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 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:59
NOTE: A special thanks to Sannabelle and Ninetalesuk for their help and inspiration in

writing this story.

Alania's ship had sustained major damage at the hands of Belladonna's orb. She worked like mad

trying to regain control of her ship, as it headed toward the earth at incredible speeds. After

a few minutes passed and she'd finally regained control of the ship, she recieved a proximity

warning(Proximity warning means your about to collide with something). She looks up to see water

in any direction. She grabs the control yolk and pulls back hard on it, her ship flying in a

giant U as she went from a dive to a climb, missing the water by about 2 feet. After leveling

her flight, she searched for a place to land to try to repair her ship. Her ships scanners found

a place about 20 NM(Nautical Miles) away from her location, so she steered for it. When she got

in range to land, she tried to land her ship. Unfortunately her engines had other ideas, so

instead of landing safely, she crashed.


Meanwhile, Belladonna and her troops had finished searching Heaven for any other angels in hiding

and had not found any. True to her word, she ordered her troops to burn the place down. Anabelle,

Lance and the rest of the Angels watched in horror as their home was completely destroyed. Then

the angels were then forced into the waiting transports, and were taken away.


Belladonna was in a conference with her troops. Their leaders, Belladonna, Carface, Killer, and

Dr. Robotnik were all listening attentively, as their leader outlined what would happen next.

"The next phase of our plan will destroy what forces Anabelle has left on earth, and eliminate

the k-9 threat in one easy move. All we have to do is take over ANY American city. We don't have

to hold on to it, and let's get something VERY CLEAR. There are to be NO casulties in this

attack. The casulties will happen later, but first we need to get the humans mad at us. What

we'll do is attack a city, pretend to be members of AngelFlight, leave carefully planted evidence

suggesting that were with AngelFlight, and where their base is."

"Question: Do we know where their base is?" Killer asks

"Yeah. While we were trying to get information out of their computer's hard drives, we

intercepted a transmission:

This is AF10412 calling AN614. Come in. I repeat this is AF10412 calling AN614.

This is AF10412 calling AN614. If you are recieving and are unable to respond, follow procedure


This is AF10412 calling AN614. Come in, for heaven's sake! COME IN! PLEASE! Heaven is about to

be ATTACKED! Warn them, then GET OUT OF THERE!

Yelling will accomplish nothing.

Alania! Are you alright? What's going on up there?

Eve, you ask too many questions! Heaven's already been attacked, and

Anabelle has surrendered. All of heaven's occupants are lined up outside the command center,

Belladonna's got access to the information that was stored on their computer systems, and life

is basically going straight to h

Alania! What about you? How are you going to get out of there?

Tell Stryker I love him. I'll find some way to sabotage Belladonna's plans in any way I can,

until I'm caught or killed.

YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Just stay there, we'll find some way of getting to you. Do you copy?

In front of each of you is a transcript of what we intercepted. We've traced the source of the

transmission to a jungle in South America, Just outside of Cabo San Lucas. Phase two of our plan

will consist of us capturing a small town. When you launch on that mission, I'll cast a spell to

put everyone in town to sleep. You are to capture them, and put them with the rest of the

prisoners. You are also to place pieces of evidence at key locations ie...the power stations,

the water plant, along some streets, just spread it around. Once the humans learn of this

AngelFlight being a threat to them, they'll hunt them down and destroy them. These human beings

are paranoid. Were gonna play off of their paranoia. Some of you are going to be left behind,

especially our K-9 companions. These people who are left will be killed, but it will prove to the

'humans' that dogs are a threat, and there paranoia will cause them to wipe out the dog

population on the whole. Whoever they fail to take out, we'll go and 'help' them on, until all

dogs are under my control." Belladonna says taking a drink of wine.

"You really think these humans will fall for that?" Dr. Robotnik asks

"What about Charlie and Itchy? Given the fact your trap failed to kill them, I'd say it's a

pretty safe bet to assume they'll ally with AngelFlight. Meaning: AngelFlight is now more of a

threat to us, and far more dangerous than you realise." Killer says.

"We should attack them before they can counter-attack us." Carface suggests

"I would send you to do just that, but their base is far to heavily guarded. Why should I waste

our forces to do a job the humans can do just as easliy?" Belladonna asks

"AngelFlight will be destroyed, but I still wanna be there. Just to see them fall." Carface says.

"Me, too." Killer says

"Once we get these prisoners safely incarcerated, then we'll all go watch what should be a good

show. One last thing, Dr. Robotnik, take a garrison of troops, and go hunt down this 'Alania'

who decided to leave this party early. Don't kill her, yet. Just bring her here. I wanna 'talk'

to her." Belladonna said.

"She can't escape us." Dr Robotnik says.

"See to it she doesn't. DO NOT return without her." Belladonna says.


"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being patient. I'll try to explain what we do here.

AngelFlight was created 3 years ago by Stryker over there, and his girl, a fox named Alania T.

