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Hyaku-Legger's Fanfic № 1
 Добавлен Zombik-SB, 07.08.06, 00:46
All dogs go to Heaven

Little memories of a beautiful life

Episode 1: "The Drain Stone".


Charlie B. Barkin & Sasha La Fleur

Balto & Jenna




Itchy Itchiford

Flea Bite Cafe

8:45 AM

Charlie B. Barkin, Itchy Itchiford & Balto where listening to the radio that morning. Charlie was in charge of the place for some time while Sasha went to the park with Jenna.

An advertisement boomed out the following :

Musical Pet Competition.

If you happen to the lucky winner of this fun contest, we promise you'll never go hungry again!

RBS SF (Radio Broadcasting Service San Francisco, 90.4) prizes the lucky owner of a talented pet with a truck full of free Grubbie's Grimy Snacks and a lovely prize for the Musical Pet. So come on and join the fun parade on Van Ness Ave. this Friday at 2:30 P.M. Don't be late!

The greatest contest since Hermit Crab Racing."

"Hey, that sounds like fun", remarks Balto.

"Yeah, and you get to hear different kinds of rythms",says Charlie.

"And all those free snacks too",says Itchy, with his mouth watering. "Why don't you sign up Itch?", says Balto", you could win."

"That would really be cool!", says a new voice. Flo, Charlie's spiritual sister, walks up to where they are.

"Hi Flo", says Charlie", glad you could come."

"Thanks,"says Flo", anything new?"

"Not really",says Itchy", just a contest on the radio and a few fleas."

They laugh at Itchy's joke.

"Uh-oh, out of grape syrup, be right back," says Balto, and he goes to the store room.

"Where's Sasha?", asks Flo.

"She went to the park with Jenna," says Charlie", she might be back soon."

The Park

8:45 AM

Sasha & Jenna are walking and talking. Little do they know that trouble is lurking near. Sasha told Jenna a joke, and Jenna responded with another.

"..and so the kid goes to his mom",says Sasha",and he says "Ma, I knocked the ladder against the house down by accident", and his mom says "Go tell your pa", and kid says "Pa already knows, he was up on it".

Both Sasha & Jenna burst into peals of laughter.

"I got another one",says Jenna", two old English people sitting at the park watching people go, and they notice many weird hairdos and afros and long haired guys. One of them says "That's disgusting, nowadays you can't tell if yer lookin' at a lad or a lady. Look at that person over there, what in the blazes is that person", and the other says"it's a lad". The first one asks " How did ye know?" and the other responds "He's my son". The first person says "Oh, sorry. I didn't imagine you were his mum" and the other cries "Who said I was his mum! I'm his dad!".

Again they laugh histerically. When they calm down a little, they walk past an artificial lake. Sasha gets a strange worried look on her face.

"Is there anything wrong, Sasha? ",asks Jenna.

"Oh, no, I'm alright", answers Sasha.

They keep on walking, then after a while, Sasha speaks up.

"You know, Jen", says Sasha", I usually come together with Charlie to walk, and we sit by the lake over there. But today there's something strange about it. It's kinda dry."

"Maybe it's just the evaporation", sujests Jenna", plus, someone forgot to open the main water pipe."

"It could be", says Sasha", or there's a water shortage."

"Oh, that reminds me of a similar case", says Jenna", yesterday, Balto & I went for some water from the fountain on the other side of the park, and there was just an inch deep. Whats more, the fish statue was only dripping water out of it's mouth."

"That's weird", says Sasha", there seems to be something fishy about our water source".

Just then, the girls heard a strange voice behind the bushes saying "Faster you idiots, we don't have all day" and things of the sort. Sasha signaled Jenna to follow her, and they silently crept through the bushes. When the caught sight of the other side, they where shocked. Five doberman pinschers and a strange looking cat were beside the lake. The cat looked very old and wrinkled, was standing on his hind legs and was wearing a black cloak, shouting orders to the dobermans.

"Now, little one, do your work",said the cat, and out of his pocket he pulled out a strange looking blue stone. He then placed it in the water, and pronounced something like a dark prayer.

But he suddenly stopped. He looked back and pointed at the bush where Sasha & Jenna where hiding.

" RATS! Spys they are! Kill them, whoever they are, they have seen the great secret, they must be exterminated!".

"Yikes", said Sasha," run Jenna."

Sasha and Jenna took off. They started running like mad, but the pinschers chase them.

"They're gaining on us!", cried Jenna.

" Hang on, I'll slow them down!", answered Sasha.

They stopped, and Sasha took out a miraculous tag that she had saved from her last adventure. She held it up and a green light invaded their eyes. After the blaze was gone, Jenna saw their attackers in a strange way. They where moving very slowly, as through they where running under water.

