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 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:53
Stryker and his team boarded their transport, and flew deep into enemy territory, going slow and low to avoid radar detection. Unfortunately, Belladonna had changed her radar coverage, so she could detect anything flying over her territory, if it flew over 2 inches above the ground, so Belladonna's forces knew they were there, so they began to track his plane and when they realized where they were going, they quickly prepared defenses so the second they landed, they could destroy them.

"Ok. Remember, when we land, we have 15 minutes to get to the prison, free our people, and get back on board. Any questions?" Stryker asked.

"No, sir. We're ready. Let's go get our people back."

2 minutes later, the transport touched down, a hatch opened, and the team ran toward the prison about a mile away, while the crew from the transport secured a area around it, to protect their escape. Stryker and his team approached the prison, and stopped short. One member of the team with a sniper rifle looked thru her scope and saw 2 guards on the roof. She and another with a sniper rifle took both guards down with single shots. Stryker crawled forward, followed by 3 rows of 2 dogs. When they got to the door, one of the dogs put some C-4 plastic explosive on the door, and set the fuse. The dogs hid around the wall, at right angles from the door when the door exploded. They rushed forward and took out 3 guards rushing toward the door, and they reachd a junction point. They split up in 2-member teams, and went the seperate ways. Team-2 found the hostages, and the other teams converged on them.

"Hang on, we'll get you out. Step away from the door." One team member said, pulling out a portable cutter and began to melt the lock on the cage door. After a few minutes of melting thru the lock, the door opened. The hostages were in such poor shape, they had to be carried out.

"Wait! Stryker, sir. There's one more hostage."

Stryker stopped in his tracks.

"One more? Where?" Stryker asked, looking around.

"They took him 3 minutes before you showed up. A male-wolf, he's not one of us."

"Then how's he a hostage? Not one of us would make him our enemy, would it not?" Stryker asked.

"No, you misunderstand. He's not one of us, cauz he's not dead. He's still alive."

"Alright." Stryker keyed his headset, "Team 1, 2 and 3, return to LZ. Team 4, take my prisoner and return to LZ. Team 5, come with me."

Stryker and two other team members rushed to the door, as team 4 returned to his area and carried out the hostage. Stryker shot the lock and handle off of the door, and the team members burst thru the door, taking out 3 guards. What they saw when the area was secure stopped them in their tracks. In a cage in the side of a room was a chocolate-colored wolf, with hazel eyes. Every single strand of his fur was stained blood red, he had bruises and cuts all over his body, many of the cuts were fresh, and still bleeding. One of his limbs was broken, and what scared the team was the fact that a piece of bone was protuding from the wound.

"Sir, try not to move. We're not here to hurt you, but to rescue you." A team member said

The wolf didn't move, just laid there. The team members tried to pull open the door on the cage, since it didn't seem to have a lock on it, but it didn't budge.

"We'll have to cut it." A team member said. Stryker pulled out his cutting tool and began to cut thru the inch-thick steel bars on the cage, enough for them to get in. After 5 minutes, the team was inside the cage.

"Teams 1 and 2, report to the prison immediately. Team 3 and 4, stay at LZ." Stryker radioed. "Team 1 and 2, secure path from prison to LZ."

"Don't move. I'm gonna give you a shot. It'll help ease the pain. Be advised we're gonna have to carry you out of here, and it's really gonna hurt, but if we leave you here, you'll die."

"Alright." The wolf muttered, voice barely a whisper.

The team-member/medic drove a syringe with morphine into the wolf's arm, and the wolf yelped and whimpered in pain.

"We've gotta go. Here, take my weapon. I'll carry him." Stryker said, handing his weapon to the medic. The medic and the other team member strapped the wolf to Stryker's back, and Stryker ran out of the prison.

"Team 5, pull back to team 4. Team 4, when team 5 arrives, pull back to team 3. Team 3, when team 5 and 4 pull back, pull back to LZ. All Teams, Rendevous at LZ in 3 minutes." Stryker radioed, the wolf yelping with each step they took. 5 minutes later, the prisoners, and the team were all onboard the transport plane and the plane flew low and fast back out of enemy territory.

"How is he?" Stryker asked.

"I've given him a transfusion of blood, and I've put bandages over every bleeding cut on his body, naturally cutting the fur around it so it won't hurt him so much when we take them off again. I've secured the broken limb as much as I can, and I've cleaned off the dried-on blood as much as I could get. I believe he'll make a full recovery. Sir....this man...I've never seen anyone subjected to this kind of torture."

"What do you mean?" Stryker asked.

"This man's arm was broken, but it was broken so Belladonna could torture him with it. There's evidence on the x-ray that the bone was pulled back and forth, to pinch the nerve. It caused extreme pain. I've never seen anything like it."

