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 Добавлен Charlie, 30.07.06, 21:51

By Ninetalesuk.

*Flea Bite Cafe*

(It was 2 weeks before Christmas Day, everyone in the cafe were putting

up the decorations.

Everyone was there, except Ninetalesuk. Sasha and Charlie were

finishing the touches to the

Christmas tree when they all heard Ninetalesuk's voice outside).

NINETALESUK:Humbug! Humbug!

(Ninetalesuk entered, holding a bag).

NINETALESUK:Humbugs anyone?

(Everyone sighed in relief as Ninetalesuk walked over to Slowbro, whom

was doing a Xmas card).

NINETALESUK:Any luck on your card, Slowbro?

SLOWBRO:Yep. Have a read....

NINETALESUK:'Have a Messy Christmas'...... Slowbro, its 'Merry', not


SLOWBRO:Well, I thought all the messy things like slow, pudding,

kissing under the mistletoe...

SHAINA:You'll like that, kissing underneath the mistletoe....

(Ninetalesuk blushed while the others laughed... He picked up the

Christmas card and laughed).

NINETALESUK:'Have a Messy Christmas'..... Christmas has an 'H',

Slowbro. And a 'R', and a 'I',

and a 'S', 'T', 'M', 'A' and another 'S'. Oh, and you missed out the

'C' as well.

SLOWBRO:I don't know how to spell 'Christmas'.....

NINETALESUK:And you don't know how to spell 'Have' as well. H-V-E.

SLOWBRO:Any more I spelled wrong?

NINETALEESUK:Yes.... but, I wouldn't bother. Waste my time, really....

(Ninetalesuk placed the card down and walked over to Gerta).

NINETALESUK:Any sign of Eevee, Noctowl and Espeon?

GERTA:Not since we watched that movie for the kids to see.... what was

it called again?

NINETALESUK:'Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer:The Movie'?

GERTA:THATS the one!

NINETALESUK:Well.... they better tell us where they are!

GERTA:That reminds me, Eevee said that he wants to meet Rudolph..... he

wouldn't go to North

Pole, would he?

NINETALESUK:What? Eevee? He may love children's films and thinks they

are alive, but he wouldn't

do something THAT daft, would he?

GERTA:Yes, he would.


(The phone rang and Sasha answered).

SASHA:Hello? Eevee? How are ya? Better question, WHERE ARE YA?! WHAT?!

NINETALESUK:Let me guess, North Pole?

SASHA:Eevee! Are you, Noctowl and Espeon are at the North Pole?!?! He

said.... yes...

NINETALESUK:Bah! Memo to myself, whenever your watching a Children's

film, never EVER let

Eevee watch it!

SASHA:Is Espeon and Noctowl with ya? I see...... Wadda ya mean they

fainted when they met.....

NINETALESUK:Oh no....... don't tell me.... there really is a Rudolph

the Red Nose Reindeer?!

SASHA:He said 'yep'. He says hes gonna bring him and his friends here?

NINETALESUK:Why don't he invite Santa too(?)

SASHA:Hes says hes busy.

(All Ninetalesuk can do was groan. Sasha said 'goodbye' and placed the

phone. After that, a

pink orb hovered to the cafe and landed on a table, slowly transforming

into Annabelle).

ANNABELLE:People, people, I have a special announcement! I want to see


CHARLIE:You can't speak to Angus, Noctowl, Espeon and Eevee.

ANNABELLE:How come? Where are they?

CHARLIE:Well, Angus IS coming here, hes just a bit late.... Eevee,

Espeon and Noctowl are at

the North Pole, meeting Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

(Annabelle sighed and made another orb and placed it around her).

ANNABELLE:I go and get them. I'll be right back.

(Annabelle vanished. Enters Angus).

ANGUS:Och aye, everyone! Theres a moose loose in this hoose, Newcastle

1 Arsenal 3.

NINETALESUK:In english, we say 'Good morning'.

ANGUS:Sorry I'm late, I watched a good program of 'Digimon'. After

watching it, I just learned

something from it.

NINETALESUK:Yes.... let me guess. Digimon are in different levels. The

weakest is the Fresh

form, then the In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Armor, Ultimate and the

strongest level, Mega.

ASHLEY:While Angus here thought Mega was WEAK while In-Training is

STRONG! What a maroon.

ANGUS:I just enjoyed the TV, thats all. I was glued to it.

(Growlithe, behind a table called out).

GROWLITHE:I got glued to the telly as well.

SANNABELLE:Digimon or something else?

GROWLITHE:No, I was ACTUALLY glued to the telly. I was trying to build

an Airfix model of the

Thunderbird 3 model and I had a bit of a spillage.

SANNABELLE:How did you get unstuck then?

GROWLITHE:Well..... I didn't.... I....

(Growlithe brought the telly out, his paw stuck to the top. He smiled


GROWLITHE:So.... what do ya want to watch?

RUBY:How about 'How to get the TV unstuck from a silly Growlithe'?

ANGUS:Whens that on?

RUBY:Never mind.

