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 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:54

By Ninetalesuk.

*Golden Gate Bridge*

(It was a beautiful nighttime at Golden Gate Park. There wasn't anyone except Pokemon that comes

out night and two romantic dogs, out for a stroll, Shane and Ruby. Ruby notices that Shane was

nervous tonight... When they reached a beautiful lake that was shining by the moonlight, Ruby

turned to Shane).

RUBY:Shane... What is it?


(Shane slowly brought a black box out and handed it to Ruby).

RUBY:Shane.... Whats this?

SHANE:Open it.... because... I have a question to ask...

(Ruby opened the box and gasped..... It was a diamond ring.... Could this mean...?)

*Flea Bite Cafe.... TIMELINE:Next day*

(Everyone was listening to a funny conversation between Ninetalesuk and Eevee).

NINETALESUK:You have to, Eevee!

EEVEE:I don't wanna! I don't wanna have my check-up at the Pokemon Center!

NINETALESUK:I been there! Umbreons been there! Every Pokemon we know has been there except

YOU, Eevee!

EEVEE:Well, I'm not going! I'll go on a hunger strike!

NINETALESUK:*Laughs* A hunger strike?! Yeah, right(!)

EEVEE:Why is it a bad idea?

(Scamp decided to join the conversation).

SCAMP:Eevee, you did the hunger strike before. Remember, when they have raised the prices of

that favourite burger stand of yours for 50%? You said you'll go on a hunger strike till they

have turned the prices back.


SCAMP:That was 8 months ago! The burger stand still has its price rose by 50% but you are still

here! You went 1 and a half days of hunger strike then went off to have pizza!

EEVEE:Well, I was hungry!!!

SCAMP:Thats the whole idea, you twit!

(Everyone laughed, except Eevee, whom was smiling sheepishly. Everyone stopped when Sasha and

Shaina ran in).

SHAINA:Everyone!!! Listen up!!!

NINETALESUK:Shaina? Whats the matter?

SASHA:Good news! Wonderful news!

EEVEE:The burger stand de-raised their price by 50%?

SASHA:NO! Shane and Ruby are getting married!

EEVEE:(Disapointed) Oh.. drats!

CHARLIE:Cheer up, Eevee. Shane and Ruby.. (Relaised what Sasha said) GETTING MARRIED?!!?

SHAINA:Thats right! Shane asked Ruby to marry him last night and Ruby said yes!

LADY:Wow! We must congraduate them!

ANGEL:How about we have a party?

CHARLIE:Better idea! Get Shane and Ruby, we are going to celebrate!

*Flea Bite Cafe. Nightime*

(It was huge this party... Espeon was playing the piano with his tail, that was two split ends

on the end of his tail. On a big table were Shane, Ruby, Charlie, Sasha, Shaina, Lady, Tramp,

Scamp, Angel, Dodger, Rita, Charleon, Stryker and Ashley. Gerta and Sannabelle were serving the

drinks. Ninetalesuk was telling Sannabelle the orders).

NINETALESUK:All right. We'll have an orange juice for Ruby and Shane.... a G&T for Charlie.

Oh yeah... wheres Itchy and Bess?

SANNABELLE:Good question... I haven't seen them for some time.

(Itchy and Bess came beside Ninetalesuk).

ITCHY:We are here, you fool!


GERTA:Sorry, I forgot to tell ya. Itchy and Bess are helping us to carry the drinks to the others

since Shane is celebrating his marriage.

BESS:Wait until he gets a men's party on the night before his marriage.

NINETALESUK:As long as Jake doesn't drink all the beer.

ITCHY:When is Shane and Ruby getting married?

NINETALESUK:Well.... next month.

GERTA:Next month?! What about the wedding plans?!

NINETALESUK:Well, Shane and Ruby are gonna spend some weekends planning their honeymoon place,

the wedding reception and all that stuff.

BESS:When are you going to get married to Shaina, Ninetales?

NINETALESUK:Soon, soon... now, lets see the rest... a pint of beer for... Itchy. An apple juice

for Lady and Angel, half of pints of beer for Tramp, Dodger, Rita and Scamp.

