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 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:59
Stryker laid unconscious on the couch in the infirmary.. He'd been that way for 5 hours now, and

was finally starting to wake up.

"When I get my paws on that dog who did this, I'm gonna wring his neck. "Stryker thought as he

thought Charlie used the syringe, cause he was standing right next to Ashley.

"Flo, Stryker's waking up." A marine guard radioed.

"Stall him, we're on our way." Flo says as she and Anabelle leave Flo's office and start walking

toward the infirmary.

"Ah, this is nice. The room's finally stopped spining." Stryker mutters as he stands up.

"Uh...Stryker, sir. You can't leave the infirmary." The marine says.

"Under who's orders?" Stryker asks

"Flo's." The marine replys.

"Alright, I'll stay." Stryker says.

2 minutes later Anabelle appears in the doorway with Flo.

"Ah, Stryker, your awake. How do you feel?" Flo asks.

"Confused, and Angry. Belladonna's gonna pay for all of this, I swear she will." Stryker says,

looking at Flo and Anabelle.

"You have to calm down. You can't beat her like this." Anabelle said.

"Then how do I beat her?" Stryker asks

"First of all, you have to understand SHE IS DEAD. SHE CANNOT BE KILLED. Second, she is a

crafty enemy. She will find ways to attack you that you haven't ever encountered before. She

will attack you with your greatest fear, whatever it may be. I don't know what your fear is,

but she WILL. She'll use it against you, and destroy you with it unless you let it go."

Anabelle said.

"Don't you think I've tried? Every night I go to sleep, or when I close my eyes, I see it play

like a movie in my head. Over and over again....us walking...Belladonna comming....She screams

BOO.....they jump backwards.....they get hit by a Dodge Viper and get killed....." Stryker


"Stryker I'm sorry." Anabelle said.

"I never knew that. I knew they died, and I knew Belladonna had something to do with it, but I

never knew what she did or how they died." Flo said.

"Right in front of my face. I had to watch it, hoping that they'd be ok, watching as the road

workers came and scraped them up with a shovel. A SHOVEL! Nobody bothered to look at or worry

about me, even though I was less than 4 feet from them the whole time. I had an un-obstructed

view of the whole thing. Before their bodies were moved, I walked up to them. I swore that

their death would be avenged." Stryker said, bursting into tears.

"We'll help you get her, Stryker." Anabelle said, walking up to him.

"How?" Stryker asks, between sobs.

"We'll find a way. She's gotta have some weakness, something we can exploit. We just have to

find it." Flo said

"What's happening to me? I used to have some control over my emotions. Now they seem to be

running wild." Stryker said

"All that it proves is that your NOT a robot." Anabelle said


Belladonna finally grew tired of playing the ask a question, not get an answer, shock him until

she sees blood, then do it all over again. She told her guards to go bring in Anabelle.

2 minutes pass, then...

"Ah, Anabelle. Welcome to my private version of 20 questions. Here are the rules. I ask a

question, you answer the question. Violating the rules will result in SEVERE penalties,"

Belladonna says, as she points to Lance.

"What did you DO to him?" Alania asks

"He violated the rules. Now then," Belladonna says as she walks over to Anabelle.

Belladonna stops in her tracks, and looks over what should be her cousin. Only thing is, her

cousin doesn't have brown eyes..

"Ok, first question: WHO are you?" Belladonna says, rage flashing in her eyes, her teeth

clenched, waiting and hoping for the WRONG response.

"My name is Anabelle Whippet, as you know." Alania lied.

"WRONG ANSWER!" Belladonna screaches, as she punches the would-be Anabelle in the face, knocking

her disguise off, revealing Alania.

"YOU! I've got forces combing the earth looking for you, and here you are. But wait....If you're

here, doesn't that mean my back-stabing, double-crossing, goody-two paws, miss-perfect, hoop

headed head angel cousin is on earth?" Belladonna says.

"I don't know what your talking about..." Alania said

"Another WRONG ANSWER! I've never met anyone with a death-wish before."Belladonna says, picking

up her bat and hitting Alania in the chest with it. She screams in pain.

