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 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:59
Please refer to part one for the events prior to these, and for

character copyright and usage information. Thanks!(Cause I didn't feel

like typing it all again, LOL)

Please note: All Sonic the Hedgehog characters are copyrighted to SEGA. They are used

without permission, purely for the sole purpose of fan appreciation.


T-44 Hours "Antiga Prime"

Captain Eve Ivwren had been manning the control center of AngelFlight headquarters

for more than 4 hours now, wishing she were elsewhere. She turns and looks around,

watching the two new comm officers, who had just come on duty. Then, she turns back to

her station, just hoping something breaks the monotiny of the day.

If only something would happen, she thought dryly.

"Uh, Captain?" Scott Pruitt, a new R/C (Radar/Communications) operator asks

"What's up?" Eve responds almost immediately, jumping out of her seat, almost as if she

were shocked something had happened.

"Just wondering what you were doing after your shift's over. A few of us were going to go

hiking after we got off, wondered if you'd wanna join us..." Scott extends an invitation.

"Sure, any ideas where were gonna go?" Eve asks.

"Figured we'd decide that just before we go." Scott says

"Ok, am looking forward to it." Eve responds.

As Eve turns to return to her station, another R/C operator, this time a womam, speaks up.

"Captain Ivwren?" Rebecca asks

"Yes?" Eve says

"Ma'am, we're recieving a transmission from Stryker." Rebecca asks

"Patch him through. Stryker, do you copy?" Eve asks

A burst of static then

"This is Stryker. Antiga Prime, do you copy?" The voice over the radio says

"Yes, we read you Stryker. What is your location and situation?" Eve responds

"Location is 44N, 56.4 W. I repeat, Location is 44N 56.4W. I need

extraction, mission is complete." Stryker reports

"Rodger, extraction team is underway. See you soon..."Eve says.

"Understood. Am on standby. Over and out." Stryker signs off.


Simultaneously, Back at the remains of the Flea Byte Cafe'.

Sasha, Charlie, Itchy and Greta had searched the club thoroughly, but had found no-one there.

Scattered about, were chairs, glasses, and tables. Sasha's mirror(she had it behind her bar)

was in pieces scattered everywhere. In her kitchen, Charlie had already put out the fires in the

kitchen, and he and Greta were searching the kitchen, while Itchy and Sasha were searching the

guest area.

"Sasha, we've spent the last 3 hours looking for him. He's NOT here." Charlie says, as he sits

down, taking a break.

"Oh honey, I'm sorry, but I gotta agree. We've looked everywhere. If he were here we'd of found

him already."Greta said, looking worried.

"So let's search it again! IF HE'S HERE, WE GOTTA FIND HIM!" Sasha yells, on the brink of tears.

She turns to go behind the bar and start looking again, at which point she starts crying.

Charlie walks up to her, she hugs Charlie, and Charlie comforts her.

"Don't worry. We'll find him, no matter what it takes." Charlie says holding her.

"I know. I'm just so worried about him." Sasha whispers, in-between crying.

"Ha Ha Ha. Isn't this a touching sight? It almost brings a tear to my eye..." A voice says.

They all turn around to see Belladonna standing in the doorway.

"What do you want, she-demon?" Itchy asks.

"I want Sasha." Belladonna says, taking a step toward Sasha and pointing at her.

"If you want her, you gotta get through us."Charlie says, releasing Sasha and moving between her

and Belladonna.

Itchy moves beside Charlie, while Greta picks up her baseball bat and takes a step toward


"You must think me a fool! You honestly think I'm gonna fight you, when I've already won without

ever having thrown the first shot?" Belladonna says, standing her ground.

"What do you mean, you've already won?"Gerta retorts, taking another step toward Belladonna

"I've got a problem. You see, I have Shane, but I don't want him. I want you, Sasha. It's

simple. I'll trade him for you. You have 3 hours to decide, I'll be back then." Belladonna says

as she starts to disappear.

Just before she disappears, Greta swings her baseball bat, knocking Belladonna off of her feet.

