and opened up their friends' cell. "I'll get it for you," Carface said as he picked up the crab trap.

But the crabs inside pinched his paw. "Yyyyyyeeeeeeooooowwwww!!!!" The wolf howled in pain and backed away from the horn. "It's mine! Mine! Mine!" Joka snatched the horn and ran up some steps. Carface turned around and found that Tommy, Spike, Charlie, and the others were fleeing to the exit. "Hey, Joka! They're hitting the bricks!" But, the dragon ignored him. He put Nick's horn to his lips and played a tune filled with bitterness and corruption. He blew several tunes, though none of them the classic Nick jingle. Suddenly, a green light appeared. It went off in different directions.

David saw what was happening. He got worried and didn't understand what was going on. "Tommy, what's happening?" "Don't worry about it. Let's get out of here!" Tommy said as they ran out of the building towards a small boat. Everyone except Spike and Tommy jumped into the boat. Tommy slowly turned around to see a strange green light. The little Rugrat saw Nicktoons. Nicktoons? Tommy thought. Joka is capturing the Nicktoons! Tommy even saw Didi, his mom. What have I done? Tommy asked to himself. He turned to his friends.

"I've gotta do something! Get home safely, guys." The brave Rugrat rushed back into the scary rotten prison. "Tommy, no! Come back!" he heard as he went back inside. Joka grew and grew until he was a giant dragon. Angelica and the other Rugrats backed away as to hide. All the Nicktoons were doing the same thing. Dog Nicktoons whimpered. Others still cowered and shaked with total fear of Joka. Carface became afraid of Joka. He ran up the steps to hide. But no matter where he went, Joka could still see him.

The wolf then saw Tommy coming up the many steps. "Hey, Joka! Tommy's coming back!" Joka just laughed and tossed the horn to his other hand. He said, "That baby's into punishment!" Carface shook his head, no. He whined and cringed back towards a cell. CatDog saw Tommy, grabbed onto their cell bars and watched with surprise. Tommy was so angry at Joka that his anger made him seem stronger. He leaped high and long into the air. But the big green and blue dragon pulled back his arm and struck Tommy really hard. The brave little Rugrat flew back to the cement floor. As he rolled and stopped on his right side, Joka roared with glee, "Nick's an adult network now!!!"

Didi screamed. This woke up Tommy. He looked up. Joka was coming straight for him! Tommy couldn't get out of the way even if he tried. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. Seeing no hope of escape, the shivering Rugrat closed his eyes and covered his unprotected head and waited for his time. Joka was closing in! He lunged. But, his tail got handcuffed to a water pipe! David yelled, "Let them go!" Tommy opened his eyes and gasped, "David?" The dogs stood beside David and snarled at Joka. Joka roared and blew a huge flame of fire at the 5. They dodged in different directions. Everything happened so fast. Tommy and Spike somehow managed to get the horn and were escaping to the roof. Joka saw them and was furious! He took after them. "Spike! Tommy!" Tommy was just about to play the horn when he looked up. A gigantic clawed hand was coming down on him! Spike and Tommy leaped out of the way. All of a sudden, a big dragon head and arms slashed out! Looking for an escape route, the two Rugrats took to the tower. Joka's eyes glowed red as he let out a sneer. "Rrrrraaaaaaarrrrr!"

He leaped onto the tower. Spike looked up and saw a sign that said "Warning: High Water Pressure". This gave Spike an idea. With Tommy on his back and Nick's horn in his mouth, the Greyhound mix grabbed a lever and tugged down. "Errrrrr! Take that!" But only dust came down. Surprised, Joka covered his head as to block the dust from getting into his eyes. Then, they crawled their way to the top. Just when they thought they were safe, Joka flew out of nowhere and landed in front of them! "Give me that HORN!" the dragon demanded.

"No!" Tommy refused. He and Spike both jumped down, causing the tower to collapse under Joka's massive weight. The three fell down, down, down. Joka crashed through the roof and into a hole. Not wanting to face Red, the dragon grabbed a staircase and pulled with all his might. David, Sasha, Itchy, and Charlie started to fall down towards Joka's mouth!

"W-w-wha-whaaaaa!!!" David whimpered. "Huh? Tommy?" Sasha asked in confusion. Tommy rolled down the steps. David instinctivly grabbed the baby around the waist and pulled him up. Joka, filled with rage at Tommy, moved his head forward and stopped a few millimeters from Tommy. He opened up his massive jaws and prepared to clamp down on Tommy's little body. The only thing Tommy could think of was Where is Spike? Before Joka's teeth could drop down on Tommy, there was a laughter. They all looked to the side and saw Spike! He had survived the fall! The dog rubbed his paws together and blew a beautiful, heavenly tune.

