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 Добавлен Charlie, 30.07.06, 21:54
Alania took a drink of water from her canteen as she looked around her, and watched her group

dig in the middle of the desert.

"Why would Belladonna send us out here, in the middle of no-where?" Killer asked

"Shut up and keep digging. When we find this tomb, and get the map, we can leave." Carface said

"What's so important about this map, anyway?" Alania asked

"It is rumored that this tomb, if it exists, and the map that's supposed to be in it is still

intact, that it leads to the mobius device." Carface said

"The...mobius device? That's just a kid's story." Killer said

"Not according to her. If this tomb is here, chances are, so is the map." Alania said

After a few more minutes pass, a dull thud is heard.

"Ma'am, we've hit something." One of the diggers said.

"Move out of the way." Alania said, as Carface and Killer and the others moved. She looked at

the door, and tossed a piece of dynamite at it. She walked toward the door, and lit the dynamite,

then turned and ran as it exploded, and the door blew apart.

"Well?" Alania asked.

"What?" Carface asked

"What are you waiting for? Go on in and GET THE MAP!" Alania said

"Oh no you don't! I'm not going in there!" Carface said.

"Well I'm not going." Alania said. Carface looked at her, then they both looked at Killer.

"Wait a second, I don't wanna go in there! It's too dangerous!" Killer said

"Killer, go in the hole. Don't make us make you." Alania said.

"NO!" Killer shouted, backing away from the hole

"I'll give you a choice. You can die in that hole, by my hand, or by Belladonna when she finds

out that you refused to go in there. Which will it be?" Alania said.

"Fine. I guess I'll go in." Killer said.

"We'll wait here. Just call if you need us, and Don't need us." Carface said.

Killer walked slowly to the edge of the hole, and looked down. Alania, being impatient, walked

behind him and pushed him in. He landed on the floor below him with a loud WHAM!

"OWW! That hurt!" Killer called up.

"SHUT UP AND FIND THAT MAP!" Alania called back

Killer didn't respond, but he got to his feet and looked around him. The was almost no light

in the room, but he had a flash-light strapped to him, so he turned it on. When he did, he saw

arcaic writings all over the walls, and a open door on one end of the room. He walked carefully

toward the door, and through it and looked around. At the far end of the room, was a crystal-

clear case that contained a piece of paper. Between him and it, however, was a maze of swinging

weapons, literally. Huge dual-edged Axes and swords were hanging from the ceiling, swinging over

the middle of the room, back and forth they went. There was only one path to that case, it was

about a foot wide. On either side of it, Killer tried to shine his light down to see what was

there, but all his light shone was black. He couldn't see what was down there, so he figured if

he falls off of the path, he's dead. He slowly walked forward, and ducked under the swinging

weapons. After doing that a few times, he reached the case. He lifted the cover off and took

the map, then he did the same thing to get back out, only the case was booby-trapped, and when

he took the map from it, a huge granite door started to come down. He moved swiftly, trying to

get to the door before it trapped him in the room, and just barely made it through. He ran

straight to the hole he was pushed through, and Alania dropped a rope down to him. He grabbed

onto it, and they pulled him out of the hole.

"You got it?" Alania asked. Killer handed her the map.

"This is incomplete." She said.

"What do you mean, incomplete?" Killer said, looking at the map.

"I mean, it's not complete. This map is not the whole map, it's only a piece of it. Where's the

rest?" Alania asked

"That's what we gotta find." Belladonna said, appearing overhead and flying toward them.

"Is this part of the map to the Mobius device?" Killer asked.

"Yes it is. Now give it to me." Belladonna said. Alania handed the map to her, and Belladonna

smiled, and looked it over. Then she waved her paw, and they vanished, to go home and decipher

that piece of the puzzle.