"You'll pay for that." She says, before vanishing.

"Why does Belladonna want you?" Charlie asks

"I have no idea. Poor Shane."Sasha says.

"Are you gonna go with Belladonna?" Greta asks

"I have no choice. If I do, then I'm dead. If I don't he's dead."Sasha says, looking like she's

gonna faint.

"I've got an idea, but I gotta go take care of some things. You guys sit tight, I'll be back

soon."Charlie says, turning toward the door

"Ok. We'll be here."Itchy says, watching his friend leave.


T-42 Hours, Belladonna's Headquarters

Belladonna is standing behind her desk, her back to the door. She's been looking out her window,

watching the preparations for the comming battle, and gloating to herself. The lone figure, who

watches Belladonna from the relative safety of the air vent, awaits the opprutunity to leave.

"Belladonna, here's the status report you requested. Troop convoys have begun departure to the

rally point. All weapons and arnament have already been transported. When the troops arrive at

the rally point, we'll distribute weapons and arnament, then brief them as to the primary and

secondary targets."Killer reports

"Exactly what are our 'primary' and 'secondary' targets?" Belladonna asks.

"Our primary target is the central computer core. It needs to be recovered relatively intact

because it contains lists of all of their Angels currently in Heaven, on earth, and lists of all

people currently helping them. It may even contain information on "AngelFlight", whatever that

is." Carface responds, turning to look at Killer and shaking his head.

"We have to capture everyone in Heaven at the time of our attack. Without anyone there, there

won't be anyone left to stand in our way, when we move against the Earth itself." Killer finishes

"And our secondary?" Belladonna asks

"Secondary targets consist of two things. Charlie B. Barkin, and Itchy Itchaford. They posess

the power alone to stop our assault, should they find out about. They must be destroyed." Carface


"I've already taken care of that. Soon, either Sasha will join us, or Shane will get it."

Belladonna says, laughing.

"Speaking of Shane, where is he?" Carface asks.

"He's in the torture chamber. I've been taking out frustrations on him. I tell ya, I never knew

how good it'd make me feel to send electricity through various parts of another being. HeHeHe"

Belladonna chuckles.

"That's all we've got right now." Killer says

"Ok, you two get back to work. I'm gonna go check on our 'guest'." Belladonna says


T-41 hours, Heaven

Anabelle is back in her office, sitting at her desk reading a book and sipping her 'diet cola'.

She turns around to look out of the window, when someone knocks on her door.

"Come in,"Anabelle says, turning back toward her desk.

"Anabelle, I've found something."Lance says, entering the room and closing the door behind him.

"What's that?"

Lance walks over to her, and hands her a folder.

"This is all the information I've been able to find on 'AngelFlight'. Appearently, Belladonna's

been trying to find out as much as she can, too. 'AngelFlight' has a base called 'Antiga Prime'.

That's appearently their headquarters, but we have no idea where it might be. Their leader's name

is Capt. Eve Ivwren. That's all I've been able to find."

"This, Eve Ivwren. Who is she?" Anabelle asks

"I don't know. Records on her have appearently been deleted." Lance says, looking confused.

"How? The only people who can delete that information are you or me?" Anabelle asks

"That's what I thought, but appearently not." Lance says.

"Lance, if your right, that means we may have a spy working in our midst." Anabelle says

"Ok. If we do, then what would be their next move?"

"Let's look at what we know. We know this person would be able to hack into our computer systems,

would have to have time away to report to whoever they work for..."Lance starts, but Anabelle


"Whoever they work for? I thought they'd be working for Angelflight..." Anabelle says

"Not necessarially. They could be working for Belladonna, just the same." Lance says

"Ok, good point. What else do we know?" Anabelle asks

"We really don't know anything else. However, I'm gonna start checking who's accessed that

directory recently, the program itself, when and where it was accessed, and who was logged on at

the time." Lance says.

"Ok, Lance?" Anabelle says

"Yes?" Lance says, walking to the door and turning to face her

"It's very important no one outside this room knows what's going on. It'll compromise your task

if someone finds out." Anabelle starts

"Right, see you in a bit..." Lance says as he opens the door and leaves


Back at the Flea Byte.