"Perhaps now you can tell me the truth." Belladonna said

"I don't think so." Alania replied

She swings the bat again, and again, trying feebly to gain anything out of her. Once that

fails, she resorts to her electric shock treatment methods.

"Last chance, WHO ARE YOU?" Belladonna asks

"Sorry, but if that's all you got, then your weak and pathetic. You make me sick." Alania said,


"Fine, so be it." Belladonna says, motioning for her guards to hook up the cables to Alania's



Our heroes had turned around to find a pair of dog-catchers standing behind them, trapping them

in the Flea Byte.

"There they are. Just like the lady said." The male says.

"Be careful, there's a lot of them here." His partner, another man said.

"Move in slowly." The male says

"Wait till there almost in range, then scatter and meet outside the Flea Byte." Sonic whispered.

"Almost there." Tails whispered.

a few seconds pass, then

"NOW!" Charlie yells as they scatter to different parts of the room and run outside.

A dog catcher catches Sasha in his net, Sonic knocks the net out of his hands and frees

her, and they run outside. The other catcher traps Itchy in a corner, who runs between

her legs and causes her to trip on herself, and he runs outside. The dog catchers

regain their balance and chase our heroes outside.

"Now where?" Ashley asks.

"Remember the sewer system plan? I think we should use it." Greta said

"Let's go," Angus says, opening the man-hole on a sewer and our heroes jump in.

Strangely enough, the dog catchers didn't see the open man-hole, and fell in.

"Which way?" Charlie asks

"This way, hurry!" Tails said

They start running down the sewer, the dog catchers are chasing them, but they suddenly scream

and run the other way. Our heroes turn around to find Phoenix standing behind them.

"Mwahahaha! Suckers! You fell right into our trap!" Phoenix said

"Ahh, Phoenix, I'm glad your here. Go get Carface or Killer, or anybody who's actually

DANGEROUS!" Ninetalesuk said.

"We won't be involving them, because I'm more than a match for all of you." Phoenix says,

igniting her hands and launching firebolts at our heroes.

"I GOT THIS" Sonic says, doing a spin attack against her.

She dodges it and Sonic lands in the wall behind her, hitting it so hard it shook.

"Pathetic. I expected more from you, Sonic." Phoenix sneers.

"Don't count me out just yet...." Sonic says, attacking her with another spin attack from


She dodges his next attack without even turning to see it.

"As I said, Pathetic." Phoenix said

"Ok, My turn." Ashley said as she picked up some of the water they were running through and

threw it at Phoenix. It hit her and made a sizzling sound, but didn't stop her.

"Nice try." Phoenix said

Right then, all of our heroes started throwing water at her, which did weaken her but didn't

stop her. As they threw water at her, Sannabelle ran up to her and did a missle-dropkick which

knocked Phoenix into the wall. As she slid down the wall, Sannabelle leaped on her and started

punching and kicking her. She punched so hard Phoenix thought Sannabelle had a pair of bricks

and was hitting her in the face with them. Phoenix threw a firebolt and hit Sanna in the chest,

throwing her into the ceiling and face first into the sewer floor.

"We'll continue this later." Phoenix said as she turned and ran off.

"Sonic, you ok?" Tails asks

"Yeah, just peachy. Anybody got an Asprin?" Sonic says

"How bout you Sanna? You alright?" Charlie asked

"Yeah, I'm fine. That felt good." Sannabelle said

"We need to leave. There may be more of Belladonna's troops down here." Itchy said, as they

started running down the tunnel.


"Stryker, I've been giving some thought as to what our next move should be." Anabelle said

"Any ideas come to mind?" Stryker said

"Well, yeah. Belladonna's got an outpost in southern San Francisco, but she keeps it under the

profile of an abandoned warehouse. Her base is under it." Flo said

"How well guarded do you think this base would be?" Stryker asks

"Probably very well guarded. She's probably expecting something like this out of us...."

Anabelle said

"Well then I'll be happy to give her everything she wants..." Stryker said, looking hopeful

"Not by yourself." Anabelle said

"Of course not. Sanna and the others will be there helping me." Stryker replied

"Not being selfish this time, are we?" Flo said

"Nah. Figure there's plenty of enemies to go around, your welcome to come too, Anabelle."