As if by magic, all the cells swung open. A yellow light glowed. All the Nicktoons were smiling and singing. They all floated back to Nicktoon Studios, with some of them heading in the direction of Klasky-Csupo. Even Uncle Walt was delighted to have Doug back, saying, "Without you, Doug, ABC would've went into bankrupcy, and we had to sell ESPN to those crooks at Viacom." Doug said, "Watch it, Unc... Viacom's the Nicktoon's godparents. They're my godparents. And they're the godparents of my best friends -- the Rugrats." Uncle Walt then concluded, "How much Viacom stock do I have in my portfolio?"

The cells that Dil, Chuckie, Angelica, Susie, and the twins were in swung open. They gasped with awe. Overjoyed, the missing Rugrats hopped out of the cages and hugged Tommy and Spike. "Are you okay?" Itchy and Charlie asked in unison. "Yeah, I think so." Tired of what had happened that day, Tommy and his friends went home. Spike stayed with Sasha and Itchy. Once at home, Phil said, "I thought you were going to be a goner!" "Yeah, me too." Tommy looked out the window. He finally saw Spike again. The two made a deal. They will visit eachother once in a while. Spike did the same thing. He let out a long howl. He couldn't wait to see Tommy again.

Don't lose your way

With each passing Day.

You've come so far,

Don't throw it away.

Live believing,

Dreams are for weaving.

Wonders are waiting

To start.

Live your story:

Faith, hope, and glory.

Hold to the truth in

Your heart.

If we hold on together,

I know our dreams will

Never die. Dreams see

Us through to forever.

Where clouds roll by

For you and I. Souls

In the wind must learn

How to bend.

Seek out a star,

Hold on 'till the end.

Valley mountain,

There is a fountain washes

Our tears all the way.

Worlds are swaying,

Someone is praying

"Please let us come home to stay."

If we hold on together,

I know our dreams will

Never die. Dreams see us

Through to forever.

Where clouds roll by

For you and I. When we

Are out there in the dark,

We'll dream about the sun.

In the dark we'll

Feel the light, warm

Our hearts everyone.

If we hold on together,

I know our dreams will

Never die. Dreams see us

Through to forever.

As high as souls

Can fly. The clouds roll

By for you and I.

Part 3: An All Dogs Christmas Carol

It was Christmas Eve at San Francisco. The streets were filled with red ribbons and other decorations for Christmas Day. Spike, Sasha, Itchy, and many other dogs helped eachother put up a huge Christmas Tree for Christmas Day. The tree was decorated with string popcorn, head ornaments, tinsle, and many other wonderful things. As they worked, they sang a merry melody. Timmy appeared and joined in. The poor little puppy had a broken leg and couldn't survive without an operation. So Sasha had everyone donate to him so he could have that operation.

"Spike, this isn't snow. It's popcorn!" A disappointed pup cried out. "I can't promise you snow," Spike said. He heard Itchy say, "Hey Spike! The presents are ready!" Then, the Greyhound Mix smiled and turned to the puppies. "But I can promise each of you a present." The puppies, including Timmy, squealed with delight and rushed over to Itchy. Itchy was dressed as Santa and Spike as a reindeer. Spike walked over to Sasha to see how her donation plan was going. A Great Dane said, "Here's some money for Timmy's operation." "Good. Just put it in this can, okay?" Spike picked up the can after the Great Dane left and shook it. "Well, you got quite a bit of money in here, Sasha. Good work."

"Thanks." The 2 dogs hugged eachother. Just then, Itchy yelled, "Help, Spike! I only got four paws." Itchy was being tackled playfully by the pups. Spike laughed and walked over. "Let's discract them with a song." Everyone started to sing again. But this was cut short when the owner of the joint, Carface, showed up. All the dogs, except Timmy, Spike, Sasha, and Itchy, shivered with fear and hid. Carface's sidekick, Killer, also came. "Don't worry," the wolf said and he sat down on a desk, "I only came here to collect my taxes. The first one is Sasha LaFluer!" Sasha snarled and yelled, "I'm not paying anything right now!" "Hey, this is business, sister." Carface growled at the red husky.