Fox. They created it because Belladonna killed Stryker's parents. He swore revenge, and

figured since Belladonna's too powerful to face directly, that using indirect methods like spying

on her and giving information to Anabelle in some cases would be in order. We don't always

give information to Anabelle, and we DO spy on her too. We spy on her because we need to know

where she has her troops, so we can help them if they'll need it, and we can avoid comming into

direct contact with them. Sannabelle's been helping us in that aspect. She's been spying on

Belladonna for the last couple months. Alania's been spying on Anabelle. We do whatever we can

to stop Belladonna from hurting anyone, and look for opprutunities to help Anabelle whenever we

can. According to the report Sannabelle gave me a couple minutes ago, Belladonna had planned on

attacking Heaven. According to Alania, she actually WON that fight, and now controls both Heaven

and Hades. We've lost conact with our operative, and assume she's d" Flo said, looking at

everyone there, then at Stryker at the end.

"She's NOT DEAD. She Can't BE!" Stryker said, looking worried.

"That's just the worst case scenario. The best case scenario, is that she's just hiding up there,

waiting on us to get her out." Flo says.

"Uh, I hate to interrupt, but you asked me to deliever this report to one Sasha LeFleur, is she

here?" a dog wearing a white uniform with a red cross on the upper right side of it asks

"I'm Sasha. Who're you?" Sasha asks

"My name is Mavros. I'm the Medical officer here. Shane's gonna be fine. He's got a lot of

cuts and abrasions, and he's suffered a severe concussion, but he'll be fine." Mavros said

"Thank the lord." Sasha said.

"So what do we do about it?" Sonic asks

"Once contact with Alania was lost, I began planning to send some troops up there to rescue any

survivors. We're not expecting to find the fight still going on, however," Flo starts

"We want in." Charlie, Itchy, Greta, Sasha, Sonic, Tails, Ninetalesuk, Ashley and Angus said at


"You do? I'm not so sure that's a good idea. If Belladonna's troops are still up there, that

place will be very dangerous. We've not ordered anyone on this mission, everyone going is

STRICTLY volunteers."

"I don't care. Do any of the rest of you care?" Charlie asks

"I don't. We've ran Belladonna's traps before, this will be no different." Sasha says

"You don't go without me." Ashley says.

"Or us. You should know you can't throw a good party without us." Sonic says, looking at Tails

"We've helped Anabelle before, so maybe we can help her now." Tails said.

"Aiye, lad. Belladonna poses too much of a threat to go alone. Me and my sword," Angus pulls out

his plastic sword, "stand ready."

"I can't afford to let my boss and my friends get killed in combat, so me and my bat are goin."

Greta says, holding her baseball bat in her paws.

"Itch, you in?" Charlie asks

"You know me. If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die with my friends at my side. So I'm in." Itchy says

"Stryker, would you and Sannabelle go, to keep an eye on them?" Flo asks, looking at the 2 dogs

in front of her.

"I'm gonna get Alania. If they wanna come to help, that's fine." Stryker said.

"Stryker, I don't want any heroics out of you. All you have to do is search for any survivors.

You know Alania better than any of us. If there were a way out of there, she'd find it." Flo says

"That's true enough. I've seen her evade being captured by beating down a guard, stealing his

clothes, and walking right past Belladonna, without her ever questioning what all that noise

was." Stryker says.

"What about you, Sanna?" Flo asks

"Your the boss, applesauce." Sannabelle says snickering.

"Flo, I want my own fighter. Not that I have a problem riding with ya'll, but I'm more effective

in a fighter, anyway." Stryker says.

"Agreed. You too, Sanna. Your the best pilots I've got." Flo says.

"Don't worry, we'll land the first chance we get," Sannabelle said.

"Ok. Marine groups 1-5 are going with you, to provide fire support, in case you get lucky and

find Belladonna still there." Flo says.

"If she's there, she isn't leaving in one piece..." Sanna says.

"That's only if you get to her first. If I do, she's not leaving at all." Stryker says.

"ENOUGH! We'll deal with her LATER! First, we deal with the problem of survivors. I suggest you

go get ready, cause you launch in about an hour." Flo says looking at Sannabelle, and Stryker,

with a look that dared either of them to make another comment.


Alania slowly regained consciousness, looks at herself, and realises she's bleeding pretty bad.

She trys to climb out of her seat to reach the med-kit, but realises she still has her seat-belt

on. She looks down, and discovers that a piece of metal was sticking out of her leg, but it

didn't hurt. At least, it didn't hurt until she tried to move it. She looks around, hoping to

find something she can use to get the med-kit off the hook on the wall. It's just out of reach

from her. She finds a piece of metal that was knocked apart from the seat next to hers, twistes

it until it breaks, and uses it to knock loose the med-kit. She opens the med-kit, and wonders

how she's gonna get that piece of metal out of her leg. Then the thought crosses her mind.

One of her leg's is free, so she takes the padding off of her seat, rolls it up like you'd roll

a newspaper to swat at a fly, sticks it in her mouth, bites down on it, and prys her leg free.

She reaches for her duffel bag, rips a shirt in half, and ties the piece around her leg. She

reaches into the box and pulls out a syringe. She reaches for a bottle labeled "MORPHINE" and

gives herself about 20cc's of morphine. Realizing all to well that Belladonna can't be far behind

her, she grabs the med-kit, throws it in her duffel bag, and climbs outside the now-destroyed

EEV. She turns around and grabs the portable radio from the console, and turns to walk away.

