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All Dogs Go to Heaven (Charlie’s point of view)
 Добавлен WeteranZ, 02.11.08, 11:47
I pushed myself too hard ahead

I felt free from prison and joyful

Until I was murdered in my place

I soared swiftly to the heavens above

I found myself there eventually

Finding out the truth for the reason I was there

I felt a burning fire within me

As I was lusting for revenge

I turned life back, and fell back home

There was no turning back with the voices

Echoing from behind

I climbed out of my deathbed alive

Shaking cold and gasping for air

I avoided the voices following me from the dead

I was back home where I could start my goal

I encounter my friend, and others to use

Using for business, as I continue to seek revenge

I dealt with irony and dramatic moments

I practiced to be who I really wasn’t to please others

I then end up in a nightmare of a living hell

I then awaken and it was all a dream

I then went and found my friend

Helped her, and escaped my old friend and his minions

Fell through the floor, coming near death

As my clock nearly stopped time

It continue to tick its charm

But then I and Anne-Marie were carried away

Before the alligator king, then we nearly died

Thanks to my voice, we were saved

Then my best friend got injured and wounded brutally

He was my friend all along, and I betrayed the girl

The night I last dealt with my friend and a tool

Was the night that my life would eventually end,

I ran away to save another soul

It would be either sink or swim

I then fought my old friend’s minions and

Tried to make myself strong

I was released free from my ropes with support and trust

I would never giving up until the end

I fight until I would make my enemy suffer

More than ever before

I fought him until he fell beneath the surface

I then went for two things, but I had to make one choice

I sacrificed myself for someone else

She was free from near death, and went safely back to shore

I felt my second death approaching me by the second

I swam down towards the bottom, when I then drowned

I was brought forth to the depths of Hell

It allowed me to visit the human soul once more

The magic of the heavens drove Satan’s presence to dust

She came before me, telling me to come back to heaven

And explained the reason why I was allowed to return

I said my last words and good-byes to the tired child

As well as my sleeping friend

I knew that good-byes were not forever

I didn’t know when I would return, but I hoped for that day to come

I was carried back to heaven, where my old friend was also

There I would stay until I could return to Earth again

 Добавлен Zombik-SB, 02.11.08, 14:19
молодец Ветеранз

 Добавлен Belladonna, 02.11.08, 19:36

 Добавлен Mari, 03.11.08, 18:16
WeteranZ, ты не пробовал положить эти слова на музыку? ))
Очень симпатично!! Браво))^^

 Добавлен Гость, 22.06.10, 15:59
Одним словом-ЗДОРОВО!!!

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