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 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 01:52

By Ninetalesuk.

*Charlie and Sasha's home*

(Shane and Ruby were visiting Sasha... As they enter, they found Sasha

down in the dumps).

SHANE:Sis! Whats the matter?

SASHA:Shane... Yesterday's date, what was it?

SHANE:Er.... 31st..

SASHA:Of what?

SHANE:March... oh...

SASHA:Yeah! 'Oh'! Today is April the 1st and its April Fools Day! Which

means Charlie is gonna

pull a trick on us!

RUBY:Not until WE pull a trick on HIM!

SASHA:(Smiling) What ya saying, Ruby?

RUBY:What I'm saying IS that you take the kids and say to Charlie that

your leaving him...

When he finally gets down on his knees and beg, you'll reveal your

trick to him!

SASHA:Hmm.... not bad... not bad.... Why not?! I'll try it anyway! But,

where shall I sleep?

SHANE:You and the kids can sleep with us...

RUBY:Where is Charlie by the way?

SASHA:I ask him to take over a while....

SHANE:Well, we'll get someone to tell Charlie that you left him,


(Shane smiled and looked out of the window...)

SHANE:And I know whos perfect!

*Flea Bite Cafe*

(Ninetalesuk and Shaina were talking to Vullen and Vult).

NINETALESUK:All right, listen you guys.... There are rumours that 2 or

3 members of Team Rocket

is somewhere in this area!

VULT:Oh no!! NOT Team Rocket!!

NINETALESUK:Yeah... Team Rocket! Those bunch of cruel hearted trainers!

Won't they EVER give up?!

VULLEN:Same thing as Slowbro getting smart.... No chance!

SHAINA:What shall we do?

NINETALESUK:Well... I told the other Pokemon that we should keep our

ears to the ground for

information.... after telling Slowbro NOT to get onto the floor and put

his ear on the ground...


VULT:What Pokemon these Rockets have?

NINETALESUK:Its Houndoom, Scizor and Golem.... Me, you and Vullen have

the advantage against

Scizor but, I'm gonna go and find Vaporeon as hes got advantages over

Houndoom and Golem.

SHAINA:So... what now?

NINETALESUK:I'm going out to find Vaporeon... Its 8 o'clock in the

morning... Hes taking his

early bath at the park... I'll be right back.

(Ninetalesuk left.... Vult turned around and saw Growlithe coming in...

He quickly walked up to

him and took him over to a corner).

VULT:Growlithe, have you got it?


(Growlithe handed Vult a small black box).

GROWLITHE:You gave me the cash and I gone and got your gift for


VULT:Yep... Ever since I am dating Ninetales' sister out... she and I

are VERY in love with

each other...

GROWLITHE:Well, who wouldn't(?)

VULT:Can I see it?


(Vult took the box and opened it... It was a chunky gold braclet...

Vult was stunned).

VULT:A braclet?

GROWLITHE:24-carot gold identity braclet. Its even got her name on


VULT:(Reads it) Vollen.

GROWLITHE:No... Its Vullen.

VULT:Its Vollen... Theres an 'O' where the 'U' is.... Where did you get


GROWLITHE:From the Sneasel thats been owned by the exporter.

VULT:Oh no... Sneasel's trainer is an EX-PORTER, hes got sacked at the

railway lines!

GROWLITHE:Oh.... Anyway... its Vullen on there... Its copper-plated


VULT:I'll try and tell her THAT! Okay, okay, I'll give her the gift....

GROWLITHE:Good for you.

(Charlie was at the bar and was tending to the next customer, who


CHARLIE:Hey, Killer.

KILLER:Hello, Charlie.

CHARLIE:What are you here for?

KILLER:I came to get a takeaway from Burger King for Carface... I just

popped in to say hello

before I go and get the order...

CHARLIE:Hmm... better not let that Carface get even madder at ya,


KILLER:Yes... Oh, speaking of mad... I saw that Poliwrath from the

'Fighting Colony'... You know,

the time when your insane cousin, Angus, arrived and Sasha's sister,

Shaina came?


KILLER:He came up to me and demanded to know where you were.. He was

pretty angry about something

that he said about a exploding banana... Are you having any problems

with him, Charlie?

CHARLIE:No, no, no, no, Killer.... Nothing BUT a adult chat to work out

our problems..... If you

see him again, Killer... Tell him I've gone to live in New Zealand.

KILLER:*Laughs* All right... I'll remember that for you.

CHARLIE:Heh... Anything else?

KILLER:Yeah... I saw Shane and he told me that Sasha left ya...