After a few steps, she realises that she can't walk with her leg like it is, also thinking if she

stays, she's dead, or worse. So she takes the pain, and begins running away from the ship.


About 10 minutes later, Belladonna's troops find the wreckage of the EEV. They circled it, then

land. Dr Robotnik orders his troops to search the wreckage, and they find a blood-stained piece

of metal, and a torn shirt.

"Belladonna, we've found the EEV." Dr. Robotnik said

"AND...?" Belladonna asks

"There's no one in it. However, we believe that Alania is injured. We found blood on a piece

of metal where her leg would be, and we found a torn shirt which may have been used as a

form of band-aid." Dr Robotnik reported.

"I don't care if she's injured or in perfect health. FIND HER!" Belladonna yells across the


"Sir, we've found tracks leading away from the wreckage. We're following them now." A soldier



"Lance, I know you know how to access these hard drives. How do I do it?"

"I don't know, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you."

"Such an uncooperative attitude. Let's see what I can do to change that."

Belladonna picks up a baseball bat, as her guards pick Lance up, and tie him to the wall.

"Lance, I don't want this to get violent, but I grow tired of asking you this. So this will be

the last time. HOW do I access these hard drives?" Belladonna asks

"I told you, I don't know." Lance says

Belladonna swings the bat, hitting Lance in the chest, then swings it again hitting him in the


"Wanna tell me now?" Belladonna asks

"I told you, I DON'T KNOW!" Lance says

She swings again, hitting him in the arm.

"How bout now?" Belladonna snickers

"I can't tell you what I don't KNOW!" Lance shouts, breathing hard.

Belladonna motions for a guard to come over. He comes over carrying something with cables

sticking out of it.

"Hey, wait a second. What's this?" Lance asks

"I'll tell you what this is. It's called ELECTRIC SHOCK TREATMENT! Mwahahahaha!"

"Well I can see we're in for a long night, cause I don't know anything!" Lance says as the guard

hooks the cables to Lance's paws and ears.


"Are you guys strapped in?" A marine asks Charlie, who's securing Sasha's restraints.

"They are, I'm not yet." Charlie says.

"Ok go sit. I'll strap you in." The marine says, walking over to Charlie, and strapping him in

his seat.

The marine turns around and straps himself back in his seat. He presses a button on the wall,

a female voice says, "Confirm Cross-lock and Drop Stations Secured." The voice orders.

"Affirmitive. All Drop Stations Secured." The marine says back.

"Standby, launching now." The female voice says, as the ship begins to move forward.

After about 3 minutes,

"Hey Charlie Barkin, is this your first time flyin?" The marine asks

"Yeah, how bout you?"

"Nah. Been training to fly one of these, I get lots of flight time. You and your friends seem

to be handling this pretty well. Tis strange that Flo'd allow you to come with us, though. If

we encounter Belladonna or her forces, you guys run back in here. We'll cover you as you


"What about you?" Ashley asks

"We'll get on the other transport." The marine says.

"Angels 1 and 2, you up?" The female voice asks over the radio.

"Angel 1 up. Angel 2, you on?" Stryker asks

"Lock, stock and ready to rock." Sanna says, doing a fly-by of our group.

"Assuming position for escort." Stryker says, forming up on the left, Sanna on the right in a

V pattern with the transports in front.

"How is it you can just fly into heaven? I always thought getting there would be harder..."

Sonic asks.

"You'd think so. But were really just guessing. Belladonna got her forces in, and were assuming

we can, too. We're using the information we got from tracing Alania's signal while she told us

what was going down." The marine said.

"I wonder if she's ok." Another marine said.

"I feel sorry for Belladonna if she's not. Stryker and Sanna will go flying off the handle AGAIN

if she's not ok." Another marine, this time a lady dog, said.

"Again? Wonder what the first time was..." Tails asked.

"The first time they flew off the handle together, they destroyed a lot of Belladonna's forces.

I mean, they wiped out a batallion of her forces by themselves. Thats over 100,000 troops."

A marine said, laughing.

"This is ANF 161 to base, do you read us?" The female pilot said

"We read you. What's your status?" Flo asks

"Angels 1 and 2 are in escort position, our ETA is 90 Minutes" The pilot said.


Belladonna's troops had returned to their base in hades, recording the names of their prisoners,

and assigning them cages to live in now.

"Anabelle, are you ok?" A female angel asks.

"Just worried. This is too well thought out. With Belladonna, she usually forgets something,

which our forces can exploit and stop her with. It doesn't appear to be the case here." Anabelle

says, laying in her cage.

"We've got to get out of here."

"She's already tortured some of our angels, trying to get information out of them. If we leave,

she'll go ballistic and torture more. We can't go. I'm afraid it's all up to our forces on earth


An Announcement came over a loudspeaker Belladonna had set up in that chamber.

"Just wanted to remind you 'angels' that your here forever. This message will be repeated every

10 minutes. Mwahahaha."