SANNABELLE:What about the blackcurrent pop?

NINETALESUK:Hmm... *Points to Espeon* Blackcurrent pop for Bobby Crush over there!

(Espeon heard this and grumbled... Over at the table... Balto and Jenna joined in).

CHARLIE:So far, I heard these old schools have so much school kids in one room, get this, get

this everyone.


CHARLIE:By the time the teacher finishes the register, it was lunchtime!

CHARLEON:Yeah... 50 to 60 pupils in a class.

RUBY:Don't be silly, there can't be THAT much in a classroom.

STRYKER:I also know a head-boy.

ASHLEY:Whats his name?

STRYKER:I forgotten but...

RITA:Why was he a head-boy?

STRYKER:Well, this IS corny but, he was so tall that he hit his head on a Mind Your Head sign

while he was walking through a corridor.

TRAMP:Oh yeah, I heard about this.

SCAMP:Me too.

TRAMP:The parents of that boy Stryker was talking about sued the school for brain-damage.

SCAMP:Judge gave 'em $5.90.

JENNA:Why did he hit his head on a Mind Your Head sign? Didn't he see it?

STRYKER:Yeah, he DID saw it. But, in those days, he couldn't read!

(Ninetalesuk brought the drinks over with Itchy and Bess).

NINETALESUK:Here you are, drinks for everyone.

SHANE:Hey Ninetales. You missed some great stories.


SHAINA:Yeah... don't worry. I'll tell you about them later. Wheres Vullen and Vult?

NINETALESUK:In bed... together.... having fun.

(They laughed at the comment).

NINETALESUK:Anyway, I got a story for you. There were two guys working for the military right...

They were best friends since 2 years old.

DODGER:Wow! Thats amazing!

NINETALESUK:They joined the army at 2.

CHARLIE:2?! At what class?

NINETALESUK:Well, they were at the INFAINTRY!

(Again, they laughed. Sasha turned to Charlie).

SASHA:Hey, Charlie. Wheres Angus?

CHARLIE:Oh.... hes off to face against some Scythers.

ANGEL:Against some Scythers?! Isn't that dangerous?!

CHARLIE:Oh, don't worry.... When he saw them, he did the most bravest thing in the whole entire

world of Pokemon battles!

NOCTOWL:Whats that?

CHARLIE:He ran away!

(Once again, they laughed. Its a jolly evening. Ruby snuggled into Shane and sighed).

RUBY:This is wonderful, Shane.

SHANE:I know...

CHARLEON:Knowing you two, you'll have kids of your own before you could say 'ole'!

NOCTOWL:No more spanish programmes for you, Charmeleon!

CHARLEON:Hey! My name is Charleon!

NOCTOWL:You are called Charleon because you have been named by your old trainer, Charmeleon!

CHARLEON:Wanna fight?!

BALTO:*Laughs* Break it up, you two. Break it up.

LADY:Weddings next month?

SHANE:Correct. I'm selecting Snowy as my best man.

CHARLIE:Best friend AND best man... interesting, isn't it?

CHARLEON:Ninetales, were we at Charlie and Sasha's wedding?


CHARLEON:Why not?!

NINETALESUK:There were no Pokemon featured in that story.

CHARLEON:How come?!


SHANE:Nothing can go wrong with this wedding of ours.

BALTO:Believe a word of it?

SHANE:Not one.

(Espeon finished playing the piano and joined the others, whom were clapping).

RITA:Well done, Espeon.

ANGEL:That was nice.

BESS:Very good.

STRYKER:Yes, well done, Espeon. Reminded me of the theme-track from Noddy-The Movie.

(Espeon just glared at Stryker while the others just laughed. Makes matter funnier, Ashley

tickled Espeon's chin with her tail but, Espeon grunted and laughed a little).

ESPEON:So, anything new?

JENNA:Charleons gone psycho.

ESPEON:Thats not new!

(Charleon started to stomp towards Espeon but, Balto and Tramp dragged him back).

TRAMP:Whoa! Calm down there, fella.

SASHA:Hey, wheres Slowbro?

