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 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:53
Stryker sat in the Flea Bite. Another day has passed, and another note and more flowers were

delievered to his office. He was more confused now then ever, since the note read, "I'm now

closer to you then ever. We'll be together soon." Shortly after he sat down, Sasha came trotting

up to him, carrying a large glass of Raspberry falvored tea.

"Here ya go, it's on the house." Sasha said, smiling as she set it down.

"Thanks." Stryker said.

"That another note from your 'secret' admirer?" Sasha said, overlooking the note on the table.

"Yeah. How do YOU know I have a secret admirer, by the way? I never got a chance to tell you

about it yesterday." Stryker asked.

"Let's just leave it at 'The walls have ears, and so do I'. Meaning, I overheard." Sasha said.

"Any ideas who would play this game with me, and what it means 'now closer to you then ever'.?"

Stryker asked.

"None. You and any ladies getting close to eachother?" Sasha asked.

"No. In some strange way, I can't bring myself to do it, thinking that Ashley might come back.

It'll take time to get over her, but even so, this is getting interesting. You wouldn't be doing

this, would you?" Stryker asked.

Sasha gave him a kiss on his cheek, winked at him, and walked away, smiling to herself and

thinking, "This'll teach him for that last April fools joke. Let him think I might be doing this

to him, even though I'm not. Besides, it's not HIM I want."


10 hours after Alania was captured, Anabelle was overlooking their prisoner, even though Alania

was tied down with chains and put in a steel cage, guarded by 5 guards at all times.

"So, we've finally caught you. Knew it was a matter of time I did." Anabelle said.

"It wasn't you who caught me. I needed to talk to you, so I let your people catch me." Alania said

"And why would you do a thing like that?" Anabelle asked.

"I want to make a deal with you. There's a way to end the war, and I need your help to do it." Alania said.

"Why should I trust you?" Anabelle asked.

"Because we all want the same thing. The war to be over. Our side is just as tired of this war as your side is. We're sick of losing. We want to end the war, but so long as Belladonna's our leader, she'll NEVER surrender. And so long as she has her powers, we don't dare oppose her. She'd crush us." Alania said.

"And you want me to help you by helping you remove her from power?" Anabelle asked.

"Yeah. It's the only way. If she'd be removed from power, we'd end the war today. Think about it. No more having to worry about spies infiltrating your organization. No more having to worry about what evil scheme's being concocted by Belladonna. It'll all be over if she's taken from power." Alania said.

"And what's the catch? Who would replace her as leader?" Anabelle asked.

"I would." Alania said.

"And you can be trusted? You, who is a traitor?" Anabelle asked.

"I'll sign a deal with you, telling you I'll surrender the second we get Belladonna out of power." Alania said.

Anabelle waved her paw, and a pen and paper appeared before Alania.

"Sign it." Anabelle ordered. Alania did as instructed.


Charlie, Itchy, Space Ace, Shania, Ninetalesuk, Slowbro and Noctowl were in the Flea Bite, when Sasha came trotting over to them, and collapsed when she got to the table.

"SASHA! Are you alright?" Charlie asked, catching her before she hit the ground.

"Yeah..I'm working too hard." Sasha said, trying and failing at standing up.

"Just relax. We'll handle the rest of the work today." Noctowl said.

"I don't think so. I haven't forgotten the chaos Charie caused the last time he ran this place. I spent 4 hours cleaning up the mess. There was another mess under it." Sasha said.

"Your in NO condition to do it, and you've got no-one else. Besides, it's not like you have a choice." Ninetalesuk said.

"I guess a few minutes of sleep won't do any harm. Charlie, DO NOT do anything bad to my club! It's taken me a long time to get the burn marks off of the ceiling from last time!" Sasha said, still being held by Charlie, since he caught her before she hit the floor.

"No problem." Charlie said. Strangely enough, when he said that, Sasha closed her eyes and simply passed out right there, in his arms. The rest of the group snickered, "Charlie, I think later would be a good time to ask her out." Shania said

"And what makes you think I want to?" Charlie asked.

"Don't you?" Ninetales asked.