Alania had realized that enemy troops were right on her tail just before they landed, cause she

heard their ships circling. She had ran across the thickest woods she could find, across any

ditch or stream she came to, trying to put as much distance as she could between her and them,

and to make it hard for them to track her. Every step she took made her cringe in pain cause of

her leg injury, but she ran anyway. After about an hour of running, she collapsed. She couldn't

take it anymore. The fact she was out of breath, the fact her leg was killing her, so she laid

there, waiting for them to find her and capture her. She slowly got to her feet, and looked

around. There was no sign of enemy troops, so she started walking. She didn't know where she was

going, but she figured anywhere was better than here.


"Dr Robotnik, did you FIND HER yet?" Belladonna asks

"Not yet. We're still looking." Dr. Robotnik said.

"YOU IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU LET AN INJURED DOG GET AWAY?!" Belladonna screams over the radio.

"It's not that simple. There's a lot of places this dog could be hiding. We're covering every

inch of this place, sooner or later we'll find them." Dr Robotnik says, hoping to avoid

Belladonna's wrath.

"I'm gonna make this simple. If you DON'T find her, I'm gonna do to you what I'm gonna do to her

if you do find them. It's either you or them." Belladonna says.


"Ok were almost to the coordinates that Alania transmitted from. Angel 2, you and the transports

hold here. I'm gonna do a fly-by and search the area."

"I'm comming with you."

"Your STAYING here. If there are any threats, I wanna identify them in this pass, and besides,

you gotta cover these transports and the 93 marines and 7 civilians inside."

"Ok, you need me, I'll be there in a flash."

"Am heading north, entering combat area from south side." Angel 1 reports

10 minutes go by

"Angel 2, any threats in your area?"

"Angel 2 to Angel 1, all clear so far."

"Angel 1 to Angel 2, I've completed my sweep. You gotta see this."


"Um...I'm not sure. I've never seen heaven before, but if I had to imagine what it would look


"Ok, were on our way."

"I've found a place to land, am landing now."

10 minutes later, Stryker, Sannabelle, and the 2 transports were on the ground.

"Team 1, head for the command center. Teams 2 and 3, living quarters and meeting halls. Team 4,

mess hall and kitchen. Team 5, come with me. On the south end of this complex, there's an area

that should contain an EEV launch bay. We gotta search there, too." Stryker said.

"I'm going with Team 1." Sannabelle said.

40 minutes later

"Team leaders, report." Sannabelle said

"Team 1. No survivors found, computer core has been removed, command center has been destroyed."

A marine said

"Teams 2 and 3. No survivors found, search has been completed. Returning to transport area."

Another marine said

"Team 4. No survivors found, area has been completely destroyed." Another marine said

"This is Team 5, we've discovered the EEV area does exist, and has been destroyed. But, there's

an EEV missing." Stryker said

"So Alania could still be alive." Sannabelle said

"Let's not get our hopes up yet. Anyone could have taken that ship." A marine said

"Is there some way to track it?" Stryker asked

"I'm checking into that now." A marine said, trying to access their computer

5 minutes pass.

"Got anything yet?" Stryker asks

"Uh...good news and bad news. The good news is I found the EEV. The bad news is that Belladonna's

troops are all over the area." The marine said

"Did they find it yet?" Sannabelle asks

"Yes, ma'am. Their troops are circling out from the area, like their searching for something."

The marine said

"Or someone." Stryker said

"So what can we do?" Sasha asks

"Find them first..." Charlie said

"We don't have the firepower to take them on!" Sonic said

"Yes WE do. Sanna, I'll provide Air cover for you while you use your scanners to find this

person. When you do, the transports land, you pick up that person, then we all withdrawl from the

combat area." Stryker said, turning to go toward his ship

"Can we pull it off?" Ashley said

"When you find this person, whoever it is, make it FAST. The FASTER you move, the more likely

we'll live to see tomorrow." Sannabelle said, climbing into the cockpit of her fighter.


15 Minutes later....

Belladonna had moved her troops into position outside a small city outside Phoenix, Arizona.

At 9:25 PM, She cast a spell on the town, putting every human and dog to sleep. Her troops, once

she cast the spell, moved into the town, and searched every home, and building, bringing all

the humans and dogs out and putting them into the transports. Evidence suggesting that

a group called "AngelFlight" was left inside a few homes, and at the city hall building, a

piece of paper was carefully placed stating the location of their primary base, and a supposed

meeting time there in about 2 weeks. Belladonna carefully left troops behind, to give the humans

the idea that they wanted that city, and would fight for it. Belladonna selected a few humans

who would be left behind, to be 'run' out of town, just so they could warn the humans on what

is going on in that town. Then, with her new batch of prisoners, she lifted her spell on that

town, and withdrew. The forces she'd left behind took positions on the perimeter of the town, and

ran the humans out.


"Angel 1 to battle group. You all set?" Stryker said as he circled the ruins of heaven.

"Angel 2 to Angel 1, were ready. Good luck." Sannabelle said, arming the weapon systems on her


"Transports are all set" The pilot on transport one radioed.

"Alright. Follow in 5 minutes. I'm gonna give these yahoo's a reason to attack me."

"That's SUICIDE!" A marine said.

"For them, Mwahahaha." Stryker said.