Stryker said

"I think I'll join you on this one." Anabelle said

"Where are the others, anyway?" Stryker asks

"They went on a mission." Flo said

"Without me?" Stryker asks

"You were unconscious." Anabelle said

"A technicality." Stryker replied

"You wouldn't of been able to control your anger on this mission, because it involved

Belladonna. You probably would of endangered the lives of countless civilians." Anabelle said

"Another technicality. Anyway, when are they expected back?" Stryker asks

"Well, they should of already been back." Flo said

"Where is this mission taking place?" Stryker said

"Um...The Flea Byte Cafe' in San Francisco.." Anabelle replied

"Should I go after them?" Stryker asks

"They'll be fine. They have Sannabelle and a garrison of troops backing them up." Flo said

"Sanna's with them? Then your right. They'll be fine." Stryker said


Belladonna, after she tortured Alania and got nothing, held a meeting.

"Were you able to get anything from Alania?" Carface asks

"No, her heart just wasn't in it." Belladonna replied

"Phoenix just got back." Killer says

"How many of them did she take out?" Belladonna asks

"She didn't. They beat her down, and she ran." Carface said

"Probably just as well. Leaves more fun for us." Dr. Robotnik said

"You aren't expecting them to come here, are you?" Killer asks

"Think. Why should we go after them, when we've already given them

all the information they'll need to get here. Why waste our time

trying to trap them out there when they're gonna come here anyway?" Belladonna asks

"What did you have in mind?" Dr. Robotnik said.

"Chances are that when they come, they're gonna have Anabelle with

them. That gives us a chance to destroy all of our enemies in one

move. All of our troops including all of you are to go into hiding

positions. The folders in front of you describe where and how you

will be hidden. There your to stay, untill called for." Belladonna replied

"What about you? Where are you gonna be?" Dr. Robotnik said

"I'll be the bait. Luring them in. When they're in, you will come in

behind them and trap them, blocking their retreat. Then we will crush

them. But Leave this 'Stryker' to me." Belladonna said

"Got something special in mind for him?" Killer asks

"Nah, just wanna watch him struggle as I beat him down then destroy him." Belladonna said,

smiling to herself.


As our heroes ran down the tunnel of the sewer system, they came across a man-hole. As they

started to climb up, the man-hole was pried off, and they looked up to see the faces of

friendly marines. As the marines pulled our heroes out of the sewer, one of the marines yelled

"ATTACK" and opened fire on something. Our heroes turned to see Belladonna's troops entering

the area, running toward them, firing their own weapons. The scene was turning into World War


"Retreat!" A marine yelled

The marines turned to run, but were stopped by more of Belladonna's troops approaching from the

other direction.

"Retreat WHERE? They're all over the place!" Another marine yelled

"All troops, retreat back into the man-hole. I repeat, retreat into the man-hole." The marine

leader said

The heroes jumped back into the sewer, followed closely by marines.

"Which way did you come?" A marine asks

"This way." Charlie said

"Whatever your doing, do it FAST!" A female marine said.

"Justin, come ON!" A male marine yelled

"GO GO GO!" The marine named Justin yelled as he closed the man-hole and ran after them.


"Anabelle, we've lost contact with our team approximately 14 minutes ago. They have yet to

re-establish contact." Flo said

"Are they in danger?" Anabelle asks

"Last status report indicated enemy troops entering city, so our troops went in to try to get

our team out." Flo said

"I'd say that's a big yes." Stryker said

"Me too." Anabelle said

"Just be patient. They'll report when they have something to report." Flo said


"I can't believe were back in here again." Itchy said

"Relax, will you? We'll find a way out of here." Ashley said

"QUIET! I hear something." A marine said

They all hush up, and the marine takes a few steps toward the front...

He pulls out a device called a motion tracker and turns it on. He reads nothing ahead of him,

so he proceeds forward.

"What do you see?" Charlie asks

"Are you SURE you came this way?" Justin said

"Yeah, why?" Sasha asks

"Cause I'm not so sure. Come see this." Another marine said

"This WAS NOT here when we came through here." Ninetalesuk said

"It looks like were gonna have to get through it or around it...what do you guys think?"