"Belladonna's gonna be here any minute, are you sure about this?" Greta asks, holding her bat

in her paws.

"No, I'm not. But I have no choice." Sasha says.

"Your only half-right about that." Charlie says, running in the room with another dog.

"Who are you?" Greta asks, taking a step toward her

"Ashley Barkin, Charlie's sister. Your Sasha, right?" Ashley says, looking at the Irish setter.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" Sasha asks

"No time for that. From what Charlie's told me, Belladonna will be here anytime now. I've got an

idea on how to help you. First, you tell her what you had planned, that you'll trade yourself for

Shane. I'll tell you the rest after Belladonna leaves." Ashley says.

"I hope you know what your doin'"Greta says.

A loud crack is heard, and as everyone turns around, they see Belladonna and Carface standing

in the room, about 2 feet from the door.

"Hello fools, did you miss us?" Belladonna says, looking around the room

"Not in the least. Where's Shane?" Sasha growls, staring Belladonna down.

"He's safe for now. What's your decision? You comming with us, or is Shane gonna pay for your

mistake?" Carface asks.

"You bring Shane, then I'll go with you. I won't go with you without seeing him go free first."

Sasha says.

"Ok, meet us by the 4th street bridge in 8 hours. If your not there, then Shane get's it."

Belladonna says

"Ok." Sasha says.

Belladonna and Carface fade into a green ball, then shoot out of the room.

"I gotta make some calls, we got 8 hours."Ashley says.

"8 hours until what?"Itchy asks.

"Sasha, that all depends on who we can get to come, will tell ya later." Ashley says.

"Who are you gonna call?"Charlie asks

"Ghostbusters!"Ashley says.

They all start laughing.

"No seriously, who are you gonna call?" Sasha asks

"Angus McBarkin, Ninetalesuk, Sonic, and Tails." Ashley says.

"Are you sure they'll come?"

"Sure? OF COURSE THEY WILL! If they won't do it for me, then they'll do it for you."Ashley says,

picking up the phone.


Angus McBarkin had been watching tv, drinking a glass of water, and falling asleep in the chair,



"I'm comming, I'M COMMING!" A male voice says, walking across the room and picking up the phone

"Hello" He says

"May I speak to Angus McBarkin?" A female voice says

"Aye, lass, you be speakin' to him. And who do I have the pleasure of speakin' to?" Angus says

"I don't know if you'll remember me, but I'm Ashley Barkin." Ashley says

"ASHLEY BARKIN? My cousin ASHLEY BARKIN!?" Angus says, leaping to his feet.

"Yeah, how've you been?"Ashley asks.

"I've been fine, lass. How 'bout yourself?" Angus asks

"I'm ok, but I got a friend who's in some trouble. Belladonna's is holding her brother hostage,

and we could really use your help."Ashley says.

"Sure, just tell me when and where you want me."Angus says.

"How fast can you get here?"Ashley asks.

"Where are ya lass?"

Ashley gives him directions to the flea byte.

"I have some stuff to take care of, but I can probably be there within 5 hours."

"Ok, see you soon." CLICK, then he hears the dial tone.

"I wonder what this'll be about..."Angus says, picking up his wig, and walking toward the door.


Ninetalesuk Fox had been enjoying his dinner, a Chili Cheese-dog, a Bananna, and a can of Pepsi,



"Hello." Ninetalesuk says, eating his Chili Cheese-dog.

"Hi, may I speak to Ninetalesuk?" A female voice asks

"Yeah, your speaking to him." Ninetalesuk says

"Hi, my name is Ashley Barkin. I'm a friend of Sasha LeFleur. Her brother's been kidnapped."

Ashley said

"Shane's been kidnapped?" Ninetalesuk says

"Yeah." Ashley says

"Who did it?" Ninetalesuk asks

"Belladonna, "Ashley starts

"Ok. You got a plan on getting him back, or you want me to find her, beat her down and take him

by force?" Ninetalesuk says, sounding hopeful.