RITA:Hes gone to see a Italian film.

BALTO:No way I wanna see that, I can't understand Italian.

RITA:Its got English subtitles underneath.

NINETALESUK:Slowbro wouldn't bother with the subtitles.

LADY:He can speak Italian?

NINETALESUK:No... He can't read.

(They all laughed again... Right, time to move scene).

CHARLEON:What about me?!

(What about you?)

CHARLEON:I dunno...

(On to the next scene!)

*Flea Bite Cafe.... TIMELINE:6 days before marriage*

(Ninetalesuk and Charleon walked into the cafe).

NINETALESUK:You see, Charleon. There are dogs coming here after working with their masters at a

hard day at work. They don't exactly speak our language.

CHARLEON:They are from Japan?

NINETALESUK:NO! I mean, they like to talk about money.


(Charleon turned to a female dog, talking to her boyfriend).

CHARLEON:I saw one of those old Ј5 notes today.

NINETALESUK:Charleon! I don't mean have a chat about your money collection! *Sigh* Never mind...

Its time for the medium.

CHARLEON:I'm not that short and your not that tall, Ninetales!

NINETALESUK:Not that kind of medium, you fool! The other kind! The kind where they have special

powers to make contact with spirits!

CHARLEON:Whos the medium called?

NINETALESUK:Her name is Umbre, a female Umbreon. Shes been dating OUR Umbreon for a couple of

weeks. Her old trainer was a medium herself......

CHARLEON:I see... Where are we having this interesting experience?

NINETALESUK:Into that room, come on!

*Staff Room*

(Seated on a table were Ninetalesuk, Charleon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Charlie, Itchy and

Growlithe. Sasha, Shane, Ruby, Scamp, Angel, Balto and Jenna were sitting at a side. The table

was round so there were 10 seats. On the 9th seat was Umbre, the female Umbreon. Since Umbreons

have yellow rings on their black body, Umbre has orange rings on her body. Umbreon was standing

behind her).

UMBREON:Start off, I would like to introduce to you my date. Meet Umbre. My... erm...

UMBRE:Choose your words, Umbreon.


NINETALESUK:Sit down, Umbreon.

(Umbreon sat beside Umbre... It begins).

UMBRE:All right. I shall begin by saying congradulations to.... Shane and Ruby is it?

SHANE:Yes, thats right.

RUBY:Thank you ver much.

UMBRE:No problem. Now, has anyone went to a seance before?

CHARLEON:Well... I have been to one.

SCAMP:Really, when?

CHARLEON:When I was on holiday. It was beautiful.

CHARLIE:Eh? Charleon, what on earth your talking about?!

CHARLEON:Well, I saw a sea, flowers, birds, bees....

BALTO:Charleon! Its SEANCE! Not SCENE!


ITCHY:So... Will we be seeing these spirits?

UMBRE:No... I'll see them and hear them as they are all around us.

(Everyone on the table, except Ninetalesuk and Umbre, turned around to see if she was telling the

truth. Sasha and the others just laughed).

UMBRE:Now... paws on the table.

(They all put their paws onto the table...)

UMBRE:Touching each other).

(And, they did).


(Umbre then, stared right ahead, blankly and rested her head on her shoulder. She said nothing

for the next minute).

GROWLITHE:What happened to her?

VAPOREON:Shes gone into a trance.

FLAREON:Oh... thank god for that. She had one of Sasha's pies earlier.

(Sasha looked insulted but, laughed as Flareon felt a sharp kick in his knee from Charlie. Umbre

came out of her trance and blinked a few times).

UMBRE:The spirits are now with us.

(Again, everyone on the table, except Ninetalesuk and Umbre, looked around the room. Sasha and

the others just sighed).

UMBRE:The first one has stepped forward. A bushy grey-haried animal. He wishes to speak to

someone called Audrey.... No, no, sorry, Aubrey.


(Everyone, except one, was mystified...... It was quiet till someone sighed and opened his mouth

to answer).

FLAREON:I am here.

(They all looked at Flareon).


FLAREON:Its my middle name.

