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 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:54
The lady wolf circled around the perimeter of the house slowly, trying to determine the best way

to enter the house without getting un-necessary attention onto herself. She saw a tree near the

house, that led to an open window on the second level. She had seen those other dogs take the map

from a human kid that lived here, and she figured she might still be able to get the map without

having to deal with those dogs anymore, so that was what she would do. She climed up the tree

without incident, and entered the dark room. She moved cautiously to the door, and listened to

see if anyone was approaching. She heard footsteps outside of the door, and she dove underneath

a bed that was in the room as the door opened, and a light came on. A lady entered the room, and

walked past her. The human lady walked over to her closet, and started to search for something.

Seeing her opprutunity, she bolted out of the room, just as the human turned around. The lady

ran to the hall, but looked and saw nothing. Thinking it was just her imagination, she turned

around and walked back to the closet. Meanwhile, the wolf hid in the next room, hoping that this

time she had the right one.


Sanna looked at Shane and Ninetales as they departed, and muttered,

"You think they'll make it?"

"I dunno. I hope so." Ashley said.

"What are we still doing here?" Charlie asked.

"It's time we found out some answers about that lady wolf who was seen circling around this

house." Stryker said

"Agreed. Ashley, you me and Itchy are gonna circle around to the left side of this house.

Stryker, you and Charlie go right. We meet at the back of the house." Sanna said.

"Right. Let's move out." Stryker said, as they split up and moved around to the back of the house


Ninetales and Shane ran from the area as fast as their legs would carry them, unsure of just how

they were to get back home. When they got a few miles away from Sanna and the others, they found

a alley behind a building and took a break, hiding behind some dumpsters.

"Ok, before we continue, we need to figure out just how are we gonna get home?" Shane asked.

"We can't go by plane. At least, not directly." Ninetales said.

"By boat?" Shane suggested

"You mean stow away?" Ninetales asked

"Yeah. Think we can?" Shane asked

"Not really. If we're followed, we're pretty much trapped." Ninetales said

"We can't go by plane, cauz of the same reason." Shane said

"I'd say we have a better chance by boat then by plane. So let's go by boat." Ninetales said

"Agreed. But we need to get away from here first. Where do we go first?" Shane asked

"I've always wanted to see Paris. Let's go to France." Ninetales said.

"Alrighty, but it's too far to walk." Shane said.

"True, how do we get around that problem?" Ninetales said.

"Simple. We don't walk. We RIDE." Shane said, looking at a 4-wheeler that was parked across the



The lady wolf waited in the next room, but didn't have to wait long for her target to appear in

the room. The human kid entered the room, turned on the light, and closed the door behind him.

The wolf hid in the closet, burying herself as deep in as was possible, just to be sure he

wouldn't find her until she could grab him. He turned around, facing away from her, and she moved

swiftly to grab him. She put a paw over his mouth, another over his throat, and whispered,

"Don't struggle, and you won't get hurt. If you struggle, you will probably get hurt because I

will restrain you. Nod if you understand."

The boy nodded.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I simply want some information you have. Again, nod if you understand."

The boy nodded again.

"But I can't get that information here. Your coming with me. Walk toward the door and open it."

The boy walked to the door, but fumbled with the handle, since he was nervous.

"Just relax. Your in no danger, just don't try to escape, or resist," The wolf said, trying to

make her voice sound soothing and reassuring. It obviously worked, because the boy relaxed and

opened the door. The wolf directed him to the room where she first entered the house, and had him

climb out of the window, to the ground. She followed him, but before they could leave, Stryker

and the others surronded them. The wolf grabbed the kid, and used him as a shield, incase they

were to attack them.

"Isn't that cute? You've resorted to kidnapping now." Stryker muttered.

"Sticks and stones and all that. Move out of the way." The wolf said.

"Who are you?" Ashley asked.

"If you must know, my name is Cashmira. Now, are you going to move out of my way or not?"