Anabelle was sitting in her office, after a long day, finally able to do nothing but relax. She

had one of the hardest days she ever had, being the Head-Angel in the Canine world. During the

re-building of heaven, she had built a small room off of her office, one in which she can hide

from the outside world, when she just wishes for a break from her duties. This room is perfectly

hidden, built underneath her desk, so she can vanish without having to draw any attention to

herself, so she crawled under her desk and opened the crawlway to that room, and crawled down

there. She had a lounge chair, a hot-plate and a bookshelf down there, as well as a safe. She

opened the safe, and pulled out a crystaline-case, and looked down at it's contents and smiled,

then put it back and closed the safe, then walked over to the bookshelf and pulled out a book,

sat down in the lounge chair, and read.

After an hour or so, Lance came into her office looking for her. He didn't see her in her office,

but he did know about her room below it, so he went down there, being careful to lock the doors

behind him, so no-one would know it was there.

"Hi Lance." Anabelle said, flipping a page in her book, her tail hanging off of the side of the


"Hi hun. You ok?" Lance asked

"I'm fine. I just needed a break. Too much work." Anabelle said.

"I understand. I walked into my old office today, and found paperwork as far as the eye could

see." Lance said. Anabelle smirked

"I see Stryker's been busy." Anabelle said

"Very. There is something else he asked me to report to you." Lance said.

"Yeah, what's that?" Anabelle said, not really paying attention to him, more interested in her

book than about some report Stryker's wanting to make.

"Our comm center intercepted part of a communication between somewhere in Brazil, we think it's

in the Northern Jungle. Here's what we've got '...dig unsuccessful. We have not recovered

part of ...... map. We are proceeding to the next spot. I repeat.....vered......Mobius map.

We .... spot.'" Lance said

The second the word Mobius was mentioned, Anabelle's ears perked up, and she looked at Lance.

"They're...looking for one of the maps to the Mobius device?" Anabelle said.

"It would appear so." Lance said. "Is that a problem?"

"Not really a problem, unless they find it." Anabelle said

"What is this....Mobius device?" Lance asked

"Lance, when you were a pup, did your parents ever tell you bedtime stories? One of which

referred to that device?" Anabelle asked.

"Yeah, they did, but.....it's not the same device, is it?" Lance asked. Anabelle nodded yes.

"That explains her interest in it, doesn't it?" Anabelle asked.

"Very much so. Doesn't that kids story say something about 3 maps to the device?" Lance asked

"Yep. 3 maps, that when they're put side by side, will reveal precise directions to the device."

Anabelle said.

"That means Belladonna's looking for them. We have to find them first." Lance said

"Yes, but we have a advantage." Anabelle said, opening the lock on her safe, and pulling out

the crystaline case, opening it, and holding the piece of paper gently in her paws.

"That's....a piece of the map." Lance said, sounding both astonished and impressed.

"Yes...without this piece, Belladonna will be hard-pressed to acquire the device itself."

Anabelle said

"Perhaps. But you know that won't stop her forever. She may find the other 2 maps, and still get

enough information to get the device." Lance said

"Your right, of course. From what I've been able to decipher about this map, each map leads to

the next, and this is the second map in the set. The location of the third map is somewhere in

Eastern Russia. I thought of going after it, but I don't wanna tip our hand." Anabelle said.

"If we get it, we might be able to get the device before she does. The last thing we need is to

have her get it first." Lance said.

"Agreed. So who are we gonna send to Eastern Russia?" Anabelle asked

Lance looked at her and smiled...then she understood and smiled back.

"Of course." They said in unison.


After a long party the previous night, one in which Sanna had stayed to help Sasha clean up the

after-effects, Sanna was stretched out on the couch in the Flea Bite, sleeping. Ashley, Shane and

Ninetalesuk and the others were watching TV, enjoying the rainy weather outside, and hearing

reports of more rain heading into the area.

"I love rain." Ninetalesuk said

"Why?" Ashley asked

"It feels great on a hot day. It helps keep things cool around here, and in the winter, it turns

to ice, so you can go ice-skating." Ninetalesuk said

"And it's fun to do this." Ashley said, walking over to Ninetales and shaking herself off,

soaking Ninetales with rain, since Ashley had come in from the rain only a few minutes earlier.