CHARLIE:I didn't your middle name was Aubrey.

FLAREON:You won't tell us if your middle name was Aubrey.

ITCHY:Whats your last name?

FLAREON:I don't have one.

ANGEL:Flareon Aubrey something! Thats nice, isn't it(?)

SCAMP:Never mind about that! I wonder who it is that wants to speak to Flareon....

UMBRE:The animal is holding a paper out... Do you know what it is...


CHARLEON:Maybe a ticket to see S Club 7.

FLAREON:Yeah, that could be... *Reacts and sighs*

UMBRE:Upon the photo is the same animal in his younger years and beside him is a small and young

version of Flareon.

VAPOREON:Hold on a sec! Flareon evolved when he was young!

FLAREON:Yeah! My father was a Flareon! He died when he was very old!

JOLTEON:In others words... its your father!!

FLAREON:Of course... He was the only one that ever called me Aubrey.

UMBRE:There is sadness in the photo... Of course, your mother isn't in there.


JENNA:She-She died when you were young?

FLAREON:Nope... She was taking the photograph!


CHARLIE:So... Whats the message from Flareon's father?

UMBRE:Hes says, you must continue the blood.

FLAREON:How can I?

CHARLEON:Well, your continuing the blood in your system with your heart.

NINETALESUK:He means he wants his son to have a mate and have children! Just like Shane and Ruby!

UMBRE:Hes says to go out and wait for your future mate.

FLAREON:What?! I'm going out there to meet my love-life in 3 seconds?! Thats impossible!!!!!

CHARLIE:Now, calm down, Aubrey.

FLAREON:Oh, very funny, Chuckie(!)

(Flareon got up from the table and walked over to the door).

FLAREON:I'll do it then.... Its a lot of rubbish anyway.... *Looks uo* See ya, pops.

(And with that, Flareon left. Sasha and the others laughed while the spirital-task continues).

UMBREON:Umbre dear, are they still there?

UMBRE:Yes... close the circle... Two more dogs have stepped up. They wish to speak to their

children with the middle names, Sienna, Mackenzie and Serafina.

BALTO:I wonder who could they be....

(Sasha ran to the door and opened it...)

SASHA:Shaina! Shaina! In here!

(Shaina came to the doorway and closed it behind her).

SHAINA:Whats up, Sasha?

SASHA:Its our parents!


NINETALESUK:The spirits you twit!


VAPOREON:I don't get it.... The middle names...

SASHA:My middle name is Sienna.

SHANE:My middle name is Mackenzie.

SHAINA:And my middle name is Serafina.

CHARLIE:I see....

UMBRE:Arnold and Jaycie LaFleur, both of them wants to say how proud they are with their children

that they are happy with your lives going. They are always there with you.

CHARLEON:Except in bed and bathrooms.

(Charleon felt a sharp kick from Charlie).

CHARLEON:That hurts.

UMBRE:Oh no!

JENNA:Whats wrong?!

UMBRE:They starting to leave!

JOLTEON:Can you get them back?!

UMBRE:I'll try! *Looks up* Is anyone there?! If anyone is up there, say something!!!

(Flareon came in).

FLAREON:I got a date!!!!!

(Everyone on the table, except Ninetalesuk, jumped with fright. Flareon jumped as well. Everyone

did! Ninetalesuk walked over to Flareon).

NINETALESUK:Flareon! What are you talking about?!

FLAREON:My dad was right! I got a DATE! A female Houndour! Come on in.

(A Houndour came in).

HOUNDOUR:Hello. Whats happening here?

CHARLIE:There was a scance. We just finished.

(Charlie turned around to see Itchy holding Vaporeon, Jolteon, Umbreon and Charleon).

CHARLIE:And after our scare-fair, we got a leaning tower of Pokemon on my friend.

ITCHY:(Straining) Get.... Them.... Off..... Me.....!

(Ninetalesuk smirked as Charlie, Sasha and Umbre helped Itchy to lower the Pokemon down. He

turned towards Flareon and Houndour).

NINETALESUK:I bet you'll bring her to the wedding.