A marine asks


Belladonna waited for a report from her troops engaged in a fight with some enemy forces. She'd

hoped they'd be able to capture at least one enemy, so they could find the rest of them, but so

far had heard nothing. Carface comes running up to her.

"You got something for me?" Belladonna asks

"Yeah. Our forces engaged enemy troops near here, "Carface says, pulling out a map and showing

her where the skirmish occured, "and before our forces could wipe them out, they retreated into

the sewer system here. Phoenix engaged them here, and they are presumed to be heading in this

direction." Carface said

"There's an entrance to one of our outposts here, " Belladonna says, pointing to where our

heroes are, " do you think they'll find it?"

"This is them were talking about. Them combined with our luck, of course they will." Carface


"Well that will work to our advantage. We'll just let them in, then. They'll find where here is,

then they'll come running. We'll destroy them here." Belladonna said

"Are you sure that's wise?" Carface asks

"What? Am I to assume you think they can beat us on our own terms?" Belladonna asks

"Why should we risk it..." Killer said

"There is NO RISK. They haven't got a prayer." Belladonna said


"You know, we have something that may be able to help here. We haven't mentioned it because of

its highly destructive potential." Sonic said

"I don't think explosives would help us here. Besides, we already have some." A marine said

"Not explosives. We're talking about the Chaos Emeralds." Tails said

A lady guard was taking a drink of her canteen after offering it to the heroes, who did take a

drink. She heard the words Chaos Emeralds, and spit her drink all over the floor.

"Chaos Emeralds!? They're only a myth. A rumor spread around by our enemies to try to distract

us." Justin said

"NO! They exist. We have them." Sonic said

"Why is this the first time we heard about this?" A marine asks

"We felt it necessary not to reveal that piece of information unless it became ABSOLUTELY

necessary. If you think they don't exist, and don't know we have them, then you won't even go

looking." Tails said

"Good point. So where are they?" Sasha asks

"They're safe. We'll get them when we get back to your base." Sonic said

"Now all we have to do is get out of here." Charlie said

"Sir, that may be harder than it seems." A marine said

"Why's that?" Itchy asks

"I ordered scouts to go ahead of us and see what they could find. The enemy has sealed off this

section of tunnel at both ends. Welded the man-holes, and caved-in the tunnel. The only way out

is through there." The marine said

"They're hearding us. Forcing us to go where they want us. They could already be down there,

just waiting on us to show up, to capture or kill us." Justin said

"What can we do about it?" Greta said

"You said you have explosives with you, right?" Angus said

"Yeah." The marine said

"Put the explosives near the rubble, and detonate. The blast may open a hole in the roof, so we

can escape." Itchy suggested

"Good idea. Find somewhere to take cover. I'll plant the explosives." The marine said, moving

toward the rubble.

2 minutes later.

"Explosives are in place. I hope this works, cause it could cave in the entire roof, crushing

us." The marine said

"It'll work. You'll see." Another marine said


The ensuing shockwave rained debris down on our heroes and on the marines.


Anabelle, Stryker and Flo had finished their planning, and were awaiting any news from the

heroes. Finally word came to them on their status.

"Angel 2 to base." A marine radioed

"Go ahead." Flo said

"Contact was established with Belladonna 5 hours ago. Contact was lost when Belladonna

retreated. 2 Dog catchers took her place, and pursued the team into the sewer. Contact was

re-established with them 2 miles north of our position. The extraction team was ambushed, and

pursued back into the sewer system. Contact has not been re-established. An explosion has

destroyed a large area, which may include the area which our team was in. We're checking it

for survivors now." The marine radioed

"Report when you find them." Flo said

"Understood, continuing search."

Stryker turns and looks at Anabelle and Flo.

"I'm going." Stryker said

"You can't go. It's too dangerous." Anabelle said

"Maybe we have a lack of communication. I'm going. You're both welcome to go, or welcome to

stay, but I am going." Stryker said

"I'm going, too." Anabelle said

"I can't go. SOMEBODY has to run this place." Flo said

"We'll call when we get there." Anabelle said

"You going with us, or flying yourself, Anabelle?" Stryker asks

"I'll fly myself. See you there." Anabelle said

"Right, catch ya on the flipside." Stryker said


Belladonna's troops had indeed expected our heroes to enter the gateway to hades they'd emerged

from earlier. As they lay in wait, an explosion knocked them off of their feet. As they got

back up, they saw huge chunks of debris fall on the opening, completely blocking it. They tried

to move them, but they were too heavy. As they marched back into hades to report in, most of

them feared Belladonna's wrath for not killing her enemies.