"Maybe later. We're meeting at the Flea Byte, how soon can you get here?" Ashley asks

"Yeah, am on my way." Ninetalesuk says, hanging up the phone and running to the door.


"Sasha, can you call Sonic and Tails? I doubt they'd recognize me,"Ashley asks

"Sure," Sasha says, taking the phone and dialing.


Sonic and Tails were watching the movie, "Happy Gilmore", when....


"Hello." Sonic says

"Hello, is Sonic there?" Sasha says

"Hi Sasha, yeah, I'm right here." Sonic says.

"Is Tails with ya?" Sasha asks

"He's right here, too." Sonic says

"Can you both come down to the Flea Byte? It's Important..." Sasha asks

"Yeah sure. We're on our way." Sonic says

"Ok. Thanks, bye." Sasha says, hanging up.

"Bye" Sonic says, hanging up the phone.

"What's goin' on?" Tails asks

"That was Sasha. She wants us to go to the Flea Byte, its important." Sonic says, looking at


"Ok, let's go." Tails says.

"Right, little budy. We're gone." Sonic says, grabbing Tails and running toward the door.


T-38 Hours, Belladonna's Headquarters

"It would appear that Sasha actually believes your gonna give up Shane, just to get her."

Carface says.

"I AM going to give up Shane, but not just to get to her." Belladonna retorts

"What do you mean?" Killer asks

"I mean, when you go to meet them, re-inforcements will be on hand, standing by. Sanna, you and

Carface will make the exchange. 2 Minutes after your exchange, our re-inforcements, led by

Killer, will then move in and kill all of them. Any questions?" Belladonna says.

"Yeah, what of Charlie and Itchy? You know they'll be there."

"Come on, even if they are there, we've got re-inforcements on the magnitude of 10-1. They are

good, but not that good." Belladonna says, laughing.

"When's this exchange supposed to go down?"Carface asks

"We've got about 5 hours before-hand. However, Killer has already taken his re-inforcements and

moved them into position." Belladonna says

"Carface, Sanna, you two don't even have to do anything to have Killer move in his troops. 2

Minutes after Shane starts walking, then he'll move in and kill them." Belladonna says.

The three start laughing.

"Remember, not a word of this leaves this room. We don't want to scare off our prey, do we?"


Back at "Antiga Prime"

Captain Eve Ivwren had been working for 10 hours now, looking forward to the end of her

shift in the next 2 hours. She was also waiting for news from the extraction team sent to

retrieve Stryker, hoping they were ok.

"Captain, EVAC-1 reports operation complete, they're in the bay now." Rebecca reports

"Hey Eve, I'm back!" Stryker says, entering the room.

"Nice to see you made it in one piece this time." Eve says, turning to see the huskey walking

into the room.

"I'd of made it that time, except he closed the door early." Stryker says

"Yeah, yeah, I suppose you'd think that." Eve says

"Where's Flo? I got some stuff for her." Stryker asks

"She's in intelligence." Eve says, "Second door on the left."

"Ok, I'm gonna go give her this stuff, then go take a shower." Stryker says, leaving the room

and going down the hall toward Intelligence.

Stryker stands outside the door labeled "INTELLIGENCE, AUTHORIZED PERSONELL ONLY". He looks

around the door, and finds a red button. He pushes the button, and hears a click on the door.

"Come in." A female voice says.

"Flo?" Stryker asks

"Ah, Stryker. Come in." Flo says, standing up and greeting him.

"Flo, here's the disks and documents you asked for." Stryker says

"Did you have any trouble?" Flo asks

"Some, they had troops all over the place. Far more than your briefing suggested." Stryker says

"How'd you get into the building?" Flo asks

"Never mind.." Stryker


"Ok ok, Congradulations on another job well done." Flo says

"You got anything else for me?" Stryker asks

"No, why don't you go get some sleep? And take a shower. Your smelling kinda ripe." Flo says,

pinching her nose.