"HEY! If I needed a shower, you could of just told me!" Ninetales said

"Yeah, but her way kills 2 birds with one stone. Hehehehe." Sanna said, turning her back to the

group and trying to fall asleep again.

"Hey Sasha, you need a hand?" Shane asked, noticing how busy Sasha had gotten.

"Sure, if you're not busy." Sasha replied, handing out some chili.

Shane jumped up and trotted over to her, grabbing the tray of food just as it was about to fall.

"Thanks, Shane." Sasha said.

"Your welcome. Now then, what can I do to help?" Shane asked.

"Get in the kitchen, please. I need help making this stuff." Sasha said.

"You got it." Shane said, trotting through the kitchen, to find Gerta making 7 different entree's

all at once, wearing a piece of pasta for a necklace(Not by her choice), and had some spaghetti

dripping off of her nose.

"You look like you've been busy." Shane said

"Gee...how'd you guess?" Gerta asked, stirring some stir-fryed food

"What'd ya need a hand with?" Shane asked

"You name it. Cooking, preparing, choose one." Gerta said.

"Preparing it is." Shane said, trotting to the other side of Gerta and washing his paws.

Meanwhile, back in the Dining room, Anabelle and Lance appeared.

"Hi Anabelle." Ninetales said

"Hi guys. I have a very special mission for you angels." Anabelle said. "Where's Shane and


"Sasha's over there. I'll get her. Shane's in the kitchen, and I'll get him, too." Itchy said,

trotting over to them

"What's this about?" Sanna asked, sitting up.

"I thought you were asleep." Anabelle said.

"What? I can't get 5 minutes of sleep a day and call it even?" Sanna asked

"Ok, ok. We'll wait for them to get here, then we'll start the briefing." Anabelle said.

As she said that, Shane, Itchy and Sasha trotted over.

"Hi." Sasha said, looking at the pink whippet who was about to knock over a drink on the table.

"Oh sorry." Anabelle said, as she hopped down.

"Not a problem." Sasha said.

"Ok, now that we're all here...this mission is of extreme importance." Anabelle said, waving her

paw and they all appeared in her room below her office.

"This mission is important. Have any of you heard of the Mobius device?" Lance asked

"Yeah. A kid's story, isn't it?" Ninetales asked.

"Most of the time, kid's stories are just that. Stories. But, this time, the story's true. The

Mobius device DOES exist, and Belladonna IS going after it. We gotta get it first." Lance said

"Uh huh. If this thing exists, why haven't we heard of this before?" Ashley asked

"Because I was trying to keep it's existence a secret from Belladonna. I was hoping that she'd

never catch on to it's existence, and never go after it, but she has, and she is. And if we don't

get to it first..." Anabelle said

"We know. That thing is supposed to make the person who posses it invincible. So where is it?"

Ninetales asked

"The rumor also mentions 3 seperate maps, that when combined, reveal where it is. So where's the

first map?" Shane asked

"Belladonna has it. I have the second map. And we'd like for you guys to go get the third map."

Anabelle said

"Sounds like an adventure, it does." Ninetales said. Sanna looked over and yawned.

"And WHERE is this third map?" Sanna asked

"Each map reveals the location of the next, and this map said that the third is in Eastern

Russia. It's by a lake located here." Anabelle said, pulling out a map and showing them the

location of the lake, "The map is here."

"We already sent in surveilance teams into the area, to search for any sign of Belladonna, but

so far, they've come up empty." Lance said.

"So what do you guys think? Think you can get there ahead of Belladonna, and get the map?"

Anabelle asked

"Yeah, we can, but what then? Do we bring it back here, or proceed onto wherever it says the

Mobius device is?" Stryker asked

"If you can, proceed on, but you'll need the piece of the map to figure out where the device is,

so it might be best if you brought it back here." Anabelle said

"Alright. When do we leave?" Shane asked

"I've got plane tickets for us. Our flight takes off from the San Francisco Airport at 6:15

tomorrow afternoon." Stryker said

"Plane tickets? Airport? What, you're not gonna just use your powers and whisk us off to Russia?"