"I do, just wanted to know what gave it away." Charlie said

"You always said you wanted to, and you DO look cute together." Slowbro said.


Anabelle and Alania went back to her office, so Alania could explain her plan. Anabelle called Stryker and Lance into her office, and Lance got their first. He was surprised to see Alania, but trusted Anabelle, so he walked over to them and sat down, waiting for Stryker, who had a considerable distance to go, since he was out fishing. A half-hour later, Stryker walked into her office, soaking wet and wearing a fishing hat.

"You called?" Stryker asked, opening the door. When he saw Alania, he stopped in his tracks.

"Stryker..it's alright. She's on our side now." Anabelle said.

"Alania is NOT on our side. She will NEVER be on our side. She's a ruthless, uncaring, unfeeling, backstabbing, heartless whelp of a dog. She'll turn on you the first chance she gets." Stryker said

"No, I won't. We want to end the war. That's why I'm here, negotiating with your boss to help me end this war." Alania said.

"I want no part of this." Stryker said.

"Stryker, don't you want to end the war?" Lance asked.

"I do, and would do almost anything to do it, but I don't trust her. And neither should you." Stryker said.

"She signed a deal with me. She won't pose a threat anymore, and after today, this will all be over. No more war." Anabelle said.

"I want this to be over, but I don't trust Alania any further then I could throw her. I will have no part of this." Stryker said.

"We were kinda hoping you'd come with us. To help us beat Belladonna for the last time, but if you don't want to, you don't have to. We'll do it ourselves. I guess for the time being, until this is over, your in charge, while we're gone." Anabelle said.

"Alright. Anabelle, Lance, watch your backs. Alania, If this is a trick, and I believe it is, but if it is, you'll pay for it. I swear you will." Stryker said, walking out of the office, and resuming his fishing trip.


(Space Ace walked up to Ninetalesuk, Slowbro and Noctowl. Slowbro was

trying to read a book).

SPACE ACE:Charlie is doing a good job here.


SPACE ACE:Hows Sasha?

NINETALESUK:Shaina and Ruby are checking up on her.

SPACE ACE:Did Charlie REALLY made a mess here that took Sasha 4 hours

to clean?

NINETALESUK:Nah.... It was Slowbro, Sasha thought it was Charlie and

wouldn't listen.

SPACE ACE:Charlie and Sasha.... They are perfect for each other...

NINETALESUK:You got that right.



SLOWBRO:This book of yours, I can't understand a word of it.

NOCTOWL:Maybe because its a Spanish book!



Shaina and Ruby walked over to Sasha, who still was sleeping on Charlie's lap. They tried to remove her to put her on the sofa in the office, but she would not let go of Charlie. They tried everything to get her to let go, but she still slept, holding on to him.

"Wierd. SASHA!?! WAKE UP!" Ruby shouted. Sasha's eyes popped open, and her cheeks turned bright red.

"Cha...Charlie? Your alive?" Sasha asked, looking concerned.

"Yeah. I'm fine. You must of had a nightmare." Charlie said, patting Sasha on the head.

"What a nightmare! It was awful! I dreamed that it was possible for someone to die after death. If they did, they simply ceased to exist. I dreamed that it happened to you. And I got horrified. Charlie...I've got something to tell you. I've wanted to ask you out for a long time, but I never got the chance to. This dream reminded me of just how much I really care for you, and I don't want to live any life without you. Whether we're alive or dead, I don't want to exist without you."

Charlie gave her a hug, "I feel the same way about you. I never asked you because you looked like you weren't interested, especially when the others were teasing us about it," Charlie smiled, "How do you like that? We're proving them right!"

"Forget them. This is about us. And what WE want." Sasha said


Anabelle, Lance and Alania, thanks to Anabelle's magic, appeared instantly in Belladonna's room in hades, and saw Belladonna herself, sitting at her desk.

"Now isn't this interesting? I was starting to wonder what happened to you.." Belladonna snickerd, "But I didn't think you'd turn traitor."

"Well then you don't know me very well." Alania said.