"What happened?", asked Jenna.

"I slowed them down, to fifty times less their real speed", said Sasha.

"How long will that last?", asked Jenna.

"About ten minutes", said Sasha

"Enough time for us to get away", said Jenna.

"Right. Let's go back with the others", said Sasha.

"Quick. Into the alleys. We can go to the Cafe though them", said Jenna,"Balto and Chucky have to know about this".

The two start to run as fast as they could. They didn't stop until they where safe in sight of the Cafe.

Flea Bite Cafe

9:05 AM

Balto reapeared at the store room door with a brimful container of grape syrup.

"Here we are", says Balto", now we've got some syrup".

"What time do you think Sasha will be back, Charlie?", askes Flo.

"Maybe in ten minutes", says Charlie.

He hardly finished talking, when Sasha and Jenna came running at top speed into the Cafe.

"Make that ten seconds", says Charlie.

Sasha & Jenna gasp for breath. Charlie runs towards them to see what happened. Balto follows.

"Sasha?", cries Charlie frantically," Jenna? What's wrong?."

The girls are still out of breath. Charlie puts his arm around Sasha's shoulder and hugs her. Balto does the same with Jenna.

"It's OK," Charlie whispered to confort Sasha", it's alright now. I'm here with you."

Sasha seems a little more calm now. So does Jenna. Charlie & Balto take them to a table and tell them to sit down and take a break. Flo brings a tray with two mugs of root beer with grape syrup for them.

Sasha and Jenna get their breath back, and sip some of the root beer.

"Thanks fellas", says Jenna," we needed that."

Charlie strokes Sasha's hair, and holds her little paw in his.

"Are you alright now, Sashy", asks Charlie.

"Yeah", says Sasha", I feel a lot better now."

"Could you tell us what happened?", asks Charlie.

"I think I could", says Sasha.

And so, Sasha & Jenna told the others all about it. The dry lake, the stange old cat, and the mysterious blue stone that he held.

"And that's the story", concluded Jenna.

"That's funny", says Itchy", it seems that behind every evil, a cat lurks by."

"You're safe now", says Flo", if they come here, they'll have to deal with us".

"Thanks Flo ", says Sasha.

"If there's anything you need, we'll be here to help",says Charlie.

"Thanks Chucky",says Jenna.

Just then, light pours from the sky, and a figure appears in the middle of it. In a short time, the light fades away, and in its place stands the well known and much loved whippet, Anabelle.

"I came as soon as I heard your troubles", says Anabelle", are you alright?".

"Yes", we're OK, thanks to them", says Jenna, addressing to Balto, Charlie, Flo & Itchy.

"I'm so happy that you're fine", says Anabelle", sorry I couldn't help you out."

"That's OK, Anabelle", says Sasha", we understand."

"I really hate to tell you this, but I must", says Anabelle", there is a terrible thing happening. Surely you noticed that the water sources are acting peculiar lately".

"I thought we just had a water shortage", says Charlie.

"I thought so too",says Balto

"Well, the truth is, the whole world will think so too in a few days", says Anabelle.

"We don't understand you, Anabelle", says Flo, a little confused.

"Hmm", says Anabelle", well, let's put it this way, there is a malignant power draining the water from our sources. Gather around everyone, I will tell you a story that happened centuries ago, far before us dogs appeared on the earth."

Everyone gathered around Anabelle, and sat down. Anabelle herself sat down. Charlie and Sasha sat together, and Sasha lay her head on Charlie's shoulder. Then, everyone listened to Anabelle's tale.

Anabelle's Story

"A long time ago, shortly after the first life forms appeared, there was a demon that lived in the deep shadows of the Dark Realm. His name was Devanos(Duh-vay-nose). Now, Devanos hated life. He hated every living being in the world. He wanted to destroy life, and roam the world with demons and wraiths. One day, Devanos came to Earth to look for the source of life. The thing that made life flourish and cultivated the earth. He wandered among the huge trees and animals that roamed the planet. All of a sudden, he stopped by a pool of water that was formed by frequent rains, and saw the animals drink from it. More animals came and did the same. At that moment, Devanos realised it. Water was what gave life to creatures and plants that drank from it , and the earth that absorbed it. And it was then that Devanos started to work. He stretched out his hand and absorbed the water and all it's force. He continued to do this until great oceans were being absorbed. The more he took, the more powerful he would become, and he started to destroy the world of light. Well, when the Lord found out about it, he was very angry, and sent his angels to defeat Devanos. Devanos was powerful, but none of his efforts matched the children of Light. The angels defeated Devanos, took back all the water he had stolen and sealed his spirit into a small blue stone, which they threw in the middle of the desert where it could not cause any harm. Devanos vowed revenge, but he was far to weak to break open the seal. The stone was a legend passed by the ancients to our times. They call it "The Stone of Devanos".