"Belladonna's not gonna be happy about this...." A fire imp said

"Maybe we'll get lucky and vanish off the face of the earth before she finds us." Another

fire imp said.


As for Belladonna herself, she was finally having a good day. She'd recieved reports of a lot

of dogs being killed all over the world, and was putting their souls with the rest of her

prisoners. She'd also recieved reports that massive amounts of enemy troops had been killed

in skirmishes all over the world. She was having the best day of her life, and was loving every

second of it. She'd harassed her prisoners, tortured some and mocked others. She brought in a

prisoner that was her double-agent.

"When am I to be released from being kept with those angel scum?" Her spy asks

"Patience. When the rest of the dogs are killed, and their souls put with the others, then I'll

release you. Until then, you stay with them." Belladonna says

"As you wish." Her spy replies.


"Is everyone alright?"

"I am." Ashley said.

"Me too." Sanna said.

"Us too." Charlie and Itchy said.

"Me, too." Angus said.

"Us, too." Sonic, Tails, and Ninetalesuk said.

"Us, too." Sasha and Greta said.

"I'm not. It's my leg, sarge. I think it's busted." A lady marine said, trying to remove a

large piece of debris from ontop of her leg.

"Just hold still. Can you guys give us a hand?"

Our heroes take positions alongside the debris, and lift up. Another marine drags her from

under it, and they drop the debris.

"How are we gonna get out of here? We're surronded by debris now...." Itchy asks

"Um...that's not our biggest problem. We don't have enough oxygen in here to last long."

Ninetalesuk said

"Get on that squakbox. Try and get us some help." Ashley said


As Stryker boarded his plane, a young labrador marine came running up to him.

"Stryker, sir." he says.

"What can I do for ya?" Stryker said

"Uh...Flo told me to tell you that we recieved a report from our team." The marine said.

"Ok. Take a deep breath and relax. Now then, tell me what's going on..." Stryker said

"The team reported that they lost contact with Belladonna when she retreated. They reported

that Sannabelle's group was chased into the sewer system by a pair of dog catchers. Contact

with our team was re-established 2 miles north of their last position. The extraction team was

ambushed, and retreated back into the sewer. 14 minutes later, an explosion created a large

crater in the middle of the road. Our team reported they're trapped under the rubble." The

marine said

"What about the humans? Have they responded to the explosion yet?" Stryker asks

"No, sir. Belladonna's troops were spotted by the humans on the southern end of the city, and

all the humans in that part of town went hunting for them. The humans won't be responding for

awhile." The marine said

"Ok. Was there anything else?" Stryker asks

"Um...no sir." The marine said

"Ok. And do me a favor. Don't call me SIR. It makes me sound old." Stryker said

"Yes, sir." The marine said

Stryker looks at him

"Sorry, sir." The marine said

"I told you. Don't call me sir." Stryker said


Anabelle had left their base about 15 minutes ahead of Stryker. As she flew over the jungle,

heading north, she decided to take a little 'detour'.


Belladonna's troops had returned to the nexus. The nexus is the primary area in hades, a

control center if you will. As her troops explained what had happened, Belladonna was very

angry with them, but was happy they thought on their feet. They created and implemented a

plan on their own, instead of waiting for her to think for them. She punished them by locking

them in with the angels, though.

"Failure will NOT be tolerated." She told them.


The marines who were monitoring our heroes had arrived at the site of the explosion. As they

got closer, the signal from the heroes buried under the rubble. The marines reached the site,

and begun digging. An hour later, Anabelle arrived to find Stryker already there, digging in

the rubble.