Ninetales asked.

"I can't. We don't want Belladonna to get any hint of what's going down, just incase this map is

in a populated area. We figured you people'd be the best option to slip in relatively unnoticed,

retrieve the map, and slip out again before anyone knows you were there." Lance said

"Yeah, right. Slip in. You make it sound so easy." Sanna muttered.

"It should be easy. There's nothing to say that this will be complicated." Charlie said


Belladonna looked at the map, over and over again. She'd deciphered where the next piece was a

while ago, and had sent Alania to go get it, since she was apparently so good at retrieving them.

Unfortunately, the map wasn't there when she got there, and thus, she failed. She returned to

base without it, fearful of the reprocussions of her failure.

"Um...Belladonna?" Alania asked as she opened the door and saw Belladonna standing beside a

white female wolf. The wolf was the same height as Belladonna, her fur was snow-white, her eyes

light blue, and her tail long and bushy. When the door opened and Alania walked in, Belladonna

and this lady wolf both turned to look at her.

"Ah, yes. Alania. I trust you got the map?" Belladonna asked

"It wasn't there." Alania said.

"What do you mean, it wasn't there?" Belladonna said

"I mean just that. It wasn't there. When I got there, the site was already opened, and there was

no map in that catacomb." Alania said.

"Then you've failed me. You've failed me for the last time, Alania. GUARDS! Take her away, I'll

follow shortly to deal with this...person." Belladonna said.

"Was there anything else I should know?" The lady-wolf asked

"Yes. You need to be on that plane at the San-Francisco Airport tomorrow afternoon at 6:15, and

be sure at least one of these people is on it. Our spies indicate that a lot of tickets were

purchased by this 'Stryker' person, and we're assuming that those tickets are for him and his

friends. Your gonna stow-away onboard, and watch them. I don't know what their final destination

is, nor do I know why they're going there by plane instead of just having hoop-head send them

thru her magic, but whatever. You follow them, and let me know if anything interesting turns up."

Belladonna said.

"Right. We'll be in touch." The wolf said as she turned and walked out of the office. Belladonna

was right behind her, but she turned a different way, to go take out her anger on Alania.


Meanwhile, back at the Flea Bite, 4:13 PM the next day.

Slowbro had arrived to meet with Ninetales and Shane and the others for an early lunch before

they left for the airport.

"I have a plan." Slowbro said.

"What is it this time? Cut off head, wait in a box and spring out when Belladonna appears?"

Sanna said

"No. But you don't need to go anywhere to get the map. I've got it." Slowbro said.

"You're lying." Ninetales said.

"I am not." Slowbro said, "I'm telling you, I have it."

"How'd you get it?" Ashley asked

"I overheard you guys say it was in a lake in the east, so I went to the lake east of here and

dug." Slowbro said

"Erm...we said in a lake in eastern RUSSIA!" Stryker said.

"Russia? That's a mythical land, it doesn't exist." Slowbro said.

"This coming from a person who started his academic career by failing the afternoon nap."

Ninetales said

A lady-wolf entered the room unnoticed and sat down at a table by herself. She was within earshot

of them, but picked up a newspaper and pretended to read it as she listened to their


"This ISN'T helping us. I think we should not discuss this in public. After all, Anabelle gave us

specific orders that this is to be kept secret." Ashley said

"Right. Wait till we're on the plane." Stryker said.

"Speaking of which, when do we have to leave here to go catch our flight?" Slowbro said.

"What, you're going with us?" Sanna asked

"Yeah. I am." Slowbro said.

"No, you're not." Itchy said.

"Come on, Itch. Let him. If nothing else, we can play cards with him while we're under way."

Charlie said.

"Enough. Slowbro can come if he wants. We've got more important things on hand, like finishing

our dinner before our flight." Stryker said

The lady wolf pulled out a pencil and a small notebook and took a few notes of interest, then

she continued to watch and listen, mentally recording who was at this little meeting of theirs.


