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 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 02:00

Belladonna had ordered her troops to disperse and draw out the humans. Her plan was to draw as

many of the humans from the cities as possible, and use more of her troops to kill the dogs in

the cities the humans didn't kill. So far it was working.

"Soon, the dogs on earth will be no more." Belladonna says, laughing.

"And what of AngelFlight? We have yet to have any MAJOR confrontations with them..."

Dr. Robotnik says

"We've learned a lot of interesting things...First. AngelFlight forces are secretly gathering

at a rallying point at their primary base. There not attempting to stop our forces from hunting

down the dogs on earth anymore. They're preparing for a major assault against us." Belladonna


"You think there comming here, don't you?" Killer suggests

"No. Whoever their leader is, they've proven they're not stupid. They wouldn't do something as

suicidal as that, but just to be sure, move Batallions 414 and 415 here." Belladonna pointed to

a location on a map that would be close to her base, but would make her troops virtually

impossible to detect until the enemy troops were directly on top of them."Under no

circumstances are they to move from that position, or do anything without direct orders from

me. They are to stay there, until called for." Belladonna orders

"Where do you actually think there troops will attack?" Carface asks

"I've made it well known we have a base here," Belladonna points to a place on the map,"It's

relatively well guarded, but no match for their forces. I ordered re-inforcements to be sent

there, but they should arrive just ahead of any attacking force. Hopefully, they'll take the

bait and attack there." Belladonna says

"And if they don't?" Phoenix asks

"I've also ordered our forces to completely destroy their primary base. Take no prisoners, and

leave no building standing. That base will be ours in the next 10 hours...." Belladonna says.


2 hours after our heroes took off, their plane had entered the drop area. Our heroes were

fitted with para-chutes, and were told how and when to use them. They were also told that

they'd be using them to get to the ground, since landing was impossible.

"Drop the equipment first, then we go. Remember, count to 3 then pull the rip-cord. Any

questions?" Stryker asks

"Yeah, why do we have to jump from a plane?" Ashley asks

"Because we can't land, and we have to go on foot from here." Sannabelle says

"Well, this should prove interesting...." Charlie says

"Up until now, you all have said you were in. You've gone with us and have tried to help us.

This is your chance to prove whether you have what it takes to take down Belladonna and rescue

those people. If you want out, now's the time. If you do want out, just stay on board.

Otherwise, I'll see ya on the ground." Stryker said, jumping out of the plane. The rest of the

heroes ran to the back of the plane, and watched his para-chute open, and him drift to the


"Alright, who's next..." Sannabelle asks

"I am." Sonic says.

"Nothing to it. Just close your eyes, and walk straight ahead. If you look down, you'll never

jump. When you reach the end of the plane, just let yourself fall. Count to 3, then pull this

cord." Sannabelle shows Sonic which cord to pull.

"Got it." Sonic says, looking at the rest of the heroes "See ya down there." Sonic jumps.

Tails jumps after Sonic, using his Twin-tails to fly to the ground, landing next to Sonic.

Sasha, Greta, Ninetalesuk, Charlie, Itchy, Scott, Rebecca, Anabelle, Angus and

Sannabelle jumped out of the plane, all in turn.

Once on the ground.....

"Ok. First off, I wanna thank all of you for comming on what is probably gonna be a suicide

mission. When Flo told us what our timetable was, she was NOT referring to us. There's a spy

in our network, working for Belladonna. We have proof of it, so she gave them the wrong

schedule, betting that this spy would inform Belladonna, and she'd be waiting for us. Now we'll

still have the element of surprise." Stryker said.

"What is our current timetable?" Anabelle asks

"We have sufficient supplies to take our time. We'll need to be in position to begin the

assault within 3 days from now. 5 days from now, our forces will arrive to pick up the hostages

and Belladonna. Once we get them, we'll withdrawl." Stryker says

"Sounds simple." Angus says

"It does, doesn't it? Well, chances are, all the carefully laid plans, brilliant ideas, and all

the firepower on earth won't stop Belladonna. Looks like we'll finally have an answer to the

greatest question of all: Which is stronger, good or evil?" Stryker says

"I'd say good." Sannabelle says

"Me, too." Anabelle says

"We'll soon know. Sanna, Shall we?" Stryker says

"Lets." Sanna says, opening the equipment crate and passing out bags to each of them.

"In each of those bags, you'll find clothes. Please put them on." Sannabelle says

"Why?" Charlie asks

"They're camoflauge. They'll help you hide while we move. This way, nobody will know where we

are." Sanna says.

"Makes sense." Greta says

10 minutes later, all of our heroes are now wearing camoflauge. Sanna reaches into the box and

pulls out the rest of the equipment. Weapons, Sonic's Chaos Emeralds, Radios, and backpacks.

"You guys all set?" Sanna asks

"Yep. We're ready." Ninetales says

"Move out. I'm on point, Sanna, all of you..." Stryker says, pointing to our heroes, "then

Rebecca and Scott. Move in single file, and as quietly as you can."


2 hours later, the transport had returned to base.

"Flo, I need to talk to you." A pilot said

"Let's talk in my office." Flo says

Flo and the pilot entered her office. Flo closed the door behind them.

"Stryker gave me this, told me to give it directly to you." The pilot hands Flo a letter.

Flo opens it and reads it, a smile slowly forms on her face.

"What is it?" The pilot asks

"We launch in 5 days. DO NOT allow any transmissions to leave this base, and Don't tell anyone

else about this." Flo orders

"Um...ok. I'm gonna go re-fuel and park that ship." The pilot says

"Right, report to de-briefing afterwards, please." Flo says


5 hours later, Belladonna's forces had reached a staging point about 6 miles outside of the

AngelFlight Headquarters. Appearently, because they hadn't had a fight on their hands, they'd

made it there undetected. After the last of their forces had arrived, they began their march

into AngelFlight territory.


Stryker stopped and turned around, looking at Charile and Sasha.

"You guys ready for a break, or do you wanna keep going?" Stryker asks

"Let's take a break, we've been walking for about 7 hours straight." Sasha says

"Ok." Stryker whistled at Rebecca and Scott, who promptly came running. Itchy, Ninetales and

the others were the last to arrive, but not by much.

"What's up?" Rebecca asks

"Breaktime. Break out some rations, and let's have lunch." Sanna says.

10 minutes later, everyone is sitting by a make-shift campfire. While the rest of the group

ate, Stryker pulled out a notebook, and wrote in it.

"3 days from now, me and a group of the strongest people in existence will face the most

dangerous foe we've ever fought. I fear that no defense against this enemy will prove adequate,

and we won't be able to stop her. I also fear that our failiure to beat her will cost us our


Stryker stares at the notebook, then closes it and packs it up.

"Stryker, you ok?" Itchy asks

"Um...yeah. I'll be alright. Sanna, can you come here for a minute?" Stryker asks

"What's up?" Sanna says, trotting over.

"We gotta plan where we're gonna stop for the night." Stryker says, showing her a map of the


"How about here?" Sanna says, pointing to a cave.

"No. If someone were looking for us, they'd look there. How about here?" Stryker suggests a

point in a clearing.

"No. Too open. We need to have some cover. How about here?" Sanna says, pointing to a spot in

the forest.

"Perfect." Stryker says.


Inside the control center for AngelFlight, a pair of lights suddenly came on one of the panels,

but they went unnoticed. A few minutes later, the lights changed to bright RED, and a warning

kalaxon went off. The controllers jumped from their seats, and looked around, trying to figure

out what was going on. When one noticed the red lights, they hit a button marked "PANIC" and

grabbed a microphone.




of the room, to grab a weapon and help with the fight.