"Gee thanks, glad you noticed." Stryker says, leaving the room.


T-37 Hours, The Flea Byte

At the Flea Byte, Greta had managed to create a make-shift table from the wreckage. Sasha,

had cleaned off the remaining chairs and moved them around the table. Itchy and Charlie

had been moving the wreckage from the kitchen. When Ninetalesuk arrived, he helped Sasha

clean up the guest area. After a few moments, Angus McBarkin came walking in, and almost

immediately, after greeting them, went into the kitchen. Sonic and Talis were the last to

arrive, having the farthest to go. When they did, everyone converged around the table,

to hear what Charlie and Sasha had to say.

"I wanna thank you all for comming,"Sasha says.

"Why we be here, lass?" Angus asks

"We're here because Belladonna kidnapped Shane. We need your help to get him back." Charlie says

"So what do we do?" Sonic asks

"Angus, I got a favor to ask. Since you and Sasha are about the same size and length, I need

you to disguise yourself like her." Ashley says

"'disguise myself like her'?! Are you NUTS?" Angus asks

"Why not? You already where a dress..." Charlie asks

"That's a KILT! Not a dress, A KILT!" Angus shouts, standing up and going toward Charlie.

"Boys, you can compare who'd look better in a dress later. Right now, we gotta find a way to get

Shane back!"Sasha says, standing between Charlie and Angus.

"Why'd you want me to dress like a lass?"Angus asks, sitting down.

"The way Belladonna wants it to go down is we meet them at the 4th street bridge, and exchange

Sasha for Shane. IF you take her place, you could get Shane away from them."

"Who's them?"

"We assume Carface and Killer will make the exchange." Charile says

"What about Belladonna herself? Why wouldn't she be there?" Tails asks

"That's a good point, she probably will. Which would mean there'd be a lot of her troops there,

too." Charlie says

"What happens after we get Shane?" Ashley asks

"Assuming we're still alive at that point, we need to have an escape route planned." Charlie says

"There's a sewer line running below 4th street, we could try to escape that way." Itchy says

"We open the hatch when we get there, then when we get Shane, we all retreat through it. Greta,

can you get us a map of the tunnels through there?"Charlie asks

"Sure, take 'bout an hour..."Greta says, turning toward the door and jogging off.

"Ok. Wait a second, if I dress like Sasha, won't I need to be her color, too?" Angus asks.

"Leave that to me..." Ashley says, grabbing Angus and leading him into the kitchen.

"Oh brother, this should be interesting..."Itchy says


T-36 hours, Heaven

Anabelle was sitting at her desk, basically day-dreaming. She'd read the daily reports, weekley

report and had eaten breakfast. In 40 minutes, she'd done her whole day's work, and was bored.

She thought about hanging a do-not disturb sign on her door, and taking a nap. So she gets up,

writes on a piece of paper "PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB", and takes it to the door. As she opens the

door, she finds Lance standing outside the door, about to knock on it.

"Come on in, Lance." Anabelle says

"What's that in your hand?" Lance asks, sitting down

"Oh, never mind. What brings you here?" Anabelle says, returning to her desk.

"Anabelle, I finally got something that may prove useful." Lance says

"What's that?"Anabelle asks

"When I checked the records on who used the terminals, accessed the directory, and simply had

the ability to alter the records, there were only 2 people."Lance says

"Who're they?"Anabelle asks

"Alania Trelisa Fox and Justin Lee Ravent. They were using the computers at that time, both have

the skill necessary to make the changes, and both did access that directory." Lance says

"Why would either of them do that? What would they have to gain by deleting her information?"

Anabelle asks

"I don't know. It just doesn't make sense." Lance says

"I have an idea. Run a background check on both of them. Then cross-reference information between

what we have on AngelFlight and them, see if any of it matches." Anabelle says, taking a drink

of her glass of water.

"Your still convinced this 'spy' works for AngelFlight?" Lance asks

"If this spy didn't, wouldn't he or she be trying to feed us false information? What would it

gain them to be giving us accurate information?" Anabelle asks

"Good point. Ok, I'll start checking into this immediately." Lance says.