10 minutes pass, then

"Angel 1 to battle group, enemy engaged." Stryker said, firing on their transports

The enemy troops fired at him, a missle came out of no-where.

"Wait your turn," Stryker said, dodging the missle, then firing on the troops who shot it.

"Angel 2, you found them yet?" Stryker asked.

"Angel 1, I'm traking something that could be our person heading north."

"The transports moving to intercept?"

"Yeah, they're on their way."


A missle came out of the woods, flying right at Angel 2.

The missle exploded in the back half of her ship, destroying her flight-control systems and her


"Angel 2 at 094 345 Miles out, Ejecting now." Sanna radioed as she pushed the Eject Button and

flew out of her ship.

"They'll pay for that,"Stryker said as he turned his ship toward the woods where the missle came

from and fired a pair of his own missles into it, blowing it 20 feet into the air.

"Transport 1, divert to 094 345 and pickup Angel 2. Transport 2, Tell me you got that person..."

"Transport 2 to Angel 1, we got Alania. We're on our way out now."

"Negative, hold position on the edge of the combat zone and wait for us, you'll need escort. Is

Alania alright?"

"Negative, she's in critical condition. She's busted up pretty bad, cap'n."

Anger flashed in Stryker's eyes, so he turned his ship back toward the enemy's location and fired

on them again. Then he made another pass and fired on them until he had no weapons left.

"Transport 2, hold position, I'm gonna need pickup." Stryker said, starting his climb.

"Pickup, you don't need," The pilot stopped, as he saw what Stryker was doing.

Stryker had climbed in altitude, then dived into the enemy troops location, leaving his ship at

full power, and ejected. The blast destroyed all enemy troops in the area.

Stryker's parachute opened, and he drifted slowly down to the water, when he got 5 feet from the

water, he unhooked himself from it and fell into the water. He swam to the surface, and swam over

to Sannabelle.

"Good news. Alania's been found. The bad news is she's in critical condition."

"My God. Your taking this well."

"Taking this well. I just crashed my ship into enemy forces, just to blow up some of them, to

try to calm myself down. It didn't work, but it was a good idea. Oh look, I didn't get them all.

There's Dr. Robotnik." Stryker said.

"Where's the transport?" Sanna asked

"They're on their way." Stryker said

"There they are. You go first, Sanna." Stryker said.

Sanna climbs into the basket they lowered and they pulled her out.

They lowered the basket again and Stryker got in, and they pulled him out, then they turned and

flew back to their base.

As they were flying back, Stryker went up to Alania, and sat beside her.

"How is she?" Stryker asked.

"Her condition is slowly deteoriating. We need to get her back to base as quick as possible."

"Will she live?"

"Unknown at this time, best guess is 70/30 against." The medic said.

"What can I do?"

"Nothing. She's lost a lot of blood, her wound is infected, she's got abrasions all over her

body, we really need to get her to our hospital on base." The medic said.

"Alania my love, I'm sorry I got you into this."

"It's ok," Alania said, choking on each word, "I forced you to let me be a part of this. Did we

do it right?"

"Yeah, we did. The stuff you gave us is more valuable than gold. Don't speak, just save your

strength. We get you back to base, the doctors will fix you right up. You'll see. Just hold on.

Please, hold on." Stryker said, holding her paw in his, begging her to hold on and praying they

made it in time.


3 hours later, they returned to their base, Alania holding on to life by a thread. Alania was

rushed to the medical ward, where she was immediately taken into surgery, where Stryker put

on a mask and never let go of her paw. Sannabelle had waited outside the surgery room, watching

and praying that she lived. Flo came running up.

"I just heard. How is she?"

"Not good. She's barely alive."

"How's Stryker taking it?"

"He rammed a fighter into the ground near a bunch of enemy troops, just so the blast would take

them out, he's not taking this well."

"Man, I hope she makes it."

They watched the surgeons work on Alania, with Stryker sitting by her side, then, without

warning, the monitor displaying her heart beats went dead. They tried Electro-shock stimulus,

adrenaline, and open-heart massage, but nothing revived her. Alania Trelisa Fox was dead.

Stryker looked at her, feeling remorse that he'd gotten her involved in this, that he hadn't

stopped her from being a spy. He turned, and walked calmly out of the room.

"Stryker," Flo said.

Stryker didn't respond, he started walking faster toward his room.

"Best not to disturb him now. When he's ready to talk about this, IF he's ever ready, then he'll

come to us. Until then, we leave him be." Sanna said, watching the Alaskan Huskey leave.


In the meeting hall, where our heroes had gathered, waiting on news of Alania, a TV was playing.

Suddenly, A news interruption came on. They all turned to the TV and watched.

"This is CNN headline news with a special report. We've just been informed that an Attack on the

US Mainland has occured. This attack was carried out by MAN'S BEST FRIEND. I REPEAT, DOGS CARRIED

OUT THIS ATTACK! We take you live to San Lucas, Arizona, a town 10 miles northwest of Phoenix.

This is Caryn Hollis with Police Chief Lewis Feather. Mr Feather, what can you tell us about

this attack?