CHARLIE:Oh.... (Reacts to what Killer said) What?!

(Charlie was now stunned.... The cafe was quiet until....)

VULLEN:(Reads braclet) Vollen?

*Flea Bite Cafe*

(It was an hour later and Charlie was yelling at Shane.... Ninetalesuk

was with them).

CHARLIE:Shane! Why has Sasha left me?! What have I done to her?!

SHANE:Nothing.... except pretending to be the 'Perfect Dog' in her


CHARLIE:That was a long time ago!

NINETALESUK:Would be funny if I said 'It was yesterday', would it?

CHARLIE:Shut up! Sasha left me with the kids... I'm all alone now....

Its horrible there...

SHANE:You got Angus with ya...

CHARLIE:Thats what I mean!

NINETALESUK:This is a strange day... Isn't it? Sasha has left ya for no

reason, a mad Poliwrath

is after your blood and Vult has given my sister a braclet that says

'Vollen'... Couldn't be

better, does it(?)

CHARLIE:How can I get her back to me?

SHANE:Well... Give her time... She and the kids are staying at my

place.... Once she finally

feels better.. You can give her a call...

CHARLIE:Yeah.... Yeah, okay... If I feel lonely, I can have Itchy's

company or spend time with

my sister, Ashley.

NINETALESUK:That will be impossible... Shes going out with Stryker


CHARLIE:At least she and Stryker can see me....

NINETALESUK:Go home... You better get some rest...


SHANE:I'll take over the bar... Sasha will be here tomorrow.

CHARLIE:Then, I'll leave her alone.

(Charlie walked out... Ninetalesuk turned to Shane, smiling).

NINETALESUK:I know what you, Ruby AND Sasha are up to! Its an April

Fools joke, isn't it?

SHANE:Yeah, thats right. Your not gonna tell Charlie are you?

NINETALESUK:No... I want you to pay him back for pulling that trick on

me last year by giving me

a exploding banana. I hope nobody else will fall for THAT again.

SHANE:Why do you think that Poliwrath is after Charlie's blood?

(Ninetalesuk and Shane laughed together... Then, Vullen rushed in).


NINETALESUK:Vullen, whats the matter?

VULLEN:Team Rocket are outside! We gotta stop 'em before they attack

the cafe!

NINETALESUK:Right! Come on, Vollen! Er... I mean, Vullen!

VULLEN:(Points to braclet around her ankle) Stupid braclet!

*Flea Bite Cafe... 7 hours later*

(It was nighttime....)

GROWLITHE:You know... I think this story is gonna be finished before

you could say Sheena Easton!

CHARLEON:Sheena Easton... you lair!

(As I was saying... It was nighttime...., the pub was crowded... Shane,

Ruby and Gerta were

doing the bar, ordering the drinks for the customers and bring the

drinks to them... At one end

of the corner, Charlie was on the phone... waiting for an answer....

Shane, Ruby and Gerta were

in a conversation.... Shane was leaning on the bar-flap).

SHANE:So... Thanks to Ninetales and Vullen..., they saved the cafe from

Team Rocket... Using

Vullen's Confuse Ray and her Dig attack along with Ninetales' Fire

Blast and Take Down, the

Rockets were defeated and been arrested.

RUBY:They were great fighters they were....

GERTA:Well... Looks like Charlie is upset...

SHANE:I talked to Sasha two minutes before I came to the cafe... She

decided to stop the joke

now.. So, all you have to do, Gerta, is to convince Charlie to call

Sasha at our place...

GERTA:Whos with her at your place?

RUBY:Ashley is with her....


RUBY:You know, Shane... I want to go home...


RUBY:I just want to go home...

(Shane, getting the idea, smiled. He got up from the counter and

positioned his hat... As he got

up, Gerta lifted the bar-flap up, carrying a phone. Get ready...)

SHANE:All right... Gerta, you can continue the bar until 11:00, then

you can close it....

(Shane then started to lean back onto the non-existing counter.... and

crashes straight through

and onto the floor. Ruby and Gerta were rolling with laugher, before

watching him stand back up.

He smiled, embrassed).

SHANE:Heh... Whoops...

RUBY:*Laughs* So, Shane-mah-boy, had a nice fall?

SHANE:Er... yeah...

GERTA:Shane... Its Spring now, honey... Not fall!

SHANE:Okay, okay...

GERTA:What are you so upset about, Shane?

RUBY:Yeah... You always said that you always fall for me...

(Gerta and Ruby were now rolling with laughter.... Shane sighed and

with Ruby, left the cafe...