Cash asked

"I think we're gonna have to go with...NO!" Sanna said, "Now let him go."

"Gee...I'm gonna have to go with..NO! Also." Cash said

"So we're at a Mexican standoff..only we don't have any Mexicans." Charlie said

"Start walking, kid." Cash whispered, the boy obeyed and began to slowly and cautiously step

forward, walking directly toward Sanna.

"I'm not going to move." Sanna said.

"We're going to walk right out of here. If you touch either me or him, I'll hurt him. If you

attack us, he's dead. I advise you not to move when we walk past." Cash said

"You aren't going to get away with this." Itchy said.

"And just what do you think your going to do to stop me?" Cash asked

"Maybe nothing now, but soon." Itchy said.

"Now your resorting to making threats?" Cash said, "Not a wise move when I have a hostage."

"Let him go, and face me. Or are you scared?" Sanna said, hoping Cash would fall for that ploy.

"I think not. There are 5 of you, and one of me. I'm a capable fighter, but I don't like my odds."

Cash said

"And if we told you that we would not interfere, that it would just be you and Sanna?" Stryker


"Nah, still no guarentee that you would comply with that. Besides, I can always get her later, if

I want her." Cash said.

As Cash and that kid walked past Sanna, Sanna growled, "You won't escape me. I'll find you if for

no other reason than to find out which of us is better. Me or you."

"I'm looking forward to it." Cash said. "If you want to see this kid alive again, I wouldn't

follow us."

Sanna and the others watched as the wolf and the kid walked calmly and slowly out of sight.

"I can't believe we just let them go." Charlie said.

"I doubt she was bluffing. She probably would of killed him had we followed them." Stryker said

"So how do we get that kid back, and beat down Cash in the process?" Sanna asked.

"Normally, I'd say we should find a less violent solution to the problem, but this time, I agree.

She dragged a innocent person into this, and threatened us and him. Beating her down is the only

solution that makes any sense." Charlie said.

"So what's our next move?" Itchy asked.

"I'm not entirely sure how to proceed. We need to find that kid, but we can't afford to put him

in any more danger then what he's already in." Charlie said


Ninetales and Shane rode from Eastern Russia until the 4-wheeler ran out of gas, then they walked

for a while, until they got tired. Then they sat down, and relaxed for a bit.

"You know, Shane, this isn't going to be easy to get home." Ninetales said.

"I know, but we haven't got a choice. Unless..." Shane said.

"Got an idea, have you?" Ninetales asked.

"Maybe. Lets take another look at that map." Shane said

"Why?" Ninetales asked, as Shane pulled the map out, and placed it on the ground ahead of them.

"Because I want to get that device first. You and I both know Belladonna. She'll find a way to

get to the device, if we don't." Shane said, "but we don't know what the other pieces of the map


"Right, but look at the markings here. Doesn't that remind you of Egyptian Heiroglyphics?"

Ninetales asked.

"Yeah, but these symbols here are from Easter Island. I remember seeing a tv special on Easter

Island, because of the faces being put on an island in the middle of no-where." Shane said.

"And this...this what I think it is?" Ninetales asked.

"What's that?" Shane asked, and Ninetales pointed to a specific item on the map.

"Yeah....it is. But how does Easter Island, Ancient Egyptian Heiroglyphics and an Aztec ruin

fit together?" Ninetales asked

"Well....they all occured a long time ago?" Shane asked.

"Wait a second.....look at this. They're all in a straight line. All of those other symbols are

unevenly placed on the map, but those are in a straight line. And it's all pointing to....

Antartica." Ninetales said

"Why Antartica?" Shane asked.

"I dunno. But Slowbro would of loved this." Ninetales said.

"I wonder where he wound up. Wasn't he on the plane with us?" Shane asked.

"Yeah, he was. Knowing him, he's probably still onboard the plane." Ninetales asid.