(Annabelle returned with Eevee, Espeon, Noctowl and 4 reindeers.The

first thing Ninetalesuk did

was, picking Eevee up by the tail).

NINETALESUK:All right, I got a few questions I want you to answer...

EEVEE:Okay, Ninetales. Whats the first one?

NINETALESUK:Introduce your new friends....

EEVEE:Thats Rudolph, Zoey, Blizten and Mitzi, reindeers.

NINETALESUK:Brilliant(!) We watched a film that has characters like

THEM and it became true!


(Ninetalesuk sighed and placed Eevee onto the floor).

NINETALESUK:After having that small conversation, I don't fell like

asking some other questions

any more.

EEVEE:Shame, I would love to answer those questions you were gonna ask.

NINETALESUK:So, you would gloat?


(Ninetalesuk shook his head and walked over to the new arrivals. After

the introduction, Charlie

turned to Annabelle).

CHARLIE:So, Annabelle. What is your announcement?

ANNABELLE:I have decided a Christmas play.

SASHA:I hope its not going to be 'The Christmas Carol'....


SASHA:Because last year we did that play, we had Slowbro dressed up as

the Ghost of Xmas Present.

SCAMP:You know, I can't see anything bad about that.

ITCHY:You can when you see Slowbro's costume.... A Christmas present!

ANNABELLE:This year, Ninetalesuk shall be the director.

NINETALESUK:Me?! Wow. I'm honered. Hey, Annabelle.


NINETALESUK:If I made this play so good, you might give me an award!

(Jake woke up).


NINETALESUK:No, Jake, you can't have one.

JAKE:Why not?!! Award! Award! Award! Award! Award!

NINETALESUK:All right, all right. Flareon, Umbreon, its YOUR turn!

FLAREON:*Sigh* 'kay, Ninetales.

(Flareon walked up to the mantle and takes a teacup from it. He goes to

Jake and presents to him.

Jake quickly got up from his seat).

FLAREON:There you go, Jake.

JAKE:Yes! Photo! Photo!

FLAREON:*Sigh* Umbreon, photograph please.

(Umbreon gets a camera and points it to Flareon and Jake. Jake shakes

hands with Flareon, the

other hand holding the trophy. They both look at the camera, like

politicians, and Umbreon

pressed the button. Flash and freeze image of Flareon and Jake. Two

seconds later, Flareon was

placing the 'trophy' back onto the mantle while Umbreon was placing the

picture into a book.

Zoey looked over his shoulder).

ZOEY:I see you do this often... How many times have you taken these


UMBREON:Oh.... about 60.

(Eevee saw Growlithe with the TV).

EEVEE:Nice TV, Growlithe.

GROWLITHE:Thank you, Eevee(!)

(Ninetalesuk walked over to Kaltag, Nikki and Star).

NINETALESUK:Okay, you three..... I want you to think up a suitable

Christmas play.

With THESE descriptions! Something to do with Christmas, not made up,

not an adult play, THOSE

are the descriptions! I'll will give you till tomorrow to speak your

ideas out! Got it?

STAR, NIKKI, KALTAG:Of course, Ninetales. Right! What ever you say!


(Ninetalesuk walked over to Stryker, Shaina, Charleon, Rudolph and


NINETALESUK:We'll discuss the play at my place at 1800 hours.


NINETALESUK:Shaina, you can lead Rudy and Zoey to my place.


(Charlie turned to Sasha).

CHARLIE:Its already 15 minutes since Annabelle announced her speech and

already, Ninetales is

taking the job seriously.


(Ninetalesuk jumped onto the table and looked at everyone).

NINETALESUK:Right! Is there any questions?

(Angus putted his paw up).

NINETALESUK:Angus, do you have a question?


NINETALESUK:And, what IS the question?

ANGUS:Er...... 1800 hours... erm.....

CHARLIE:6:00 at night!


*Ninetalesuk's home*

(Ninetalesuk was watching something on the TV when there was a knock on

the door. He opened it to

let Shaina, Charleon, Rudolph and Zoey in).

NINETALESUK:Welcome to my place, everyone. Has the three mutt Stooges

thought up anything?

RUDOLPH:No... not yet.

CHARLEON:But, we do have some bad news, Ninetales.



(There was another knock on the door. He opened it to let Balto, Jenna,

Scamp and Angel in).

NINETALESUK:How can I help you guys?

JENNA:Ninetales, Jakes missing!


SCAMP:Yeah! We searched everywhere and we can't find him!

NINETALESUK:What can get anyworse than this?

ZOEY:Does 'Flareon' spring to mind?

NINETALESUK:What about him?

SHAINA:Remember that guy called Jim from 'Vicar of Dibley'?

NINETALESUK:The one that goes 'No, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes'?


NINETALESUK:Well? What about him?

SHAINA:Flareon has picked that quote.....

NINETALESUK:So, he can't stop, can he?


ANGEL:Come on, Ninetales! Where are we gonna find Jake!

NINETALESUK:Calm down, calm down. Look, why don't you stay here? Make

yourself at home.

You can join the discussion before you arrived.

BALTO:What have you talked about?