"And that's the old legend of the stone", Anabelle concludes.

"Neat story, Anabelle", remarks Itchy.

"I'm afraid it does not end there", says Anabelle", three days ago, the English archealogist Thomas R. Newcastle made a discovery in the Atacama Desert. He found among ancient ruins a small blue stone. He remarked that the stone resembled the legendary Stone of Devanos. It was going to be put under exhibit in the museums of the whole world, and then it would be transfered to the Smithsonian, but after the first night of exhibit in London, when the security guard left the room for a while, the stone was abducted. The guard had left it about two minutes, and when he came back, the glass was untouched, but the stone was gone. If anyone merely touched the glass the alarms would sound, and the movement sensors would detect the slightest twitch in any room of the building, but they had not detected anything, not even fingerprints, and whats more, the alarms and sensors had not been blocked or disabled, they where working perfectly. So the stone of Devanos is out there somewhere in the wrong hands."

"Anabelle", says Jenna", you mean, the disappearing stone and the sudden water shortage are not a coincidence?"

"I fear the answer is yes",says Anabelle", some crazy nut is absorbing the water sources and building up the stone's power."

"But if he could get the stone out of he museum without trouble",says Charlie", he must have some kind of mistic power so the alarms didn't sound when he lifted the glass."

"And that's what makes it more complicated", says Anabelle,"if it was such a simple task to get the stone out of the exhibit and then cross the Atlantic Ocean and the whole United States in less than 48 hours, he must be either a demon or wraith, or a mystic supernatural being."

Sasha had just remembered something.

"Wait a minute",says Sasha", when Jenna and I where at the park, we saw the old cat with a blue stone by the water! Guys, that cat has the Stone of Devanos!"

Every one became silent. Their minds focused on the danger they where running.

"That cat wants to take over the world",says Jenna", he wants to free Devanos and use his power to control everything."

"He can't do that", says Anabelle,"no one can control Devanos. He's got a mind of his own, and he's only manipulating the cat to free him. When the seal is broken, he'll be uncontrolable."

"Then we must stop him",says Charlie", we still have time. Sasha, could you give us a description of the culprit?"

"I'll try to as accurate as I can", says Sasha", He was brown and wrinkled, had almost no fur, I couldn't see his eyes, er, what else, Jenna?"

"He was wearing a black cloak",says Jenna.

"Oh, right",says Sasha",and he was about two feet tall".

"And chubby",says Jenna.

The girls finished their description.

"Hmm", says Balto",I think we could spot him now."

"Yeah",says Charlie",thanks both of you."

"Do you think he's still at the park?",asks Itchy.

"I doubt it",says Anabelle",if he was seen, he'll probably run away to another source."

"Anabelle",asks Flo",is there anyway we could track him, maybe the stone releases energy waves, and we could pick up those waves and follow them".

"Flo, you've got it",exclaims Anabelle", Charles, we could use your radio to pick up any waves of energy released by the stone."

"That's great",says Charlie", I'll go get it."

Charlie rushes to get the wireless radio. He turns it on and twists the dials a little.

"Sorry about the buzzing sounds", says Charlie", it's been like that all morning."

"Wait a minute",says Itchy",maybe those sounds are interferances that the stone's waves make."

"That's a warm chance",says Jenna.

The radio squeaks, and distant voices gurgle under the buzzing.

"Turn it up a little, Charles",says Anabelle",those sound like voices."

Charlie rises the volume and they all hear the strange voices.

"The waves of the stone must be taking along the sound waves of the conversation",comments Sasha.

They don't understand most of it, but it's clear that the voices say something about a moor and a volcanic area.

"Charlie",asks Flo",if we were closer to the source, we would hear it better, right?"

"Yes",says Charlie",ah, I know what you mean. The clearer the voice is, the closer we are to the capers, so we could kind of track them down."

"Exactly",says Flo.

"Well, let's get started",says Anabelle",tomorrow morning we'll leave off to find the stone. Meanwhile, all of you get some rest and make sure Jenna and Sasha are well. We have a dangerous trip ahead of us, and I'll have to go with you to face Devanos, OK?"

"Alright Anabelle",everyone answers.

"Bye",says Anabelle",I'll see you tomorrow morning, and please don't worry, it'll turn out fine."