"Anabelle, glad you could make it. Where've you been?" Stryker asks

"I.......I went to heaven. I wanted to see what was left of our home." Anabelle said

"Anabelle, I'm sorry. I wish we were there when that fight went down. It may of made some

difference." Stryker said

"It was a good fight. But something about it didn't make sense." Anabelle said

"What's that?" Stryker asked

"Ask me again sometime." Anabelle said

"Sir, ma'am. We've found them." A marine said

The troops start pulling them out of the hole.

Stryker crawls down to help get the injured marine out.

"Hold on, we'll get you to base, and get you all fixed up again." Stryker said

"It took you long enough to get to us...." Charlie retorted

"Because you have helped us to get to this point, I'll let that insinuation fall on deaf ears.

However, that will be the only exception. If any of you ever suggest that these people haven't

done their jobs to the best of their abilities, made as many sacrifices as you or in some cases

more than you, or haven't given their full effort in everything they do, bad things will happen.

If they don't do them to you when you make that comment, I will when I find out about it.

NOBODY insults these people." Stryker said

"I'm sorry." Charlie apologized

"Apology accepted. Now let's get out of here, before those blood-thirsty humans return."

Stryker said


Belladonna had watched as the last of the preparations for her trap were put into place with

a feeling of dark excitement. She'd enjoy watching her enemies play right into her paws, even

without trying to force them. She took another drink of wine, and watched her troops work.


Back at AngelFlight Headquarters, Our heroes were re-united once more. Sonic and Tails had told

them the legend of the Chaos Emeralds, and what the effects are when Sonic uses all the

emeralds. Flo deemed it important for Sonic to have them in his posession before the battle

occured, so she ordered a group of marines to go with them, to retrieve the emeralds. Sonic

replied that he and Tails could get them faster, but she suggested that it's too dangerous to

go alone. Sonic finally conceded that point, and he and Tails and the marines went for a trip.

While they were gone, Flo and Anabelle went over the recent changes to the way Belladonna had

deployed troops in the area. Sonic and Tails retrieved the emeralds without incident, and

returned. When they did, Flo called a general meeting. All troops were present for it.

"Belladonna has made a critical error and the time for our attack has come. The data brought to

us from our recent engagements with her troops has proven that she's trying to help the humans

try to destroy the dogs. The more her troops appear in human cities, the more humans deem dogs

a viable threat to themselves, and go on a K-9 killing spree, if you will. I call it that

because I don't know what else to call it. Due to the volume of engagements we've had recently,

and the volume of reports that are comming in that Belladonna's got troops entering various

cities, we can assume that her primary base is relatively unprotected. Leaving us the perfect

opprutunity to strike back. If we were to take back the prisoners, we'd deal a mortal blow to

her cause." Flo said

"How would taking back the prisoners deal a mortal blow to her cause? Don't get me wrong...I

understand why taking them back is important, but taking them back won't stop her from doing

this again." Stryker asked

"We must also capture Belladonna herself. This won't be an easy task, for she is the most

formidable opponent we'll ever face. There's another factor we can't control, and that's you,

Stryker. I don't know which poses a bigger danger to us capturing her. Her or you." Flo said

"Stryker, you have to give up on trying to take her out. We need to capture her, because if we

do, then we can put her in trial for her crimes. People will see she's a monster, not a martyr."

Anabelle said

"I understand that. I won't promise you I won't take an opprutunity to hurt her if I get it,

but I will promise you since I can't kill her, she'll survive to stand trial for her actions.

Promise me one thing....when she stands trial, she's never gonna be allowed to leave,

regardless of what else happens..." Stryker said

"I can guarentee she won't be allowed to leave." Anabelle said

"Excellent." Stryker said

"If she loses this fight, it won't be because she doesn't have everything she needs to win. She

has sufficient forces, that if we were to take every dog currently estimated to be alive on

earth, and all of our forces, and combine them, she still has us out-manned on a scale of 12

to 1. The layout of the terrain is such that direct assault is impossible and suicidal. The

current plan is that a team will infiltrate her defenses, enter the base, and rescue the

prisoners. They will escort the prisoners to the perimeter, where our forces will be ready and

waiting. Then, a part of our forces will remove the prisoners from the combat area, and the

rest will enter the base and capture Belladonna." Flo said

"Makes it sound simple, doesn't she?" Sasha said

"If only it were that easy." Itchy said

"Another part of our forces will create a diversion, which should draw out any forces