NINETALESUK:Nothing really. Come on....

(They were about to walk into the living room when Ninetalesuk stopped

in front of the

grandfather clock and mumbled).

(Ninetalesuk nodded and stopped in front of the grandfather clock. He


NINETALESUK:Stupid clock! Its slowing down again! Charleon, whats the



NINETALESUK:Right! I'll put the time right and tomorrow, I'll take this

clock down to be

repaired! Now, lets see...

(Shaina, Charleon, Rudolph, Zoey, Scamp, Angel, Balto and Jenna watched

him as Ninetalesuk put

the grandfather clock to 5:59. When the big hand came to 6:00, it

started to ring the bell).









(During this, Ninetalesuk and the others were confused. Ninetalesuk

took the face off and

saw Jake looked back at him. Ninetalesuk slowly closed the door and

went into the living room).

NINETALESUK:Right, we found Jake, anyone for tea?

*Flea Bite Cafe*

(Kaltag, Nikki and Star were discussing a Christmas play. Blitzen was

there as well).

NIKKI:We are in so much trouble! We had 24 hours to think up a

Christmas play and we have no

luck so far!

BLITZEN:Did you guys stayed up ALL night?

KALTAG:Yeah! We have no choice!

BLITZEN:You guys have 2 minutes left. Maybe an idea will come to you

right now!

STAR:I got it!


STAR:Why don't we play 'Aladdin'?

BLITZEN:Good choice, but it won't work.

STAR:Why not?!

BLITZEN:Because, I remember what Ninetales said yesterday, he wanted a

play thats something to do

with Christmas. I think 'Aladdin' will never work.

STAR:I'm sorry, is it a good idea or not?

(Blitzen rolled his eyes. Then, Kaltag wacked Star on the head. Star

decided to wack Kaltag on

the head. Nikki and Blitzen watched the wack-fest between Star and

Kaltag. Then, Snowy came in

with a bunch of flowers).

SNOWY:Hey, guys. Any luck?

(Don't want to know they were panicing, the three dogs started to

wack-each other on the head in

a morris-type dance. Blitzen had a good laugh at this while Snowy

looked confused).

SNOWY:What happened?! First I try to give Gerta these flowers now,

these three weirdos are doing

a dance!

(Star, Nikki and Kaltag slowly brought their wack-fest dance to a


KALTAG:And rest.

SNOWY:Very..... good.

(Snowy clapped slowly and sighed).

SNOWY:And luck on your Christmas play ideas?

KALTAG:Well, as they say 'You win some, you lose some'.

SNOWY:In other words, you have not one idea.


SNOWY:Look, to save your bacon, why not choose a Nativity Play? You

know, with baby Jesus?

STAR:Won't that be boring?

SNOWY:I came up an idea last night. We can use the Pokemon Farm in the

Golden Gate that contains

Ponytas, Miltanks, Tauros and other Pokemon that can be used as farm


NIKKI:Thats a GOOD idea! Where did you get it?

SNOWY:You mean 'where did you get it from?' Ninetales told me yesterday

in case you three twits

haven't got at least one idea.

NIKKI:He made us do all that work when he has one idea all the time?!

Why didn't he told us that

idea in the first place?!

SNOWY:Its more fun this way.

(Snowy walked out of the room, laughing. Star, Nikki and Kaltag stood

there if they have been

hit by Arbok's Glare attac. It was quiet except for Blitzen's roar of


*Flea Bite Cafe. The Next Day*

(Stryker was sitting behind a desk, writing something. He looked up as

two dog actors, Phillip

and Killick entered the room).

STRYKER:Can you do acting very well?

KILLICK:Yes... we can demonstrate to you, sir.

STRYKER:Good, as long as actors aren't supersitious, nothing can go

wrong. Okay, please


PHILLIP:Thank you, sir. We shall do a quote from a play connnected to


STRYKER:Connected with Scotland? Play? You mean 'Macbeth'?

(Killick and Phillip yelled with terror, did a silly dance and tweeked

their noses at the end.

Stryker was confused).

STRYKER::What was that?

KILLICK:Getting rid of evil spirits. Being a mere mutt, you never know

the tradition of the play

those one who never speaks the name of the Scottish play.

STRYKER:What? 'Macbeth'?

(Killick and Phillip did the dance again).

STRYKER:Oh brother. Do you have to tell me you do that dance after I

say 'Macbeth'?

(The dance again. Phillip walked over to Stryker).

PHILLIP:Please stop! Allways call it the Scottish play!

STRYKER:So, you want me to say the Scottish play?


STRYKER:Rather than 'Macbeth'?

(The stupid dance was played again. Balto and Jenna entered).

BALTO:Whats going on here? Whats all this shouting? Its like that movie

we saw the other day,

what was it?


(The two actors did their dance again. Balto and Jenna were quiet till

Jenna finally remembered).

JENNA:No... it was 'Lion King'.

STRYKER:Oh... of course... my mistake.... 'Lion King'..... Not


(Again, the poor actors did their dance again. Stryker laughed).

STRYKER:Please take them out, you guys. They are making me laugh.