After Gerta stopped laughing, she walked over and handed Charlie a


GERTA:Here, Charlie...

CHARLIE:Whats this, Gerta?

GERTA:Well... You can call Sasha and tell her how you feel...

CHARLIE:Yeah? No, wait... I can't... Shes still have ta recover... Shes

only left me this morning

you know...

GERTA:Shane told me that she wants YOU to call her...


GERTA:Yeah... call her...

(Gerta left Charlie with the phone... He picks it up and pressed the

numbers for Shane's home..

After it rang a few times, somebody finally answers).

CHARLIE:Hello? Hello, dear, listen-don't say ANYTHING, just don't say

anything. Just, just listen

to me while I'm in this mood. Right now, I'm missing you darling and I

want you to come home.

Now I know I haven't been very fair to you, look, I may have pulled

that 'Perfect Dog' trick on

you, but thats in the past. If you can give me the chance to

explain.... I'll tell you that I

love you and that will never EVER change... Things'll be different in

the future... So, love,

what do you say?

ASHLEY:(On phone) Shall I get Sasha for you? *Laughs*

CHARLIE:Ashley?! Sorry about that.... Can you get Sasha on the line,


ASHLEY:(On phone) Sure, Chuckie.... I'll meet you at your place with

Stryker and Itchy.

CHARLIE:All right.

(Charlie waited for Sasha to come on....)

SASHA:(On phone) Hello?

CHARLIE:Sasha... Look, whatever I done to you... Let me say I'm sorry..

I'm missing you...

SASHA:(On phone) I'm missing you too, Charlie.

CHARLIE:I wondered what you were doing without me...

SASHA:(On phone) I wonder if you have noticed todays date...

CHARLIE:Todays date? Hold on... Gerta, whats today?

GERTA:April 1st!

CHARLIE:Thanks! (Back on phone) April 1st. The date when April Fools

Day is on...... (Reacts what

he said) You... You played a trick on me!?

SASHA:(On phone) Yeah! This will teach ya to play that 'Perfect Dog'

trick on mou...

CHARLIE:Sorry... Look, I will never EVER play another trick on you or

any of my family members...

Is that okay?

SASHA:(On phone) Yeah.... Listen, tomorrow, I'll move back in with the

kids... okay?

CHARLIE:Sure... What time?

SASHA:(On phone) In the afternoon. Okay?

CHARLIE:Okay... I do love ya.

SASHA:(On phone) I know... I love ya too...

(Charlie placed the phone and cheered. He turned to Gerta).

CHARLIE:Gerta! Some champagne please! I'm celebrating! Haha!!!

*Charlie and Sasha's home*

(Itchy, Ashley and Stryker were waiting for Charlie).

ITCHY:Boy... where is Charlie?

ASHLEY:I guess hes still at the cafe...

STRYKER:How long ago?

ASHLEY:2 hours ago... *Laughs*

ITCHY:Very comical, Ashley. Very comical!

*Outside the Flat where Charlie and Sasha lives in*

(Charlie came out of a dark corner.. He was drunk from drinking that

champagne in the cafe. He

feels so happy, like hes one with the world... He begin to sing 'One

Voice'... Thus, lights from

flats were on... One dog called Arthur came out of a window while

across the street, a cat called

Vi popped her head out of the window as well).

AUTHUR:Whats that noise?!

VI:Whats going on?!

AUTHUR:Its Barkin! Hes drunk again!

VI:Why don't you go off home, Charlie? Off to bed!

(Itchy popped his head out of the window as well).

ITCHY:Charlie!!! CHARLIE!!! Come in here!!! QUICKLY!!! Come in here

before something terrible

happens here!!!!

(From another window, another dog that was drunk came out and started

to sing as well... His

name was Mick).

AUTHUR:Hey! Hey! Hey!!! Don't you start as well! Shut up, Mick! Its

making Charlie worse!!!

MICK:Oh yeah?! You wanna make me shut up?! Why don't ya make me shut


AUTHUR:Fine! I will!!!

VI:Oh no.... not again...

ITCHY:I'll call for help!

*Shane's home*

(In the living room, Sasha slept peacefully on a soft sofa... She

groaned as she

heard the phone ringing.... A bedroom door opened and Shane came out,

sleepy.... Shane picked up

the phone and talked in a sleepy voice).

SHANE:(On phone. Clinically asleep) Hello? Yeah... Alright. Bye bye.

(Shane placed the phone down and walked back to the bedroom where Ruby

was sleeping with him. He

stopped in the doorway and flew his eyes open as the message begins to


SHANE:Charlie's signing in the precinct!