Belladonna beat down Alania and threw her in a prison filled with people who had disappointed

Belladonna many times. She posted guards to watch over Alania, until the next prisoner transfer

occured, where Alania would be dragged so far into hades, she would never see the light of day



Later that day, 5:45 PM.

The group had finished their dinner, and had went and packed for the trip. Afterwards, they

returned to the Flea Bite, to begin the walk to the airport. When they left the Flea Bite, the

lady-wolf stood up and walked casually towards the door. When they were about a block ahead of

her, she followed them. As they reached the airport and boarded the plane, she watchd, making

sure each of them got on board. Just before they closed the doors on the plane, she boarded, too,

and sat down behind Sanna, and pulled out a book.

Stryker sat down first, Then Ashley, then Sanna. Across the asile, was Ninetales, Slowbro and

Shane. Then Sasha, Charlie and Itchy. This flight was a cargo-carrier, not a passenger-liner, so

the fact that dogs and a wolf were onboard, would not surprise anyone.

Sanna looked around, and watched the wolf pass her. She whispered something to Ashley, then

Ashley whispered to Stryker, "That wolf that just passed us...she was at the Flea Bite earlier.

Reading a magazine, for about 3 hours."

"Could be a coincedence." Stryker whispered back.

"Then again, it could not." Ashley said

"Sanna, can you hand me my knapsack?" Stryker asked. Sanna handed him a bag that was in a

over-head compartment. Stryker opened it, and pulled out a piece of paper. While he was doing

that, the lady-wolf yawned and stretched in her seat. Stryker reached in the bag, and pulled

out a small notepad. He jotted down some notes, then passed the paper to Ashley, and whispered..

"Read it, then pass it on. Mum's the word."

Ashley read it, and passed it to Sanna, who looked at it and shrugged, then onto Ninetales and

Shane, then to the others.

"You sure this'll work?" Ashley asked

"It'll prove which of us is right." Stryker said

Ninetales walked over to Sanna

"So we're going after the..." He started, but Sanna grabbed him by his muzzle and clamped it shut

with her paws.

"HUSH!" She whispered angrily. "YOU DO NOT REPEAT WHAT WAS ON THAT NOTE!"

"Oops..sorry. But am I right?" Ninetales asked, rubbing his muzzle where Sanna had her paws on it

"Yeah." Ashely said.

"Good." Ninetales said. Shane read the note, and smiled, thinking to himself: 'Very Clever.'

The lady wolf calmly sat in her seat, observing the strange behavior that this group was showing,

but not really caring about it.


Eastern Russia, 5 hours after Anabelle ordered the group to go after the map, a human family

went on vacation on a lake in Eastern Russia. They spent the entire morning and afternoon there,

eating, swimming, playing water-sports, and getting a good tan. One human kid went for a walk

along the shoreline, while his parents and sister relaxed. While he was walking, he came upon

a small opening in the shoreline.

"Hey Mom! Dad! Look what I found!" he called

They looked over, but didn't see the opening, and went back to laying down on a beach-towel.

The kid looked over the hole in the ground, and decided to go exploring in it, so he climbed

into the hole. He found a well-lit room with a crystal case enveloped in a purple and white

light. He opened the case effortlessly, and found a piece of paper inside it. He took the piece

of paper, and climbed out of the hole. At that point, his parents started to get up, so he jogged

back over to them, and they left. The whole incident was captured on several camera shots by

a pair of dogs watching them from a distance...


16 hours later, the plane landed in Eastern Russia. The group split up at that point, with Sanna,

Ashley, Ninetalesuk and Shane got off, but Stryker, Charlie and Itchy remained on-board. The wolf,

disobeying her orders to follow Stryker at all costs, and trusting her instincts, she got off

shortly before the plane took off. She stood up and walked casually toward the exit from the

plane. While she was walking past Itchy, she noticed he was staring at her, breaking the first

rule of surveiling someone. You NEVER make eye contact, but they did. When she saw him, she

figured she'd try something on him she hadn't tried in ages on a man. She walked casually past

him, and ran her tail, from her hips to the tip, across his nose. He sneezed, which was exactly

the reaction she was hoping for, started to hum a tune as she walked off the plane, and stayed

far enough behind Ashley and the others so she wouldn't be seen, but close enough so she would

be able to easily keep an eye on them.