At that point, all the troops abandoned what they were doing, ran for the weapons depot, and

grabbed some weapons. When they went outside, they opened fire on the attackers. The attackers,

firing on the defenders, continued to march forward. For every attacker the defenders took out,

another 2 took their place. More and more attackers came forward, eventually overwhelming

the defenders, who retreated inside the buildings, thinking they'd be safe there.

Unfortunately, the attackers began to destroy the buildings, systematically destroying any

place the defenders could hide. After a 16-hour fight, the last major force that could stand

against Belladonna on Earth was gone. Unfortunately for the attackers, they weren't efficient

in that attack. Without Belladonna leading them, they did not search the wreckage to be sure

there were no survivors, so a handful of people survived the attack. One of those people was a

badly-injured Flo. After the attackers accomplished their mission, they pulled out of the area,

leaving what once was a major base a smoldering pile of debris.

"Is anyone alive here?" A lady marine called.

A weak moan is heard.

"WHERE ARE YOU!?" A lady marine, called. She looked around and saw a paw.

"Just hold on, I'm gonna get you out of there." She said as she started digging.


"Belladonna, we've recieved word from our forces attacking AngelFlight HQ. They've sustained

major losses, but they report they're mission was successful." Carface says

"Their base was completely destroyed?" Belladonna asks

"Yes ma'am. No survivors. No prisoners. They were wiped out." Killer says

"Excellent. Now to await the arrival of my 'COUSIN' and her forces. Once we beat them, we'll

win. Once and for all." Belladonna says, laughing.





"You all set?" Sanna asks

"Yeah. Let's move out." Stryker says

Our heroes packed up their little camp and moved onward. After another 8 hours of walking,

darkness was upon them. They'd reached the area where they'd agreed to sleep at, and made camp.

"Ladies and gentledogs..." Anabelle started.

Everyone present looked at her.

"I wanna thank all of you for helping me. Without your help, I wouldn't stand a chance of

beating Belladonna." Anabelle said

"Your welcome." Scott said

"Anytime." Rebecca said

"Just glad to be of service." Ninetales said

"We're here to help." Angus, Sonic, Ninetales, Charlie, Itchy, Sasha, Greta and Tails said

"Come on, Anabelle. We've worked together for a long time, before I stopped working for you.

You should know you can't have a fight like this one without me..." Stryker said

"Or me." Sannabelle said.

"I'm always up for a good fight." Ashley said.

"Guys, let's get some sleep. We've got a lot of walking to do tomorrow." Stryker says.


Stryker awoke with a start. He looks around and notices everyone else is still asleep, so he

looks at his watch. Still another hour or so until we have to move, he thinks. He walks back

to the smoldering campfire, throws another small log on it, and warms himself next to it. As he

sits there, staring at the fire, he looks over his shoulder at the rest of the team. Ashley,

being the second to awake, sat up slowly, looked around, and trotted up to him.

"Morning." Stryker says, looking at Ashley.

"Hi." Ashley says

"You don't say much, do you?" Stryker asks

"Not really." Ashley says

"Me neither." Stryker says

"I can respect that." Ashley says

At that point, the others awoke, and came over.

"Hiya. I trust all of you slept well?" Stryker asks

They all nodded yes.

"That's good." Stryker says, walking over to his bag, unzipped it and pulled out a map.

"We are here," Stryker points to an area on the map, "our target is here. We're gonna head this

way, "Stryker points out the target, and the path they'll take."In order to reach our target

in time, we need to be here, "He points out another spot on the map, "by dark. That's where our

situation stands at this point. We need to start moving in about 20 minutes, so let's get some

breakfast first."

"I take it you've done this before, camping in the woods, going wherever, doing a very specific

job, stuff like that?" Ninetales asks

"Yeah. It's basically all I've ever done. It's wonderful. Freedom to go wherever and do

whatever whenever. You should feel privledged. Your the only civilians who know I even exist."

Stryker smiles, thinking about his job.

"I couldn't take that kind of life. Doesn't it get old after a while?" Itchy asks

"Not really. Everytime I go on assignment, it's a new challenge. A different set of rules to do a

job on, and a different set of threats." Stryker smiles, thinking about his last mission, and the

fun he had on it.

"Doesn't your family worry about you, always risking your life in some third-world country?"

Angus asks

Stryker's smile fades, and he turns away.

"No. They don't worry. They died a long time ago. Belladonna will pay, I swear she will. I'm

gonna go get my stuff. We gotta get moving soon, so I'd advise all of you to do the same.

Stryker says.


That evening.....

As the team drew closer to their target, Belladonna's primary base, the terrain changed

drastically. Instead of being dense vegitation and hills, it became flat, rocky, and showed

signs of what can only be described as horror. Pure, unspeakable acts of depravity and sheer

evil must have been committed there.

"What is this place?" Sonic asks

"My GOD. This....is horrible." Tails says

"We must be getting close." Anabelle says

"We have to go on. We can't help those who were here, but we can help those prisoners."

Sasha says

"I'm not sure I can continue." Greta says

"It's this way or no way. If we turn back, we lose our best chance because now we still have

the element of surprise. Next time, Belladonna will put so many troops here we'll never make it

this far." Stryker says

"Greta, you gonna be ok?" Ninetales asks

"Um...yeah." Greta says

"Try not to think about it. Concentrate on our job. We'll move through here as fast as

possible." Stryker says

After another couple hours of walking, they'd reached the area where they would stay before

they began their assault.

"I wanna congradulate all of you. You have been dealing with a lot of stress, and seeing things

which have scarred many minds, and have dealt with them well. It's time to brief you all on

what we know and what we're gonna do. Sannabelle, care to explain?" Stryker says

"Sure. This map," Sannabelle pulls out a map she'd made of Belladonna's base,"is the perimeter,

or outside area, of it. As you can see, they've planned their defenses against a large-scale

attack, so individual people; us; should have a pretty good chance of getting through relatively

unscathed. This map," she pulls out another series of maps" is the layout of the interior.

This is Belladonna's office, where she held Shane, where she's most likely holding all those

dogs and humans hostage, crew quarters, mess hall, command and control center, and bay. Our

entrance point will be here, in this corridor. We'll come in behind Belladonna's office, and

go directly to the prisoners. By the time we reach them, our re-inforcements will be attacking

the entrance to the base, while our backup will be here," she points out yet another spot on

the map," waiting for us. We free the prisoners, we escort them to the backup and they take

them and leave. Our re-inforcements will decimate the forces guarding her base, and will help

us attack Belladonna herself. Once we capture her, we withdrawl. Any questions?" Sannabelle


"Yeah. What happens if our backup gets captured, or they arrive late?" Ashley asks

"Then we're dead. Simple as that. The longer we take, the more likely it is that Belladonna

will call for her own re-inforcements. If they get to her first......" Stryker says

"That makes things straight-forward, then." Scott says

"I got a question...earlier you said that her base was defended against a large-scale attack,

right?" Greta asks

"Right." Stryker says

"Doesn't that mean your re-inforcements will be going on a suicide mission?" Greta asks

"Yeah. It does. but there is a chance they'll survive. Flo figured that it's the only way to

draw out any troops Belladonna has hiding, and keep them from harassing us." Sannabelle


"Makes sense." Ashley says

"That's what worries me." Stryker says

"Why do things that make sense worry you?" Anabelle asks

"If it makes sense, it's usually pretty easy to predict. That means bad things can and usually

do happen." Stryker says

"Good point, but we have no other choice. We can't communicate with them to change the plan,

and even if we could, we can't change it. It's too late, because we've already set it in

motion." Sannabelle says

"I suggest we get some sleep now. This is the last time we'll have to sleep here, for the next

36-48 hours, we're gonna be awake. Make this sleep count, cause it's gonna be a long time

before you can get anymore." Stryker says


In the ruins of AngelFlight H.Q.