BALTO:Okay... come you two, OUT!

(Balto leadd Phillip and Killick out. Jenna walked over to Stryker).

JENNA:By the way, Vult wants to play as one of the Three Wise Kings.

STRYKER:Sure.. Just send him in.

JENNA:All right.

Jenna left. Stryker called after them when the door closed).

STRYKER:And remember, you two. Don't say the Scottish play! You know,


(There was a couple of yells. Stryker laughed and waited for the next

person to go into the

Nativity play. Vult enters).

VULT:Ah, Stryker.

STRYKER:Hello, Vult. You wanna be a Wise King?


STRYKER:Well, you got it, since your the first one to join.

VULT:What about those two actors?

STRYKER:They wouldn't last a sec when they heard 'Macbeth'!

VULT:But, we not doing 'Macbeth', are we?

STRYKER:Nope. Whos next?

(Then, Vult started to laugh a little).


STRYKER:Whats so funny?

VULT:N-Nothing.... The next one is Growlithe.

STRYKER:Send him in.

VULT:All right.

(Vult left the room, leaving Stryker confused. He sighed and looked

down at his work).

STRYKER:Wonder that was all about....


STRYKER:Ah, Growlithe. Nice to see... (Looks up to Growlithe)...


(Growlithe stood their in a Elvis-suit, holding a brush in his paws.

THATS the reason why Vult

started to laugh).

STRYKER:Have you stared into Noctowl's hypnosis attack lately?

GROWLITHE:No, I came to audition.

STRYKER:And, who your suppose to be?


STRYKER:I see, and I'm expecting your gonna do a Elvis music, right?

GROWLITHE:Well, it will be crazy to put on this suit and don't do some

serious rock and rolling.

(Growlithe started to sing an Elvis song in the brush. Stryker groaned

and rolled his eyes. Then,

Ninetalesuk came in).

NINETALESUK:Ah, Stry. Any luc.... (Sees Growlithe) Growlithe! Have you

been staring into

Noctowl's hypnosis again?!

GROWLITHE:Nope, I came to audition for one of the Three Wise Kings.

NINETALESUK:Your in! Now, get out of that suit!

GROWLITHE:Okay, okay.

STRYKER:Whos next?

GROWLITHE:Its Eevee. He came to be a Wise King as well.

STRYKER:All right! We got ALL three Wise Kings, Ninetales!

NINETALESUK:Yep! Just as long as Eevee didn't dressed up as King Simba

from 'The Lion King'.

(Ninetalesuk and Stryker laughed at the joke. Growlithe stood shock

still and laughed a little

before running out. He came back in again).

GROWLITHE:Eevee says he'll be back in a few minutes.

(Later, Stryker was in front of Eevee's five evolved forms. Flareon,

Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon

and Espeon. Ninetalesuk wasn't there).

STRYKER:Okay. Umbreon, Espeon, Jolteon and Vaporeon are going to be the

shepherds, right?

JOLTEON:Thats right!




STRYKER:What about you, Flareon? Want to be the landlord?

FLAREON:No, no, no, no, no, yes.

STRYKER:Right.......... There we go. You can leave now.

(The 5 'Eons said 'thank you' and left. Enters Sannabelle, Scamp and


STRYKER:Ah, Sanna. What do you want to play as?

SANNABELLE:I would like to play as the Angel of the Lord.

STRYKER:I'm sure Ninetales will let you in, on one condition.

SANNABELLE:Whats that?

STRYKER:No bananas!


(Sannabelle left. Stryker turned his attentions to Scamp and Angel).

STRYKER:And, who do you want to be?

ANGEL:Any place for Joseph and Mary?

STRYKER:Sure. Wanna take that job?



ANGEL:Oh yeah. Carface came. He said he wanted to join up as well.

STRYKER:Really? Thats good, because I got a character for him to play.

SCAMP:Wow! So, when the first meeting?

STRYKER:Tomorrow at 6:00 at night. You go and tell Carface what hes

playing as....

ANGEL:Right! What is he playing as?

STRYKER:Hes playing as.......

(Just before Stryker announce who Carface was playing as, we hear Jake

shouting 'DRINK!' from

outside so, we'll never know who Carface is playing as.... for now!)

*Flea Bite Cafe. Next day*

(Everyone, except Ninetalesuk, were present. Stryker, stood on the

table with Ace, writing on

the board, cough and shouted to everyone).

STRYKER:All right, everybody! Welcome to the first meeting. Ninetales

will be a bit late as he

has left Jake at the park with 20 kegs of drink. Now, to start off, I

want to ask anyone.

Aplogy for absence for next meeting?

FLAREON:No, no, no, no, yes. I have one.

STRYKER:From who?


STRYKER:But, your here.

FLAREON:Yeah, I'm here now, but I won't be here at the next meeting.

STRYKER:You send your apology before the next meeting, not right now!

FLAREON:Oh....... but, I'm not here at the next meeting.

STRYKER:Never mind.

(Ninetalesuk entered).

NINETALESUK:Sorry I'm late, Jake is shouting 'Drink' and is now

floating on top of the pond.

