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The day when belladonna meet's her boy friend
 Добавлен , 15.11.07, 11:56
It started in chrismas time not to long ago in san fransico on alkatraze island.

Belladonna: curse my cousin annabell some day I will get her back for what she did to me

(belladonna strocks her back )

because the loss of my wings i can on longer fly aneymore and get off this island no matter i will be back on my feet in no time hahahahaha !!!

(belladonna calls her minions )

Minions of the under world come to me and assist me in my time of need !

(her minions come)

Now lets get the people who stand in my way starting with Charle B.Barkin lets move !!!

(belladonna's minions do not respond to the camand)

What is wrong with you ! lets go!

(the minions start to attack belladonna and stab her in the stomach )


(belladonna falls in her own blood)

(belladonna thinks what is going on why can i not controile my minions snaps fingers of corse since my cosin clip my wings she took my power and my will to controle my minion's away from me i am going to get revenge on my cosin.)

As belladonna is dead in her blood a strange wolf demon has entered to save the whippet belladonna.

THESHADOW : You minions have been back in hell and i can put you back in again last time .

(THESHADOW looks to hes right and see's a beautiful purple whippet on the ground dead and smiles)

You have tick me off for the last time and you are going back to hell permanently !!!

(THESHADOW'S demon wings spread and take flight)

Lets see if you can go against the new move demonic demon blast !!!!!!!!!

(THESHADOW dose the attack and destroys the minion's and comes to the body of the whippet)

THESHADOW:I know you are still alive here

(THESHADOW punches two holes in he's throat and bleed's)

THESHADOW:If you drink my blood you will live

(belladonna opens fer eyes and starts to drink THESHADOW's blood)


(belladonna starts to blush)

THESHADOW: what is your name

Belladonna: it is belladonna yours ?

THESHADOW: my name is theshadow

(belladonna blushes more)

belladonna: can you take me to a cell so i can heal ?

THESHADOW:hm yes i can aneything for a beautiful whippet

(belladonna tern's red all over)

THESHADOW:well here we are belladonna

Belladonna: no one has ever done this before

THESHADOW :I will be right back with a pillow

(belladonna is happy that theshadow is helping her a couple a seconds latter)

THESHADOW : i have to find a pillow in the other cell's i want you to feel comfe and ok

belladonna:Thank you i wish there was a way i can repay you ? i konow here

(belladonna close's her eyes and put's a poshion of a kiss)


(theshadow dose ths same and kiss belladonna in the mouth)



 Добавлен Анабелль, 15.11.07, 18:21
это из сериала чтоли песня?

 Добавлен Алексей, 15.11.07, 23:51
It\'s а realy good story!!! You\'re a good writer!!! Wonderful!

 Добавлен Анабелль, 18.11.07, 21:48
ой,точно,это фэн чтоли сочинил?а то смотрю,содержание какое-то странное...:)

 Добавлен Гость, 19.11.07, 10:16
i know where he is theshadow he is in killers koner on google . also he is belladonna\'s boy friend i know how he looks here is a link http://www.care2.com/c2c/photos/view/136/396226097/photo_shop/image003.png.html and i link of killers koner http://adgth.proboards47.com/index.cgi
he is a good guy .

 Добавлен Гость, 06.09.08, 00:02
It was good :) I liked it :)

 Добавлен Гость, 06.09.08, 00:03
but what does poshin mean?

 Добавлен WeteranZ, 10.09.08, 22:54

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