The wreckage of the buildings was being slowly cleared away. Out of over 1,600 dogs stationed

there, they found 4 survivors. Flo, Shane, the lady marine who rescued Flo, and another marine.

"We got problems." Shane says

"Gee, how'd you guess?" Flo says

"Not this. What about Sannabelle and Stryker and the team? They won't know we're not comming

until it's too late to stop them." Shane says

"There's nothing more we can do for them. We'll never reach them in time." Flo says


"According to our informant, they're on the perimeter now. They'll be attacking within the next

2 days." Killer says

"If they're on the perimeter, shouldn't we go wipe them out now?" Carface says

"Let's be patient. We don't want to attack them while they can still retreat." Belladonna says

"So we let them come to us?" Dr Robotnik says

"Your lust for blood and revenge will soon be filled." Belladonna says

"Shall we go prepare to meet our guests?" Phoenix suggests

"Lets." Belladonna says


Our heroes had gotten a good night's sleep. After they awoke, they sorted out their gear,

leaving what wasn't absolutely necessary on this mission, ie....tents, sleeping bags and

pillows, stuff like that. Then they packed up their gear, and moved forward.

"You guys all set?" Stryker asks

A chorus of yeah's responded.

"Up until now, the safety has been on on your weapons. Turn it off by pressing this button,"

Stryker shows them how to turn off the safety features on their weapons.

"To fire them, all you have to do is squeeze that trigger. Just point and shoot. Let's move."

Stryker takes the lead, followed by Sanna and our heroes. Last were Scott and Rebecca.

As they began their approach, they used bionaculars and motion trackers to try to tell how well

defended the perimeter of her base is.

"Any movement?" Sanna asks

"Nothing." Stryker says

"Any sign of life?" Scott asks

"None. No movement, no visual contact. Our entry point appears to be clear." Rebecca reports

"Proceed inside." Stryker orders.

Stryker motions for the rest of the team to follow him. Once they clear the

outer perimeter and gain entry to the building, they stop moving.

"Scott, reset your motion tracker. Set the V-Gain to filter RF ambient, then

we can move." Stryker says

Scott does as requested, then gives a motion like a thumbs up, then they move

on again. For every corner they come across, Stryker motions for them to stay

where they are, he checks around the corner. A few times, they came across

enemy troops, but the troops were heading away from them. They let the troops

get out of sight, then moved on again. Just before they reached the hall with

the prisoners area in it, they saw Belladonna and Carface. They too were moving

away from our heroes, so they let them go for now. A few minutes later, they

reached the door to the prisoner area. It was locked, so Stryker reaches into

his pocket and pulls out a small box, about the size of a wallet. A few seconds

later, he has the door open and the team enters the room.

"Wow." Anabelle says

"Man, there's a lot of prisoners in here." Sasha says

"Let's get started, our forces will be here any minute." Sanna says

As the team leaves the entrance to the room and walks further in, hidden doors in

the room opened and Belladonna and her troops came running in the room, surronding

our heroes.

"Drop your weapons or we'll kill all of you where you stand." Belladonna shouts

Our heroes look at Stryker and Sannabelle and Scott and Rebecca.

"Do it. She's won this round." Stryker says

"Ah, Sonic. I'll take those." Dr Robotnik says, taking the Chaos Emeralds from

Sonic and using them on himself.

"Oh look, it's a giant egg. Hello Egg-man." Sonic says


go through this?" Dr Robotnik screams

"Looks like one more, robutnik." Tails says

Belladonna smirks at that remark, and looks at Stryker.

"Hi Stryker. Nice of you to bring my daughter to me." Belladonna says

"What are you talking about?" Stryker asks

"You can drop the charade. It's over. You've done your job. All those innocent forces of yours

were destroyed, and you lead your friends and my daughter into a trap." Belladonna says

"Your lying. I'd never do that. They know I wouldn't." Stryker says

"It was the perfect disguise. You leading a hopeless struggle against me, trying to gain the

trust of those who were my enemies. Just so you could lead them into a trap. Perfect. And your

girl, Alania...I couldn't of planned it any better." Belladonna says

"My.....girl? My Girl? Alania? What about her?!" Stryker asks

"I'm right here." Alania says

"Hi. What's she talking about?" Stryker asks

"Come on. You honestly think Belladonna had any chance of taking over heaven without a spy

working on the inside?" Alania says

"It was YOU! How could you?" Stryker shouts

"It was sooo easy. Keeping Anabelle off of her toes. Feeding her misinformation to relay to you.

Playing her off you so neither of you would be able to fight off our attack. And you fell for

it. Hook, line and sinker." Alania says

"I'll kill all of you. Except you 2," Stryker points to Alania and Belladonna.

"Gee, didn't know you cared." Belladonna says

"You'll pay for this, Alania. For you, escaping death will be impossible." Stryker says

"Escape is what AngelFlight does best." Alania says

"You were never a true member, were you?" Stryker says

"No. I never lost my grip on reality." Alania says


20 minutes later, All of our heroes were bound in chains and were locked up alongside the other

prisoners. Stryker, was removed from the room under escort.

"You don't think Stryker is responsible for this, do you?" Sasha asks

"Of course not. He couldn't of. Could he?" Greta says

"I don't believe this. He could. He had the opprutunity, and the authority to do whatever he

wanted and no one would question it." Rebecca says

"It makes sense. No one would suspect Stryker as working with Belladonna, pulling the biggest

double-cross in history." Sonic says

Ashley looks across her cage at them.

"I can't believe you. Any of you. You two, Scott and Rebecca is it? You two have worked with him,

and known him longer than I have. He's put his butt on the line for you. He came and rescued you,

He went and rescued you, Anabelle, too. And now, ain't life grand, here we are. I can't believe

your listening to Belladonna more than you are to him. He said he didn't do it. That should be

enough for you." Ashley says

"I'm glad he hasn't heard any of this. He fought hard because of Alania, thinking that somehow he

and her would be re-united someday. She was his reason to live. Well, her and Belladonna. Wonder

what they're doing to him." Sannabelle says


Stryker was lead into a smaller room, 3 rooms down from the prison area. Alania had seen to him

and to being sure he was bound in chains and bolted to a chair and bolted to the floor. The whole

time, Stryker had kept his eyes closed, trying not to think about his former girlfriend, and all

that happened because of her.

"I can't believe you did this. I never would of thought she'd of gotten to you." Stryker says

"Shut up." Alania says

"Why? Why'd you do this?" Stryker asks

"I like the health plan. She'll let me survive, where she'll destroy you, and all of them."

Alania says

"She can't kill someone already dead." Stryker says

"That's where your wrong. I've found a way." Belladonna said, revealing she was also in the room.

"So why not just kill me and get it over with?" Stryker asks

"Such impatience. You'll die when I'm good and ready to let you, not before. First, we're gonna

discuss the locations of your other bases and forces. Let's not make this any more painful than

it has to be. If you'll kindly tell me where they are and what they have, I promise I'll kill

you quick. I'll even make it painless. But if you hesitate, even for a second, I'll drag this

out. I'll give you a blood transfusion to keep you alive if I have to. What's it gonna be?"