"At least he's in our care now. Make sure he's comfortable, and he knows we mean no harm to him." Stryker said


Charlie, Itchy, Slowbro, Sasha, Shaina, Ninetalesuk and Space Ace finished their movie, and went back to the Flea Bite, however, Sasha and Charlie walked back to Charlie's place, and watched another movie together. Sasha and Gerta went back to the Flea Bite, and found Cash sitting at the bar, having a drink.

"Who let you in?" Gerta demanded.

"I was in the ladies room taking care of some business, and when I came out, the doors were locked. Not really wanting to break down the door, or break a window to leave, I had a few drinks. I left money on the register for them, since I couldn't get in the register to put it in." Cash said

"I'm surprised you didn't just say you had one drink, and leave it as that. It looks like you had a bit more then one." Sasha said

"I had 5 while you were gone. Since they're paid for, I'll be on my way." Cash said.

"I don't get you, Cash. You work for Belladonna, but your...well...honest." Sasha said

"Let's get a few things cleared up. I don't work for Belladonna, I do what I do not by choice, but because if I don't, someone I love more then anything else that I know will go away, and that's not good. It's a humiliation, if it happens. That's why I do what I do." Cash said, "Second, your absoultely right. I am honest. Lying accomplishes nothing, since the truth always shines through."

"I..didn't know. Belladonna has someone you love? Is this person family?" Gerta asked

"My brother. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now if I don't work for Belladonna, she'll kill him. I'd do anything to get him out of there." Cash said

"I'm sorry. It's gotta be rough on you." Sasha said

"Belladonna's just gonna kill him. Probably kill me, too, since when she kills him, I'll try and repay the act." Cash said

"It doesn't have to go that way. We know people who might be able to help you." Gerta said

"Nobody can help me. I have to find a solution to this problem on my own." Cash said

Stryker and Scott(Cash's brother) appeared at that point.

"These people can. They're the best." Sasha said.

"Thank you for your support." Stryker said

"STRYKER!" Gerta said, jumping at the sound of his voice. Sasha and Cash turned around instantly to see him, and more importantly, Scott.

"S....scott? Scott? Wait a minute...if your here...does that mean your....." Cash started, too shocked and confused to make sense..

"No, I'm not dead. I was close to death, but these people came and rescued me. They helped me get better, and now I'm here. Back to myself." Scott said. Half-way thru his sentence, Cash dropped her drink and ran as fast as she could to him, and hugged him.

"I never thought I'd see you free, alive and well again. I've missed you so much!" Cash said

"I've missed you, too. Seeing you ok overwhelmes me with joy." Scott said.

Stryker and Sasha looked happy, Sasha whispered, "This is what makes helping Anabelle worthwhile."

"So true. Speaking of that pink whippet, I'd best be going back. Gotta make sure things aren't jumping back on the ranch." Stryker said, turning to leave.

"And just WHERE do you think your going?" Cash demanded, walking right up to Stryker

"Look, lady. There's only one lady I answer to right now, and you aren't her. But if you must know, I'm going home." Stryker said

"First off, don't EVER call me lady. Second, you don't leave until I give you this," Cash said, giving Stryker a bear-hug that took his breath away.

"What was that for?" Stryker asked

"You saved my brother. I don't know how else to say thank you, so I choose a way." Cash said

"Your welcome." Stryker said, hugging her back, then after the hug, he left to let Cash and Scott enjoy their time together, and to wait for the inevitable reprisal from Belladonna to come their way. Before he left, he whispered to Sasha, "If Belladonna or Carface or Killer or Alania or anyone else working for them show up, call me immediately."

"Right." Sasha said


Ninetales, Noctowl, Space Ace, Shane and Slowbro were sitting in the Library, trying to find a way to help Slowbro learn something.

"Ok, Slowbro. Today, you're gonna learn the basics of Algebra. We'll start off with adding numbers." Ninetales said.

"Like he'll EVER get that," Space Ace muttered

"If I'm holding up 3 fingers on my hand, and I take one away, how many fingers would I be holding up then?" Ninetales asked.

Slowbro thought about this for awhile, then Ninetales said,

"Slowbro, if you have to, use your own fingers to help. Hold up 3 fingers, then lower one, and however many you have left is the answer."

Slowbro lifted 3 of his fingers, and lowered one, then he said, "You have 4 left."

"How do you figure that?" Space Ace asked.

Slowbro took his other paw and pointed to the first one," You have 2 fingers there, and 2 more on Ninetales hand. That makes 4."

"Yeah, but we were asking how many were being held up.." Shane started, but Slowbro finished,

"Yeah, being held up by Ninetales. He's holding up 2 on his own paw, and having me hold up 2, so that's 4."

"He was asking how many would you have if you did it, and asking you to use your own fingers as an example if you needed help." Shane said.