While all of this was going on, Slowbro was sound asleep on the plane that the others had gotten

off of. He awoke to find himself still onboard, and he climbed up to the window and looked out.

Seeing snow and smoke, he figured he would go find Santa Claus, so he looked around the plane

for a para-chute, and when he didn't find one, he took his shirt off, and opened the plane's

cargo hatch. Alarms sounded in the cockpit, and the pilot hit a button to close the cargo hatch,

and just before it closed, Slowbro jumped out, and used his shirt as a make-shift para-chute.

He glided to the ground slowly, but a gust of wind from the plane's massive engines caught

him and inverted him, and caused him to get tangled up in the shirt. Instead of going to the

ground slowly at that point, he shot down like a rocket, and landed head first in a snow-bank.


Cash and her prisoner walked slowly towards the area where Cash was to meet Belladonna.

"You did well, kid. You walked right past them without giving them a second look. Smart move."

Cash said.

"Please...let me go. I won't tell anyone about this." The kid said, acting on the verge of having

a breakdown

"Shhh..." Cash said, letting go of the kid, walking infront of him, and giving him a hug, "It'll

be ok. I promise I won't hurt you, or let any harm come to you. All you have to do is just

cooperate, and not try to resist or escape. Just do that, and I promise, You'll be just fine."

"But...why do you want me?" The kid asked, feeling a little better by her promise and her hug

"Sit down, kid, and I'll explain it before my boss comes. She's not as pleasent to be around as

I am." Cash said, sitting down next to the kid

"Ok." The kid said, sitting down next to Cash

"You had in your posession a map. My Boss, Belladonna, wants it." Cash said.

"But I don't have it. A male Irish Setter took it from me." the kid said.

"But you DID look at it at least once, right?" Cash asked.

"Well..yeah. I did." the kid said.

"Belladonna will extract that image from your mind. She's not after you, or that map really, just

what the map leads to." Cash said.

At that point, a puff of smoke appeared, and Belladonna emerged. "Cash, I'm disappointed. I said

bring me the map. I also said to follow Stryker, cauz chances are he's going to go after the

device. You are doing neither, and you KNOW what the penalty for failure is."

"Now wait a second, I've not failed. I have the map, this kid had it. He got a good look at it."

Cash said.

"I hope your telling me the truth, for your sake. Otherwise, the price you'll pay will grow."

Belladonna said, flicking her wrist and teleporting the three of them back to her headquarters.

"Go, take him and prepare him. You'd BETTER be right about this, Cash, or the pain I'll inflict

on him and you will be more than you can possibly imagine." Belladonna ordered.

At that point, Belladonna walked away. Cash led the kid to a room marked private, and sat him down.

"Kid, listen. Belladonna, the lady who was just here, is going to make you tell her everything

you know about that map, and who you gave it to. As far as I know, if you obey her, she won't

kill you. If you don't, she'll make you tell her anyway, then she'll kill you. And then probably

kill me." Cash said

"You said you'd not let any harm come to me." The kid said

"I can't stop her. All you have to do is just obey her, then she might let you live long enough

for me to take you home." Cash said.


Stryker, Sannabelle, Ashley and the others returned to the local headquarters for Anabelle's

forces shortly after Cashmira took that kid hostge, and threatened his life if they followed.

"I hate this. I feel helpless." Itchy said.

"I know, Itch. It'll be ok. We'll find that kid, and stop Belladonna and Cash." Charlie said.

"It's just....the look that kid had on his face..." Itchy said. Ashley walked over to him, sat

down next to him, and put a paw on his shoulder.

"We'll find him, Itchy. We always come out on top." Ashley said

"So how do we do that?" Charlie asked.

"Sanna? Stryer?" Itchy asked, looking at Sanna and Stryker

"We should try and find Shane and Ninetales." Sanna said.

"Why?" Ashley asked.