Belladonna asks

"Do your worst. I have nothing else you can take from me." Stryker says

"I think a more effective way of dealing with him is in-front of his so-called friends. Just to

give them an idea what they're in for." Alania says

"I like it. It'll de-moralize them, and break their spirit in one move. GUARDS! Move him back

with the other prisoners, only put him in the middle of the room. Make it so all the prisoners

can see him. I want them to see this." Belladonan orders

"Consider it done." One of the guards says, dragging Stryker out of the room.

A few minutes later, Stryker, still bound in chains, was dragged into the middle of the room.

The guards set up another chair in that room, bolted it to the floor, and him to it.

"Stryker, you ok?" Sannabelle called.

"Yeah. Belladonna's playing 20 questions with me. She's gonna torture me, like she can do

something to me that hasn't been done already." Stryker says

"I'm back! Did'ya miss me?" Alania says

"Like a migrain." Stryker says

Alania Slaps him so hard across the face, she leaves a paw-print on his face.

"Now, now, Alania. Don't hurt him. At least, not yet. First, let me. Stryker....what should I

do to you first? Break your mind, or break your will to fight?" Belladonna says

"You can do neither. Whatever you do, if I were you, I'd finish me off quickly." Stryker says

"And why should I do that?" Belladonna asks

"Because it's your only chance." Stryker says

"I wasn't gonna do this to you at first, but I've changed my mind. This is a tape of a

conversation that took place while we had you in the other room." Belladonna said, playing

the conversation Sannabelle, Anabelle, Ashley, Scott, Rebecca, Tails and Ninetales had. Only,

this was an altered version, changing Ashley's defense of him, and adding some more


"I don't believe it. Not for a second. They'd never say those things." Stryker says

"Then ask them. Look straight at them, and ask them if that's how they feel. See what they're

answer is." Belladonna says

"Scott, you feel I sold you out?" Scott turns away, looking embarassed.

"Rebecca, how 'bout you?" Rebecca also turns away.

"Anabelle? Surely you don't believe I did this?" Stryker asks

"I'm sorry, but I'm starting to think you might of." Anabelle says

"So the fact that I'm in chains and Belladonna's gonna torture me like she's gonna torture you

means nothing? What about you, Sannabelle? Surely you'd see through this..." Stryker says

Before Sannabelle answers, Belladonna interrupts.

"Enough. You see, Stryker? They have no confidence in you. They believe the truth. You did lead

them into a trap. Now, you wanna tell me about your forces, or do I have to torture you


"I'm never gonna tell you." Stryker says

"Your funeral. Stryker, Alania told me everything she knows about you. I'm overjoyed that I

killed your family, because it gives me the perfect way of getting to you now. BRING THEM IN!"

Belladonna orders.

A cage containing Stryker's mom and dad was brought in. They'd looked like they'd been severly

beaten, bloody and bruised. They were bound in chains inside the cage, on opposite sides of it.

"Mom?! DAD?! Are you alright?" Stryker shouts, fighing with the chair, trying to get to them.

"Belladonna did this to us. She beat us severely, then let us heal, only to beat us down again."

Stryker turns to Belladonna, and gives her a look that strikes fear into her.

"I've never taken pleasure in having to kill someone. So when I finally find a way to kill you,

it'll be a new experience." Stryker says, his voice having gotten deadly quiet

"You CAN'T kill me. I'm already dead. Or aren't you intelligent enough to understand that?"

Belladonna asks

"You said it yourself, there's a way to kill the dead. I'm just gonna beat on you until I find

it." Stryker says

"Enough of this. Stryker, your greatest fear is seeing your parents die again. Every time you

close your eyes, you see it. Every time you go to sleep, you re-live it. But you deserve a very

special experience. You knew in your mind it wasn't real, so now were gonna make it real.

Observe." Belladonna motions, and his parents are removed from the cage, and have their chains

staked into the ground, side by side. A large area is cleared, and a noise that sounds like a

motor is heard behind them. Out of the darkness, a pair of lights are seen, and the motor noise

gets louder. The outline of a car is seen, then the car comes speeding toward Stryker's parents.

It hits them so hard, it knocks the stake out of the ground, and sends both of them flying into

the wall. They hit it with a loud WHAM. The guards rush over to them, and grab them and put

them back into the cage. Stryker closed his eyes, his lips quivering, trying to maintain some

control over himself.

"Stryker tell me what forces you have still out there, or the second they regain consciousness,

you'll get another showing. What's it gonna be?" Belladonna says

"The answer is no." Stryker whispers, barely able to speak

"Come on, we're wasting our time. We'll go brief the others, then we'll return to have some

more fun." Alania says

Once Belladonna and Alania leave, Stryker opens his eyes. He sees his parents, lying lifeless in

the cage in front of him.

"Mom, Dad, Please be ok. Please." Stryker whispers, barely able to talk.

"We'll be ok. I'm sorry, son. I'm sorry for all of this." Stryker's dad says

"Don't be sorry, this isn't your fault. Just save your strength, I'll get us out of this.

Somehow." Stryker says

"Hey Stryker, can I talk to you?" Anabelle asks

"What do you want, Anabelle?" Stryker says

"I want to apologize. I'm sorry I thought you'd set us up." Anabelle says

"You seem to be apologizing to me a lot. Save your apology. It won't help. It'll only make me

angrier. I'm not sure I can take seeing that again." Stryker says, remembering something he'd

given himself, his ace in the hole.

"Stryker, I never got the chance to answer you, but I never thought you'd led us into a trap."

Sannabelle said.

Stryker turns sharply and looks at her.

"You never did? I.....I don't know what to say. I'm touched." Stryker says

"Well isn't this sweet? Somebody touched Stryker with words. Belladonna's gonna love this. But

first, this'll help you answer our questions. It's a truth syrum. I'll be back in a minute to

have a chat with you." A guard says, shoving a syringe into Stryker's arm, then leaving the


A minute or so later, the guard returns.

"Stryker, tell me. How many forces do you have outside of your Headquarters?" The guard asks

"Whereas I can't tell you that, I can tell you how your gonna die." Stryker says

"And how's that?" The guard asks

"Well first, your gonna come over here to check my restraints, before Belladonna enters the

room. When you do, I'll kill you using my handcuffs as a weapon. I'll take your sidearm and

take out the two guards across the room, and the guard behind me and to the left." Stryker


"And what makes you think you can do all of that?" The guard asks, laughing

"You know my restraints? My hand and footcuffs?" Stryker says

"Yeah." The guard says

"Turns out I picked them." Stryker says

Stryker says, leaping to his feet and taking out the guard who was next to him. He pulled the

sidearm out of the holster on the guard and fired upon the 3 guards in the room, nailing each

of them. Stryker grabs the keys to the door-locks, and opens the cell doors for his team, then

runs up to the cage with his parents, and tries to open the lock. The keys don't fit it, and

he can't pick it.

"Belladonna has the only keys to that lock." His dad says.

"Ok. We'll get the keys, then we'll free you. Just hold on." Stryker says

"Stryker, don't do this. Your free. Just go, we'll be fine." Stryker's partents say

"I've already lost both of you once, I'm not gonna lose you again." Stryker says.


Flo, Shane, and the 2 marines had thought of an idea, something they could do to help our heroes.

Since they were the only survivors of Belladonna's attack, and they couldn't do anything to help

anyone else in the base, they went to the hanger and tried to find any ship that worked. They

found several completely destroyed ships, and one ship that had sustained major damage, but was

still partly functional.

"What do you guys think?" Flo asks

"Take partly functional over destroyed any day. If we're gonna go, let's get started. They don't

have a lot of time." Stryker says

The 4 dogs started working on the area, trying to remove enough debris to clear a path so they

can take off.


