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 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:58
"And so it shall come to pass, that heaven and earth shall tremble and stand on the brink of

destruction. But out of the ashes, nine shall stand against the great evil. The final outcome

shall be dertimined by their strength of heart, courage of mind, will to survive,

and pure determination."

Please note: Sasha, Flo, Itchy, Charlie, Lance, Bess, Gerta, Anabelle, Belladonna, Carface,

and Killer are all Copyright to MGM Home Entertainment, All Rights Reserved. Their use is without

permission, but is purely for fan appreciation, and for NO other intended or unintended use.

Stryker, Alaina, Jharyin and Capt. Ivwren are all my created characters. If you wish to use them,

Please Ask.


Sannabelle is a created character created by herself. Used with permission.

Ashley is created by Fuzzmole. Used with permission.

Ninetalesuk and Angus McBarkin are created by Ninetalesuk, Used with permission.

Shane LeFleur is created by SashaLeFleurfan9278. Used with permission.


"Hey Itch, I hate to say it, but I gotta call your bluff."-Charlie says, smiling as he lays his

paw down, revealing his cards.

"Yeah, those are some good cards, I guess. However, mine are better." Itchy says, laughing as he

puts his cards down, and takes a sip of his water.


"Comming..."Charlie shouts, standing up and walking over to the door.

Charlie opens the door.

Greta and Sasha come running in, knocking over Charlie, slamming and locking the door behind


"What happened to you two? You look scared to death..."Charlie says, standing up looking worried.

"Are you two ok?"Itchy says, walking over to them.

"Belladonna attacked us at the club. She, Carface, Killer and about 20 of her Fire Imps came in

and started ripping the place apart. Before she could capture us, we ran. However most of our

customers this evening weren't so lucky. They're either dead or captured." Sasha says, looking


"Ya'll got lucky. Ok, you want us to go to the club now, or wait until morning?"Itchy asks.

"I say we go now. If the club's been ripped apart, then we can't cause any more damage...hehehe"

Charlie says, standing up.

"CHARLIE ARE YOU NUTS!"Sasha screams "Do NOT try to finish what she started!"

"Besides, here's a question: Why would Belladonna attack you at your club? I mean, isn't that a

little bit too public of a place..." Itchy asks

"What are you getting at?" Gerta asks

"Maybe Belladonna wasn't attacking your club. You said most of your customers were killed or

captured, right? Maybe one of them did something or saw something they shouldn't of, and

Belladonna was just trying to get to them...."Itchy suggests..

"You don't suppose any of them are still alive in there?" Sasha asks.

"I don't know, but I bet I find out. Itchy, you, Sasha and Gerta stay here. This won't take

long."Charlie says.

"You can't go alone!"Itchy shouts.

"That's my club, I'm going."Sasha says.

"You wanna borrow my baseball bat?"Gerta asks

"No thanks. First off, Itchy I need you to stay here and guard Sasha and Gerta.

Sasha, let's say Itchy is right, and Belladonna was after you or Gerta.

She may figure you have to return there sometime, and just sit and wait for you.

Thats why you two are staying here."Charlie says.

"Ok. Hey Charlie?"Sasha says, while Charlie opens the door.

"Itchy, unless it's me at the door, this door doesn't open. None of you come out, and NO ONE

COMES IN. Right?"Charlie says.

"Right."Itchy says

"Charlie?"Sasha asks

"Yeah?" Charlie says, turning to face her.

"Watch your back."Sasha says

"I didn't know you cared..."Charlie says, looking smug.

"I DONT! I just don't want to lose my best customer!"Sasha screams.

Itchy and Gerta take one look at the two of them, and fall over laughing.

"ITS NOT FUNNY!" Sasha and Charlie yell.



"Hey Lance, can you come in here for a minute...?"Anabelle asks.

"What's up?" Lance says, entering the room and closing the door behind him.

"I walked in my office this morning, and found something interesting. What does this look like to

you?" Anabelle asks, holding a piece of paper in her paw.

Lance walks over, takes the piece of paper, reads it, and shakes his head..

"This looks like an intelligence report."He says, looking confused."What am I supposed to be

noticing about this?"