"Belladonna thinks she has an advantage with that kid, cauz she has 2 of the 3 maps she needs

to find that device. She'll get the map out of that kid, and then she'll try and take out

Ninetales and Shane to keep us from getting a copy of the map. Shane and Ninetales are in great

danger." Stryker said

"If your right, how long do you think it will take to get the map information from the kid?"

Charlie asked.

"Not long." Sanna said

"We've got another problem. Where did Shane and Ninetales go when they left us?" Ashley asked.

"Not sure. Let's hope they went home, cauz if they didn't, then we'll never find them." Itchy



Ninetales and Shane continued on to the Western coast of Europe, but they had to stop again when

they reached Paris, France. As they made their way into the city, they saw a framillar face which

stopped them in their tracks.

"NOCTOWL?! What are you doing here?" Ninetales asked

"I'm taking my vacation here. I figured, since I've never been here before, I'd pay Paris a visit. How bout you guys? What brings you to France?" Noctowl asked

Shane explained what was going down to him.

"I see. Just ne question, though. Are you planning on going after the device, or back home?"

Noctowl asked

"We were planning on going home first, but now we're going after the device. Why?" Shane asked.

"Belladonna's gone ballistic. She's sent all of her forces to the San Francisco area, looking for

you two. I don't know exactly what that device is, or what it does, but whatever it is, she wants it bad." Noctowl said.

"She sent all of her forces in the Bay area after us?" Ninetales asked.

"And the ones she had in the mountains, all of her overseas forces, all of her forces EVERYWHERE. If you go anywhere near the San Francisco area, she'll get you." Noctowl said.

"So, you wanna come with us?" Ninetales asked.

"Sure. What's our next move?" Noctowl asked.

"Onward! To Antarctica!" Shane said, smiling.


Belladonna enered the room where Cash and the kid sat.

"I trust the kid is ready?" Belladonna asked

"Yes. He's ready." Cash said

"Kid, I know you can understand me. Can't you?" Belladonna asked.

The kid nodded yes.

"And you know why your here, right?" Belladonna asked. Again, the kid nodded yes, too scared to talk.

"Good. Clear your mind, kid. Think of only the map." Belladonna ordered, and waited a second for the kid to comply with her order. After a moment, the kid complied, and Belladonna walked over to him, and sat down directly infront of him. "If you resist, or attempt to block me from your mind, I'll kill you." Belladonna said, putting her paws over his ears, and closing her eyes.

Belladonna entered a trance-like state, searching the kid's memory for the map. After a minute, she got exactly what she was looking for, and she finished her spell.

"Kill him. Dispose of the body." Belladonna ordered.

"I will do no such thing. I will take him home." Cash said.

"Are YOU Questioning MY orders?" Belladonna asked. "I but have to snap my fingers...and well.."

"ALRIGHT!....Alright," Cash said, staring at the floor. "I'll do it."

"Then get it over with." Belladonna said.

Cash reached into her back pocket, as she had planned to do if it came down to killing him, and squeezed a ketchup packet onto the tip of her claw, and hid another in her paw. With one swift move, she dragged her claw across his neck, careful to be sure that only the ketchup was put on his neck, not any of his blood. At the same time, she squirted the other ketchup packet on his neck, so it would look like real blood was gushing from the wound. She had altered those ketchup packets to smell like real blood, not ketchup, and had altered them chemically to be thick as blood, and even taste as real blood, but not be blood, just to be sure that they stood a chance to fool Belladonna. The kid fainted when he was attacked, coincedently, like it was on cue. Belladonna looked at the wound, and at Cash's paw, then sniffed the wound and saw fake blood drip from the wound.

"Nice work. Now dispose of the body, and let's go get that device." Belladonna ordered. Cash picked up the kid, and slung him over her shoulder effortlessly, since she was strong, and carried him out of the room. When they were out of sight, Cash ran with the kid and took him to a transporter that would send them back to where Belladonna took them from, so she could return the kid home.