"Stryker, this is suicide. Even with our weapons, we don't have the firepower to take them on.

Especially since they now posess the Chaos Emeralds." Sasha says

"I don't care. Belladonna can't stop me. The only thing we have left to lose is our lives."

Stryker says

"So where is she? Where is this meeting she's supposed to be in?" Greta asks

"I think I know." Sannabelle said. "Follow me."

All the heroes follow Sannabelle as she leads them out of the prison area. She leads them into

another gigantic room, but the only people in the room are Carface, Killer, Belladonna, Dr.

Robotnik, Alania and Phoenix.

"What the?" Alania asks

"How'd you get free?" Dr Robotnik asks

"GUARDS!" Belladonna shouts

"Aww what's the matter, Belladonna? Afraid to deal with me yourself?" Stryker taunts

"GUARDS, LEAVE US! I will handle this impudent mortal myself." Belladonna said, as she and

Stryker moved away from the others. Belladonna launched a green orb at Stryker, who dove out of

the way. As he dove, She flew at him. He kicked at her, so his foot caught her in the neck,

sending her spinning across the floor.

"I've always wondered what would happen if I fought you, Sannabelle. Let's find out." Alania

says as she tackles Sannabelle, who flips her over on her back. Alania kicks Sannabelle off of

her, and they both begin fighting eachother.

Phoenix looked at Anabelle, grinned maliciously, and threw a fireball at her. She dodged and

threw a lightning bolt at Phoenix, who dodged. Phoenix ran toward Anabelle, who side-stepped her

attack, and she ran into the wall.

Scott moved toward Stryker and Belladonna, but was stopped by Rebecca.

"Looks like you get to fight me." Rebecca says

"Sorry, but I won't hit a lady." Scott says

"That doesn't stop us." Sasha and Greta said, moving toward Rebecca.

"In that case, I'll go help Sonic." Scott says

"I'll take Carface." Charlie says

"I got Killer." Itchy says

"That leaves us versus you, Mr. Eggman." Sonic says

"That's DR ROBOTNIK to you, Sonic." Dr. Robotnik says, moving towards Sonic, Tails, Angus,

Ninetalesuk and Scott.





Charlie vs Carface.

Charlie ran towards Carface, who ran towards Charlie at the same time. It was

like they were playing chicken, to see who would dodge first, but neither of

them did. Their heads collided with a loud THUD. Carface punched Charlie in

the face, while Charlie punched Carface in the nose, breaking it. Charlie

punches Carface in the ears, and Carface kicks Charlie in the stomach.

Carface trys to kick Charlie in the head, but Charlie grabs his foot and

kicks punches him in the teeth, breaking some. For about 5 more minutes,

Charlie and Carface go toe to toe, each punching or kicking the other. Then,

Carface runs from Charlie and grabs a chair. Charlie runs after him and kicks him

in the stomach, and Carface drops the chair. Charlie grabs the chair and tosses

it to Carface, who grabs it and for a second holds it in front of him. Charlie

does a dropkick and drives the chair into Carface's head, knocking him out.


Sasha and Greta vs Rebecca.

Sasha and Greta ran towards Rebecca, who took a defensive stance. When Sasha came

into range, Rebecca tried to kicker her in the head, but Sasha ducked. Rebecca

got punched in the face by Greta, who got picked up and tossed toward the wall

for her interfearence. Sasha punched Rebecca in the eye, giving her a black eye.

Rebecca did a russian leg-sweep, knocking Sasha flat on her face. Greta picked

up a chair, and swung it at Rebecca, hitting her in the hind left leg. Rebecca

turned around and got kicked in the back of the head by Sasha. Rebecca grabbed

one end of the chair, while Sasha punched her in her other eye, trying to

disable her. Rebecca kicks Sasha in the face, sending her flying backwards, while

Greta kicks Rebecca in the hindquarters, sending her headfirst into the ground.

Greta and Sasha pick up Rebecca, and flip her over their backs, into a table behind them

that Belladonna was holding a meeting at. Rebecca flew through table and lay there,



Itchy vs Killer.

Killer and Itchy moved around in a circle a few times, staring at the other. Killer ran towards

Itchy, grabs him and flips him on his back, knocking the breath out of him. Killer moved ontop

of him, and got kicked in the nose for it. Itchy gets to his feet, and punches Killer in the face,

who punches him in the face at the same time. Killer kicks Itchy in the leg, knocking him over.

Itchy retaliates by doing his own version of a leg-sweep, not taking down Killer, but causing

him to jump out of the way. When Killer lands, Itchy kicks him in the neck, sending him flying

backwards, and landing on his back. Itchy ran over to Killer and kicks him in the head, until

Killer gets to his feet. Killer punches Itchy in the head, and Itchy punches Killer in the mouth.

Itchy kicks Killer in the leg, and Killer punches Itchy in the face again. Out of no-where,

Charlie comes over to them, holding a chair in his paws, and hits Killer in the head with it so

hard that it leaves a dent in the chair, and knocks Killer out, too.


Sannabelle and Ashley vs Alania

Sannabelle kicks Alania in the back of the head, who dives forward to weaken the blow. Alania

throws a punch at Sannabelle, who dodges, grabs her wrist, and throws her over on her back.

Ashley punches Alania in the nose, and Alania punches Ashley in the ear. Alania grabs Ashley

and does a leg-sweep, knocking her on the floor. Sannabelle tries to kick her, but Alania

grabs her foot and does a leg-sweep, knocking her on her back. Alania and Sannabelle leap to

their feet, and both punch the other in the face. Sannabelle kicks Alania in the stomach, and

Alania punches Sannabelle in the face. Sannabelle does a roundhouse kick followed by a low

half-kick. Alania ducked from the roundhouse kick, but the low half-kick caught her in the back,

sending her tumbling across the floor. Sannabelle does a missle dropkick to try to hit Alania

in the back of the head, but Alania stays down, letting Sannabelle drive her foot into the wall.

Ashley punches Alania while she dodges Sannabelle, and sends Alania across the floor, going

head first into the leg of a table. Alania gets up and punches Sannabelle in the back of the

head, knocking her head in the wall. Alania thinks Sannabelle's been knocked out, so she goes

and turns toward Ashley, but Sannabelle grabs her, and Ashley comes up and punches Alania in

the face a few times, before Alania throws Sannabelle over her body, into Ashley, knocking

both of them down. As Ashley and Sannabelle stood up, Alania kicked Ashley in the chin,

sending her sliding across the floor. Sannabelle grabbed Alania and kicks her in the mouth,

breaking some of her teeth, and kicks her in the back of the head. Sannabelle picks up Alania,

and Ashley goes up on a table. As Sannabelle holds her up in front of another table, Ashley

jumps at Alania, taking her from Sannabelle's paws, and driving her through the table, knocking

her out.


Anabelle vs Phoenix.

Phoenix had thrown firebolts at Anabelle. Anabelle dodged them and returned fire by throwing

lightning bolts at Phoenix. Once they finally figured out that they can't hit the other, they

resorted to paw to paw combat. Phoenix leaped on Anabelle, who used her momentum against her,

and threw her into the wall, which Phoenix hit with a THUD. Phoenix leaped up and kicked

Anabelle in the face, sending her falling. She regains her balance, and stops just short of

hitting the floor. She flies over to Phoenix, grabs her, flies her to a very high altitude,

then dives toward the floor with her, but Phoenix rolls Anabelle over so Anabelle is on the

bottom, and rides Anabelle head-first into the ground. Phoenix, thinking Anabelle is dead,

turns and goes toward Stryker and Belladonna, but gets a foot in the back of the neck.