SHAINA:Won't he drown?

NINETALESUK:Its shallow.

(Ninetalesuk joined Stryker and Ace onto the table).

NINETALESUK:Right, everyone. Welcome to the first meeting of the

Nativity Play. We'll start off

by introduction ourselves. For example. I'm Ninetales, hi, I'm the


SCAMP:I'm Scamp, I play as Joseph.

ANGEL:My name is Angel, I'm Mary.

SANNABELLE:I'm Sannabelle, I play as the Angel of the Lord.

CARFACE:I'm Carface and I'm....... *sigh* Herod.

EEVEE:And I'm Eevee, I play as one of the Three Wise Kings.

NINETALESUK:Thank you, everyone. But, I have to stop you there. Two

reasons I have. First, it

will take a long time for everyone to introduce themselves and two,

Eevee, get out that Slowking

outfit. He is not one of the Wise Kings. You maybe a king, but you are

not wise! Now, lets begin,

shall we?

(Everyone nodded in agreement. Then, there was a thunderclap. It was

starting to rain).

NINETALESUK:Change of plan! We'll start tomorrow! Now, meeting


Run for your lives!

(They ran out, except for the reindeers. Ninetalesuk quickly ran back


NINETALESUK:Why aren't you running for your lives?!

BLITZEN:Do you know where we live?


MITZI:There you go. We don't know where we are going to shelter from

the storm.

NINETALESUK:Come to my apartment! You'll be dry there!

ZOEY:Won't you mind?


RUDOLPH:All right, and thanks!

*Flea Bite Cafe. Next day*

(Same setting, minus the rain).

STRYKER:Right, before we begin the meeting again, any apologies for


ACE:Yes, I have one saying Flareon can't be with us at the next


FLAREON:Why? Why can't I be here?

ACE:You said you won't be here!!!!

FLAREON:I did? Where I'm I suppose to be then?

ACE:In heaven! Cos, I'm gonna kill ya!

(Ace started to walk towards Flareon, but held back by Danielle).

DANIELLE:Chill, Ace. Chill. Calm down.

ACE:All right. All right.

NINETALESUK:And, second of all, Snowy can't be with us today. He had a

little mishap with a

mistletoe and Gerta.

TRAMP:Yeah, they say he won't be able to sit down for the next 21 days.


NINETALESUK:Now, to start this play off, we'll do the scene where the

shepherds will be arrived

by the Angel of the Lord. Get to your places everyone. Sanna, you take


SANNABELLE:Right, Ninetales!

(Everyone moved out of the way for Sannabelle, Espeon, Umbreon, Jolteon

and Vaporeon to do their

work. She clapped her hands).

SANNABELLE:Now then, lets start shall we? Picture yourself in the

fields, you're tending to your

sheep. Hmm, I think we need some conversations. Do a little chatter,

make something up.

ESPEON:Right, right. We got it.

JOLTEON:Okay. Fellow shepherds, have you seen 'Digimon' yesterday?

VAPOREON:Yeah! That was great wasn't it?

UMBREON:That WarGreymon can bring that MetalSeadramon down with ease!

(Sannabelle acted quickly, they were enjoying their conversation. She

stood on a box next to them

and shouted in a clear voice).

SANNABELLE:And, lo, an Angel of the Lord appeared before them.

ESPEON:Shall I prompt for this bit, since you're playing the angel?

SANNABELLE:Sure. But, I have reharsed this with Ashley so, I know the


ESPEON:Well, just in case.

SANNABELLE:Thank you. Be not afraid. For I am an Angel of the Lord and

I bring you glad tidings

of great joy.

ESPEON:(Reading from script) For tonight in the city of David.....

SANNABELLE:No, no, no, no! That's a pause isn't it? That's a dramatic

pause there, do you see?!

ESPEON:Well, it sounded like you forgotten it. Sorry.

SANNABELLE:Its okay, its okay. For I am an Angel of the Lord and I

bring you glad tidings of

great joy.....

ESPEON:For tonight in the city.....

SANNABELLE:NO! Thats the pause! The pause!

ESPEON:I thought you were pausing but, you were pausing it a bit longer

so, I thought you have

forgotten it.

(Sannabelle looked deserate! Lady and Ashley walked up. Lady took the

script from Espeon).

LADY:Right, okay, look here! Sannabelle is just going back to

beginning, all right, and you 4

just don't say anything, understand?

JOLTEON:We won't say anything?

LADY:Thats right!

VAPOREON:Not even our lines?!

ASHLEY:Yes!! Including your lines!!!! YOUR LINES!

VAPOREON:But, we've got to have a prompt!

SANNABELLE:Right! Fine! Okay! (Snatches script from Lady and handed it

to Umbreon) Well then,

UMBREON can prompt me, can't he?!




VAPOREON:Sannabelle is not very angelic, is she?

LADY:Shut up.

ASHLEY:Begin again, Sanna.

SANNABELLE:Thank you! And lo an Angel of the Lord appeared before


UMBREON:(Interrupting) Be not afraid.