Belladonna still has at that base, giving the team going in a clear shot to get to the

prisoners." Flo said

"Sounds like a good idea. But there is one thing your forgetting. Belladonna is neither foolish

nor stupid. Did it occur to any of you that this may be a carefully concealed trap?" Sannabelle


"Yeah. But If we're gonna get those prisoners out, this is our best chance. While her forces

are away. We did confirm the locations of an entrance we can use to get there, and her forces

aren't within distance to block our escape route." Flo said

"Ok, who is the team going in, and when do we leave?" Stryker asks

"What makes you think your going in?" Anabelle asks

"Who else are you gonna send?" Stryker asks

"Actually I was gonna send in Sannabelle, you, and a division of marines. I was gonna lead the

diversionary strikes going down, and Justin was gonna lead the marines in reserve, waiting for

you two to get the prisoners out...." Flo said

"What about us?" Charlie asks.

"You are to stay here. Your input has been appreciated, but we won't risk innocent lives."

Sannabelle said.

"We have a better idea. We're going in with you." Charlie said

Stryker and Sannabelle look at eachother, Sannabelle mutters something about heroism being the

quickest way to die, and they laugh.

"You have no idea what your asking. To go with us is to invite death. Most likely, anyone going

in down there isn't comming back out." Sannabelle said

"I think I speak for everyone here, when I say who cares? Let's think about this from a

standpoint of status. We go, we're dead. We stay, Belladonna finds us, we're dead. We stay, and

we die, we go to hades anyway, cause there's no where else to go. If we're gonna die anyway, I

say we take as many of them with us as we can when we go." Sonic said

"If you want to go, we won't stop you. Just as long as you understand and accept the risks."

Stryker said

"Well, guys. Am I right in assuming we accept the risks." Charlie said

A chorus of yeah's chime through the now-silent chamber.

"You have your answer. We accept." Ninetalesuk said

"Charile, Itchy, Sannabelle, Stryker, Angus, Ashley, Sonic, Tails and Ninetalesuk will make up

the team going in, then." Flo said

"Me, too." Anabelle said.

"You?! Your sure 'bout this?" Stryker asks

"Yeah. I wanna be there when they face my cousin. I wanna see her fall." Anabelle said

"Then you ten people may go get ready now. Sannabelle, Stryker, you launch in 2 hours. We'll

drop you off in 4 hours, you have 16 hours to complete retrieving the prisoners, any longer and

we can't guarentee that they won't get wise to your presence, and we can't guarentee we can

delay reinforcements from arriving." Flo says.

"Ok. We'll see you again before we launch." Stryker said

As the team leaves the room, Stryker turns around and adresses the crowd:

"I'm not one to make speaches, I think this is the first one I've ever made. I'll keep it short

and sweet. I wanna thank all of you for what you have done. Without you, we could never have

stood a chance to beat Belladonna. Your dedication, commitment, and thoughtfulness has been

an inspiration to us all." Stryker says, turning and walking out of the room, following the

rest of the heroes.


"Angus," Justin says.

"Yeah, lad?" Angus asks

"I've noticed you've been carrying around a plastic sword. If you want to use a sword that's

fine, but may I suggest you carry this one around?" Justin says, handing Angus a 2-edged


"Lightweight, strong, and sharp" Angus says, cutting 2 hairs on his body while they were still

attached in half...

"Consider it yours. May it serve you well." Justin said


"Ladies, your gonna have to go in armed. Take this," Sannabelle said, handing them an automatic

rifle each," You have about 500 rounds each. Just point and shoot. Shoot at anything that isn't

us. With these, you can't miss." Sannabelle said.

"Are these really gonna be necessary?" Greta asks

"We're going into what is probably the most heavily guarded fortress in existence. They'll be

necessary." Sannabelle said


"Flo, good luck. Watch your back." Stryker said

"You, too." Flo said

"Good luck Flo." Stryker said, boarding the plane.

The heroes board the plane, and take off. Sonic uses the Chaos emeralds, and transforms into

Super Sonic. The rest of the heroes load their weapons........


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