"I'm not done yet." Anabelle says

"Strange, you could of fooled me." Phoenix says, as she turns around to get a fist in the nose

from Anabelle.

Phoenix punches Anabelle, and Anabelle punches Phoenix. Over and over again, they punched and

kicked eachother. Phoenix kicks Anabelle in the nose, while Anabelle punches her in the eyes.

Phoenix kicks Anabelle in the stomach, and Anabelle punches Phoenix in the ears, and the teeth.

Anabelle shoots lightning at Phoenix at close range, blowing her off of her feet and into the

wall, knocking her out and causing severe injuries to her.


Sonic, Tails, Ninetales, Scott and Angus vs Dr. Robotnik

Sonic led the attack against Dr Robotnik, doing a spin attack. Dr Robotnik, due mainly to the

Chaos Emeralds, dodged the attack easily, and grabs Angus, and throws him into the wall.

Ninetalesuk and Scott rush Dr Robotnik, who grabs both of them, drives their heads into

eachother, and throws them so hard they land 10 feet from where they were. Tails sneaks up

behind Robotnik, and starts punching and kicking him in the back, but seemingly

with little or no effect on Robotnik. Robotnik grabs Tails and throws him toward the wall, but

before Tails would of hit, Sonic intercepts him and catches him. Sonic, Tails and Angus

run up to Ninetales and Scott.

"Eggman can't be that powerful. We usually beat him easily." Sonic says

"It's got to be the Chaos emeralds. They've made him basically invincible." Scott says

"So what do we do?" Tails asks

"Sonic, you get the emeralds. We'll distract Robotnik. Make this fast, Sonic." Scott says

"Speed is my middle name." Sonic says

Scott, Tails, Ninetales, and Angus ran toward Dr Robotnik and attacked him, while

Sonic circled behind Dr Robotnik. Ninetales was the first to reach Robotnik, and did a missle

dropkick which connected with Robotnik's nose, but didn't affect him. He grabbed Ninetales and

tossed him behind Angus, Tails and Scott. Scott was the next to reach Robotnik. Scott did a

leg-sweep which took Robotnik down, but when Robotnik got to his feet, he grabbed Scott's neck

with both hands, and threw him with all of his might into the wall. Scott landed neck-first,

breaking his neck, killing him instantly. Sonic, while Robotnik was watching Scott fall lifeless

to the ground, removed the Chaos emeralds from Robotnik and used them on himself. Angus and

Ninetales, Sonic and Tales beat the stuffing out of Robotnik. Over and over, faster with each

hit, the 4 heroes beat Robotnik from every angle imaginable. Without the emeralds, Robotnik

was completely helpless against their onslaught. Eventually, Robotnik stopped getting up.

Anabelle, Sasha, Greta, Ashley, Charlie and Itchy came running toward them, while Ninetales,

Sonic, Angus and Tails went to check on Scott.

"How is he?" Anabelle asks

"I'm.....I think he's....dead." Ninetales said

Anabelle and the others stopped in their tracks.

"Dead?" Charlie asks

"That's horrible." Itchy says

"Let's help Stryker, we can't help Scott." Angus says


Stryker vs Belladonna

Stryker and Belladonna moved in a huge circle at first, sizing up eachother. Belladonna threw

a green orb at Stryker, he dodged it, and he ran toward Belladonna. When he reached her, he

did a roundhouse kick that caught her in the nose, sending her doing a cartwheel sideways.

She landed on her feet, and tried to punch Stryker in the head, but he moved out of the way.

Stryker tried another roundhouse kick, but he missed, and Belladonna did a leg-sweep that

caused Stryker to land on his back. Belladonna tried to kick him, but he grabbed her leg and

twisted it, trying to break it. She tried to kick him with it, but couldn't hold her balance,

and fell on her back. She and Stryker got to their feet at exactly the same moment, and

they went paw to paw again. Belladonna threw a punch, Stryker blocked it and threw one of his

own, which she blocked. They went at it so fast it looked like there were 3 seperate

Belladonna's fighting 3 seperate Stryker's. They matched eachother perfectly, blow for blow.

Stryker did half of a roundhouse kick, only he modified it so it went vertical(straight up and

down) instead of horizontal(sideways), catching Belladonna in the chin, but instead of her

being thrown into the wall, all she did was a back-flip and she was right in his face again,

ready to fight. She threw another green orb at Stryker, which hit him and sent him flying

backwards. He lands on his feet, does a pair of front-flips, and does punches her in the right

eye, stopping her in her tracks.

"Your good, but not good enough." Belladonna says

"If this is all you got, it's a wonder your the boss down here." Stryker says

"Shut up and bring it." Belladonna says as she resumes her attack. She throws a punch at

Stryker, who blocks it and grabs her arm. She uses her other arm and throws another punch, and

again it's blocked and Stryker grabs that arm, too. Belladonna headbutts Stryker, then Stryker

headbutts her back, again, and again. Stryker lets her arms go, and proceeds to beat her. He

punches her in the face, does a pair of roundhouse kicks, kicks her while she's down, punches

her when she gets back up, again and again. On and on it went, until finally Belladonna felt

she was actually being beaten by this mortal. She ran towards Sannabelle, and just before she

got to her daughter, she changed form and assumed the shape and appearence of Sannabelle. They

looked exactly alike, and sounded exactly alike. And for laughs, she attacked her daughter for

a little bit, just to confuse them as to who was who. Stryker walked over to Carface, and

searched his body, looking for his gun, since Carface had dis-armed them, he figured it'd be

on him. Surely enough, it was, and he pointed it at the 2 Sannabelle's.

"Let's see, which one of you is which?" Stryker asks

"I'm Sannabelle." Sannabelle #1 says

"No, I am. She's lying." Sannabelle #2 says

"But how do I know that? How can I tell which one of you is Sannabelle, and which one I'm gonna

kill?" Stryker asks

"I don't know. At first, I knew which was which, but now, I got no idea." Ashley says

"Me neither." Angus says

"I have an idea. I've told Sannabelle things in private that only she'd know. I'm gonna ask each

of you two a question, and I'm gonna start with you. You,"Stryker says, pointing to one

Sannabelle, "go over there. I'll be with you in a minute..."

One of the Sannabelle's goes over to a corner.

"Sannabelle, whisper the answer to this question in my ear. What was my mom's favorite past

time?" Stryker asks

Sannabelle answers the question.

"I see. Now it's your turn. Same question: What was my mom's favorite past time?" Stryker asks

The other Sannabelle answers the question.

"Ok. You both answered the question correctly. Word for word, your answers matched. Except for

one, minor thing," Stryker points the gun at the first Sannabelle he questioned,"the Sannabelle

I know doesn't stutter."Stryker fires the weapon, and hits Sannabelle, changing her back into

Belladonna. Belladonna moves toward Stryker, but collapses before she reaches him.

"I love it when I'm right." Stryker says


Stryker and the remaining heroes grabbed Scott and Belladonna, and carried them back into the

prison area.

"Stryker, I'm sorry about Scott." Anabelle says

"Me, too. He was a good soldier." Sannabelle said.