And with that, Anabelle smiles disappears in a bright light. The rest of the morning and afternoon, Flo, Balto, Charlie and Itchy take charge of the place. Sasha and Jenna rest after all the excitement of the morning. Charlie and Balto sit with them and talk to them. Nightfall comes, and the canines head towards their home. Sasha is worried about the dangers that the trip will carry, and she tells Charlie about it as they sit together outside on the roof of the house, but Charlie's wise and soothing words encourage her. Feeling a lot better, they go downstairs with to others and go to sleep.

Flea Bite Cafe

7:20 AM

Balto & Jenna walk rapidly through the alley, when they arrive at the caf they find the others sitting down waiting for Anabelle.

"Sorry we're late",they say.

"No sweat",says Flo.

Just then, Anabelle appears surounded by bright light.

"Good morning everyone",says Anabelle", Are you ready?"

"All set, Anabelle",says Itchy.

"The radio is ready",says Charlie.

"Then let's go to the hunt",says Anabelle, "Charles, Sasha and Itchy, take these miraculous tags. They may come in handy."

Anabelle hands them each two tags made of gold, and they set off to their journey They follow the alleys and streets until they are in sight of the docks. They stop there to listen to the radio signal from a clearer space. Unlike other mornings, there is no fog. They can guess the cause. Just then, Killer come up to them.

"Ahoy",says Killer cheerfully.

"Hi Killer",says Charlie",how is work doing?"

"Not very swell lately, Charlie",says Killer",the cargo is being delayed because of a notoriously low water level at the port."

Killer worked at the docks as an official Cargo & Luggage Security dog. He checked the luggage and cargo, so in case the event that it was stolen, he would know immediantly who the caper was and would track him down to be arrested. He was a very good worker. He even won a gold medal.

"We're chasing the same problem",says Sasha.

"There is a water thief on the loose",says Itchy,"and we're going to catch him."

"That sounds great",says Killer,"I would like to help you but I have to stay at the port and watch the movement."

"That's OK, Killer",says Flo,"there's always a next time."

The radio signal was clearer now, and they could hear voices clearly. Charlie said that the sudden clear signal must be because the capers were in direct line with them.

"They must be in line with us in any direction,"commented Charlie.

Just then, the signal boomed out a few words, of which they could clearly undertand "Richardson Bay" and "Marin county".

"They're crossing the Golden Gate",says Itchy.

"We don't know where they are, but we do know where they're heading towards",says Jenna.

"The Mountains ",says Balto".

They looked towards the massive skyline, where the shadows the moutains invaded the morning light and gave them an eerie, defiant look.

"Well",says Charlie",we've might as well get going".

"Oh, by the way",says Killer",do be careful. I heard that there was a storm coming from the northeast."

"We'll keep that in mind",says Anabelle", Thanks for your advice, Killer".

"Good luck to you all",says Killer.

They head towards the Golden Gate Bridge and disappear in the distance.

Golden Gate Bridge

8:00 AM

Our friends stop on the bridge to take a look at the map that Flo had brought along, choosing an appropiate route to travel.

Charlie & Sasha looked at the water, that sparkled with the morning sun. The Golden Gate was a very special place for them, because it was one of the places they went to when they fell in love. They sat close together and felt each other's company.

Anabelle reads the name of a mountain pass northeast of where they where. If they followed it, they would end up in a big swamp.

"A swamp",says Anabelle",is just the place for a bunch of thugs with a water demon."

"They intend to use the swamp to awaken Devanos",says Itchy.

"Then we know where they're heading", says Balto.

Charlie & Sasha come back towards the others and turn on the radio. The gurgles and static clear out a little more, and they can hear the voices saying something about a swamp.

"Unbeatable guess, Anabelle",comments Jenna.

"We gotta reach them before they reach the swamp",says Flo",if they free that demon, it'll be a total chaos."

Everyone agrees with Flo. Anabelle leads them into the forest mountain pass.


11:30 AM

Every so often, our friends would hear conversations on the radio, but most of it they couln't understand. They had walked for hours without finding anything strange, often crossing streams and bramble patches. After a while, they decided to stop and rest.


2:45 PM

Anabelle tells the others to stop and take a break. Balto, Jenna and Itchy sit under a shady tree. Charlie,Sasha and Flo drink water from a cool stream beside some rocks. Anabelle closes her eyes and sits quietly.

After drinking enough water, Charlie, Sasha and Flo join the others.

"How far does this forest go?",asks Itchy.

"It covers almost the entire mountains",says Jenna," the rich vegetation is on these cliffs is good for the city".

"Do you think the thugs are far from here?',asks Flo.

"I seriously doubt it",says Balto.

"What if they find out they're being followed?",asks Itchy.

"We'll have to hope they don't",says Sasha", that would complicate our plans."