"Stryker, before we go home, there's something I want to check." Sanna said.

"Ok, I'll bite. What's that?" Stryker asked.

"A hunch." Sanna said, jogging back toward the home of the kid who Cash took.

Stryker and the others took off after her.

"Sanna, wait! What is this going to accomplish? Our plane leaves in 10 minutes. It'll take you

that long just to get there." Ashley shouted.

"You guys go back to the plane. Get on board. I'll join you when this is done." Sanna said.

"Sanna," Stryker started. Sanna stopped in her tracks.

"What?" she asked.

"Don't be long." Stryker said, as he and the others turned around and jogged back to the airport

"Wonder what's she's going back for?" Itchy asked.

"I dunno. It's just a thought, but she's heading in the direction of the kid's house who Cash

took." Ashley said

"Maybe we should follow her, just in case." Stryker suggested

"Why?" Charlie asked.

"It's not like Cash'll be there." Itchy said.


Ninetalesuk, Shane and Noctowl are on a boat, heading south in the middle of the Atlantic ocean,

going toward Ross Island, Antartica. Shane was bent over the side of the rail, seasick. Ninetales was trying to help him feel better, and make sure he didn't fall overboard, when Noctowl came up carrying their food. When he did, Shane took one look at the big plate of food and his face turned green all over again and he bent over the rail.

"Guess he couldn't take his lunch. Or breakfast." Noctowl said. When Shane was heard throwing up, Ninetales started to look a little green, himself. In a moment, Ninetales was standing directly by Shane, also getting sick.

"What? The food isn't all that bad. I kinda like it." Noctowl said.

"Attention All Passengers, we will arrive at Ross Island tomorrow. This is a recording."

"Good. I don't think I can take anymore of being on a boat, going up and down and UP and down,

and then back and forth, then repeating it all over again." Shane said

"Me neither. At least, so far, there's no sign of Belladonna." Noctowl said.

"Right. The last thing we need is for that indigo whippet to show her ugly face." Ninetales said


Belladonna sat in her office, looking at the pieces of the map, trying to piece the puzzle together. Her mind raced at a million miles a second, trying to figure out where these symbols were leading too, and eventually she did figure it out. She calmly walked over to her locker, and grabbed her coat, muttering to herself,

"Why can't it be somewhere WARM?"

Then she waved her paw, and she vanished, reappearing in Northeast Antartica, and she put her coat on and began to fly, looking for any sign of Stryker, Ninetales or the others.


Cash carried the kid from where Belladonna took them back to his home, not knowing the kid was awake.

"..why did you do this?" The kid asked.

"Do what?" Cash responded, stopping near a tree to rest for a bit.

"Not kill me." the kid asked.

"Simple. 2 reasons. First, I told you I wouldn't hurt you, nor allow you to get hurt. And I meant it. Second, blood is very hard to clean off my fur. I don't feel like having to spend that much time cleaning myself." Cash said.

"You got a little of this..whatever it is you used..on your paws." the kid said.

"Eww...oh well. I can never seem to do a job without getting my paws dirty. C'mon. We've almost got you home." Cash said. The kid and Cash walked slowly toward his home, and when they got in range, Cash reached into her pocket and pulled out a syringe, and in one swift motion, shoved it into the kid's arm.

"Sleep, little human." Cash said.

"But..I'm not tired..." The kid said, starting to get drowsy because of the drug she used, and he let out a big yawn.

"Don't fight it. It won't hurt you. It'll erase your memory of this, you'll remember waking up out here, and remember entering your bedroom, but nothing in between." Cash said.

"But....but..." The kid said, barely able to hold his eyes open.