Well Caryn, this attack was carried out by dogs. When we got here, we found dogs attacking

civilians. We shot and killed the dogs, and searched the city for any more of these K-9

attackers. We didn't find any, but we did find proof that these dogs were associated with

a group called "AngelFlight."

We Interrupt for a special report by the President of the United States...

"...This attack will NOT be tolerated. We are launching a MASSIVE CAMPAIGN against these, I can't

believe I'm saying this, dogs. We're launching a campaign against dogs. Any K-9 found unattended

is to be Shot on Sight. Any K-9 that is inside a person's house is safe as long as the dog

REMAINS inside the house. We're preparing a counterstrike against this "AngelFlight" now. I'm

afraid I won't be taking questions at this time. If you'll excuse me.

More on this story as it becomes avaiable."

Charlie reaches up and turns off the TV.

"I can't believe they'd do that."

"We DIDN'T do that," Flo says, walking into the room.

"Any news on Alania?" Sonic asks.

"Um.....I don't know any other way to say it, so I'll just say it outright. She's dead." Flo says

on the verge of tears.

"How's Stryker taking it?" Ashley asked.

"I don't know. He left the operating room after she passed, then ran into his room and barricaded

the door. He hasn't left it since." Flo said, choking out the words.

"Maybe someone should go talk to him." Greta suggested

"Good luck, he won't open the door for anyone, not even me." Flo said, her voice down to a


Flo turns and walks back toward the door.

"Um...I'm afraid that I've got some work to do. Sanna should be on her way here, to chat with

you guys. I'd love to stay and talk, but I gotta figure out what were gonna do if we get attacked

here." Flo says turning toward the door and opening it.

"We understand. It's ok. Just wish there was something we could do." Tails says

"Maybe there is. I'll explain later." Flo says, walking out of the room


Stryker had barricaded himself in his room, picked up his favorite chair, and threw it into the

wall, watching it shatter into pieces.

"All that work, All that effort, WORTHLESS! If ONLY she hadn't demanded to be a spy!" Stryker

said, picking up the pieces of the chair and throwing them into the other wall. He punches the

wall, then kicks it.

"Stryker! OPEN THE DOOR!" Sannabelle yelled

"GO AWAY! I DON'T WANNA TALK RIGHT NOW!" Stryker yelled back, his voice strained

"MAYBE TALKING WILL HELP YOU!" Sannabelle yelled again.

"Alright, alright. It can't hurt." Stryker said as he opened the door.

"WOW! This place looks like a hurricane hit it." Sannabelle said.

"Sorry, I just figured taking out my anger on something that couldn't fight back would help me."

Stryker said.

"Did it?" Sannabelle says, standing in his room looking at the damaged bed, the destroyed desk,

the destroyed chair.

"No. All it did was get me sad, angry and sweaty. I'd offer you a seat, but I just threw it into

the wall. Sorry." Stryker says, his back to her.

"It's ok,"Sannabelle said as she sat on the floor.

"Ya know, I was gonna ask her to marry me when she took her next vacation. She and I've known

eachother since we were kids. Shortly after my parents were killed, I moved in with my aunt.

I met her when I went to puppy school. We became instant friends, always trying to one-up the

other. She's the one who taught me how to fight, how to face any fear, and how to think. She

taught me everything I know. And now she's dead." Stryker says, crying so hard he's barely able

to speak.

"Stryker, her memory will live on." Sannabelle says, trying to find some way of calming Stryker


"Memory. Yes, her memory will live on. She'd always joke with me that I'd be the one to get it

first, dying in some third-world country, trying to spy on Belladonna. Belladonna. That Evil,

she-demon Whippet has taken the 3 people in my life I cared-for most. I don't know if Alania can

hear me wherever she is, but I swear that her death will be avenged. As for Belladonna, I don't

care if I have to face her and all of her troops at once, I don't care if I have to hunt every

single troop of hers down before I can get to her, even if I have to do it all myself, I WILL

hunt down that dog and destroy her if it's the last thing I do. If it's the last thing I EVER

DO!" Stryker says, crying his heart out.


Stryker and Sannabelle left what was left of his room and ran toward medical.

When they got there, they both were at a dead-run. They stopped so suddenly they both slid across

the concrete floor, and stopped just short of the wall.

"That's not possible." Stryker whispered, staring through the window.

"I'm gonna go get the others," Sannabelle said turning and running toward the meeting hall.

"Stryker, sir, she's asking for you."

Stryker enters the medical ward, and walks into the operating room.

"Alania!?#!" Stryker says, looking at the dog before him, sitting on the operating table.

"Will you excuse us, please? He and I have some things we gotta talk about..."Alania says,

watching the doctors leave the room.

"Stryker, please close the blinds and lock the door." Alania said.

Stryker does as requested.

"Stryker, I know your wondering how I can be alive..."Alania started.

"The thought did cross my mind.."Stryker said.

"Perhaps I should explain. My name is not Alania Trelisa Fox." What we thought was Alania said.

Stryker stared at the dog sitting on the table.

"If your name's Belladonna," Stryker warned, grabbing a cutting knife, "then I'll kill you where

you sit."

"Close, but no cigar."The dog transforms herself into her true form.