Charlie looks a little gloomy, and sits quietly looking in the distance.

"Is there anything wrong, Chucky?",asks Jenna.

"Well",says Charlie",I've just being thinking about Devanos and, I kind of feel sorry for him."

"Why, Charlie",asks Itchy.

"I just think that he never wanted to be what he is",says Charlie,"that he didn't choose to be a devil."

Charlie's thought makes the others think as well.

"Maybe he did something bad and became a demon,"suggests Itchy.

"That's very true Itchy",says Anabelle, approaching the others and sitting next to Sasha",Devanos did something very nasty, and was severely punished."

"What did he do, Anabelle?",asks Balto.

"Well,"says Anabelle",Devanos was one of the allies of Lucifer, the evil one. He fought for the power of the world with all the other dark ones. By the way, his name was once Serges, but then, after the exile, he became the diabolical Devanos. He is the only demon that can touch water. The others can't."

"How do you know all these legends, Anabelle?",asks Flo.

"The other angels, mostly the Seraphims use to tell us those legends,"says Anabelle,"there was a Seraphim called Armelinious who always told us storys. Some he made up to entertain us, and others were true stories. He often tells us some funny tales of when he lived in Scotland, and his owner and him went out to the moor to catch the MoorFolk and the elves that lived near the bogs; and he was once hexed by an ill-tempered pixie and couldn't use the lavatory for a month and a half. He nearly went crazy. He is a funny guy."

The others laughed at this funny anecdote. Just then, the radio squeeked and some voices shouted something out. It was something about a temple and a crater.

"It's the culprits",exclaims Jenna.

"Right, its them",says Sasha.

"We better get going,"says Anabelle,"be prepared for anything now."

The canines start their march, following the radio signals. Soon they will meet up with the capers.


4:00 PM

The road is very easy to follow. Sasha and Jenna pick up the scent of the foul cat, and the others all follow them. They get to a place where they are sorrounded by stone walls, there is a stone stucture in the shape of an entrance hanging high above their heads in one of the walls.

"The bad guys went this way",says Jenna.

"Up through that entrance?",asks Balto.

"It has to be",says Sasha",there's nowhere else to go."

"The question is, how do we all get up there?",says Jenna",Sasha, any ideas?."

"Beats me",says Sasha.

"Flo?",asks Jenna.

"That's a tough one",says Flo.

"Chucky",",asks Jenna.

"I'm open to suggestions",says Charlie.

They all search their brains, until Itchy struck the situation.

"Charlie,"says Itchy",why don't we use one of our tags to get up there?".

"Yeah!",exclaims Charlie",that's an excellent idea, Itch. Come on everyone, get all together."

Charlie, Sasha, Flo, Jenna, Balto, Anabelle and Itchy gather around. Next, Charlie takes one of his miraculous tags and holds it up high. Blue light streams out of the tag, and the friends are levitated to the entrance. They cross the doorway, and find themselves upon three paths. One crosses the woodland, another the swamp, and another a plain.

"Wow!",says Flo", that was great".

"Ok, now that we're up, we will need to organize ourselves in groups",says Anabelle.

They sit down on some rocks.

"Itchy, you join Charles and Sasha and move along the plain. Balto and Jenna take the swamp paths, and Florence, you and I will confront the woods. Is that fine?".

"Yes, Anabelle",they all agree.

"If anyone is in trouble, just scream",says Anabelle.

Everyone goes their way. Anabelle and Flo walk through the woods without much trouble. Anabelle stopped suddenly. She turned to Flo.

"Florence,"says Anabelle",I want to give you something that might help you out."

"Really?",asks Flo",what is it, Anabelle?".

Anabelle's paw shines with light, and when it disappears, she is holding two miraculous tags. Flo is a little confused.

"But Anabelle, I'm not an angel",says Flo",I'm not worthy to use a holy tag".

Anabelle just smiles.

"Florence",she says"I know you very well, and you deserve these tags. Because you have a rich soul and a kind heart, you are able to use these tags. Use them wisely."

Anabelle hands Flo the tags. Flo doesn't know what to say.

"Thank you, Anabelle",says Flo.

"Oh, thats nothing,"says Anabelle, smiling.

It was then that they heard a scream. Flo recognised it.

"That sounds like Jenna!",exclaims Flo", she and Balto must be is trouble! I gotta help them."

"I'll go with you!",says Anabelle.

"I got a better idea",says Flo", Anabelle, warn Charlie and the others about it, I'll run ahead and help Balto & Jenna."

"OK",agrees Anabelle",let's go".

Anabelle and Flo run off in opposite directions.


4:40 PM

While this happened, Balto & Jenna were walking along the path between the swamp.