"Sleep. Don't make it any harder on yourself, cauz struggling against the drug will make you sleep longer." Cash said, and almost on command, the kid's eyes shut, and he started to sway in his position, and then he fell over. Cash moved quickly to catch him, and gently put him down on the ground. Then she reached up and pressed the doorbell. The door opened immediately, before she could leave. The faher of that kid looked at him, then at her, then reached around and grabbed his shotgun. Cash bolted away instantly, as the father fired at her, hitting her in the hind leg, wounding her. The father began to chase Cash, who was limping, firing until he ran out of ammo. Then he went back home to go check on his son, and get more ammo. Cash limped away from the area, but ran straight into Sanna.

"Going somewhere, murderer?" Sanna asked

"As a matter of fact, I am. I was just leaving," Cash said, "And I'm not a murderer."

"That's real funny, but your paws have blood on them. Since I doubt it's yours, it belongs to

that kid. And now your going to pay for it." Sanna said

"Check your facts, lady. I did NOT kill that kid. If you would look over there, you'll see that kid and his family." Cash said, pointing behind them.

"Oh no you don't. If I look over there, you'll punch me in the back of the head, and try and knock me out. Then you'll escape." Sanna said.

"My leg is broken. I'm not going to attack you while your back is turned, because it's the cowards way. I'd rather face you face to face, this way, when I beat you, I'll know it'll be because I'm better." Cash said

"Just remember, if you move, I'll break your other leg." Sanna said, looking over toward the house and watching the kid walk in under his own power.

"Fine. So you didn't kill that kid. You still kidnapped him, and that makes you a coward." Sanna said.

"Look, I did kidnap that kid. But I returned him unharmed. That should be enough leverage to get you to let me go." Cash said.

"Fraid not." Sanna said

"Do you REALLY wanna fight me? Shouldn't you be more interested in why Belladonna ordered me to get that kid.." Cash said, hoping to get Sanna to take the bait

"Negotiating, are we? You must be desperate." Sanna said

"Whatever. Here's the deal. I tell you what I know, and you let me leave totally unhindered." Cash said

"And what makes you think I'm stupid enough to agree to that?" Sanna asked

"Because you don't want your mom to win. What, you didn't think I knew that Belladonna Atropa was your mom?" Cash asked

"So you know. That's not exactly something I'm proud of, but what relevance is it here?" Sanna asked

"None." Cash said. "But I know where your mom is right now, and where the device you guys are after is."

"And where is that?" Sanna asked.

"Do we have a deal first?" Cash asked.

"Fine. You start talking, if you give me what you know, I'll let you leave." Sanna said.

"Belladonna wanted me to get the map. Since you had beat me to it, I took that kid because he had seen the map, and there was a chance that she could get the map from his memory. Turns out she could, and did. Then she ordered me to kill him and dump the body. I improvised. I installed a tracking device in the outer lining of Belladonna's jacket while she slept. It's extremely small and compact, I doubt she'd find it unless she went looking for it. But even if she does find it, I know where she went. The map pointed to somewhere in Antartica, and she's there right now. That's all I know." Cash said

"This doesn't add up. Why are you telling me this? You could try and make this harder for me. Try and escape, making me have to catch you and beat it out of you. You could of killed that human, but instead you escort him back here unharmed. Why?" Sanna asked

"Let's just say I have my reasons. Now shoo, I believe you have to go stop your mom before she beats you to that device." Cash said, turning and limping away, still bleeding from the wound on her leg.


Slowbro regained consciousness slowly, and untangled himself from the remains of his make-shift para-chute. He took a look around him, and noticed he bounced off of the ground a few times before finally stoping in that snowbank. He saw tracks leading away from him, so out of curiosity, he started to follow the tracks.


Ninetalesuk, Shane and Noctowl arrived on Ross Island, and took another boat over to the main

continent of Antartica.

"Ok, now that we're here, which way do we go?" Noctowl asked.

"The map said in the middle of the island, so I'd say we go this way." Shane said.

"Sounds good. Shall we go by sled, by foot or by air?" Noctowl asked.

"I'd say let's go sleding." Ninetales said.

"Agreed." Shane said, walking over to the nearby docks and getting onto a sled. They started the engine(These are mechanized sleds) and took off.