Stryker turns and looks at her, a tear moving down his cheek

"He was more than that. He was my friend. Anabelle, before all this is said and done, you and I

are gonna have a little chat." Stryker says

"Stryker, I hate to interrupt, but if Belladonna was telling the truth, how are we gonna get

these people out of here?" Sanna asks

"I've been thinking about that. I have no idea." Stryker says

"Perhaps we can be of assistance..." A male voice says. As our heroes turn around, they see

Flo and Shane emerge from the darkness

"SHANE! FLO! Where in Belladonna's black heart did you come from? And where are our

re-inforcements?" Stryker asks

Flo and Shane told what had happened. Stryker looked like he was gonna have a heart-attack.

"All of them, gone?" Stryker asks

"I'm sorry." Flo says

"Belladonna told me I can't kill her. We'll find out when we get out of here, but if It's true,

it won't be because I haven't tried." Stryker says

"Revenge never solved anything." Anabelle says

"I've lost over 1,000 people I called friends today. I re-lived my greatest fear, watching my

parents go through what killed them and was helpless to stop it. My former-girlfriend stabbed

me in the back, and played us for fools. What more reason do I need to take revenge on her?"

Stryker asks

"I won't let you do it." Flo says

"You and I really need to talk." Anabelle says

"Later. First, we need to get them out of here. Any ideas?" Sannabelle says

"Yeah. Flo came up with a new plan." Shane says

"Belladonna used 2 transports to get them here. We've got 3 pilots here, Me, and these 2

marines. We're gonna borrow their transports, load them full of prisoners, and take them back

to freedom. I'll fly the third transport, which will take us out of here. We figured this would

happen once we couldn't distract Belladonna, so we brought you some presents." Flo says,

handing out some weapons.

Stryker looks happy, now having a weapon in his paw. "I'm gonna go tell them the deal."

He walks over to the cages, and shouts.

"All you prisoners listen carefully. I'm gonna open the cages and let you out. This goes for

you human prisoners, too. We're gonna direct you to the nearest transports. The only things you

have to do are get on board as fast as possible. DO NOT question, DO NOT think, when we open

those doors, just run." Stryker says

A lot of OK'S go echoing through the room.

"Sanna, how far is it to the bay?" Stryker asks

"About 90 meters." Sanna says

"Are there any other ways to get to the bay, except through there?" Shane asks

"Yeah. There are um....i think 5 other ways." Sanna says

"You go secure the bay, and a path between here and there. I'll open the doors. When the

prisoners get free, they're gonna run down the corridor to the bay, and get aboard the ships

as fast as possible. When the last prisoner is free, I'll come get you guys as we withdrawl.

We'll leapfrog backwards, until we reach the bay. You all will board Flo's transport first,

then I'll board it and we'll leave. Any questions?" Stryker says

"No. It's pretty straightforward." Angus says

"Alright get going. I'll give you about 10 minutes. After that, I'll start freeing the

prisoners." Stryker says

10 minutes later, The bay and the corridor between the prison area and it were secured without

incident, but the relative calm they'd experienced so far wouldn't last much longer. Stryker

had opened the doors the second the others left, but hadn't let the prisoners go to the landing

bay until the 10 minutes had passed. Since they had, he opened the door, and the prisoners

ran down the corridor, into the waiting ships. Stryker freed all the prisoners, but had waited

to free his parents until last. Once he opened the doors, he hugged both of them, just now

realising how much he missed them. Just then, a loud WHAM was heard. Stryker looks at the

doors leading into the room, and sees them buckling. Another WHAM is heard, and the door shakes.

"Perhaps we should continue this later. Go get onboard a transport, I'll see you again when

we're out." Stryker says

"What about you?" Stryker's mom asks

"They're waiting on you so they can take off. We've got our own transport. They can't leave

without you, so get moving, please." Stryker says

Just then, the door shattered and Belladonna's troops started to enter. Stryker took his weapon,

and began to fire on them, retreating with his parents until they left the room. Then he left

the room, and closed the door. He ran backwards, keeping his weapon on the door, waiting for it

to open. Eventually, it did, and the firefight continued. As he kept running backwards, he

ran across Sasha and Charlie.

"Anabelle, Charlie, time to go." Stryker says

They started to run, and Stryker continued to fire on the attackers. Eventually, he came to

Sonic and Ninetales.

"Guys, time to go." Stryker shouts

They started to run, too. Eventually Stryker came across Sannabelle. Stryker, Sannabelle, and

Ninetales and Anabelle held their ground at the entrance to the bay, giving the transports

some cover so they could take off. Once the two transports were safely airborne and under

way, Stryker turned around for a second, and looked for the transport they'd be getting on.

"Where's our ship?" Stryker asks

"It's over there." Sanna says, pointing to a helicopter

"That's not a transport, that's a helicopter." Stryker says

"Does it matter?" Sanna asks

"Not really, as long as Flo can fly it. Ninetales, go. Tell Flo to take off." Stryker orders

"What about you guys?" Ninetales asks

"There's a rope ladder hanging off the side of that chopper. Take off, then drop the rope

ladder." Sanna says

"Ok. Good luck guys." Ninetales says

"We'll be right behind you." Stryker says

Ninetales runs into the transport, and a few seconds later, Flo takes off and gains a little

altitude. The rope ladder drops, and they hover there, waiting on Anabelle, Sannabelle, and

Stryker to board.

"Anabelle, GO!" Stryker shouts, continuing to fire on the attackers.

Anabelle hands Stryker her weapon, and runs back toward the rope ladder. She starts climbing it

and when she gets half-way up, Stryker turns to Sannabelle, and shouts

"Sanna, GO!". Stryker shouts, his voice barely able to be heard over the weapons fire

Sannabelle drops her weapon, and runs toward the ladder and starts climbing up. Stryker drops one

of his weapons, because it's now empty, and continues to fire on the attackers. He looks over his

shoulder, and sees Anabelle being helped into the chopper, so he hits a button on the wall, and

the doors slam shut. He fires on the control box, hoping to jam the door. He turns around and

runs toward the rope ladder, and starts climbing. When Sannabelle gets 3/4 of the way up, the

doors open with a loud hum, and the attackers rush in, and start firing at Stryker and

Sannabelle. Flo, figuring since they're already on the ladder anyway, gains some more altitude,

hoping to get out of weapons range so they won't get killed. She gains altitude quickly, and

eventually, the attackers firing on them doesn't have any effect, the bullets don't reach them.

Sannabelle reaches the top of the ladder, and is being helped into the ship, when a missle is

shot at them. Flo manuevers the ship to dodge the missle, but causes Sannabelle to lose her

balance. Anabelle reaches to steady her, but Sannabelle backs to the edge of the ship, trying

to regain her balance. Flo suddenly jerks the ship in another direction, and Sannabelle falls

over the edge and disappears below. Anabelle, Ninetales, Ashley, Charlie, Itchy, Sasha, Greta,

Sonic and Tails run to the edge of the ship, hoping to see Sanna grabbing on to the rope ladder.

Stryker watches Sannabelle fall over the edge of the ship, and crosses his legs under the

ladder, locking them into place. He drops his weapon, and waits for Sannabelle to fall next

to him. When she does, he grabs her on her wrists and swings her toward the ladder. She can't

grab the wildly swinging ladder, and hangs on to him by his paws, grabbing him so hard that

blood is showing on her paws.

"Stryker, don't let me go." Sanna says, fear dancing in her eyes

"Sannabelle, look at me. Do not let go of my paws. I'm not gonna let you fall. Just hang on."

Stryker says, looking at Sanna, their faces being inches from eachother.


"Tell Flo to find a place to land." Sanna calls back

"We can't move with you still out there." Anabelle shouts down

"Tell her if she doesn't land, either the ladder will break and we'll both die, or they'll fire

more missles at us, and we'll all die." Stryker says

"FLO FIND SOMEWHERE TO LAND!" Sannabelle screams at them

"I'm looking, I'm looking. I got one, hold on." Flo says, as she moves the chopper north.