"Good luck." Anabelle says, picking up her reading glasses and reading a book called "Men, good

or Evil?"


T-35 Hours, Belladonna's HQ.

"I'll go prepare the prisoner for transfer." Sannabelle says

"You do that, while I get our transportation ready." Carface says

Sannabelle enters the room where Shane's being kept. She notices Shane's trying to break the

ropes he's tied down with.

"It won't do you any good to do that, we'd just have to catch you again." Sannabelle says

"My friends will come for me." Shane says

"Turns out they won't have to. I don't have a lot of time, so listen carefully. Belladonna's

trying to trap your sister and your friends. She plans to kill them all with one quick move.

You and I are gonna stop her, however." Sannabelle says, starting to untie Shane from the


"How?" Shane asks

"No time to explain that. When I say now, hit the ground and start crawling away from Carface

and me." Sannabelle says

"Why are you helping me?" Shane asks

"'cause." Sanna says

"SANNABELLE! It's time to go! NOW!" Carface yells.

"Were comming. MOVE!" Sannabelle finishes untying Shane from the chair, and points a gun at him.

Reluctantly, Shane starts walking.


T-34 Hours, "Antiga Prime"

"Captain Ivwren, we've recieved a priority message." Rebecca says.

"Have you authenticated it?" Eve asks

"Yes ma'am. You need to read this." Scott says

FROM = Operative 002








"Print that out immediately, please." Eve orders.

They here the whine of a printer.

"I'll be right back. Rebecca, order EVAC units 1 and 2 to the 4th street bridge in

San-Francisco in an hour. Tell them to take marine unit #101 with them, and pickup all

civilians in the area. I gotta go tell Lt. Flo about this." Eve says, turning and walking out

of the room.

"Hey Flo, you in here?" Eve says, opening the door to the Intelligence room.

"Yeah, what's up?" Flo asks

"I got a report here for you." Eve says, handing Flo the report.

"Launch EVAC 1 and 2, and tell them to take Marine unit #101 and take all civilians in the

area." Flo says

"I already did." Eve says

"Tell them to take Stryker along with them." Flo says, turning to her monitor and typing on her

keyboard. Flo says

"Ok, Will keep you advised." Eve says, turning toward the open door.

"Ok. Thanks." Flo says, as Eve closes the door.


T-33 hours, the 4th street bridge, San Francisco.

"Belladonna, are you here?" Sasha asks

"She's not, but we are." Carface says

"Carface, I should of known she'd send you instead of doing her own dirty work. Where's Shane?"

Sasha asks.

"He's right here. We'll let him go once we have you." Carface says

"Shane, you ok?" Sasha asks

"Yeah, suprisingly enough, they haven't treated me all that bad." Shane says

"Isn't this sweet, a family reunion. Come on, Sasha, lest we get impatient." Sannabelle says

"Ok ok, I'm comming." Sasha said.

Sasha starts to walk over to them, at which point they release Shane, who walks toward Sasha.

When they get 1/2 way across the bridge, Sasha winks at Shane, who continues walking.

"Ok, Carface, Grab her." Sannabelle says

"Hey wait a second! This isn't Sasha!" Carface says, backing away

"Oh, pardon my heels? What's the world comming to when a decent lady has to be so vulgar to

protect herself?" Angus says, still sounding like Sasha. As he backs away from Carface he says:

"Now let's end this cheap charade." Then, he pulls off his face-mask and wig, and reveals

himself to them.

"NOW!" he shouts, Shane hits the floor.

Charile, the real Sasha, Greta, Ashley, Sonic, Tails, and Ninetalesuk appear from hiding under

the bridge and stand between Shane and Sannabelle and Carface.

"You give up yet, or you wanna take us all on?" Ninetalesuk says.

"Oh our reinforcements will take care of you." Carface says, as he reaches for his radio.

"I don't think so." Sannabelle says, as she takes her hand-gun and places it to Carface's head.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Carface screams.