"That water sure looks murky, huh?",says Jenna.

"Creepy as well",says Balto.

"I wouldn't like to fall into it",commented Jenna.

"Neither would I",says Balto",it's all full of muck."

Just then, they heard a bubbling sound in the water.

"Did you hear that, Balto",asks Jenna.

"Yeah, it came from the swamp",says Balto.

They edge forward to get a good look. Then all of a sudden, a weird monster with long vines as arms emerges from the muddy water.

"Yikes",cries Jenna.

The thing swings its arms. One of them strikes Balto and Jenna on the legs and trips them. Another grabs hold of Jenna and pulls her towards the water.

"Balto!",cries Jenna, the cry that Flo & Anabelle had heard",Help!".

"Hang on, Jen",cries Balto, getting himself on his feet," help is coming."

Balto leaps at the arm and bites right through it with wolf's razor sharp teeth. He splits the arm in two, and frees Jenna. The monster roars in pain and sinks back into the mud. Balto hugs Jenna to confort her.

"Thanks, Balto",says Jenna, with relief",what was that thing?"

"I don't know",says Balto",but it's coming for more!".

Balto was right. The monster emerged with even more arms! There were at least ten arms sticking out of its body. Balto & Jenna where surrounded!

"I don't think we can handle all of them",says Jenna.

"I don't either",says Balto.

Just then, they hear someone swipe something sharp and cut two arms in half. They turned to see what had happened. It was Flo! She had used a miraculous tag as a dagger to cut through the arms.

"Unbeatable timing, Flo",says Jenna.

"Thanks",says Flo.

The monster backed off.

"How did you find us, Flo",asks Balto.

"I heard Jenna scream",says Flo",and I came as fast as I could. Anabelle went to fetch the others."

The monster seemed infuriated by having his arms cut off. He lunged forward towards Flo, Balto and Jenna.

"Take cover guys,"says Flo", I'll take care of this brute."

Flo rises the tag she had in her paw, and it glowed with greenish light. Then she threw it at the monster and it disappears. All of a sudden, the arms wrap around the creature's body without control. The monster falls like a ton of bricks on the shore, all wrapped up and roaring helplessly.

"Thank you, Flo",says Balto.

"We would have been gonners without you",says Jenna.

"Aw shucks, that was nothing",says Flo, going a little red in the face.

At that moment, Anabelle arrives with Itchy, Charlie & Sasha. Balto, Jenna and Flo run to meet them.

"Is everything alright?",asks Anabelle.

"Yes",says Balto",luckily, Flo came to save us."

"The weirdo is over there",says Jenna",he's all tied up."

"Wow!",says Sasha.

"Great job, sis",says Charlie.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the little old cat appears.

"I see you have defeated my monster",he sneers,"strange and evil beings are spawned from the power of this stone, but let's see how well you can do with my henchmen!."

Five doberman pinschers attack our friends. The same ones that had chased Sasha and Jenna at the park. The cat runs off leaving them behind.

"We'll take care of these pinschers",says Sasha, taking a miraculous tag in her paw",you guys follow the cat."

"Right",says everyone else.

Balto, Jenna, Anabelle, Itchy and Flo chase the cat. Charlie & Sasha face the dobermans.

"Should we take them all at once, Charlie",asks Sasha.

"A fight would be fun, but I think we'd better follow the others,"says Charlie.

"Yeah, you're right",agrees Sasha.

With one quick move, Sasha throws the tag at their attackers. The tag turns into ice, and the ice starts to spread off the tag and onto the doberman's feet. Soon the ice crawls up to their shoulders; they try frantically to shake it off, but it doesn't budge. In the end, all five of them stand rigid, coated with ice, like five frozen statues.

"Right on target!",exclaims Charlie.

"Thanks",says Sasha. And after the quite easy defeat, they ran swiftly to catch up with the others.

The Encounter

5:20 PM

Charlie & Sasha joined Anabelle and the others at the foot of a small steep hill at the edge of the swamp. The srange cat was there, and in his paw, he was holding the Stone of Devanos, which shone brightly in the evening sun. The cat shouted defiantly at our friends and waved the blue stone arround in a menacing way.

"You'll never tamper with the evil wishes of black hearted Jonny",yells the cat.

"So that's you name, huh",says Anabelle",Jonny the filth bucket. I've heard of you and your thieving lot."

"Aye,"yelled Jonny",I've been famous in the scum alleys of Los Angeles for thirty years. I always get things my way, and everyone knows that."

"Well, not this time!",says Charlie",hand over the Stone."

"What if I say no!",sneers Jonny.

"You better do as he says, and you may not get hurt",says Balto.