"In that case, I was wrong." Slowbro said.

"First thing you said that was right all day." Ninetales said," Now how many would you have?"

"You'd have 5." Slowbro said.

"How'd you go from 4 to 5?" Noctowl asked

"Easy. He's holding 2 fingers higher then the rest, but he's still holding up all 5 fingers on his hand. He asked how many are being held up, so the answer's 5." Slowbro said.

"By George! He got you on that one!" Shane said, laughing.

"This is a first. He was actually right about something. We've gotta mark it on the calendar. The first time in Slowbro's life, he was right." Noctowl said.


"This is all YOUR fault!" Belladonna screamed. Anabelle, Belladonna and Lance were put into picture frames in Alania's throne room, but Alania also knew that she had to take other measures to ensure they wouldn't 'let the cat out of the bag' early, so to speak, so she had taken their bodies and put them in the frames, and sent the soul to a alternate dimension, preventing both their escape, their interfearence and ever having to see any of them again.

"How is this MY Fault?! If you'd of surrendered in the first place, or any of the times we offered it to you, this would never of occured!" Anabelle screamed back.

"Ladies..." Lance started. Both of the whippets turned to him and shouted, "WHAT?!" Lance backed off at that point, and let them continue.

"You could of surrendered just as easily, which would of ended this eons ago." Belladonna yelled.

"Look, LADIES! This isn't helping us. Right now, we've got a lady out there, with more power then both of you put together, cause she has both of your powers, and she's free. We're not. Unless you wanna wait till we have company in here, I suggest we find a way out of here so we can try and help Stryker and our forces." Lance said.

"That's right. Stryker's still out there. When he learns of this, he'll mount a counterstrike against Alania, try and take her out before she has time to learn just how powerful she's become." Anabelle said.

"He hasn't a chance against her." Belladonna said.

"He stood up to you pretty easily." Lance said.

"You still don't get it, do you. She's not gonna hurt him. She'll hurt everyone else, but not him." Belladonna said.

"What makes him so special?" Lance asked.

"C'mon. You couldn't tell? Alania's infatuated with him. She and Stryker dated awhile ago, and apparently, she never moved on when he dumped her. She wants him to marry her, and now that she's got your and my powers, there ain't nothing to stop her from getting him." Anabelle said

"Stryker won't willingly do that. He'll never marry her. He's been saying that even knowing her was one of the biggest mistakes he's ever made." Lance said


Stryker had returned to his office, feeling on top of the world. He'd helped to reunite a brother and sister, and got many of his friends back from captivity. He was feeling 10 feet tall and bulletproof, so he opened his office door. Once again, there were flowers and a card in his office, and once again, the person had declined to reveal themselves, other then the message, "Soon, you will be in my arms, my love."

Stryker, after contemplating the meaning of that message, thought ironically of Cash..

"Nah, it couldn't be her. She didn't know that we'd rescued her brother. Besides, I don't think she loves me, much less likes me much, and I've already been in her arms. Unless...nah. It can't be her. But what if it is? I'd love to have her on our side, and I might even get the courage to ask her out someday, but... that's just wishful thinking. I doubt she even wants anything to do with me." Stryker thought, leaving his office. He couldn't get the thought of dating Cash out of his head as he walked next door over to Anabelle's office, to talk to his boss. He opened the door and walked in. When he saw nobody was there, and there was no note saying they'd left early for the day or anything else, he remembered Alania had convinced them to go try and end the war. And since they hadn't returned, he had a bad feeling in his gut about this situation. He walked back to his office, and found his phone ringing.

"Hello?" Stryker asked.

"Stryker! It's Sasha. Listen, Alania just walked in the Flea Bite. Scott and Cash are still here. You gotta come. They're gonna rip this place apart." Sasha said, the sound of tables, Chairs and other various heavy things flying around the Flea Bite, Crashing into the ground, walls and windows easily heard in the background.

"Alright. Just hold on. Am on my way." Stryker said, dropping the phone and running out of his office. 10 minutes later, Stryker was back in the Flea Bite. He saw Alania and Cash fighting eachother, and Stryker ran toward them, and pulled Alania off of Cash easily. Before Alania could react, Sanna came out of no-where and jumped Alania. Sanna and Alania took off after eachother, throwing orbs, lightning bolts and fire at eachother. Sanna grabbed Alania's tail and threw Alania into the side of a building. Alania grabbed Sanna by her wings, and flew her into a string of high voltage power lines. The blast that occured when Sanna touched them could be felt for a quarter mile. Alania and Sanna fought very hard for a long time, but Sanna wouldn't stay down. Alania tried every thing she knew to beat Sanna, but she couldn't do it. Eventually, Alania felt herself getting weak, and didn't want to risk being beaten by Sanna, so she choose to retreat. Sanna flew back to the Flea Bite.