HOUNDOUR:Whos getting married?

(Shane and Ruby stepped forward).


HOUNDOUR:The famous Shane La'Fleur?!

SHANE:Thats right! *Puts his arm around Ruby* Meet my future wife, Ruby Gem.


HOUNDOUR:Congradulations, you two!

SHANE:Thank you.

NINETALESUK:All right. Won't be long till the big day arrives. What can go wrong?

*Wedding Day*

(Waiting in the cafe were the males and a few females, Umbre, Shaina, Danielle, Annette, Rita

and Gerta. Shane was pacing).

SHANE:Ninetales, how long will this take?!

NINETALESUK:I dunno... yet. All I know is that somebody is going to take us over to where you

and Ruby will get married.

(Then, the doors opened for Angus McBarkin to appear).

ANGUS:Och aye! Hello, everyone! Long time no see!

ANNETTE:Oh no! Its Angus McTwit!

ANGUS:Mirror mirror, on the wall. Whos the greatest of them all? (Makes a small and pathetic

voice) It is you, Angus.

DODGER:Hey, moron! Where are we going?

ANGUS:Your question will be answered as soon as we get into the limos, baby.

CHARLIE:What 'limos, baby'?!

ANGUS:Limos waiting outside. Its gonna take us to a wonderful hotel where the magic starts.

CHARLEON:Belladonna gonna be there?

ANGUS:Come on, lets move!

(As they all walked out of the room, Shane looked at Umbre).

SHANE:Use your powers to tell my parents that my brother-in-law's cousin has got me a limo!

UMBRE:Before or after Angus took us to nightmare street?

SHANE:You decide!!!!

(The last ones were Ninetalesuk and Angus).

NINETALESUK:Is this going to be very bad?

ANGUS:Hmm... We'll see....

*Dragonite Hotel*

(Everyone slowly entered the hotel, surprised about this while Angus was pleased with himself.

Shaina was the first to recover and to shout at Angus).

SHAINA:Angus!!!! This is the Dragonite Hotel! Its REALLY expensive!

BALTO:This is an Angus' thing. *Reacts to what he said* This is an Angus' thing....

CHARLIE:There is no way we are gonna pay for this!

ANGUS:You never made any money, did you cuz?

CHARLIE:No, but I had you so I'm twice as cursed!

NINETALESUK:I don't believe it! I just don't believe it! How on earth did you get the money?!

ANGUS:Oh, I have my ways.

ITCHY:Oh no!

(A dog appeared in a suit).

DOG:Is everything okay, Mr. Regard?

ANGUS:*Sheepish* Erm, yes, everything is all okay, Mr. Regard.

DOG:Well, if you need anything, contact me or the staff, Mr. Regard.

ANGUS:Erm.... thank you.

(The dog walked away. Angus noticed that everyone surrounded him and stared at him).

ANGUS:Why is everyone lookin' at me?

*Dressing Room*

(Ruby was in the wedding dress, helped out by Sannabelle, Sasha and Lady. The other girls were

amazed by this).

ANGEL:Angus is amazing! How did he do this?!

COLLETTE:We'll find out later. Right now, lets get you ready, Ruby, for the BIG day.

RUBY:Yes... I can hardly imagine it...

SASHA:I'm hoping the next marriage will be Ninetales and Shaina.

LADY:Me too...

RUBY:I'm getting married today!!!!! YEAH!

SANNABELLE:Calm down, Ruby! *Laughs* Ya gotta chill.. *Laughs*

*Wedding Area*

(Standing at the front where people get married where Ninetalesuk, Shane, Charlie, Sasha, Angel,

Itchy, Lance, Scamp Sannabelle, Angus, Gerta, Bess, Noctowl, Vullen and Vult. Snowy rushed

into the room, out of breath and ran up to Shane).

SNOWY:Shane! Shane! I'm not too late! Am I?!

SHANE:No, no, buddy. Glad you can make it. You got the rings?

(Snowy brought two diamond rings out of his pocket).

SNOWY:Got 'em!


SNOWY:Why are we in here anyway? This is Dragonite Hotel! I heard there was something special

about this place but, I can't remember!