"What was that about?" Itchy asked, sneezing again.

"You tell me. Ever since she first appeared, you've been watching her. I've noticed it." Charlie


"I have not." Itchy said.

"Yes, you have. I've seen you watch her. This was just another example." Stryker said

"Ya know, Itch, it just so happens that I've seen the look you had on your face before. In fact,

I've had it before, too. Remember the day I met Sasha?" Charlie asked.

"Oh yeah. I remember. Your tongue was a mile long, leaving wet streaks all over the floor."

Itchy said, laughing.

"Yeah, well, I wouldn't be talking too much," Stryker said, "We almost had to pick up yours with

a fork-lift."

"Uh, guys, maybe we should continue this when we get off the plane. Stryker's idea was to stay

on to try and keep whoever that wolf is after us, to buy more time for them. Since she got off,

maybe we should, too." Itchy said.

"Good idea." Stryker said, walking towards the door. Itchy stood up next, followed by Charlie,

and the three got off of the plane.


Sanna, Ashley, Ninetales and Shane walked away from the airport, heading to the local guardian

station for the area, completely unaware that they were being followed. After a few minutes of

walking, they arrived. Sanna knocked on the door. A sliding window opened:

"State your name, password and intentions."

"Sannabelle Atropa. 6474190FCV52157#!114. Anabelle sent us priority one." Sanna replied.

The window closed, and the door opened. The group walked into the building, and was met with

armed guards. The guards searched Ashley first, then the others, then they led them into another

room. This room was set up like a command center.

"Ma'am, we have some guests." A guard said.

A lady collie-dog turned from her console and looked over the group.

"Thank you. I'll take it from here," She said, "Come with me, please." The lady stood up and

walked toward another room. The group followed her into the room, where she closed and locked

the door. She closed the blinds in the room, and unpluged the survilence camera mounted on the


"So, Anabelle sent you, huh?" She asked

"Yeah. She did." Ashley said.

"Then you won't mind if I give her a call. Last chance for you to change your mind about this."

The lady said, opening a sliding door on the wall and revealing a video-phone. She pressed a white

button next to it, and after a second or two, Anabelle's face appeared.

"Hi. What can I do for ya?" Anabelle asked.

"Hi Anabelle. I've got some people here who claim you sent them. Your diretive said nothing about

outside help, so I figured I'd call and ask ya if you sent them. If you didn't, then they go in the

brig." The lady said.

"I sent them. If you would, show them what data you've collected over the last few days for me."

Anabelle said.

"Certainly. Thank you for your time." The lady said. Anabelle smiled, then disappeared. The lady

closed the cabinet again, and turned around to face the group.

"Ok, sorry about that. But it did seem a tad suspicious, since I usually get word of any guests I'm

gonna have. My name is Tj Parker. Who might you be?" Tj asked

"I'm Sannabelle Atropa, this is Ashley Barkin, Ninetalesuk Fox, and Shane LeFleur." Sanna said

"Ok, please sit. What may I ask brings you to these parts?" Tj asked

"You know what the mobius device is?" Shane asked

"Yeah. I've heard of it. Hey...wait a second.....now this makes some sense. Approximately 37

hours ago, Anabelle ordered us to begin surveiliance on a beach near here, overlooking a lake.

She never told us what we were supposed to be looking for, but we did find something interesting.

Shortly after we began our watch, a family went for a day of relaxing on the beach. Sunning themselves,

swimming, a cook-out, the whole nine yards. While the parents slept, one of the kids went for a

walk along the shoreline. He found the entrance to a small cave, and crawled in. A few minutes later,

he emerged with a piece of paper in his hands. We took as many photos of that paper as we could get,

but our computers and analysts still haven't been able to piece it together clearly enough." Tj said

"Has contact been made with the family, and have you retrieved the map yet?" Ninetales asked.

