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from the episode "Lance, the wonder pup."
 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:12
LANCE: Rules are made for a reason.

Though, obviously, you don't find them 'cool'.

Yes, you're the kind of Joe,

who never used to show,

at celestial puppy school.

But If I take you on as my protoge',

soon you'll start to live each day,

By the Book. BY THE BOOK!

Says here letkitties be, deception-free,

you'll learn to see, read it!

And you'll be just like me,

if you do it by the book.

CHARLIE: Hey, change the music, would ya?

No offense, wonder bud,

but maybe you might of put that

halo on just a little too tight.

I mean, don't you ever take a break

from being that good.

maybe, stir up a little trouble,

make a little mayhem in the neighborhood?

LANCE: NEVER! And my discipline has made me

an honorary member of the K-9 Core.

A hut 2. A hut 2, 3. When you go back to heaven,

if you fall in with military pride,

a sporting dog might bet,

you'll make them all forget how really BAD

you were before you died!

I think a long apprenticeship

with Lance the wonder pup,

will make you ready when they lift you up!

By the book! BY THE BOOK!

Yes, I'm a stand-up guy.

When temptation passes by, well,

darnate, I don't look.

Cause I do it by the book!

By the book.

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