Belladonna flew over Antartica, circling the island, and finally noticing Slowbro. Knowing that where one of her enemies is, more are soon to follow, so she doubled her efforts to find the device before they got there.


Sanna, who had watched Cash leave, waved her paw and instanly appeared by Stryker and the other's side.

"What happened? Where've you been?" Ashley asked.

"I don't get it. My hunch was correct." Sanna said, sitting down.

"What was your hunch?" Stryker asked.

"I went back to that house, to see if by some chance, there was any evidence of where they might of taken him. It turns out that Cash had just returned that kid unharmed..." Sanna said

"WHAT?! Totally unharmed?" Itchy asked.

"Yeah. Totally. She apparently got shot for doing it, cause her hind leg was bleeding, and she was limping, but he was unharmed. I watched him walk into that house." Sanna said

"And what of Cash?" Charlie asked

"That's where it got interesting. She offered me a deal. She told me why they took that kid, and what they did and where Belladonna went to get the device itself. She's in Antartica. She gave me that information in exchange for her freedom. I let her go." Sanna said.

"You realize that she could be lying to us, right?" Ashley asked

"Yeah, that thought crossed my mind, but I didn't quite get the feeling she was. I'm usually pretty perceptive on when someone's lying to me, and I don't think she was." Sanna said.

"So..we have a choice to make. Do we go after the device, and hope that Shane and Ninetales can survive until we find them, or do we go after Shane and Ninetales, and hope Belladonna doesn't get the device first?" Stryker asked.

"Get the device. Shane and Ninetalesuk will be fine." Itchy said.

"Agreed." Ashley said.

"Ok, then." Sanna said, smiling and waving her paw and they all appeared in Antartica.


Ninetales, Shane and Noctowl rode their sled until they saw someone walking in the distance, almost frozen.

"SLOWBRO!" They shouted. Slowbro turned and looked at them.

"Hi guys. What brings you out here in the middle of no-where?" Slowbro asked.

"We're on the trail of the device. How'd you get here?" Shane asked.

"Tried parachuting out of a plane, with a shirt as a parachute. It didn't work out too good."

Slowbro said

"Hop on. We'll talk on the way." Noctowl said.

Slowbro hopped on, and when they started moving again, fell off. They stopped, he hopped on again, and again, when they moved, off he went. So they put him between Shane and Noctowl, so they both could hold him down to the sled, while Ninetales drove. They kept riding, and eventually reached Magnetic South, then the Pole itself.

"Ok, we're in the middle of the island. Now what?" Noctowl asked.

"Look over there. What's that?" Shane asked.

"Where?" Slowbro asked.

"There." Shane said, pointing.

"It's a hill. We have those at home. You DO know what a hill is, right?" Noctowl asked

"Yes, I know what a hill is. I mean, look at it. There's no snow on it." Shane said

"That's wierd....you thinking what I'm thinking?" Ninetales asked.

"Yeah. I am. Shall we go check it out?" Shane asked

"We shall." Ninetales said, aiming the sled at it and gunning the engine.


Cash, limping from her wound in her leg, managed to get a fair distance away from that house, before she collapsed from exhaustion. As she lay there, bleeding and in a great deal of pain from the wound in her leg, she kept thinking about how she was gonna get out of this mess.

"Belladonna would never lift a paw to help me. She'll just claim since I got shot, I can't keep my end of the bargain, and Scott'll die."

Still muttering to herself, she took off her shirt, and ripped it and wrapped the shirt around her leg, tying it off over the wound. Then she went back to the area where the teleport gate was still open, and she went back to her office, to wait for Belladonna to give her yet another job.


Belladonna flew so fast over Antartica it started to make her dizzy, but she did find out that Sanna and the others were indeed on the island. She saw the hill that Noctowl and that group were gonna explore, and she flew closer for a look. She saw Ninetales and the others disappear behind the hill, so she flew behind the hill to observe them, and she found a hidden entrance that they went into. She followed them at a safe distance, and entered the hill after them, always watching them.