ASHLEY:No more scary movies for you, Sanna.

*Flea Bite Cafe. TIMELINE:10 Days to the Grand Night*

(Ninetalesuk stood with Stryker and Ace in front of the crowd).

NINETALESUK:All right, everyone. Before we start our 6th meeting, I

would like to say that Snowy

won't be joining us. Hes at the hospital, getting the mistletoe out

from between his legs as he

does the Gerta/Mistletoe once again.

CARFACE:Why doesn't she uses the baseball bat?

NINETALESUK:Couldn't work. Snowy hid it but, it never stopped Gerta to

use the 'Shove the

Mistletoe up Snowy's....' Err, never mind. Now, to business. Hows the

play coming?

CHARLIE:Everything is going A-OKAY, Ninetales.

LADY:Except for one flaw.

NINETALESUK:Whats the flaw?


(Scamp, Angel and Flareon got into positions).

SCAMP:Innkeeper, do you have a room where we may stay?


NINETALESUK:'Yep'? Whadda ya mean 'Yep'?

FLAREON:'Yep' as in 'Yes'.


NINETALESUK:Flareon, for once, your 'No, no' speech problem could

REALLY be handy right now!

FLAREON:I don't know what came into me.

(Ninetalesuk sighed. Theres a problem, and its called Flareon).

9 days left....

SCAMP:Innkeeper, do you have a room where we stay?


NINETALESUK:No... Joseph and Mary goes into a stable where Jesus is

born. Say 'no'!

5 days left....

SCAMP:(Tired) Innkeeper, do you have a stinking room where we stay?!


NINETALESUK:No, no, no!!!!!!

*The Grand Night*

(It has finally arrived. Angus stood with with Charlie/Sasha's kids and

Scamp/Angel's kids.

Ninetalesuk walked in with Charlie, Sasha, Shaina, Lady, Tramp, Scamp

and Angel).

NINETALESUK:Hello, young children. Tonight is YOUR special night. But,

before we continue, I

would like to ask you some Christmas questions. Firstly, who started


(All paws were in the air).


CJ:Noel Edmonds?

NINETALESUK:Sorry, thats not the correct answer.

ANGUS:(Lowering his paw) That's me out.

NINETALESUK:Any other guesses?

BELLE:Baby Jesus.

NINETALESUK:Thats correct, Belle. Your smart as your mother.

ANGEL:Thank you, Ninetales.

NINETALESUK:Can anyone tell me why Jesus is so special?

SKIP:His name's a swear word.

NINETALESUK:Wrong. To be honest, Skip, your just like your father.

SCAMP:I resent that!

NINETALESUK:Jesus is the Son of God. Now, last question. Where was

Jesus born?

JOHNNY:In Dunstable.


JOHHNY, PATCH, SKIP, CJ:Yeah, thats right.

NINETALESUK:Who in the entire world told you that?

(All 13 pups pointed at Angus. The others glared at him, waiting for an


ANGUS:Och. Whats with the glare, mon? You should be glaring at Noctowl,

he told me that Jesus

was born in Dunstable.



SHAINA:All right, follow us to the Christmas play, everyone.


*Pokemon Farm, Golden Gate Park*

(There were a lot of dogs and animal-like Pokemon there to see the

play. It soon began when

Noctowl flew down and perched himself onto a fence. All eyes, including

Annabelle, looked over

to him).

NOCTOWL:Welcome, everyone. The Nativity Play will begin in 2 minutes.

(Inside the barn, Ninetalesuk was talking to everyone for some last

minute advice).

NINETALESUK:Right, everybody! The moment we have been waiting for!

Break a leg, everyone!

And, if you feel like improvising, well, how do I say this... Stryker?

STRYKER:Just go for it!!!

NINETALESUK:Yeah, thats what I'm talkin' about! Good luck everyone!

(Before they left, Stryker stopped Eevee).

STRYKER:Sorry, Eevee. I think this beard is just far too long.

(Stryker extended it to the floor).

EEVEE:Hmm, your right.

(Back outside, Noctowl coughed and cleared his throat. Its time).

NOCTOWL:Weclome, everybody. The Nativity Play is about to begin. Let me

introduce myself. I'm

Noctowl, the narrator of the story. Now, before we begin, I would like

to point out that all of

you didn't have to pay to get in as we didn't charge you for ANYTHING.

So, at the end of the

play and all of you are leaving, there will be two little angels

standing at the exit where

you'll pay as donations.

(Annette and Colette were dressed in angel outfits. Annette held up a

bucket with written

words saying 'Give us lots of cash.....' Colette held up another bucket

with '... or else!')

NOCTOWL:Right. Lets begin the story.

(Everyone clapped. Noctowl began the play).

NOCTOWL:'And it came to pass that there went out a decree from Caesar

Augustus, that all the

world should be taxed and Joseph went to Bethlehem with Mary, his

espoused wife, who was great

with child and riding upon a donkey'.

(Scamp came through the crowd, pulling Angel behind him..... on a


NOCTOWL:'But, the Pokemon Farm here has no donkeys, so in the end she

actually turned up on a

sleepy Miltank. And so Mary and Joseph came unto an inn in Bethlehem

and knocked upon the door'.