"YOU! I...I.....I don't understand....what is this?" Stryker stutters, looking over the pink

whippet on the table.

"3 months after you started dating the real Alania, Belladonna, in one of her random acts of

violence, killed her cause she was in the way. I believe it was a coincedence that it was on the

same day she killed your parents. The news of her death would of caused her family to split up,

and her dad to serve Belladonna eventually. You would of taken your own life when you realized

that her death occured on the same day as your parents, so I took her place." Anabelle said,

looking at Stryker, trying to sense some reaction from him.

"Let me get something straight. Belladonna killed Alania, Right?" Stryker asked

"Yeah. Stryker, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Anabelle said

"How could you be here? I saw the ruins that were once called heaven. You should be captured

along with the rest of your angels, now shouldn't you?" Stryker said, still holding that knife.

"That's my counter-part. She assumed my role so I could do this to help you and her parents."

Anabelle said

"I don't by it. How do I know this isn't some trick Belladonna's playing on me right now? And

even if you are who you say you are, why would you do that? Why not just give her her life b"

Stryker asked.

"During the 2 years after you graduated from the academy, and before you committed yourself

to dating Alania, you were a spy for me. The reason that you aren't still working for me is cause

I made a bad judgement call, and left you for dead when you weren't. I can understand your

anger," Anabelle said.

"PLEASE don't bring that up again, I finally got over being mad at you about it." Stryker said,

starting to cry all over again.

"Stryker, I know you have to be feeling hurt right now, but you have to understand, I did this to

help you, not to hurt you. You were never intended to find out about this, Alania asked me to do

this because she cares about you." Anabelle said.

"Stryker, is everything all right in there?" Flo called, finally getting to medical.

"I'm gonna open that door now."

Stryker said, unlocking the door and opening it.

"Anabelle!" A chorus of voices said at once, as our heroes entered the now dark operating room.

"Stryker, you need to calm down. Please, think this through before you do anything." Anabelle


"Anabelle, Guys, I've made a decision, "Stryker says, looking very angry, "Belladonna took the 3

people I cared about most out of my life. Anabelle has been nice enough to try to make it so I

live a somewhat normal life, and I thank you for it. But the fact is Belladonna has to pay for

it, and she will pay now." Stryker said with a look of pure anger, one that would make even

Belladonna think twice about attacking him.

"You Can't do that." Anabelle said.

"I'm not asking you for permission, or whether you agree with my logic, cause frankly speaking,

I don't care. I'm not asking for any of your help, because I care to some extent about all of

you, and don't wanna lose anyone else because of the life I've chosen for myself. I'm gonna

handle this on my own." Stryker turns to leave, and get's stopped by the rest of our heroes.

"You may be able to get to Belladonna, but you won't beat her. At least not by yourself, and not

today. Goodnight, Stryker." Anabelle says, while Sannabelle hands a syringe to Ashley, who was

closer to Stryker. She shoves the syringe into his leg, and he collapses onto the floor almost

immediately. Charlie, Itchy, Angus, and Sannabelle drag him into the next room, and put him on

the couch there. They order guards to watch him, and not to let him leave the infirmary.

"Anabelle, where in Belladonna's dark heart did you come from?" Sasha asks

"How is it your here?" Charlie asks.

"I'll explain it all after we get something to eat. I'm starting to get hungry." Anabelle says,

hoping off the operating table.


Sannabelle lead the procession of dogs to the mess hall. Anabelle had been talking to them the

whole way, explaining to them what she had done and why.

"Anabelle, I still don't understand why you didn't just send Alania back to earth. You did send

Charlie and Itchy back." Sannabelle said, looking over to the pink whippet to her left.

"I wanted to keep an eye on Stryker. We, me and Alania, decided not to let Stryker or her

parents find out about her death, because it would destroy them. I took her place instead of

sending Alania back to earth because I wanted to be sure first-hand that they did not have any

way of finding out about it. I deleted all records of her death. And no-one remembers what she

looks like, so...." Anabelle said.

"Stryker's gonna be mad when he gets up." Sasha said.

"How are we gonna stop Belladonna?" Charlie asks

"Belladonna?! How are we gonna stop Stryker from getting himself killed by FINDING

Belladonna?!" Sannabelle said.

"Stryker is under guard right now. The guards orders are to alert us when he gets up, and NOT

to let him out of the medical center. Even if they have to sedate him. Again." Flo said.

"Anabelle, I think you'll wanna see this," Greta says, turning on the tv.

Anabelle watched the news.

"So that's her plan. Destroy heaven, make the humans attack dogs all over the world and destroy

them, and so far it's working." Anabelle said.

"Hey guys, listen." Ashley said, turning up the volume.

"This is CNN News. We're recieving massive reports of dogs being killed all over the world.

Dogs in every country are being slaughtered by the millions......." The man on the tv said.

"Uh...excuse me. Flo, we're recieving a transmission I think you'll all wanna hear."

They followed Rebecca to the control room.