SHANE:Never mind, it begins.

SNOWY:So, is Annabelle doing the wedding service?

SHANE:Nope... Shes watching with my mom and dad in the heavens.


(The wedding began as Ruby walked down the isle and beside Shane. Everyone got into positions

as the vicar's dog came out and did the service... After that...)

VICAR'S DOG:You may kiss the bride.

(Shane smiled and kissed Ruby...)

VICAR'S DOG:Ladies and gentle...

CHARLEON:Don't say 'GentleDOGS'!

(Charlie kicked him in the knee).

VICAR'S DOG:Ladies and gentlemen, Mr and Mrs La'Fleur.

(Everyone clapped as Shane and Ruby pulled apart from their kiss and waved to everybody....)

*Ballroom area*

(There was a light music area... and a lot of people dancing. Charlie/Sasha, Shane/Ruby,

Scamp/Angel, Dodger/Rita, Ninetalesuk/Shaina, Lady/Tramp, Flareon/Houndour, Umbreon/Umbre,

Danielle/Ace... The list goes on and on and on and on...)

GROWLITHE:Oh, get on with it!!!!

(Anyway, Sasha whispered into Charlie's ear).

SASHA:Remember OUR marriage, Charlie?

CHARLIE:(Not concentrating) Yeah.....

SASHA:Whats the matter, Charlie?

CHARLIE:I'm just wondering how Angus got this place for us...

SASHA:I'm sure he'll tell you, Charlie.

CHARLIE:I'm sure he will, Sasha... when I visit him in Finland!

(After a few more minutes, Shane and Ruby turned around).

SHANE:All right, we are going now.


(Everyone waved goodbye as Shane and Ruby left.... Ninetalesuk came behind Angus and dragged him

into another room... Charlie, Snowy, Shaina and everyone except Annette, Collette, Danielle, Ace,

Dodger, Rita.. (This is gonna take some time), Itchy, Bess, Sannabelle, Ashley and Tramp).

*Unknown room*

(Ninetalesuk shoved Angus onto a chair and glared at him).

NINETALESUK:All right, Angus! Tell us! How did you get this EXPENSIVE hotel to do the wedding!

ANGUS:Well, its for FREE!

SASHA:Free?! How?!

ANGUS:Erm... its like this... I was sended to do a simple job...

CHARLIE:Find a church! Find a church!

ANGUS:Yes... but, I passed by the Regard Marriage Shop and....

SNOWY:Thats it! Now I remember! Regard Marriage is the place where many people turn to him to

do many marriages here in Dragonite Hotel. They are the top marriage-holders every year.

ANGUS:Till today.


ANGUS:You see.... the people working in the hotel NEVER, EVER met Mr. Regard in person.... They

only see his wife or his older son because he always too busy...

NINETALESUK:Let me guess... The hotel manager thought that YOU were Mr. Regard!


CHARLIE:You idjeet! You... YOU MORON!!!!!

ANGUS:Take it calmly, eh cuz?

CHARLIE:You... ARGH!!! What kind of hotel moron will fall for this?!

ANGUS:I met the hotel manager.... Hes a Psyduck.

SHAINA:A Psyduck?!



ESPEON:Yes.... Psyduck are known for their super-psychic powers. Although, their powers ARE

great, they just don't know how to use 'em! THATS why they look confused!



ANGUS:(Meekly) Yes, Charlie....

NINETALESUK:Come on... We better get out of here before anything goes wrong.


(When Ninetalesuk and the others met up with Dodger and the others and explained to them what has

happened, they turned around to see a big dog coming in with a Psyduck).

MR. REGARD:Okay, what is going on here?!

ANNETTE:Whos he?

SNOWY:HES Mr. Regard.

PSYDUCK:I want an explantion!

(Ninetalesuk shoved Angus to Mr. Regard and Psyduck while the others ran out).

NINETALESUK:Here! This goon will explain! *Whistles* RUN LIKE RAPIDASH!!!

