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Clean Up Your Act!
 Добавлен Орлиная звезда, 12.08.12, 13:30
What You Done

You Been A Very Bad Dog Look My Son

Packing 7 Years Of Evil Into Everyone Greed And Vice

A Pack Of Cards And A Pair Of Dice Won't Get You Into Paradise

Get It Pair of dice? Paradise?

Your In A Sad Sad So Sad

Really Bad Makes Me Mad

State Old Friend

Is This The End?

I Think Its Time! High Time! To Clean Up Your Act!

If You Don't Your Doomed

Thats A Fact

Take A Look See

And You'll See The Kind Of Dog

You Were Born To Be!

Phooey Phooey Clean Up Your Act! You Could Be A Leader

You Could Be A Saint

You Could Be A Million Things

That Obvisiously You Aint!

Your Slipping And Your Slidling

And Soon Your Gonna Fall

You'll Be Outta Work And Outta Luck! Nothing Lefted At All

But You Got Time

Got Time To Clean Up Your Act

Make Amends For All To All

Those Mutts You Whacked

Listen Close

To What I Say

Every Dog Has Its Judgement Day!

Hey Hey Hey Hey Clean Up Your Act!

When The Musics Over

When The Show Is Thru

You'll Still Have Eternity

To Spend With Wonder Who

Your Writing Own Ticket

The Script Is In Your Paws

Its Your Time To Shine Be Divine

Work For ThatApplause

I Think Its Time High To Clean Up Your Act

Search For That Intergrity

You Lack Change Your Ways

Get A Clue Their Mean And Rotten The Things You Do

Phew Phew

Clean Up Your Act!

Now Its Time

High Time To Clean Up Your Act!

If You Don't Your Doomed

Thats A Fact

Have A Heart Thats The Key!

You'll Be Saved

You'll Be Free

Take A Look And You'll See

The Kind Of Dog

You Were Borned To Be!

Oowe Oowe

Clean Up Your

Clean Up Your Act!

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