"ATTENTION AngelFlight fools, This is Belladonna. I know you can hear this, even though you

respond not. I wanna talk to you. If you send some representatives to talk to me, and one of

them had BETTER be my daughter, Sannabelle. I'm sure that you've seen the news by now. I'm sure

you also know I have a lot of 'guests' under my care. If you ever want to see these 'guests'

again, then you'll come to the Flea Byte Club in San Francisco by 10:30pm tonight. IF you show,

those people will live. If you show not, I'll kill every one of them, starting with their

kids." Belladonna's voice says.

"That message has been playing on every channel," Scott says.

"I wonder if the humans have heard that message." Flo says, thinking aloud

"Let's hope so. If they did, they'll realise that were not at fault here, and they'll stop

the slaughter." Anabelle suggests

"Um....no. You see, the humans aren't killing dogs because they're associated with us, they're

killing dogs because dogs attacked a city of theirs, and no survivors were recovered. They

think that dogs killed them, so all dogs are paying for Belladonna's action." Charlie says,

sounding disgusted.

"What can we do about it?" Tails asks

"I have no idea. I need to think."Anabelle said.

"Meanwhile, we've gotta go to the Flea Byte, otherwise, those people are dead."

Sonic said

"You do realise that she's set a trap, and if we show up, that she's gonna kill all of us."

"Yeah, but do you have a better idea?" Ninetalesuk asks

"No." Flo said

"Then we go. Uh...Flo, you and Anabelle are staying here. You two plan our next move, while we

go deal with Belladonna." Ninetalesuk said.

"Wish Stryker was going with us." Sannabelle said.

"Are you NUTS! The last time Stryker flew off the handle, he nearly got himself killed! We

don't need to put him in that position again, now do we?" Flo said.

"Guess not." Itchy said.

"Hey I just realised something. We now have an advantage over Belladonna. We have Anabelle,

but Belladonna doesn't know that." Charlie said.

"We'll find a way to use it to our advantage, but." Flo said

"But what, lass?" Angus asks

"Sooner or later, don't you think Belladonna's gonna figure out that Anabelle isn't Anabelle?"

Tails asks.

"How can she? We didn't figure out Alania wasn't Alania. As long as she performs flawlessly,

her cover won't be blown." Greta said.

"We gotta go, we got less than 4 hours to get to San Francisco." Sannabelle said, standing up.



"We'll land outside of the city. Our troops will get into position as quickly and as quietly as

is possible. Sannabelle's wearing an earpiece, hidden inside her right ear. It will pick up

any sounds being produced within a 20 foot radius from her. We'll monitor your situation. If

Belladonna doesn't start a fight, we won't. It's DEFINITELY a good thing Stryker's not here.

Maybe now, we can keep a leash on you." A marine said.

"Nah, somehow I don't think that'll happen," Ashley said.

"Me, too," Sannabelle said.

"Sanna, try not to antagonize her. We need to try to play along, but not get her any madder

than she already is." Charlie suggested.

"Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for deployment." The pilot orders.


25 minutes later, inside the Flea Byte.

Belladonna sits at the bar, drinking a glass of wine, looking at the clock.

Just then, the door flew open and our heroes entered the ruins of the Flea Byte.

"Well well well, I thought I smelled something. Oh, Hi Belladonna!" Itchy said.

"Ah, scratch and sniff, was it?" Belladonna snickers

"I'm surprised you had the guts to show up by yourself." Sannabelle sneered

"Figured I'd take you all out if I felt like it. Right now, I want a

drink," Belladonna says, hoping over the bar and getting some wine.

"Well now that everyone's here, what do you want?" Sonic asks

"You still don't get it? I suppose you wouldn't get it if what I want grew arms and slapped

you across the face," Belladonna said, walking up to her daughter.

"You invited us to this little gathering, remember?" Charlie said.

"What I want is right in front of me. I want my daughter to return with me."

Belladonna said.

Everyone in the room started laughing, except Belladonna.

"There's as much of a chance of that happening as there is of a solid gold toilet

landing on your head and giving you a swirlie." Sannabelle said.

"I'm gonna make this so simple, even you, my insolent, rebellious daugher, can understand.

Either you come with me, or I'll kill all of my human prisoners. What's it gonna be?"

Belladonna sneers, standing toe to toe with her daughter. Sannabelle turns and looks at the

rest of her group, watching their reactions to Belladonna's threat.

"What's the matter? You aren't starting to get scared, are you?"

Belladonna said.

Sannabelle shoved her face about an inch away from Belladonna's, who

stared back malevolently, both trying to intimidate the other.

Sanna smirked and looked her mother straight in the eye:

"Scared? Oh, no, mommy dearest. Things are just starting to get fun."

"What about it? Join me or they die..." Belladonna sneered, watching her daughter.

"Gee, let me think about it for a moment, " Sannabelle said, taking a second to think about

it. She moves a little closer to her mother, and punches her in the nose, knocking her

off of her feet.

"I came here to convince you to come with me, so I wouldn't have to kill you.

Now you die with your so-called friends." Belladonna says, getting to her feet

and flying over their heads, circling.

"Come down here and face us." Greta said, watching the purple whippet flying


"I don't have to. When you got here, an 'associate' of mine called the dog

catcher. They'll be here in a matter of minutes. Goodbye, my insubordinate

daughter." Belladonna said, flying off.

They heard a noise behind them, and turned around to find.....


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