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 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:52
Alania walked down a dark corridor. The smell of Brimstone was strong in the air, and the heat emitting from deep within that corridor was very noticible, but that didn't hinder her. She'd finally gotten the courage to go down this far, and she was going to see Belladonna's boss if it was the last thing she ever did. After walking for hours, the stench of sulfur was getting overpowering, but she kept going. She finally reached a pair of huge doors, made of an acient substance she'd never encountered before. They were Warm to the touch, whereas everything else down there was burning hot. She cautiously opened the door, and wasn't surprised to find herself standing in the entrance to a throne room. Sitting on the throne, was Belladonna's boss himself.

"Alania," He said, his voice booming across the seeming endless space between them.

"I've come to ask you a question. Why do you have someone as incompetent as Belladonna leading us? I mean, if your going to put someone in charge of us, at least let it be someone who can get the job done. All Belladonna knows how to do is lose." Alania said

"And you think you can do better?" He asked

"I do. I believe I can destroy those who Belladonna's let escape countless times." Alania said, "But it requires having powers which I don't have."

"And I won't be giving them to you. I gave them to Belladonna. If you want them, then you have to take them by force from her." He said

"I can't do that. She'll crush me like a gnat." Alania said.

The lord of hate pulled out a book from thin air and tossed it to Alania, who caught it easily.

"I gave the same book to Belladonna, when she took power from her predecessor. Read it. It'll tell you just how to take power from her, if you can. Know up front that if you fail, Belladonna will be able to destroy your immortal soul, too. If you fail, she'll make it so you simply don't exist anymore." He said


It's now early in the morning, in heaven. The sky is light blue, because the sun hasn't come over the horizon yet, but people were already outside, doing chores, and exercising. Stryker walked casually to his office, noting that Anabelle and Lance had chosen to take the day off, by the note on his door. Stryker opened his door, and walked into the dark office, and turned on the lightswitch, but was stopped dead in his tracks by what he saw. His office was like a jungle. There were flowers EVERYWHERE. Hanging from the ceiling, the walls, the floor, his floor was dirt, and his desk was almost not visible from the door, even though it was 4 feet from the door to the desk. Stryker crawled thru the massive amount of flowers, and finally made it to his desk. On his desk, he saw a note:

"I've been watching you for some time, and now I've chosen to make myself known. I'll see you soon. Lovingly and affectionately, your 'Secret" admirer."

Stryker read the note over and over, wondering who would or even who could pull this off. Someone who could send a note and flowers to his office.

"Usually it's done the other way around," Stryker thought, "I'm supposed to play this game with them, whoever the them is."


Alania took her book and went straight to her room, and sat down on her granite bed and read it cover to cover. She learned that when the powers of heaven and hades are posessed by one person, that one person can destroy even the dead. That's why the powers were split in the first place, to prevent one person from becoming all-powerful. She also learned that to fight Belladonna, she would have to get Belladonna to agree to put her powers on the line. That would require careful manipulation and precision execution of a plan...fortunately, she is an expert at manipulation, so she began to try and come up with a way to make Belladonna want to put her powers on the line. She thought of a plan. Belladonna would only put her powers on the line if she had a chance to gain something equally valuable in return. And since she was absoultely convinced she could beat Anabelle anytime she choose, why not give her the chance?


"Hey Ninetales, we still on for tonight?" Shaina asked

"Of course. Figured I'd surprise you with where we go." Ninetales


Stryker appeared behind them, and sat down beside Shaina, on the

other side of Ninetales.

"Hi Stryker. What brings you here?" Shaina asked

"This." Stryker said, showing them the note.

"Any ideas who sent it?" Ninetales asked

"None. At first, I thought it was Ashley. Figured maybe she'd

returned, and this was just her way of introducing herself. But part

of the note rules that out, cauz I already know how she felt for me.

As far as I know, nobody else feels like that for me. And ever since

Ashley left, I've not felt like dating anyone." Stryker said.

"Stryker, I know it must be hard for you, but Ashley's always been

her own dog. She always has, and always will. When she's ready to

settle down and start a family, she will, but right now, she's just

not." Shaina said

"I know...I know." Stryker said. "I know she needs space, and that's

one reason she might of left, but it doesn't make it any easier. And

then comes this letter, stirring up new feelings of guilt. Like I

should of done something different or said something different. But

all that's behind me, cauz I can't change what I did or how I did it.

All I can do is worry about what I will do in the future. And who

sent this to me."

"What's this?" Sanna said, taking the letter before Stryker or anyone

else even knew she was there.

"It's..nothing." Stryker said, his face turning bright red.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Sanna said, laughing as she read it, "Stryker has a

secret admirer. Wonder who it could be?"

"It isn't you, is it?" Ninetales asked.

"Nah, the whole 'mystery' of behind who sent that letter has been

done to death. I prefer a more 'creative' approach." Sanna said.

"Like what?" Stryker asked.

"Well...I'd definitely find another way besides this one." Sanna said.

"This is getting us no-where. Ok, Sanna didn't do it. That leaves...a

couple billion other people who could of done it. Stryker, is there

something you haven't been telling us?" Shania asked

"No. That's all I know." Stryker said.


Anabelle was sitting in her private library, the door locked, stretched out on the bed she'd moved in there. She loved to read, and spent most of her free time doing it. Lance and Anabelle were the only ones who knew how to get in her library, and usually Lance was too busy to get time to spend in there, but Anabelle occasionally had time. Today was one of those days where she needed to be alone, so she came there. She grabbed a book she hadn't read in a long time off of the shelf. It was the guidelines and rules to being the head-angel. She read the book cover to cover, but the thing in the book that most interested her was the part about consolidating both her own and Belladonna's powers. If anyone ever successfully did it, it'd be almost impossible to stop them.


Alania left her office, after thinking about how to pull off her idea, and she took a shuttle to one of their bases on the front lines, guarding their territory from heaven. When she got there, she walked calmly away from their base, and walked straight toward one of heaven's bases. The instant she crossed the boarder, she was surronded by Anabelle's forces..

"FREEZE!" One of them shouted

Alania did as instructed.

"ON YOUR BACK! Face Up!"

Alania did not resist. When she complied, she found her paws and legs in shackles, and she was being carried back into their base. The only thing she said was "I need to speak to Anabelle immediately. I have a proposition she might find interesting."


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