"'an intelligence report'. That's what I guessed too, so I ran it through our Intelligence

department and their operatives. None of them take credit for this. Another interesting point,

this office remains locked at ALL times, unless I'm in it. I did NOT get this yesterday evening,

but this morning here it is. Since I'm the only one with a key, and that door was LOCKED when I

left, how'd it get on my desk?"Anabelle asks, looking around her room.

"I don't know."Lance says.

"Lance, the information I'm going to give you has been deemed classified by the Council of

Guardians. Have you been cleared to recieve such information?" Anabelle asks, looking at Lance.

"Yes, maam. My clearence is on file."Lance says, smiling.

"Lance, about 2 months ago, we started recieving new information from a 'anonymous' informant.

Someone or something calling themselves "AngelFlight". They gave us information that has helped

us stop some of Belladonna's operations on Earth. Their information is highly accurate, we

verify every piece we get. I never mentioned it before, but I wanna know who or what this

"AngelFlight" is, why they're helping us, and how they get their information into a supposedly

'secure' office. In fact, how they get information up here in the first place." Anabelle says,

walking back and forth, trying to wear a rut in the floor.

"Ok, I'll start checking into it. Maybe, we'll get lucky and find something."Lance says. "Was

there anything else?" Lance asks

"No, why?"Anabelle asks

"I kinda wanted to do some exercises before bed." Lance suggests.

"I think I'll join you today."Anabelle says

"Well well well, this should be interesting..."Lance says, jogging out of the council area.


In a remote part of earth, deep in a jungle, a lone dog sat at a computer terminal, punches in

his access codes, and waits for a response.

"Good evening, Stryker Aaron Masterson. The report you sent in is being transmitted now. Please

standby..."The automated voice says.

5 minutes pass, the computer appears to be locked up again.

"Darn these old model computers, can't they ever work when they're needed?" Stryker sighs. "Oh

well, I'll give it another 5 minutes, just to be safe."

He hears a series of whines and beeps, followed by a green light and "Message was recieved as

of 1900 hours." His computer reports.

"Finally, now to get out of here." Stryker mutters.

"Hey guys, there's a building over here. He probably went this way."

"Or not,"Stryker whispers, loading his gun.


"Antiga Prime" Top secret headquarters of AngelFlight

"Captain, can you come over here for a minue? I think you'll wanna see this..." the operator


"What's up?"Captain Ivwren says, walking over.

"A report from Stryker. He's reached his target, done his mission, but has been compromised

on his way out..." the operator said.

"Does he need extraction?" Ivwren asks

"Unknown at this time. Next contact will occur at 0500 hours, in 2 days." the operator reports.

"What else is on that report? He usually transmits mission information as an attachment

along with the status report..." Ivwren asks

"He did. It's printing out now." the operator says

"Good, say have you had your break yet?" Ivwren asks

"As a matter of fact, no. I was due to be relieved about 5 minutes ago." the operator sighs

"You go take your break. I don't know who's supposed to be covering for you, but until they

show up, I'll cover. Go eat." Ivwren orders

"Yes ma'am. Thanks." the operator salutes, then turns and leaves

"Anytime." Ivwren smiles, and turns to read the report.


"Mistress Belladonna?" Carface says

"Yeah?" Belladonna asks

"It would appear your plan is proceeding as ordered. Sasha and Gerta were allowed to leave,

everyone else was captured." Carface says, smiling

"Good." Belladonna says.

"Hey Mom?" a young lady walks in

"Ah, Carface, I want you to meet my daughter, Sannabelle. She's finally returned to her roots,

E V I L!" Belladonna smiles, and hugs Sannabelle.

"Just wanted to congradulate you on your recent success, but why did you let Sasha and Gerta

escape? Wouldn't it have served a better purpose to capture them and use them as bait to get

Charlie or Itchy?" Sannabelle suggests.

"That would be a good idea, but I've already taken care of it. Sannabelle, meet Shane LaFleur.

Sasha's brother." Belladonna says.

"You are THAT LeFleur?! WOW! I've heard a great many things about you, but never thought I'd

meet you in person." Sannabelle looks impressed.

"Glad you approve." Shane says.

"I'd watch that attitude of yours, that is, if you still like being able to speak." Belladonna


"Sannabelle, don't you have some work you need to be doing?" Belladonna says

"Yeah, I was just leaving." Sannabelle says, walking out of the room.

"Carface, move the prisoner into my office. I'll join you there shortly." Belladonna orders.