(While Noctowl was saying all these words, Ninetalesuk and some others

were hiding at the side

of the barn. With Ninetalesuk is Lady, Jolteon, Shaina, Charlie and


NINETALESUK:THIS part is what I'm dreading of!

CHARLIE:You said it.

LADY:Lets hope Flareon knows what hes doing.


(Scamp and Angel walked up to the stable. Scamp knocked on the stable

door and Flareon, the

inn-keeper, appears).

SCAMP:Innkeeper, have you a room where we may rest?

FLAREON:No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no room in the inn. We're fully

booked because of the

Millennium coming next year.

(Ninetalesuk looked and Stryker and sighed).

NINETALESUK:The good news is, he finally said 'no'.

STRYKER:The bad news is, hes a year late.

(Noctowl walked up to Scamp, Angel and Flareon).

NOCTOWL:(Whispering a prompt to Angel) And I am great with child.

(Before Angel says anything, Flareon says.....)

FLAREON:(Taking up on his prompt) Also, I am great with child, so it's

particularly awkward.

(Ninetalesuk slapped his head and groaned. Shaina smiled).

SHAINA:I was wondering, is Flareon a boy or a girl?

(Ninetalesuk glared at her while Shaina laughed. Back at the play,

Angel stopped laughing and

finally said......)

ANGEL:I am great with child. Do you have a stable where we can rest?


SCAMP:Are you sure?


(While Scamp tried to get Flareon to continue the play, Charlie and

Stryker were holding

Ninetalesuk from killing Flareon).

STRYKER:Calm down, Ninetales.


CHARLIE:So do we!

(Angel stepped forward).

ANGEL:Here, let me try, Scamp..... I mean, Joseph. Innkeeper, if we

stay at the stable, would

it be a problem for you.

FLAREON:Err, no.


(As Scamp and Angel left, Noctowl continued his narrations).

NOCTOWL:'And so Mary and Joseph went into the stable the inn-keeper so

kindly offered after

denying it a lot of times, there to make preparations for the birth of

the holy child'.

(Flareon spoke to Noctowl in whispered voices).

FLAREON:YOUR very good at this, Noctowl.

NOCTOWL:Thank you.

FLAREON:I was quite good, wasn't I?



(2 minutes later, on the other side of the farmyard. Noctowl spoke as

Carface sat on

a wooden throne).

NOCTOWL:'And at that time in Jerusalem. Herod had heard of the

impending birth of a so-called

King of the Jews and he was sore troubled, for Herod was a cruel and

jealous king'.

(He stepped aside to reveal Carface on a throne with 2 soldiers beside


CARFACE:Soldiers, go forth unto Bethlehem and kill all the infants in

that region, for I shall

have no other King but me.

NOCTOWL:'And so....'

VOICE:But kill them gently.

(Noctowl turned around to see Eevee on top of Carface's head).

NOCTOWL:Eevee? What the...?

EEVEE:For he is not as cruel and jealous as some would have him be.

NOCTOWL:*Sigh* 'And so....'

EEVEE:In fact, he really loves children. Indeed.

(Then, a paw came into view, grabbed Eevee by the tail and pulled him

out of shot. In the

backstage, Eevee's tail was held by Lady, holding him to Ninetalesuk).

NINETALESUK:Okay, Eevee. I'm gonna be calm asking this question. WHAT


EEVEE:I love children, Ninetales. Why should children suffer to Herod?

NINETALESUK:Because, my little friend, YOU'LL suffer IF you do that



NINETALESUK:All right. Now, get ready.

EEVEE:For my scene?


(Lady placed Eevee down and watched him as he scampered away. Lady


LADY:Couldn't it worse than this?

(Meanwhile, in a field.... Espeon, Umbreon, Jolteon and Vaporeon were

sitting with some Mareeps

as Noctowl continued the story).

NOCTOWL:'And meanwhile, in the fields, some shepherds were tending

their flock'.

(The men weren't doing anything. Ace appeared behind them).


(Jolteon and Vaporeon got up).

JOLTEON:Did you see the episode of Digimon?

VAPOREON:The one with the fight between Imperialdramon and

MaloMyostismon? That was cool!

(Jolteon and Vaporeon were really getting into the improvisation.

Sannabelle quickly stepped

up onto a rock).

SANNABELLE:'And lo, an Angel of the Lord appeared before them and they

were sore afraid'.

(The 4 'Eons shields their eyes from Sannabelle, the Angel of the Lord.

Sannabelle flicks a

switch on her back and huge wings unflod behind her).

SANNABELLE:'Be not afriad, for I am an Angel of the Lord and I bring

you tidings of great joy'.

(She smiled as a silver foil halo pops above her head).

UMBREON:For tonight in the city of....

SANNABELLE:(Cracks up, at the top of her voice) I KNOW, YOU MORON!!!!!!

Sorry...... sorry...

'great joy' (glared at Umbreon).