"You didn't have to hit him with that weapon." Shane says.

"True, but it felt good."Sannabelle says.

"EVAC-1, we need a pick-up here." Sannabelle says into her radio.

A crack of static, then

"We're right above you, standby." They heard, then they heard the whine of 2 turbo-prop

helicopter-transports landing on the seemingly deserted street.

"We gotta go, Belladonna put reinforcements near here. They'll be here any second." Sannabelle


"Why should we trust you?" Charlie asks

"I could of let Carface and Killer kill all of you, but I'm not. NOW MOVE IT!" She orders.

They hear the loud BANG of a gun being shot. They turn around to see Killer and his

forces entering the area on the opposite side of the bridge.

"RUN!" Sannabelle said

"Come on, we'll cover you." Stryker said, opening fire on Killer's forces.

A belly turret on the transport turned and began opening fire. Killer's forces continued

to fire on the EVAC units, and the civilians, while the marines fired back, and some of them

ran out and started carring the civilians to the transports. After 30 seconds of fighting,

all of the civilians except Greta had made it onboard. Stryker ran out after her, grabbed her,

and ran back to the waiting transport. As he made it inside with her, a lucky shot hit him

in the shoulder. They closed the door, and took off.

"Hang on Stryker, we'll get you medical attention ASAP." A marine said, while another went

and got a medical kit.

"It appears to be a flesh wound, nothing serious," Stryker said. Then he tried to move the

shoulder, and screamed in pain.

"Guess that rules out that theory. Now hold still, cause this is really gonna hurt." another

marine said.

"Hey Sanna, what in the world are you doing here?" Stryker asks

"I need to speak to Flo immediately." Sannabelle says

"FLO!? Charlie and Itchy Yell

"FLO?" Sasha Yells

"She's still alive?" Greta asks

"Please, we'll answer your questions later. I need to speak to her RIGHT NOW! IMMEDIATELY!"

Sannabelle said.

"Ma'am our radio antenna was damaged during the fighting. I'm afraid it will be at least 2 hours

before we reach our nearest base." The marine said, reaching behind the terminal and attempting

to fix it.

"What about the other transport, do they have a radio?" Sannbelle asks

"It doesn't have the range. I'm afraid the only radio that we can use is 2 hours away. Sorry."

The marine looked back at the flight gauges.

"Ok, just get us there as quick as you can." Sannabelle said


At Belladonna's HQ.

Belladonna had just recieved word of the disaster that had taken place.

"SHE DID WHAT!?" Belladonna screams, picking up her gun and throwing it into the wall.

"She attacked us. Appearently she was the spy, and she helped them rescue Shane." Carface


"Where is she now?"

"The tracker we implanted into Shane is working. When they land, we'll get a fix on their

position, then attack. " Killer says.

"Never mind that. Have a small company of troops find out where they're going. Move your forces

back up here into attack position. I've learned that I have to be flexible with our plans. My

daughter heard we would launch within 30 hours, instead we shall launch immediately. Our

forces are ready to go, are they not?" Belladonna asks

"Almost. The last troops and arnament are being moved into place now." Carface says.

"Excellent, then when you get here, this party can begin." Belladonna orders, smiling to herself.


The medical officer had examined Stryker's shoulder, and found that it required minimal

attention to fix.

"Stryker, I'm afraid we're gonna have to put some stitches in your shoulder." The officer said

"Do it." Stryker said, closing his eyes

"Sannabelle, we've reached our outer perimeter base." The flight officer said after landing the


"Put me in touch with Flo." Sannabelle ordered

"Base 414 calling Antiga prime. Do you read us?" The comm officer said, adjusting the sytem

"Yes, base 414. This is Antiga Prime. Have you accomplished your mission?" Eve asks

"Yes, but we need to speak to Flo immediately." Sannabelle said

"Ok Standby." Eve said, leaving the room to get Flo.


"Carface, Killer, are we all ready?" Belladonna asks

"Yes. We're all set." Killer says

Belladonna points her finger toward the heavenly gates.



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