*Shane and Ruby's NEW Home. TIMELINE:8 months later*

(Shane was coming out of the kitchen and opened the door to let Ninetalesuk, Charlie and Charleon

into the room).

SHANE:Hey, guys. Whats up?

(Charlie sat at a comfy sofa).

CHARLIE:Sasha is looking after the pups with Shaina's help. I looked after them for a week so

Sasha decided to let me have a rest.

SHANE:What about you, Ninetales?

NINETALESUK:Shaina is helping Sasha to look after the pups and I'm still a bit nervous since

Shaina caught the boquet at your wedding.

SHANE:Don't worry, buddy. You will survive. I have been married for 8 months now and I'm enjoying

every bit.

CHARLEON:Including the bed time. *Laughs*

SHANE:*Blushes* That doesn't mean it will get easy in the future. Ruby wants to have pups and

I have to agree as I want to continue my blood of the La'Fleur and Ruby's blood of Gems.

CHARLEON:Where is Ruby anyway?

SHANE:Oh, she went to visit Angel and Lady, getting tips of how to handle pups. Oh, by the way,

Charleon. Why your here?

CHARLEON:*Points to Ninetalesuk* Hes my ride.

NINETALESUK:Charleon, you live NEAR the Flea Bite Cafe and you HAVE to pass Shane's new place

in order to get to MY place, you twit!

CHARLEON:I'm feeling a bit thirsty, can I have a drink?

SHANE:Sure, help yourself.

(Charleon went into the kitchen as Ninetalesuk, Charlie and Shane continued their talk).

NINETALESUK:So, what are you doing now, Shane?

SHANE:Well, when you guys leave, I'm gonna take Ruby's speciment to the vet to see if she is

pregnant or not.

CHARLIE:Sasha did that.

NINETALESUK:We know, Chuckie. How will she know Sasha is pregnant or not if she doesn't feel

weird or throw up if she doesn't have a check-up or if her speciment hasn't been checked on.

SHANE:Yeah... *Laughs*

(Charlie sighed and picked up a paper).

CHARLIE:I placed a $10 bet last night on a Pokemon battle. It was between a Blastoise and a

Fearligatr and I didn't know who won because I fell asleep. I was.. erm, tired.


(Shane laughed poured a drink for Charlie and Ninetalesuk and handed it to them).

SHANE:Here, have a drink.

CHARLIE:Thank you.

(Charleon came out of the kitchen, moaning and headed straight to the door).

CHARLEON:Argh! Shane, you better do some shopping! There is no drink in the fridge, there are

some veg that is on the turn and the apple juice is horrible!

SHANE:Well, I'm going to do some shopping a little later today. And, we were going to use the

veg to lure the wild Grimers that were seen today and....

CHARLEON:Never mind.... I'm gonna go and have a drink at Flea Bite Cafe... See ya around, guys!

(Charleon left, leaving Shane confused).

NINETALESUK:Bye, Charleon. *Sighs* What a moaning Charmeleon.

CHARLIE:Hey, Shane! Can I have some apple juice, fresh.

SHANE:But... we DON'T have any apple juice in here.

CHARLIE:Then, what did Charleon drank in the kitchen.....

(Shane shrugged. Now, a cold fear grips him and rushed into the kitchen. He walked out slowly

in a zombie-like trance, shocked. Charlie was drinking the coke Shane gave him).

SHANE:Ruby's speciment is gone.

(Charlie spits the coke out and looked at Shane, in a wide-eyed state, along with Ninetalesuk.

Ninetalesuk motioned with his hand, as a sign 'Did he drink it?' and Shane nodded. Ninetalesuk

shook his head and puts on a 'Can't believe that has happened' face).

NINETALESUK:I don't believe him!!!!!

SHANE:How am I gonna explain to Ruby?!

CHARLIE:Let me think, let me think.... Tell her that you accidently spilt in the sink.

SHANE:Oh... I can't lie to her, Charlie.

CHARLIE:Alright!!!! Tell her that Charleon drank it!!!!!

SHANE:I can't tell her THAT either, can I? Yeesh, even I'm married, things haven't changed a

bit... Apart from Angus being arrested and been jailed for the next 10 months.