"Carface, Killer, it's Christmas Eve. The time of giving." Spike told the gray wolf. "Yeah, giving. So, WHY DON'T YOU GIVE ME THE 8 BONES YOU OWE ME????!!!!" Carface screamed. "Now way! It's not due 'till next week! I'm not paying now!" Carface and Killer just laughed. "Oh yeah? Well, you are all gonna pay me! Now that I have this!" The wolf held out a dragon shaped whistle and blew hard. A strange green light glowed through the room. Soon, every dog had a zombie look on their faces. "Give, give, give, give." The dogs chanted as they, under the spell of the whistle, grab all the bones and give them to Carface. The wolf then snatches all the food, presents, and even Timmy's operation money! Sasha, who had gained control, screamed, "Hey, give that back! Timmy needs that money!"

"So do I, sister! So do I!" She heard the wolf say. Then, Killer and Carface disappeared into the streets of San Francisco. Everyone was back to normal. Timmy walked over to Spike and asked, "Spike, why'd that guy take all our stuff?" But Spike didn't have time to answer. Itchy growled, "Oooooohhh!!!! That creep took Timmy's operation money!" This angered Spike. They knew that they had to get their stuff back. But how?

Spike promised Sasha that he'd get the stuff back. She thanks him. But after three unsuccessful attempts to break in, Spike was filled with rage! "Take Timmy's money, will he? Kick me out of his window, huh? Blow me on a rocket through the chimney!? Well, now we are going to DECK HIS HALL!!!" The Greyhound Mix and little Dachshund picked up a large pine tree and, holding it out with the trunk pointing forward, the two dogs ran towards the door of the same store that Red used to work at. Carface knew that something was up. He counted, "One, Two, Three. Now, Killer!" Killer opened up the door and Spike and Itchy ran right inside and collided with a wall!

"Okay, Carface!" Itchy sputtered as he spit out pine needles. "Give Timmy back his dough!" "Yeah! You can't just waltz right into our party and steal our stuff!" Spike joined in. Carface chuckled. "Now that I have this, I can." He held out the dragon whistle. Spike became desperate. "Hand it over." "I'd love to, Spike. But I don't think my boss would like it." Spike and Itchy looked at eachother, then at the two other canines. They were confused.

"Boss? You don't have a boss." "Forgot me already?!" an eery voice sounded out. Flames burned in the chimney. Out of the flames was a whippet. She looked a lot like Anabelle. But she was evil. Her fur was a dull purple and she had bat wings. She wore a short, black rope. She had very sharp fangs and her fur was spikey on the head. Carface smiled evilly. Killer, Itchy, and Spike trembled. "Belladona!" Spike and Itchy cried in unison. Belladona answered, "That's my name. Don't wear it out!"

Spike was about to say something, but the Dachshund said, "Don't talk to her! She's nasty and evil!" But the mutt didn't listen. "So, you've stumbled onto my secret plan, Spike." "What's this plan?" Belladona raised her paws. "To ruin Christmas!!!!" Itchy and Spike gasped. "How?" Itchy asked, nervously. "Killer, do the honors." Killer explained to them that at the stroke of midnight, they were going to blow a dragon whistle. This whistle will make dogs go under Belladona's spell and bring all the presents to Carface. "And what do you get out of this if wolfie-guy here gets all the goodies?" Spike wanted to know.

The evil whippet raised her paws again. "Get? I get to ruin Christmas!!!!!" Belladona flew up. "At least I'm more interesting than that angelic cousin of mine, Anabelle!" "There's just one little problem." Spike grabbed the whistle from Belladona's paws. "This little toot couldn't wake up a whole city." "No," Belladona agreed. "But this could!" She pulled down some curtains to reveal a chart. The chart had plans written on it. "Wow! That whistle's huge!" Itchy exclaimed. "Now, where's this whistle?!" Spike demanded. Suddenly, the whistle glowed red. "Ow!" He screamed and dropped the whistle. Belladona picked it up. "Someplace you'll never find it!" The dragon whistle melted just then.

"Itchy and I are not leaving until you tell us where that whistle is!"

Spike yelled at the whippet. Carface told Spike that not even Killer and he knows where it is. "You'll be leaving now, all right!" Belladona said as she snapped her fingers. Out of the flames came 6 scampering litte cat-like creatures. They could shoot fire lasers and were redhot to the touch. "Meet my little friends!" Spike and Itchy screamed and ran off. Defeated, the dogs sulked down the street. Spike was very angry. But he didn't know what to do. "Don't give up, Spike," a familier voice said. "Thanks, but . . ."Spike began. But suddenly, he reconized that voice. "Anabelle!" Both dogs cried out. They saw Anabelle in a Christmas ornament. They walked over to the pretty pink whippet. "We sure could use your help, Anabelle." Itchy declared joyfully. "You must stop Belladona from ruining Christmas!" Anabelle cried.