"Belladonna, we're here to end the war. We have a proposal for you." Lance said.

"I have one for you, too. Surrender. NOW. And the war will be over." Belladonna said.

"Not exactly what we had in mind. We want YOUR surrender." Alania said.

"I don't think so." Belladonna said

"No, you wouldn't surrender willingly. You'd have to make it more difficullt. That's where our proposal comes in. We want you to face Anabelle. You put your powers up. She'll put hers up. You lose, she gets your powers. You win, you get hers. Either way, it'd end the war after that fight." Alania said

"No tricks, Anabelle. Just you and me in this fight. If EITHER of them," Belladonna pointed to Alania and Lance, "interfere, directly, indirectly or otherwise, if they so much as touch either of us, the deal's off. Clear?" Belladonna said

"Fine. Last Chance, Belladonna. If you surrender now, I promise, you will not be harmed. All will be forgiven if you surrender to me now." Anabelle said

"No. What's the matter, Anabelle, getting a little scared yourself?" Belladonna asked.

"Scared?...Oh no, my young cousin...things just got fun." Anabelle said, throwing a barrage of orbs at Belladonna. Belladonna blocked the orbs effortlessly, and launched some of her own. Anabelle wasn't as fast and got hit in the head by one, but she recovered immediately and the fight was on.


Stryker was in the briefing room. It was primarially used for discussing missions against Belladonna, planning missions, or going over missions when they were complete, to evaluate what was good and what was bad about them. In this case, he was briefing troops about a mission to rescue some Angels that had been captured by Belladonna.

"Ok, so this is how it stands. Belladonna's holding 15 angels in a base southeast of the boarder. We're going to go get them out of there. Make no mistake, Belladonna isn't one to capture someone and leave them unguarded, so most likely we're gonna face some stiff resistance, but we're going to get them out of there. We go in as a team, we come out as a team. Nobody gets left behind. Do you get me?" Stryker asked.

The whole room responded: "WE GET YOU SIR!"

Stryker laughed, "Alright, boys and girls, saddle up. We roll out in 15." Stryker said


Ninetales, Shaina, Space Ace, Sasha, Charlie, Slowbro and Itchy were watching the movie "Tora! Tora! Tora!" over at Space Ace's place..

"What does Tora! Tora! Tora! mean, anyway?" Slowbro asked.

"It's Japanese. It means Attack. It's what the Japanese commander abord one of the first planes to reach Pearl Harbor used to signal the rest of the 300+ planes to begin the attack." Space Ace said

"Of course. Now it all makes sense!" Slowbro said.

"What's that?" Ninetales asked.

"When they shouted Tora! Tora! Tora! they began the attack. I always thought Tora meant Dance." Slowbro said, standing up and starting to square-dance by himself. The others rolled their eyes, looked at Slowbro, and burst out laughing.

"Slowbro, First, you need music to dance. Second, it doesn't look natural to see someone square-dance by themselves, and third, WE WERE WATCHING A MOVIE! Do I have to spell it out for you?" Space ace asked

"Spell what out?" Slowbro asked

"SIT DOWN! Or at least ask us to show you how to square-dance." Sasha said

"Oh, all right. Show me." Slowbro said.

The others got up and taught Slowbro how to Square-dance, and when they finished, they sat back down, and resumed the movie..

"I've lost the storyline. Who's this guy?" Slowbro asked.

"Admiral Yamamoto. Commander of the Japanese fleet." Itchy said.

"And what's that?" Slowbro asked.

"A plane." Sasha said.

"And that?" Slowbro asked.

"A ship. A person. A piece of metal. A cloud. Water. Trees. The sun. A TV. A fly. A radio. A stick. A leaf. Any questions?" Ninetales asked.

"Yeah, what's that?" Slowbro asked, pointing to the dial on the TV.