NINETALESUK:I was thinking that was the BEST present for all of us, and it wasn't even

Christmas... Everything was peaceful, apart from Slowbro still being here.

(The phone rang and Shane answered it).

SHANE:Hello? Ah, Lady. How are ya? What? Rubys what?! She threw up?! Shes at the vets.... Ahuh.

Right.... Gotcha... I'll be there. Thank you. Bye.

(Shane placed the phone down and looked at Charlie and Ninetalesuk).

SHANE:I'm gonna be a father.

(And with that, he fainted).

*Flea Bite Cafe. TIMELINE:2 months later*

(Shane and Ruby came into the cafe, with 7 young pups. Shane held a small black female pup.

Everyone came over to see them).

SHANE:All right... Meet the new La'Fleurs.

(A male black and white pup stepped forward).

SHANE Jr:I'm Shane Jr. La'Fleur. I'm just like my dad in personality.

(A female black and white pup stepped beside Shane Jr.).

DAISY:I am Daisy La'Fleur. I have a personality similar to my mom.

(A red and black female pup stepped foward).

JAYCIE:I'm Jaycie La'Fleur, I'm smart and I like to read.

NOCTOWL:Stand by for a new Pokemon scientist. *Laughs*

(A red & white male pup with a red ear on his white side and a white

ear with a red horseshoe on his red side stepped forward).

LUCKY:I'm Lucky La'Fleur. I'm the rebel of my brothers and sisters and I want to be a secret

agent when I'm older.

RUBY:No you don't!

LUCKY:Yes, I do!

EEVEE:Lucky?! Its '101 Dalmatians' ALL over again!!!

(A red male pup stepped forward).

SCARLETT:I'm Scarlett La'Fleur. My parents say I have the personality similar to Dixie.

(Balto's Dixie stepped foward).

DIXIE (A):Oh, thank you very much.

SHANE:I'm talking about my neice!

DIXIE (A):Oh, pooh...

(A white pup stepped forward).

PAUL:I'm Paul La'Fleur! Better watch out, I'm a tough guy!

VULT:I'll tell that to Primeape when I see him.

(The last pup was the black female pup in Shane's arm. She waved to everyone).

AMANDA:And, I'm Amanda La'Fleur, I'm "Daddy's Little Girl". Dad always say that whenever he goes

somewhere, I go to...

RUBY:(Whispers to Shane) When did you say that to her?

SHANE:(Whispers to Ruby) About 3 seconds ago....

NINETALESUK:Welcome, pups. Congradulations, Shane and Ruby. Truley, its a happy day!

*Golden Gate Park. Nighttime*

(Ninetalesuk and Shaina walked through the park and spotted Charlie/Sasha's pups (Charlie Jr.,

Tasha, Sheena, Charlene, Sherry, Jenna, Dixie and Johnny), Scamp/Angel's pups (Skip, Belle,

Patch, Faith and Joy) and Shane/Ruby's pups (Shane Jr., Daisy, Jaycie, Paul, Scarlett, Lucky

and Amanda) in a huddle, trying to keep warm).

NINETALESUK:Whats up with you guys?

CJ:We're lost and cold! We're trying to stay warm!

SHAINA:I thought you, apart from Shane's kids, knew how to go through the park.

DAISY:We don't.

NINETALESUK:Well, don't worry. We'll take you back to your parents before the bogey man comes

out to get ya!

SCARLETT:We saw the bogey man.

SHAINA:Really? What did he look like?

FAITH:Hes a pink monster that looks dumb and has a spirial shell on his tail.

SKIP:Thats not the bogey man, thats Slowbro!!!

(They all laughed and started to take the pups out of the park).

NINETALESUK:Lets go. *Laughs*

SHANE Jr.:Thanks, Uncle Ninetales.

(Ninetalesuk stopped after hearing those words).

NINETALESUK:(Thought) Uncle Ninetales... hmm, thats sweet. I guess because I'm dating their

aunt Shaina. Hahaha.... *Looks up at the sky* Maybe someday me and Shaina will have kids...

Who knows... Someday...


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