"Anabelle, for once, you don't have to ask us twice." Spike said. Itchy joined in. "Yeah, no one steals presents from kids while we're on duty!" Itchy snarled.

"To help you, I am leaving you something." Spike and Itchy turned around to see a flying golden collar with a golden star tag. "Alright! A miracle dog tag! This will stop Belladona for sure!" Spike cried as he grabbed the tag.

But, Anabelle told the thing that Spike didn't want to hear. She told him that the tag won't find the whistle. However, it will help them find a way to foil Belladona's evil plans. Anabelle, just before she disappeared, announced, "So think! It's up to you to save Christmas!" "I don't know what to do, Spike," Itchy said, confused. Spike rubbed his head a bit. He suggested weakly, "Do you think we can make Carface into a good guy?"

"Carface? Good? Hah! That guy's a regular Scroog!" Suddenly, an idea popped into Spike's head. "Hey Itch! That gave me a great idea." The dachshund looked confused. "Itchy, remember the story where Scroog was visited by three ghosts?" "Yeah, from A Christmas . . . hey! That's a great idea! But, do we have to find real ghosts? I'm afraid of ghosts!" Spike raised his brow. "Don't worry. You won't see any ghosts." "I'm not?" "Nope, 'cause you're going to be one!" Itchy didn't think this was a good idea. But before he could testify, Spike was, with the miracle dog tag around his neck, running towards Sasha's place. "Come on, Itchy! We are going to pull a little scam on old Carface!"

Carface was watching television. As he noisily flipped through the channels, Killer glared at the wolf. "What are you doing in bed?" Carface looked at the strange dog and responded, "I need my beauty sleep, don't I ?!" With that, he threw a pillow at Killer. "Now, get out of here!" The big gray wolf laid back in the bed that he was in and watched television. But it was all Christmas shows! He hated Christmas! "Stupid Christmas programs!" the wolf roared. Just then, Carface spotted someone familier. It was himself! Then, he saw Spike. Spike was wearing an old-fashioned outfit. "Get ready for "It's A Wonderful Carface!" Spike announced, "In this story, Carface will be visited by three ghosts. Each at the sound of a bell." Carface got a little ticked off and turned the t.v. off. Just then, a bell was heard. Diiiiinnng! Carface looked into the shadows to see a light. The first ghost appeared! "Itchy? What's going on?" But Itchy pretended that that wasn't his real name. "I am not Itchy. I am the ghost of Christmas Past!"

After that, both canines appeared into a house. Many years ago! Itchy dropped his flashlight. Carface walked over to the dachshund and snarled,

"What do you think, I was born yesterday?" "Actually, you were!" Itchy the dachshund pointed to a mother wolf with 5 puppies. One of the puppies Carface reconized. It was him when he was little! Carface watched happily as he saw himself tackle the others. "I sure miss 'em." he said. Itchy looked at him.\ "Bet they don't miss you."

"This was my last Christmas with my mother," Carface said. Just then, Itchy yelled, "Going up!" In a flash, they appeared in another house. The wolf instantly reconized it! "This-this-this is the first and only human family I had!" Carface explained to the "ghost" that his mother was taken away to the zoo along with his siblings. He was away at the time and never did find his mother. A family adopted him, but were furious because he was disobidient. Tears welled up in both Itchy and Carface's eyes as the family put the puppy outside and yelled, "SCRAM!" "I stopped being such a nice little puppy and became mean and dangerous!", Carface told Itchy, "I got me a pack! The meanest and cheatiest ones on the block! But I still think of that little kid."

Itchy placed his paw on his shoulder. "After that, I trusted nobody ever again! And that nobody includes you, you dumb ghost!" Carface grabbed Itchy and shook him up and down. Then, Carface was back in his own bedroom. "What a nightmare!" He turned on the radio. A ding was heard. "Today's time is . . . past your bedtime, Carface!" Carface was horrified! It was Sasha's voice! The wolf looked to see Sasha in a long white robe. She took him to Timmy's place. "He's a little rascal, just like me!" Carface said. Timmy leaped up and snatched onto a stocking.

All of a sudden, it tore! Carface watched in horror as the puppy fell and broke a plate. A little girl rushed over. "Now, you've really done it!" She glared at Timmy. The girl's mother appeared. "What happened!?" Carface turned and walked away. But, he was surprised to hear that the girl took the blame.