The group looked around, trying to figure out where they were. They found themselves at the docks , by coincedence, the same ones that Shane and Ninetalesuk were at only a little while earlier. They saw tracks from Sleds and snow-mobiles going around the docks, and one track from a sled going away from the docks.

"They went there." Sanna said.

"So let's go." Stryker said.

The group commandered their own set of Snow-Mobiles, and took off, just as the human owners came running for them.


Ninetales, Noctowl, Slowbro and Shane entered a hidden entrance behind the hill.

"Well, I'd say we're in the right place." Shane said

"Me, too. Any ideas where in here the device is?" Noctowl asked.

"I'd say somewhere that way." Slowbro said.

"No, really? I thought it would be outside." Shane said

"Very funny. Now if we can get on with this.." Ninetales said.

"Ok. Let's go this way." Shane said, leading the way. After a few minutes, they entered a chamber that had white walls, and more arcaic writing on the walls. In the middle of the room, was a small table, enveloped in a neon green light.

"We can hurry now. There is nothing to fear." Slowbro said

"That's what worries me." Ninetales said, looking around. "Surely there would be some kind of defenses here."

"But where?" Noctowl asked.

They looked around, and then looked at the floor.

"There they are. Watch your step. You step on one of these.......I'm not sure what'll happen, but let's not find out." Shane said.

"Right. Better chance of not stepping on one if only one of us goes. But who?" Slowbro said.

"I'll go." Ninetales said.

"Be careful. I don't wanna have to explain to Shania that you got killed because of this." Shane said

Ninetales walked carefully to the center of the room, and took the device off of the table, and walked carefully back.

"Got it. Let's go." Ninetales said


Belladonna flew over the hill, and landed next to the entrance of the tomb. She would of walked

in, but she saw that there were fresh tracks in the snow, so she figured that Ninetales and

Shane were probably already inside, so she would let them get the device, and take it from them

when they came out. While she waited, Sanna and Stryker and Ashley and the others came riding

up to her.

"Just our luck. You WOULD have to be here." Stryker said

"Ha ha. That's so nice that my presence pleases you. And you should be pleased. After all, it IS

a privledge to be in my presence." Belladonna smirked.

"My my, aren't you the cocky one? We'll make this easy. Give us the device, and go away, or we'll

take it from you." Sanna said

"And why would I make it easy for you?" Belladonna asked.

"Because you don't have the device." Ninetales said, as he and his group emerged from the tomb

"Give it to me. Or so help me I'll.." Belladonna started.

"You'll do WHAT? There are a lot more of us then there are of you." Sanna said, walking toward

her mom.

"I'll do this." Belladonna said, throwing a orb at Sanna's head, but Sanna blocked it easily and

sent it back to Belladonna. She didn't block it in time, and it hit her in the chest. Seeing

their opprutunity, Ninetales and Shane and Noctowl and Slowbro bolted past Belladonna, and

rejoined Stryker and Sanna and Ashley and their group. Waving bye-bye to her mom, Sanna flicked

her paw and sent the group home. Anabelle was waiting for them in the Flea Bite.

"Congradulations, Angels. You've done it!"

"Thanks, Anabelle. I believe this belongs to you." Ninetales said, handing her the device.

"Excellent. You have any problems getting it?" Anabelle asked.

"Nothing we couldn't handle. Especially with Sanna, Shane, Stryker and Ashley watching our back."

Ninetales said.

"I recieved a report that a white lady wolf helped you, Sanna. That true?" Anabelle asked

"Yeah. In exchange for her freedom, she told us where Belladonna was heading, and what Belladonna

did to the kid that wolf kidnaped." Sanna said.

"Somehow I doubt we've seen the last of her. Whoever she is." Anabelle said.



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