Belladonna and Anabelle fought very hard with eachother, while Alania and Lance stood by eachother and watched the head angel and the head devil fight on. Belladonna did a missle drop-kick on Anabelle, but Anabelle caught her before her kick would of landed and threw her as hard as she could into the wall, putting a big hole thru it. Belladonna responded by getting to her feet, and launching herself at Anabelle. She caught Anabelle behind her wings, and Carried her to a incredible height, and then dove straight toward the ground. About half a foot above the ground, she dropped Anabelle, so the head angel dove head first into the ground, leaving a huge path of destroyed ground behind her before she finally skid to a stop. Anabelle slowly got to her feet, and stood her ground as Belladonna tried to attack her again. At the last second, she dodged her attack, and Belladonna landed on the ground herself. Anabelle moved like lightning, and sat on Belladonna's back, and began to choke the air out of Belladonna, and since Belladonna was stunned, she didn't get up in time to stop Anabelle. After a few minutes, Belladonna lay limp on the ground. The deal was that if Belladonna lost, Anabelle would get her powers, and the second Belladonna turned unconscious, a dark purple cloud began to surrond Belladonna and Anabelle. The second Alania noticed it, she rushed toward Anabelle, and a split-second before it would of enveloped Anabelle, Alania knocked her off of Belladonna. The myst enveloped Alania, and a second later, Alania emerged and the myst disappeared. Alania laughed evily...

"Hello, fools! Thanks for playing right into my paws!" Alania shouted

"You....this was all a trick?" Lance asked

"Of course! I couldn't beat her myself, thus I needed your help. And thanks to your stupidity, I got it. You know, you really should pay more attention to other people's opinions." Alania said

"Why you little miserable person! We have a DEAL! Signed, sealed and delievered. You CAN'T back out." Anabelle said.

"If your referring to this," Alania said, holding up the contract Anabelle made her sign,"You shouldn't leave stuff like this just lying around. It could fall into the wrong hands." Alania said, tearing up the contract into tiny little pieces, then using her new power to burn it into ashes.

"You won't get away with this." Belladonna said, slowly standing to her feet.

"This coming from you, who is powerless to stop me. The only one here who COULD stop me is Anabelle, but she'll never do it. She's too chicken to even try." Alania said. Anabelle's face turned from her usual look of happiness to a look of anger, the only other time that look ever reached her face in public was when Jax was taken from her. Anabelle attacked Alania head on, but since she had spent most of her energy defeating Belladonna, she didn't pose a threat to Alania, who was rested and more then ready for a fight. After about an hour of fighting, Anabelle suffered the same defeat as Belladonna, and she lost her powers, too. Lance tried to knock Alania off of Anabelle, but Alania repelled him by casting a force-field around them, preventing him from interfearing until Alania had her powers, too. After a few minutes, Alania had all the powers from both the head-angel and the head-devil.

"And NOW there's no-one more powerful then I. Now to destroy your forces, to prevent any chance of that you might somehow find a way to defeat me. And to acquire the prize I've been after for a long time." Alania said.

"And what prize is that? You already have what we both have been after for an eternity." Belladonna said.

"Shhh...even the walls have ears. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag early. Until I finally find a way to break him...oops. I've said too much already." Alania said, smiling. Lance and Anabelle tried to sneak away, thinking they had to warn their forces before it became too late. Alania noticed them moving away from her, and pointed at them, then pointed next to Belladonna, and they both instantly appeared next to Belladonna.

"You've got what you wanted. You don't need us." Lance said.

"Oh, but I do! You three are the only ones besides me who knows what's happened here. And I want to keep it that way, for now at least. If I let you go, you'll go straight to your forces and let them know to try and kill me on sight. That's not a very effective way to run a war." Alania said, "But what am I going to do with you three?"

"Whatever it is, we'll resist you with the last ounces of our strength." Belladonna said.

"Resistance is futile. Death is irrelevant. You, like everything else I want, is now MINE." Alania said, laughing, "But I have a few ideas what to do with you. I've always wanted a throne room. And I've always wanted my enemies to decorate it. Now that I have the ability to make it happen.." Alania said, snapping her paw and the room instantly changed shape to match her idea, and Anabelle, Belladonna and Lance turned into pictures of themselves, hung by picture frames, and were hung carefully along the way to her throne, so she could look and laugh any time she choose...


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