The following morning

"Sasha, Gerta, WAKE UP! Charlie didn't come home last night..."Itchy yells, running into the


"Ok. We know he went to the Flea Byte, so let's go."

"Not so fast, nobody's going anywhere." Charlie says, running into the room.

"CHARLIE, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" They all yell in unison.

"I made it to the Flea Byte ok. The place is almost completely destroyed. There were no bodies,

therefore, I don't think anyone was killed. Unfortunately, there were no survivors on site. I

searched through the wreckage, and found this..."Charlie reports, looking worried and holding up

a picture of Sasha with someone.

"This belongs to my brother, Shane. That can't be. I SAW HIM LEAVE. He was right behind us."

Sasha says, on the brink of tears.

"Let's assume for a minute he did make it out. Wouldn't he come here, too?" Charlie asks

"Yeah, since going home would take longer, and we said we were going here." Gerta says.

"Ok, Sasha, you, Gerta, and Itchy will go to your home and make sure he isn't there. I'm going

to go back to the Flea Byte and make sure he didn't doule-back, just to wait for you to return.."

Charlie says.

"Ok were on our way."Itchy says.


Stryker remains hidden inside the little building, cowering under the desk in a hole he dug


Stryker sticks his head out of the hole, and takes a look around.

"Guess they all went home, which is exactly what I'm gonna do." He whispers to himself.

Stryker climbs out of the hole, covers it back up, and moves silently to the door, which is open.

He looks around, seeing a path, but no one watching him, so he runs for it, dives into the cover

of the woods, and proceeds on with his escape.


"Carface, have the final preparations for launch been made?" Belladonna asks

"Yes, ma'am. The preparations are almost complete. Were at 75% readiness." Carface says

"Why so slow?" Belladonna asks

"Bringing this many forces online takes time. We'll only get one shot at this." Carface says

"Let's go over the plan again." Belladonna says

"In approximately 45 hours from now, our forces will launch the most massive assault on heaven

ever concieved. We expect to lose between 45-50% of our forces penetrating their defenses, but

once we're in, their should be no contest." Carface says

A pair of eyes squinting in the pale white light of the office emerge from seemingly nowhere,

then disappear back into the blackness.

"Make sure that no-one outside of this room knows our final destination until we're underway."

Belladonna says, looking satisfied.


"Hey Sasha, wait! Oh my legs are SHORT!" Itchy pants, running up to them as they stop for him.

"Sasha did you leave your door open?" Gerta asks

"No." Sasha says, looking hopeful

"I was afraid of that. Let's go in carefully. I'll lead." Gerta says

"Why you?" Itchy asks

"'Cause I got a baseball bat." Gerta responds with a dry laugh

"Oh a good reason." Itchy smirks, then falls in behind Sasha.

The three approach the room.

"On three, turn on the light. ONE, TWO, THREE!" Gerta says

Sasha turns on the switch.

"SHANE, ARE YOU IN HERE!" Sasha yells

"SHANE!" Itchy calls.

"Wow, this place looks just like your club." Itchy says.

"Yeah, but who would do this?" Sasha asks.

"Don't know, but since he's not here, let's go find Charlie." Gerta says.


Charlie walks up to the remains of the Flea Byte.

"Shane, you in here?" Charlie calls.


"Shane?" Charlie calls, looking around the rubble.


"Guess no one's here. Man, Sasha's gonna be mad when she sees this mess."


"Oh Hi Anabelle! What brings you here?"

"Just checking in with ya. Wow, what happened here? Last time I saw this place, it was spotless.

Charlie, did you throw another party?" Anabelle asks

"Seesh, you throw one 7 day party, and you never live it down. No I did not do this, though.

Appearently, Carface, Belladonna and a lot of her Fire Imps did this. Wonder why?" Charlie asks

"Don't know. Will check on that. Get back to ya later..."Anabelle says, fading out.

"Charlie, you in here?" Sasha calls running up.

"Yeah over here." Charlie calls back

"Did you find Shane?" Sasha asks

"No, I take it you didn't either, right?" Charlie asks

"Nope. Someone sure did a number on my home, though. It looks worse than this place, believe it

or not." Sasha says.

"Wonder why your getting so much attention all of a sudden?" Charlie asks.



Any feedback will be appreciated. Just e-mail me at adgthtvseriesfan@yahoo.com

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