"She-she took the rap for him." But Timmy walked over and held a piece of broken plate. He whined and set the piece down. "You mean, you did this? I'm so proud of you! You did the right thing by telling the truth!" Carface was stunned! "He was so lucky!" Sasha answered, "Yes, lucky to have an understanding family, but you ROBBED HIM!" "But, it was just a couple of bills." "Yes, bills meant for his operation!" Sasha growled lightly.

"You mean, it's more than a bunk leg?" Sasha turned to him with a sad face. "Carface, listen. Without proper care, this could be his last Christmas." Carface stared to shed tears when they appeared in a room with Killer. Killer was getting ready to give a present to Carface. "I didn't know Killer was so soft. I didn't know he cared. Why is he giving me a present if I'm so mean to him?" Killer was testing the torch that he was going to give to the wolf when Sasha said, "It makes him feel good. There's a lot of things you don't know." Belladona was preparing to ruin Christmas. She casted a spell. A spell that would strike the whistle and make it sound out the zombie signals. "This is the biggest threat to Christmas in history! And no one suspects it's right here on Alcatraz Island! I get so emotional at Christmas time!"

Before Carface knew it, he was back in his room. He thought for a moment, frowned and ran towards the window. "You can't fool me,you dumb ghosts!," he yelled at the top of his lungs. "At midnight we blow that whistle and there's nothing you can do to stop us!" He slammed the window shut and went back on the bed. Sasha, Itchy, and Spike were secretly watching. Sasha gasped, "Oh no! We're losing him!" Spike smiled. "Don't worry. We still have one more trick to pull on him." Carface went to pick up a comic book. Interested he started to read it. "It was almost midnight and Car-" Carface almost choked. "C-c-carface was up to no good."

All of a sudden, the wolf was pulled in. He landed close to the same place that Spike and Sasha first met. The wolf looked ahead and saw the third ghost! It was really Spike. Spike led Carface to a room. Everyone he knew was there. Sasha, Itchy, and all kinds of other dogs. Itchy made a toast. To whom and why horrified Carface. "Where'd I go?" He asked nervously. The ghost just pointed. Carface gasped. It was his grave! He had died! "Oh no! I don't want this to happen to me! Is anything else gonna happen?" Spike took the wolf to Timmy's place. Carface was relieved that the little pooch was still alive. But then Carface looked at the clock. It was almost midnight!

"Belladona's gonna blow that whistle!" He gasped. Just then, Timmy got a zombie look and grabbed a present. He gently carried it outside. The gray wolf tried to stop him, but it was no use. "It's not Timmy! It's that whistle!" Carface yelled at the ghost. "What can I do to stop this?" "Do?" Spike asked curiously. "All you have to do is," Spike removed his black cloak and was wearing a snazzy golden-yellow jacket and hat. "Clean-up your act!

Then, you'll find out what kind of canine you were born to be!" Carface looked around. Then he turned back to the ghost. "How would I do that?" Spike snarled, grabbed Carface's shirt and growled, "You know all the angles. You figure it out!"

He let the wolf go. Carface screamed and ended up back in bed. He turned to his clock. It was five minutes before midnight. He still had time! "Okay, almost time for present time!" Killer showed up. He saw Carface hiding under a carpet. "No,this plan is too evil! I've got to stop the plan, yeah! Stop the plan!" He got up onto his bed because Killer forced him to. Suddenly the head of the bed transformed! It was Belladona! She smiled evilly and stated, "Almost midnight, boys!" She grabbed the two dogs and flew to Alcatraz Island. Meanwhile, Spike, Sasha, and Itchy wondered if their plan worked. "We did everything heavenly possible," Sasha assured Spike. The Greyhound Mix turned to her. Just then, thunder boomed.

"We've got to find that whistle! Now!" Spike and his friends took off and split up on a search party to find that whistle. Carface and Killer landed right next to the dragon gun! "You! At the controls!" Belladona pointed at Carface. Carface cringed towards the controls. He really didn't want to do this. "When the lightening strikes, you pull the lever!" Carface looked at the controls. Lightening struck and Carface, not having a plan yet, pulled the lever. The dragon whistle blew and every dog in the streets, except for Spike, Itchy, Sasha, the pups, got a zombie look and started to carry presents towards Alcatraz Island.