(Back at the barn, Ninetalesuk with Lady, Shaina, Charlie, Sasha and

Stryker were addressing

to Scamp, Angel, Eevee, Growlithe, Vult, Charleon and Flareon).

NINETALESUK:All right! Vult, Eevee, Growlithe, its your turn! Get out



CHARLIE:This is COOL! We should have a video recorder.

EEVEE:I have a video recorder, that doesn't work.

VULT:I didn't know you had a TV.

EEVEE:I don't. I plugged the video recorder into my radio.

(Eevee, Vult and Growlithe left. Ninetalesuk and the others shook their

heads and laughed. Lady

turned to Scamp and Angel).

LADY:You two get ready as well.

SCAMP:All right, mom.

(Angel brought out a baby doll, when she almost tips it, it went


ANGEL:Huh. This doll is so old, it still talks.

SCAMP:Does it do anything else?

(Then, the doll's head came off and rolled away).

ANGEL:Err, yeah..... it's head comes off.

(Stryker turned around to see Angel holding a headless doll).


ANGEL:Ah... heh, hi, Stryker.


ANGEL:He... erm... had a little accident.

(Back at the area where the shepherd scene was, everyone heard

Stryker's voice from the barn).

STRYKER:(Shouting at the top of his voice) I KNOW HE HAD AN



RUDOLPH:This keeps getting better and better.

ANNABELLE:You got that right.

(Ninetalesuk sat down with Charleon while the others searched for the

doll's head).

NINETALESUK:Everything was going fine till THIS happens!

CHARLEON:Come on, Ninetales. Don't lose your head.

(Then, Charleon started to laugh HIS head off).

CHARLEON:(Laughing) Hhahahahaha ohohohohoh!!!! Heeheeheehee!!! Get it?


(Next, he saw Ninetalesuk's glare and slowly, he stopped laughing).

CHARLEON:Heh... heh... never mind.

(Shaina got up, holding the doll's head).

SHAINA:Found it!

NINETALESUK:Good work, Shaina! NOTHING can spoil it now!

(Back outside, Noctowl was leading the crowd through the farmyard).

NOCTOWL:'And so it was that the Three Wise Kings, approached the

stable, riding camels....'

(Growlithe, Vult and Eevee came into shot, jumping as they walked to

the stable).

NOCTOWL:'.....or at least doing very good camel-riding impressions'.

(Inside the stable, everyone was there as Scamp and Angel stood in the

middle with the baby

doll as the Wise Kings approached them. Hiding in a small room,

Ninetalesuk and the others

watched as this was happening).

NINETALESUK:Excellent, excellent! Nothing can spoil the play now.

(Something DID gone wrong. Only TWO Wise Kings came. Shaina slowly

pointed it out to

Ninetalesuk, whom was shocked).

SHAINA:N-Ninetales, where is Growlithe?

NINETALESUK:D-Dunno..... Wait a second... He wouldn't, he would, he

would, he would....

LADY:What is he doing?


SASHA:Why would he want to do that?

NINETALESUK:Hes a Puppy Pokemon! Almost like a dog!

CHARLEON:Why aren't you howling at the moon, Ninetales?

NINETALESUK:Charleon, I'm a FOX, not a DOG!


(Lady started to leave).

CHARLIE:Where your going?

LADY:To find a Puppy Pokemon.

(Lady left. Two minutes later, the crowd parted again for Growlithe

flying by and landed near

Eevee and Vult).

EEVEE:Hi, Growl!

GROWLITHE:Hello, everyone.

VULT:Growlithe, never EVER let your will take over you for howling at

the moon.

NOCTOWL:Right, sorry for the small stupidity of Growlithe, we can

continue the story....

(10 minutes later, the entire cast, minus Carface whom was at the back

of the crowd, stood

as Noctowl finished the story).

NOCTOWL:'And there in a stable, 2000 years ago, God himself took part

in the miracle of birth

and Mary held in her arms a very special child'.

(Stryker came in front of Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon

and Sannabelle).

STRYKER:One, two, one, two, three.... four.

'EONS & SANNABELLE:(Singing) Silent night, holy night

All is calm, all is bright,

Round yon virgin mother and child.

Holy infant so tender and mild.

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Sleep in heavenly peace.

(Everyone clapped as the story came to an end).

*Flea Bite Cafe. Next day*

(Annabelle was in front of Ninetalesuk, with the 4 reindeers behind

her. The others, except

Carface, was behind Ninetalesuk).

ANNABELLE:Congradulations, Ninetales. That was a moving story. Minus

some cock-ups.

RUDOLPH:Umbreon promting Sannabelle, a Wise King howling at the moon.

ZOEY:....and Stryker shouting out about Jesus' losing his head.

NINETALESUK:We get the message.

ANNABELLE:Now, I must return the reindeers back to the North Pole.

BLITZEN:Goodbye, Ninetales. Goodbye everyone.

MITZI:Merry Christmas.

(Annabelle disappeared with the 4 reindeers. Ninetalesuk smiled and

wrapped his arm around

Shaina, turning to the others).

NINETALESUK:Merry Christmas to you all.


SHANE:Ah! Shut up!


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