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Description of All Dogs Christmas Carol
 Добавлен Charlie, 31.07.06, 00:16
page describing the All Dogs Christmas Carol.

Movie Description:

It's shaping up to be a wonderful Christmas for all the precious pooches at the Flea Bite Cafe. There's shining packages,

sparkling decorations, and even a hefty donation fund for Timmy, a lovable pup who's in need of an operation. But the

festivities and good will don't mean anything to Carface, a big bully of a bulldog. Carface doesn't like Christmas. In

fact, he even hates it. And together with his bad-dog buddies, he's come up with a plan to ruin it-for everybody! But

that's when Charlie and Itchy step in and- with a little divine intervention- devise a brilliant plan of their own

to save Christmas and transform Carface from a holiday humbug to a bonafide Yuletide hero!


Charlie, before he revealed it was him during the Christmas Carol.

Charlie, after he removed his cloak

Charlie, as he normally appears in the Christmas Carol

Charlie/ghost from Christmas Future(That's who he is when he's in the cloak) = Steven Weber

Meet Itchy Itchaford, the ghost of Christmas past.

Meet Itchy, As we all know and love him.

Itchy Itchaford's character is played by Dom DeLuise

This is Sasha, the ghost of Christmas present

This is Sasha, as we all know and love her.

Sasha LeFleur/Ghost of Christmas present was played by = Sheena Easton

This is Anabelle, head-angel and protector of good and right.

This is Belladonna, Anabelle's cousin, and ruler of the canine underworld.

Anabelle/Belladonna played by Bebe Neuwirth

Meet Carface Caruthers, one of Belladonna's henchmen.

Carface Caruthers portrayed by Ernest Borgnine

Meet Killer, one of Carface's and Belladonna's henchmen

Killer was portrayed by : Charles Nelson Reilly

Meet Timmy, a pup with a serious problem. In need of an operation he is!

Timmy was played by : Taylor Emerson

MGM Family Presents:

A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Animation Production

Songs by : Lorraine Feather and Mark Watters

Music By : Mark Watters

Based upon GoldCrest's original motion picture, All Dogs Go To Heaven

Written by : Jymn Magon

Produced by : Paul Sabella and Johnathan Dern

Voice Direction by : Maria Estrada

Directed by : Paul Sabella

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