Before she can land, the rope ladder starts to break.

"Sanna, I'm gonna swing you closer to the ladder. Grab it with your legs, and hold on." Stryker


"Alright," Sanna says, as Stryker swings her closer to the ladder. She grabs it with her legs,

and takes some of the weight off of Stryker.

Just then, the rope ladder breaks, sending Sannabelle and Stryker flying downward, At some

point, they let go of eachother, trying to find something to break their fall. Unfortunately,

they did, as the ground came rushing up to meet them.


A minute or so later, Flo lands the chopper, and they scatter, trying to find them. After 10

minutes of searching, they find pieces of the rope ladder, but still no sign of Sannabelle or

Stryker. Another couple of minutes worth of searching, and they find Sannabelle. She's got

bruises, and bumps, and is laying there unconscious, but is alive. Charile and Ashley, Sonic

and Tails take her back to the chopper, while the others continue looking for Stryker. After

searching for another 10 minutes, and still not finding him, they move on to another area. Just

before Anabelle leaves that area, she sees him.

"Guys come over here, I Found him!" Anabelle shouts, running toward him. When she gets there,

she stops dead in her tracks. Stryker's in horrible condition. He's covered in blood, his dark

grey fur stained red. He's bleeding from wounds in his chest, and in his face. His left eye is

bleeding, and he has a piece of rock sticking through his right foot. Flo, Charlie, Itchy and

the others come running up to him, and grab him. Flo removes the rock from his foot, and they

carry him back to the chopper.

"Sanna, are you alright?" Anabelle asks

"My head hurts, but I'll be fine. How's Stryker?" Sannabelle asks

"Not sure, but he's certainly not doing good. Can you fly us out of here?" Flo asks

"Yeah, why?" Sanna asks

"Cause I'm the closest thing to a medic we have here, and I'll take care of him. If you would,

please, take off. We need to leave before they find us." Flo says

"Alright, We're outta here." Sanna says, taking off.

"Put him on the bench. Sonic, hand me that white box, please." Flo says.

Sonic hands her the white box, and Flo pulls out several devices, and hooks them to Stryker.

Flo gives Stryker a shot of antibiotics. She cleans his wounds on his leg and stomach, and

takes some surgical thread and a needle and sews them closed. She checks a device that shows

blood pressure, and notices it's dangerously low.

"How is he?" Anabelle asks

"Not good. He's lost incredible amounts of blood. There's nothing more I can do for him."

Flo says

"Anabelle, is there anything you can do for him?" Ninetales asks

"Like what?" Anabelle says, not understanding the question.

"What about using a miracle dog-tag on him?" Charlie asks.

"I only have one left, the others were destroyed in the attacks, but ok."Anabelle moves closer

to Stryker, and places the tag into his paw. She holds his paw closed, and a golden light

enveloped his paw, turning it gold. The golden color in his paw slowly moved outward, and

entered the rest of his body. He was like that for a minute, then it faded and Stryker lay

there, sound asleep.

"Did it work?" Sasha asks

"Hold on, I'm checking. Blood pressure normal, vital signs normal, breathing normal, EKG normal.

Yeah, it worked. He's fine. Asleep, but fine." Flo says

At that point, the chopper does a sudden dive. Flo runs into the cockpit, to find Sannabelle

slumped over the controls. She had suffered a concussion, and lay there unconscious.

"Charlie, Ashley, get in here!" Flo screams

"What?" Charlie asks, as he and Ashley enter the room

"Take her." Flo says, moving Sannabelle from the seat and leveling their flight. Charlie and

Ashley take Sannabelle and drag her into the other compartment, looking around, trying to find

somewhere they can put her. Not seeing any other alternative, they put her next to Stryker on

the bench, grab a pillow and blanket, and wrap them in the blanket, and put the pillow under

their heads.

"My don't they look cute." Angus says

"Sanna's gonna kill us." Sonic says

"Later, first she'll sleep." Ashley says

"What about him?" Tails asks

"Let him sleep, too. They've earned it." Anabelle says


2 days later

Everything was back to some degree of normal. The humans had been returned to their city

unharmed, but their claim of dogs fighting a war with eachother was dismissed, because no

casualties had happened. The humans were unaccounted for for a week, so most humans think it

was some sort of alien abduction, or something.

The angels were returned to heaven, and began re-building their home. The ruins of AngelFlight

were cleared, and the families of those soldiers were notified. The bodies were buried on site,

because moving the bodies was not possible. One of the last things that Stryker did at

AngelFlight HQ, before they closed it down and left it for good, was give a funeral for Scott.

"A person once asked me what the definition of a hero is. A hero is somebody who makes the

safety of others their personal responsibility, and does whatever is necessary to insure others

remain safe. Scott took pride in his work, took pride in being the best, and helping others at

any opprutunity. He never backed down from any job, and always came out on top. He will be

missed. Goodbye, my friend." Stryker said, looking sad.

After the funeral was completed, they boarded the last transport and headed away from the

ruined base. All the k-9 population that was still alive were returned to their homes,

and Our heroes went to the Flea Byte. When they got there, they noticed the biggest party going

on in history. Shane stood there on top of the counter, helping Sasha's bartenders work. He

noticed Sasha and our heroes enter the room, and the crowd parted, letting them through. A

chorus of applause and cheers followed them up to the counter, at which point they all got

drinks. Anabelle suddenly appeared in front of them, and Shane and Greta walked over to hear

what she had to say.

"Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. I've come to congradulate you on your most important

victory. This will be remembered for eternity." Anabelle says

"Come, Anabelle. Join us." Sonic says

"Don't mind if I do." Anabelle says

"Hey Anabelle?" Stryker asks

"Yeah?" Anabelle asks

"What's gonna happen to Belladonna, now that she's gonna stand trial?" Stryker asks

"She'll be incarcerated in the prison in heaven, because she hates heaven so much. We're gonna

keep her up there as punishment for what she's done. She'll never be allowed to leave again."

Anabelle says, joining them at what is a constantly growing party.

Sannabelle, Anabelle, Ashley, Greta and Sasha jump on the counter and start singing.

They sing a song by DREAM : THIS IS ME. It turns out Anabelle sang lead on that song.

"Sannabelle would you care to dance?" Stryker asks

"Sure, I'd love to. As long as I can sing, while we dance." Sannabelle says

"Sure." Stryker starts dancing with Sannabelle.

Charlie follows his lead, and Starts dancing with Sasha. Itchy starts dancing with Greta.

Stryker is so happy after the song ends he grabs Sannabelle and gives her a long, heartfelt

kiss. She slaps him straight across his face, and retorts:

"Never without my permission." Sannabelle says

"Then may I?" Stryker asks

"No you may not." Sannabelle says

"Why not?" Stryker asks

"Because that's not how you kiss me. THIS is how you kiss me," Sannabelle grabs him and kisses

him on his lips. They close their eyes as they enjoy the kiss.

Angus looks at the two of them, rolls his eyes and says

"Get a room." Angus says

Stryker pulls himself away from her embrace long enough to look at Angus and laugh,

"Get a girl." Then he turns to Sannabelle.

"Where were we?" Stryker asks.

"Right here." Sannabelle starts kissing him again.


In heaven, Belladonna was put in chains and bound to the wall, and was under guard by a lone


"My new servant, you have done well to get in this position. But when will you be able to free

me?" Belladonna asks.

The guard smiles, "Soon. Very, very soon. You shall not be here more than a day."



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