"Sanna! Thank you!" Sasha said

"Your welcome." Sanna said.

"Sanna, what happened to you? Where've you been?" Stryker asked.

"I've been around. Just trying to relax, but everywhere I go, I never get that far." Sanna said

"I'm sorry to hear that, but am glad your back." Stryker said.

"Stryker....what's she doing here?" Sanna asked, pointing to Cash.

"Sanna, I'm not a threat. I've got almost everything I want, and I don't plan on working for Belladonna again." Cash said.

"Like I'm gonna believe that." Sanna said.

"Look, she had my brother. Stryker returned my brother to me. Now I don't have to work for her to keep him alive, and since I don't have to work for her, I won't." Cash said

"Right. Whatever. Stryker...Alania isn't that powerful. I should of been able to whip her like a red-headed step-child, but she put up a good fight. There something we should know?" Sanna asked.

"I dunno yet. I hope not, but I have my suspicions." Stryker said.

"Which are?" Sasha asked.

"Let's just say if I'm right, we've all got serious problems." Stryker said.


NINETALESUK:Right, Slowbro. Got any words for us?


CHARLIE:What words are they then?

SLOWBRO:I have 2 words with 'C' and one word with 'D'.

NOCTOWL:Right! Whats your first word with 'C'?

SLOWBRO:Okay. Big blue wobbly thing that Totodiles, Squirtles,

Vapereons and other Water-type Pokemons live in.

ITCHY:(Puzzled)What's that?


NINETALESUK:Yes, tiny misunderstanding there-still, my hopes weren't

too high.

SASHA:What's the other word with 'C'?

SLOWBRO:A plank where children plays with it.


SLOWBRO:A see-saw!

RUBY:Oh dear..... I dread to know what is 'D'.

SHAINA:So, what is your 'D' word?

SLOWBRO:I'm quite please with 'dog'.



SPACE ACE:And the definition of 'dog' is...

SLOWBRO....'Not a cat'.

NINETALESUK:Excellent(!) EXCELLENT(!) I'm off!

GERTA:Where you going?

"I'm gonna take some asprin. Dealing with Slowbro's giving me a headache!" Ninetales said, pulling out a bottle of asprin and taking 2.


"Let's get something straight. I'm in command now. ME. Not Belladonna, Not you. Me. You WILL do what I tell you to, or I'll find someone who will." Alania said.

"Where's Belladonna?" Carface asked.

"That's not your concern. The only concern you should have is making me happy. Unless you wanna find out what'll happen if you don't." Alania said.

"And what is that?" Carface asked.

Alania snapped her fingers, and Carface disappeared.

"Where'd you send him, and how'd you do that? You don't have magic." Killer said.

"Oh, but I do. I sent him here." Alania said, snapping her fingers and Sending Killer to join Carface, Lance and Anabelle and Belladonna.

"Anyone else got a problem with me being in charge?" Alania asked. Everyone in the room raised their paw, and she snapped her fingers, and everyone there disappeared.

"Fine. I'll do what Belladonna hasn't been able to do myself. I will DESTROY heaven, and here, then I'll take my prize." Alania muttered, disappearing.


Space Ace, Sasha, Charlie, Itchy, Cash, and Scott were sitting in the Flea Bite, talking.

"So Cash, Scott, what're you two gonna do now?" Space Ace asked.

"Me, I'm gonna go find mom and dad and let them know I'm ok." Scott said.

"I was wanting to talk to Anabelle about joining her and you guys, fighting Belladonna. I was gonna ask Stryker to relay that message for me, but he disappeared too fast." Cash said.

"Yeah, he does that. He comes and goes so often it's like he has nothing better to do." Sanna said.

Sasha's phone rang, and she jumped up to answer it. "Hello?" She said.

"Sasha, it's Stryker." Stryker said.

"Interesting form of communication, to use the phone instead of just coming here to chat." Sasha said.

"It saves time in cases like this. Listen, do me a favor. If Anabelle or Lance show up there, don't let them leave. Call me. I need to talk to them the second we find them again." Stryker said.

"I have some good news for you." Sasha said.

"Unless it's Anabelle or Lance or Both is there right now, it'll have to wait a little while. Do me another favor. Get Ninetales, Shane, Charlie and the others together at the Flea Bite. I need to let you guys know what's going on, or at least what I think's going on." Stryker said, and the line went dead.

"Gerta, call Ninetales, and Shane, and get them over here. That was Stryker. He sounds like he's going crazy. Something about looking for Anabelle and Lance." Sasha said.

"You don't think they're in trouble, do you?" Space Ace asked.

"Since when are they NOT in trouble?" Sanna asked.

"Good point." Charlie said.

"Either way, he'll come here to let us know what's going down soon." Sasha said.



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