"No. After the family left the beach, we lost contact with them. And this IS a human family we're

talking about, otherwise, we would of talked to them on the spot. The fact we're dealing with a

less-intelligent species, means we have to be careful." Tj said

"True, but what's the next step?" Shane asked

"This is a picture of that kid. As you can see, his face is pretty clear. We need to find him, and we

need your help in that aspect. We've begun searching the north, south and west sides of the city for

him, but if you guys and gals would take the east side of town, it would help us considerably." Tj


"Sure. Just one question, though. Has Belladonna or her forces been seen in this area yet?" Ninetales


"No. There has been no sign of them yet, although we suspect that since your here, eventually they

will be coming, too." Tj said


Stryker, Itchy and Charlie walked after the lady wolf, somewhat curious to know where she was

going. Eventually, Sanna and the others went into a building, but the wolf kept right on walking,

as if she knew she was being followed. The group decided to go into the building to catch up with

the others, but as they approached the building, the door opened, and the others stepped out.

"Charlie?! Guys, what happened?" Shane asked

"That lady got off the plane. She headed this way, with her nose to the ground, like she was

trying to find you guys, but she kept right on going." Charlie said

"That's not good. It means she is a spy." Ninetales said.

"Yeah. It does. It also means that Itch here has a crush on a spy.." Stryker said. Itchy kicked

him, but his face also turned bright red.

"Itchy has a crush on a spy?" Ashley asked incrediously.

"Yes, yes, laugh it up guys. Don't we have bigger problems than that right now?" Itchy asked

"We do. We have to find a kid, and we've been asked to search on the east side of town." Sanna said

"Alrighty. Let's go." Shane said.


When the group reached the east side of town, they saw almost immediately the kid who had been in the

pictures that Tj had shown them. They watched the kid, and followed him home, the whole time being

followed themselves by the lady-wolf. Eventually, dark came, and the kid was asked by his parents to

take out the garbage. He had the map in his pocket, and when he opened the door, Shane whispered to

Ashley, Stryker and the others:

"How do we handle this?"

"Anyone good with kids?" Stryker asked

"I'm not." Sanna said, "At least not with Human kids."

Everyone shook their heads, except Shane.

"What about you, Shane?" Ashley asked

"I'll take care of it." Shane said.

"And just how are you gonna do that?" Charlie asked

"Observe." Shane said, walking out of their hiding place

"We'll watch from here, just in case he tries to get back in the house." Stryker said

Shane walked slowly toward the kid.

"Hey, kid." Shane called. The kid looked at Shane, and turned to run, but tripped over the

garbage can, and fell backwards. He landed on the ground, right on his back. Shane smiled, then

walked calmly towards the kid. The kid started to crawl backwards, but Shane got to him before

he got far. Shane lept towards the kid, who was petrified in fear. Shane landed close to the

kid, and grabbed the map out of the kid's pocket. The kid tried to grab the map back, and got

into a tug-of-war with Shane.

"Hey kid, let it go. It won't do YOU any good to have it." Shane said.

"Did....did you just talk?" The kid asked.

"No. It's just your imagination. Now let go of the map." Shane said again. The kid got so

curious to know whether or not he had heard Shane talk that he let the map go immediately. Shane

darted back to the others.

"See? I told you it was a piece of cake." Shane said.

At that point, the kid ran back into the house, to tell his parents what had happened. The group

was preparing to leave the area, when they caught movement going towards the house. They didn't

see exactly what it was, save for a snow-white tail.

"There she is again. Wonder what she wants here.." Charlie said.

"The same thing we wanted. The map," Stryker said, "Shane, Ninetales, you two take the map and

go back. Find Anabelle, and give it to her."

"What are you guys gonna do?" Shane asked, putting the map under his hat.

"We've got a wolf to catch." Sanna said

"You guys get lost. Get as far from here as you can." Ashley said.

"Why?" Ninetales said

"Cauz if that is a spy, Belladonna won't be too far behind." Itchy said

"Right, we'll meet you back at the Flea Bite." Shane said, as he and Ninetales ran off.


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