(Ruby and Sasha flew THEIR eyes open).


SHANE:Charlie's singing in the precinct!

SASHA:I can't hear him!

SHANE:No. That was Itchy on the phone! (Checks clock) Charlie is

singing on the estate! Its 2:15

in the morning and Charlie's singing!


(Shane went back to the phone and picked it up. Ruby came to the

doorway of the bedroom and Sasha

got up from the sofa to listen).

SHANE:I dunno!

RUBY:Well... Has he woken anyone up?

SHANE:(Punching numbers into the phone) Yeah... You, me and Sasha for a

start! (On phone) Itchy?

Why is Charlie singing? Yeah... Mmmmmmm. Right... (To Sasha and Ruby)

No, he doesn't know either.

(Back on phone) You what? You want me to come round? Harmonise him?!

Listen, Itch! If I can't

harmonise Slowbro, I can't harmonise Charlie! He'll finish his song in

a minute.. Don't ya worry.

I'll see ya tomorrow. Bye.

(Places phone down and sighed).

SHANE:I don't believe it....

(He turned around to see Ruby smiling at him... He looked at Sasha, she

was smiling at him as

well... He stared blankly in front and sighed).

SHANE:We better go and see whats wrong!

*Ninetalesuk's home*

(Ninetalesu, Shaina, Vullen, Vult, Growlithe and Noctowl were looking

through some newspapers

about Ninetalesuk and Vullen stopping Team Rocket... But, Ninetalesuk

was not really happy).

NINETALESUK:I don't believe this idiots! They mention ME but, didn't

mention Vullen!


SHAINA:Calm down... Lets keep on looking through the pages... I'm sure

they mention her somewhere

in here.

NOCTOWL:Don't worry. I found her! Listen! (Reads) 'Mr. Fox was aided in

the capture of the evil

Team Rocket members by his younger sister, Vollen'.

(Vullen, angry turned to Vult but, Vult, also angry, turned to

Growlithe. They shouted at the

same time).



(Growlith smiled sheepishly while Ninetalesuk, Shaina and Noctowl

laughed their heads off. Then,

the phone rang... Ninetalesuk answered it).


*Charlie and Sasha's home*

(Shane, Ruby, Ninetalesuk, Shaina, Itchy, Ashley and Stryker were in

the living room. Sasha came

out of the bedroom).

SASHA:Hes asleep... Thank goodness... (Turns to Ninetalesuk) I gotta

thank your sister for taking

after our kids while I'm here...

NINETALESUK:Its fine... Just as long as Vullen don't go for Vult's neck

whilst Vult doesn't go

for Growlithe's neck!

(They all laughed at this joke... Then, they stopped when they saw a

light shone through the

window... Next, Killer came in).

KILLER:Whats happening?

STRYKER:Whats happening?! Theres a riot outside! Thats whats

happening!!!! Why don't ya go and

look outside?

KILLER:You are kidding!!!! I might get hit by a brick! Through that


SASHA:We are 10 stories high, you dipstick!!! What do ya think they

did?! Brought a Machamp with

them that knows a tossing attack?

KILLER:According to that Houndour downstairs, he said they brought the

Rapidashes out...

SHAINA:Yeah? The police has gone to get theirs now.

(Charlie came out the bedroom area).

CHARLIE:Hey! Turn that TV down! I'm trying to sleep!

ASHLEY:Trying to sleep?! Charlie, theres a riot out there!!!!

CHARLIE:What? I wonder what set them off....

RUBY:T'was you, Barkin.

CHARLIE:Me?! How?!

RUBY:You were singing...

CHARLIE:Singing? Oh yeah... I was happy to change into a new dog...

SASHA:Please start, Charlie. Your still the same dog... You started a


CHARLIE:I wonder what song I sang....

ITCHY:It was 'One Voice Singing in the Darkness'.

NINETALESUK:Yeah. Hark at that now, theres thousands of them now!

CHARLIE:All right, all right... Who could be out there now...

KILLER:Well... Theres Arthur, Vi, Mick... Oh yeah... theres also that

Polirath that you gave that

exploding banana! Hes says hes coming to see ya.

CHARLIE:Really? Erm... I gotta go back to bed.. Come on, Sasha.

(Charlie rushed into the bedroom with Sasha beside her.. Ninetalesuk

smiled and turned to Shaina,

whom was laughing).

NINETALESUK:To tell ya the truth, Shaina... This is one April Fools

trick we are gonna forget!

SHAINA:Yeah! Hahaha!!!


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