"Ha ha",laughs Jonny",come and get it, mutt!".

Balto lunges towards Jonny, but Jonny throws the Stone into the swamp.

"Watch out everyone",mocks Jonny",I'm about to become the most powerful criminal in history!".

The ground rumbles, and out of the water, an huge figure emerges. This huge figure was Devanos! He had the shape of a huge dragon!

"Devanos is a dragon?"asks Charlie.

"Devanos can change his shape to whatever he wants",says Anabelle", his original shape was unknown, because he always morphed into another monster."

Devanos roared, lifted his huge head, took a deep breath, and expelled a sea of fire. It bearly missed them, and crashed on the floor, making a huge crater that bubbled with molten stone. This was only a demonstration of the demon's power.

"Come to me, my son",yelled the wretched Jonny, prancing towards Devanos. The demon did not pay attention to Jonny's words. Instead, he swung one huge arm and batted Jonny away. Jonny crashed on a nearby stone, sprawled outcold.

"We've got stop him",says Anabelle.

"Let's try freezing him",says Charlie, raising a miraculous tag.

"Holy ice won't do any good, Charles",says Anabelle", he's grown too powerful and would just melt it."

"Any suggestions?",asked Charlie, turning to the others.

Flo was the first to suggest anything. She had noticed that the monster had not gotten out of the water yet, and she had a theory about it.

"Charlie, we've got to get him out of the water",says Flo",it's the source of his power."

"Great idea. Everyone take cover, I'll handle him",says Charlie.

They just back off, ready to help Charlie in case things got ugly.

"C'mon, you big turkey",yells Charlie",come and gut me clean if you can!".

Devanos, furious when he heard Charlie mocking at him, changed shape. It was a peculiar sight to watch Devanos transform into a totally different being. His body twisted, turned and morphed in a strange manner. In the end, he became a giant human-like horned demon, and trudged right out of the water and after Charlie. Charlie just stood there, quite cool. He had dealed with demons before, and he knew just what to do.

Since Devanos controlled evil fire, Charlie thought that he would shrink away from holy fire. He didn't loose a minute. When Devanos was on land, Charlie hurled his tag, already turned into fire, at the beastly demon. The tag burst into flames, and the flames wrapped around Devanos and scorched his skin. The demon was in pain, and Charlie knew it. But such a good effect didn't last long. Devanos swung his arms and shook the holy fire off his body, even so, his skin still stung painfully.

After he got the flames off, he advanced towards our friends in a menacing manner. There seemed to be no escape from the demonic creature.

Suddenly, Jenna had remembered something that Anabelle had told her once, it was:"When all else fails, use their own power against them".

Jenna looked at the huge crater of molten stone, and got a tremendous idea. She ran forward, picked up a stone and hurled it at Devanos.

"Come and get me, you big twit",yells Jenna", come on, or are you too scared?".

Everyone looks at her aghast.

"Jenna!",cries Itchy",are you crazy!".

"Relax, Itch",says Jenna",I've got a plan. Everyone stay still."

Jenna continued to infuriate the demon, until it started roaring and lumbering towards her. Jenna runs toward the edge of the crater still yelling at the Devanos.

"Come on, you big brute",says Jenna", Charge! Come and get me".

"Jenna, watch out",cries Balto, sick with fear.

Blinded by rage, the monster lunges towards Jenna. They all watch aghast as the huge demon charges at her.

"Jenna!",yells Balto, forgeting everything and running to help Jenna.

Suddenly, Balto stops dead. When Devanos was about to reach Jenna, she skips aside and lets the demon fall into it's own trap!

"Oops!",says Jenna as she steps aside.

Devanos roared and screeched, but nothing he did could free him from the firey trench. The howls continued, until the fire extinguished and... silence. Not a sound was heard. Then all of a sudden, a little blue stone drifts slowly out of the now extinguished pit, and it lands softly in Jenna's paw.

Devanos had been defeated.


6:00 PM

Charlie, Sasha, Balto, Flo, Itchy and Anabelle walked up to where Jenna was. Exhausted, but also very happy, she threw her arms around Balto, who gives her a big hug.

"I was so terrified",says Balto, shedding a few tears",I thought I would loose you, Jenna".

"It's OK now, Balto",Jenna says soothingly",I'm here with you."

Jenna gives Balto a kiss, and they turn to the others.

"Are you alright, Jen?",asks Sasha.

"I'm fine",says Jenna",a little tired, though."

"Jenna, you were fantastic!",says Flo.

"Thank you, but the one who really deserves the credit is Chucky",says Jenna.

"Me?",asks Charlie",Why?".

Charlie looks confused.