"It's working! Christmas is ruined!" Belladona laughed evilly. Carface tried once to turn it off, but Belladona through a fire ball at him and melted the controls. The wolf didn't know what to do. Just then, he remembered what was told to him earlier, which made him even more desperate.

"You just have to stop her, Carface. I'm beggin ya!" Itchy whined. "You know all the angles. You figure it out!" Spike slyly said. "Without proper care, this could be his last Christmas." Sasha declared solemnly. Carface looked up and saw a cable. If he could only use himself to make the wire explode, he could save Timmy. It was risky, but it was a risk worth taking. Killer watched. The wolf hesitated, ran up the steps and stopped in front of the wire. He hesitated again and yelled, "This is for Timmy!" He grabbed the wire and soon there was a huge explosion! The whistle stopped blowing and Belladona dug her way out of the debree.

Carface did so,too. Killer waltzed right up to the wolf and taunted, "You got zapped and I didn't! You got zapped and I didn't!" Carface was about to punch the strange dog when the evil whippet showed up. "What happened!?" She bellowed. Carface lowered his head, flattened his ears back against his skull, closed his eyes, put his tail between his leg, and answered, "It was all my fault." "For once he took the rap," Killer said, astonished. Belladona reached back and formed a fire ball! "I don't care who takes the rap! You're both gonna get it! No one double-crosses Belladona and lives!"

She was about to through the fire ball when Anabelle yelled gently but sternly, "Hold it! You will not harm these two!" The good whippet landed in front of her cousin. "So, cuz. You are at it again, I see." "Get lost, Anabelle!" Anabelle looked at Belladona straight in the eye and said, "Do it and I'll clip your wings." "I own him and he's gonna pay for what he did to my plan!" Anabelle told her cousin that people own themselves. So they have a right to chose between good or evil. Carface and Killer hugged each other.

Belladona only laughed. "You think a smile and a cheer could stop me?!" She yelled at her good cousin. Anabelle flew back into the heavens and said, "Your ways are big and fiery. But I'll stop you with something small and cool."

Just like magic, white dots began floating from the sky. Belladona growled and picked up one of these white dots. It was snow! "Snow? You think snow can stop me?! No one can stop me!" Belladona grew 2 times her own size!

Her lower half was changed into a serpent tail. She smiled evilly and reached out to grab Carface. But a huge pile of snow fell on top of her. Carface thanked Anabelle. Anabelle told the wolf that he still has some good in him. He just needs to let it out more often. Soon, the snow spread to the party. A girl puppy woke up and yelled, "Spike! It's snowing!" Spike woke up and sawsnow. Itchy looked up and asked, "What does this mean, Spike?" "It means our plan worked! We convinced Carface to save Christmas." Sasha reminded him that the last decision was Carface's. "Yes, and he chose correctly." It was Anabelle. Itchy whispered to Spike, "Spike, we don't have any p-r-e-s-e-n-t--gifts left." As if on cue, Carface and Killer showed up.

As Killer handed out the presents, Spike announced to the wolf, "I thought I'd never hear myself bark these words, but you did the right thing, Carface." "Yeah, nice work." Sasha the red husky kissed Carface on the cheek. Carface blushed and told her not to expect this all the time. Sasha asked if he and Killer want to stay for the party. "Thanks, but no thanks." Carface and Killer disappeared into the night. As the party and singing started, Anabelle congralated the two dogs. "Good work, Spike Pickles and Itchy Itchiford! This will be a story to be repeated in many generations to come!" The pretty whippet disappeared. Spike and Itchy smiled and said, "And that goes double for us."

And so ends Spike's heavenly saga, but not before we hear this:

Woman : As you go through

Life,you'll see there are so

Much that we don't understand.

And the only thing we know is that things

Don't always go the way we planned.

But you'll see everyday,

That we'll never turn away.

When it seems all your

Dreams come undone.

We will stand by

Your side. Filled with hope

And filled with pride. We are more

Than we are. We are one!

Chorus : Ha na na na! We are one!

Ha na na na! Ha na na na! We are one!

Woman : Even those who

Are gone are with us

As we go on. Your journey

Has only begun!

Tears of pain,tears

Of joy, on which nothing

Can destroy is our pride

Deep inside! We are one!

Chorus : Ha na na na! We are one!

Ha na na na! Ha na na na! We are one!

Woman : We are one, you and I!

We are like the earth and sky!

One family under the sun! All the

Wisdom to lead! All the courage that

You'll need!

You will find when

You see we are one!

Chorus : We are one! One! One! We are one! Oh yeah! We are one!

The End

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