"I didn't do anything grand",says Charlie",you defeated Devanos single handed."

"It was you that gave me the idea of the fire",says Jenna",and it was you that dragged that beast out of the water too. You practically did all the hard work, Chucky."

"Well, thank you, Jenna",says Charlie",I really don't know what to say."

"Then say 'hooray'!",says Anabelle, laughing.

Everyone smiles and cheers for both Charlie and Jenna. Just then, they hear a groan. They look behind them and they see Jonny, grumping and getting up. He apparently snaped out of his unconsciousness.

"Ooh, where am I?",groaned Jonny.

Anabelle approached him.

"Huh!",he gasped when he saw the Whippet",now I remember! Demon! Destroy the dog! Demon? Demon?".

"I think your 'demon' is out of order, filthy Jon",says Anabelle.

"What do you mean, you mutt!",snaps Jonny.

"Show him what I mean",says Anabelle.

Jenna holds up the blue stone, and Jonny gasps in horror. He starts to run away. Itchy takes one of his miraculous tags and hold it forward. It stretches and stretches, just like chewing gum. Then it reaches out and grabs Jonny by the ankle.

"Please, don't hurt me, I'll be good! I swear",bawls Jonny.

The tag wraps around Jonny, imprisoning him in it's coils.

"Man, we did have a great day",says Sasha.

"You said it!",agrees Flo",don't you agree, Jonny?".

Jonny is wraped to his head in the silver tag. Needless to say he can't talk.

"I'm kinda pooped",says Itchy.

"Yeah, I'm tired too",says Charlie.

"Well,"says Balto",we might as well start walking home."

"Walking!",says Flo",oh, I got a better idea! Everyone gather around, and bring that cat too."

They are baffled, but they all gather around. Anabelle brings the tied up Jonny along too.

"What's on your mind, Florence?",asks Anabelle.

"You'll see",says Flo.

Flo takes out a miraculous tag and puts it on the ground. It turns into a blazing sheet of light, and it lifts them right off he ground, and carries them over the mountains and forests, over the Federal Prison in the mountains(in which Anabelle throws Jonny from their flying light and lands with a thud in the prison yard) and over the sparkling bay, back to their beloved San Francisco. They felt wonderful. They had returned triumph.

Flea Bite Cafe

8:30 AM

Balto, Jenna, Flo and Itchy were munching Grubbie's Grimy Snacks and listening to the radio, few days after it all happened. Itchy had won the musical pet contest that had been anounced before, and they had a jolly good stock of tasty potato chips in the store room. Anabelle appeared and joined them just as the news report boomed out the following:

"And so, the case of the missing stone in the English museum of London comes to an end. Strangely, just as it had disappeared from it's exhibit, it was found back in it yesterday morning, as if nothing happened. Police and detectives everywhere are baffled by this peculiar happening, which seems to become 'The most pointless case in the history of crime'..."

"Well, they sure are confused",says Balto.

"Yup, I don't think they'll ever imagine what happened",says Itchy, munching his chips.

"But we all know what happened",says Jenna.

"Yes, and we're proud of it",says Anabelle,"by the way, where are Charles & Sasha?."

"They went to the shore ",says Flo", they'll be back soon."

They eat and enjoy themselves, feeling victorious and happy.


8:30 AM

Charlie B. Barkin & Sasha La Fleur sit beside the sparkling water. They gazed at the morning sun painting the water with heavenly colors.

Charlie & Sasha looked at eachother, and smiled.

"Charlie?",said Sasha", I, want to tell you something."

"I'm all ears, Sashy",said Charlie, smiling.

"After all the things that had happened",said Sasha", I really wished to talk to someone, and the closest and most beloved one is you, Charlie. It's not very important. Maybe I dragged you down here for nothing."

"No, you did not",said Charlie", I love coming here, especially with you, Sasha. This place brings me nice memories. What is it that you wish to say?".

Charlie's sweet voice made Sasha feel secure. She smiled.

"I just wanted to say that,"said Sasha", I feel good being with you. I feel secure, accompained, and I never feel lonely whan you're close. You're the sweetest dog I've ever met. You brighten up my life, Charlie. That's really all I wanted to say. I feel I brought you here just for that."

Charlie pits his arm around Sasha's shoulder.

"Sasha",says Charlie sweetly", you are the also sweetest dog I've ever met, and please, don't be afraid of to tell me anything. I will always be here to listen to you, Sashy. Whenever you need me, I'm here for you."

Sasha smiled, and layed her head on Charlie's shouler. They gazed at the pure water and felt the lovely wind in their hearts.

"I love you, Charlie",said Sasha.

"I love you too, Sasha",said Charlie.

The End

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